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  1. Ah, yes: a cartridge in a bare tree. Had one on my desk at work in about 1985 right under my "Bah! Humbug!" sign. The sign came down the next day after someone reminded me that Eb Scrooge turned out to be a good guy.
  2. Miles Enhower Miles A. Minnitt Cary Outt Darin Tudooit Buck N. Bronco Hy D. Hoe
  3. Jake Brake Hardy Olphart June Bugg Doug Graves Rollin Boyle
  4. What's the little propellor thingy on the port side just about the 7 o'clock position at the rear of the exhaust cone?
  5. I think I have mentioned that used to work with man named Harry Bald.
  6. Jennie C. Qua Golden Moments Black Friday Lefty Strail Grant Uspeece Chris P. Critter Les Clutter Mal Apprope
  7. For one of you northern Utah cowboys, how about Tim Panogos? And who can pronounce it correctly?
  8. Frieda Goh Frank Lee Knott Dustin Shelves Digger Deeper Curly Cue Dee Pendable Dee Lightful Dragon Yurazz
  9. Jimmy Changa Will N. Testament Buck Aroo Skelton Keyes Davy Jones Milton Freewater
  10. That goes into my quiver of sayings. I'm sure it will be put to good use. Thanks.
  11. To call him "peculiar" would have been an insult to the entire peculiar community.
  12. Had a frat brother named Larry Riddle. Joined the Navy Reserves, transferred to the Marine Corps, went from there to the USAF Reserves after four years. He was trying to pickup the Army and Coast Guard the last I heard. I haven't any info, not even rumors to say whether he did or not....but if were a betting man.???
  13. Weed Whacker Don Patrol Salvatore "Sal" Amandera (the name of a very scarce salamander on loan to our local library....guess who named him .) Yul Pay
  14. How 'bout Kitt Carr Smith N. Wesson Kelo Watts Peter Bilt Mack Bulldog Stan Doff Stan Daside Liz Ard Phil Erupp Nick L. Odean Red Rooster Lee Nover I GOTTA get a new hobby.
  15. Strange. I heard this at breakfast this morning.
  16. See? It's catching. Wait till I get to airplanes. Next time that kid comes over we'll have a ball.
  17. For the automobile minded (Comes from watching Disney's Cars, Cars 2, and Little Cars with a friend's grand kids. Planes is next. Piper Cub comes to mind even before I see the flick.): Willis Jeep Austen Healy Chevy Corvette Crosley Hotshot Dodge Charger Edsel Ranger Ford Fairlane Frazer Manhattan Henry J. Vagabond Hudson Hornet Aston Martin Jordan Playboy Nash Rambler Shelby Cobra Morris Minor Harley Davidson
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