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  1. Got two yesterday. One on the house, one on the workshop. First day without out rain or snow for two months and they got postponed five time. I was making breakfast when they showed up at 6:29am. Said it would take about twelve hours. Only the foreman spoke anything resembling English and he had 6 to 9 guys working all day long....save a 20 minute lunch. When they finished they cleaner the yard up better than it has looked since Hallowe'en including running three battery powered electromagnets on wheels to get all the nails up. They drove out of my driveway at 6:26pm. The inspector from the town showed up today and said he's never seen anything but perfection from this company. Now if the guys get my solar panels reinstalled so I don't have yo keep paying grid rates........!
  2. Can you say "fire place? I knew you could." If that sounds like Mr. Rogers, well.......... it was intentional.
  3. They used to be all over the place around here, but the influx of immigrants of all breeds and descriptions, and the construction going on in all places has made them scarcer. Fun to watch but tough to photograph.
  4. Just a side note: at one time Fort Whipple was the largest tuberculosis treatment facility in the country, maybe in the entire world.
  5. Right in my backyard...before Fort Whipple was moved to its present location where it is even closer to my back yard.
  6. Forest, it looks great no matter what language you use or what you call the dish. Got lots of carnivores on this site and they all have their favorite ways to turn meat into a meal (and most are positively combative over their favorite recipe). Most are really good, so I'll add yours to the collection and give it a try Thanks for sharing, Pard.
  7. My dad used to say that and I'm the only other person I know who still does. Where'd you pick it up?
  8. I gotta tell you: if that guy worked for me he wouldn't work for me a second longer. I worked in a lot of gun stores and sporting good stores and the number one thing I did and taught was "don't confuse the customer!" Best salesman I ever had...and one of the worst, too...was a former Gunny who couldn't deal with "Know it all amateurs", but he had a way with rookies, especially the ladies. He never talked down to anyone unless they were KIAA (see above) cowboys. He would tell some guy to go get some pie and coffee while he took the guy's lady aside, explained things so she could understand, let her shoot one of out loaner guns, and sold her an appropriate piece. He usually got ammo, accessories, classes, and even NRA or state shooting memberships included in the sale. He invited them to come back and get cleaning classes (which led to cleaning gear sales), introduced them to other ladies and encouraged them to shoot at out range often. After I left he quit and retired to his garage.
  9. Dammit, don't you go challenging my position as official faller-downer for SASS. I got a 54th degree black-and-blue belt for falling down. BTW, haven't I told you not to break a fall with your face? (And don't break then with your guitar picking hand, either.) Stay in touch, Hoss.
  10. My dad would have said they tore down the old place and built a vacant lot.
  11. Gonna try my hand at real pemmican, not that jerked beef stuff. My dad used to make it from deer or elk and I have a few hundred recipes for it, but I don't have decent place to sun dry it. Also have a bunch of dried berries, raisins, sunflower seeds and some edible grasses. Should work out okay. If I get it right I'll sell it at rendezvous, or swap it for some other victuals and "stuff".
  12. It's amazing to me how many of those I have owned from time to time....and how few (four) thatI still own.
  13. What calibers and models of rifle are allowed?
  14. Lots of pistol grips were made from gutta percha. I have a few in my collection. Some old time buttons were, too.
  15. Reincarnation IS REAL! Think of all the people you know who were part of a horse in some former life. You and me, f'rinstance
  16. 1 can Progresso Creamy chicken and mushroom with barley soup. 1 tbsp chopped Burmuda onion. 1 tbsp chopped green bell pepper. 1 1/2 tbsp. bacon bits (next time I'll try chopped beef jerky) Some niblets corn. (Didn't use it this time, but will next time.) A hearty dollop of original red Tabasco sauce Ground black pepper to taste. Salt to taste. Tortilla chips (flour of corn. Both work) on the side. Heat it. Eat it. You can't beat it. You'll repeat it. I washed it down with Sioux City Sarsaparilla. Getting rid of left-overs can sometimes add something new to your diet.
  17. Justin Olcrook Justin Thyme Justine Outlaw Justin Oldphart
  18. About half of all my clothes are blue. Didn't realize that until just now. Guess I'll just watch it and stop fretting over it.
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