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  1. Yeah, but it was better before they changed the name on the can and went to mass production.
  2. if only the waitress wasn't so....oh, never mind.
  3. Had a similar incident in Rancho Cucamonga about 20 years ago. Big old lady bear who just wanted to warm her tired old body. They took her to a bear rescue place up in northern California that had a natural hot springs and let her live out her life in the pool that had built just fot that purpose.
  4. I'll second "Heroes" They have been so for me a half dozen times in the last ten years and I have no complaints. I love those guys and gals...and the ER crews that have become family.
  5. Can't give a firsthand response. Haven't had a TV connection for over six years now. If I want to see BS I can always fo out to one of the ranches around here or to one of the various rodeos.
  6. You're getting old, Son.....and it gets worse as you get older.
  7. "I'm pretty well certain that you can't" would have been an appropriate response as you asked to speak the the manager.
  8. Dad taught us not to judge people by their race, color, creed, social status, occupation, language, or means of dress and to try to respect everyone equally.....UNLESS they were infringing on me or mine in some way and then and take any reasonable steps to end it. It worked for him for over 80 years, and for me until the near eve of my 81st birthday.
  9. Google Harry Truman My. Saint Helens. His body was never found.
  10. Don't knock bib overalls. There was an old man who came to our church every Sunday in bib overalls. He always wore a necktie and his clothes were fairly clean though worn. He drove an old Studebaker pickup and parked away from everyone else before coming in and sitting it the back row. He didn't say much but Dad never failed to speak to him and talk for a short spell. I asked who the old man was and Dad said "That's me forty years ago". I later learned about my Dad's early life. It was a surprising and inspirational story that I still remember almost word for word. When the old man died he donated over a half million dollars to the church with instructions to help the poor folks in the congregation. That was one of the very few times I ever saw Dad cry.
  11. Only problem I can see is there isn't a fruitcake on this planet worth that much. Not even mine
  12. I love my grandmother's boiled fruitcake recipe. It's very versatile in its contents and they are all good. Real PITA to make so I only bring it out a few times a year. Grandma said "it's a fruit cake for people who don't like fruit cake."
  13. Flo's Cafe at the Chino, Ca airport was a keeper and so was China Gate in Montclair and the Black Watch pub just north of there. (made the best fish and chips I ever ate.) If any of you are lucky enough to get invited to the Magic Castle in Southern California, GO! The place is owned by aprogessiinal magicians group and you have to have an invitation to get in. It's a four or five hour treat with the best food (buffet style) anywhere and every person there is a magician. Even the janitors, bar stall and waiters, folks at card tables in alcoves, my wife and daughter and her boyfriend and I even found four guys in a basement (we were lost) who were trading secrets. Two were visiting from Ecuador, one from France, and a guy from Las Vegas. We spent almost a hour with them. They have an enchanted piano that can play almost anything you ask for....without anyone at the keyboard. I'll never see it again because I can't imagine anything that will entice me to ever go back to California.
  14. Hey! Where in hell did my icon / picture go? Put it back right now or meet me out front. Wear a gun. Look out for traffic! This still the Old West but the roads are paved and everyone drives too fast. I'd hate to see you get Buicked or Subarued before I can shoot you.
  15. I've had people recognize me by my voice who couldn't recognize my face, even on the phone when they couldn't see my face Forty years ago I looked a lot Like Drew in that first picture. My forehead is higher, now, I'm prematurely blonde ( went from red when I was a kid to brown in Junior High, to black when I went in the Army, blonde and blonder for the last 20 or so years). I'm craggier looking and my ears have cotter so big I could pass for a Ferengi, and I'm 2 inches shorter. That's why my forehead looks higher. I shrank through it. After my intra-ocular lens transplants way back in 2005 I don't need glasses any more except to read inside of a foot or thereabout. I'm almost exactly the same weight I was when I got out of the Corps.....it's gotten shifted around some, or a lot. I'm still stunningly gorgeous though.
  16. Tiny. About the size a nickel at arm's length and as clear as a 100 watt light bulb. Clearest night I've ever seen anywhere. I could see the surface very clearly through my 20 power spotting scope. Couldn't get a decent picture with my phone and the battery is dead on my digital camera. *I been meaning to geta new one since Halloween. Guess it's time ti get off my duff and do it.
  17. Hey, y'all Google Grumpy Lunch Bunch and you can check out my bona fides for critiquing food places. We had over a hundred eating establishments in southern California on our list and probably near a hundred name on my contact list. Every other Thursday at 11:00 am, never at the same place twice in a row, an occasional field trip to someplace interesting, and fun, fun, fun. Contact Cliff Hanger for his opinion. He was the forth member, Lefty was next and gave us our mascot. Lots of well known SASS names were part of it all, too.
  18. I've found that most Mexican places are about as real Mexican as Cher Boyardee is authentic Italian. Generic tacos are not my idea of "Mexican" fare.
  19. Come up north and you can check out Jaimies Waffle Express on Florentine at Windsong in Prescott Valley or it's sister place, Waffles and More, on Iron Springs Road in Prescott.
  20. Aruffo's Italian restaurant in Claremont, Ca is the best Italian I ever saw and Claro's deli in Montclair, a mile or so east of there, is a grand experience if you want fixings for your own kitchen or a postively wonderful sandwich.
  21. See below (or maybe above by now) for directions. Meet me there and you can buy breakfast, then I'll meet you a Gabby's in CV and I'll buy you breakfast. Howzat? 4T
  22. Suzie's Skyway Cafe at Love Field in Prescott, AZ is a marvelous little Mom and Pop place, especially for lunch. A bit too far to eat there all the time but once in awhile....well, I get a craving.
  23. Forgot Casa Perez, Oliva's (they have sarsaparilla on the menu), and a Baja style place on Willow Creek (can never recall the name, but I can drive you to it), plus Zeke's Eatin' Place. There are so many good ones around here. Even a German place over at Lynx Lake and a good Sicilian cafe if you like a LOT of garlic...and I do.) Notice that there isn't chain place on the list?
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