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  1. They get those planes in the air with a lot less fuss and fury , significantly fewer people, and in a much shorter time than the B-52s in another thread.
  2. You know, if you were on the bottom of that video when they dropped all of those bombs it might just ruin your garden party.
  3. Don't let anyone tell you an adult black bear or grizzly can't climb a tree. Grizz doesn't very often but I saw a couple up in Yellowstone who didn't know that they couldn't.....so they did.
  4. William Archibald Spooner, Oxford don and ordained minister who made the spoonerisms famous. I'm a great fan and really poor practitioner of Spooner and his 'isms. Life is just a cherr of bowlies. My dog likes jerk ducky. Bright tailed and bushy eyed, etdangcetera.
  5. Archie Campbell was a master of Spoonerisms. He made then seem so easy and flawless.
  6. 440 lb Black bear sow near Kemmerer Wyoming Fall of 1963. Distance stepped off to approximately 60 ft. .35 Remington Model 8 autoloader with 210 grain bullet. She dropped where shot and I have always regretted killing her, but she was very old and crippled up and winter was coming on. The man whose land we were on was the father of a girl I was dating. He told me she needed to be put down but he didn't have the heart for it. Had more bear, cougar, bobcat and coyotes in southern California than we had in Utah all the time I lived there. We had more deer and elk than any place I lived until we moved here.
  7. Well.....this kept me awake most of the night, so I got up this morning and watched it (several times in places) and agree it's "pax". Pact implies some sort of agreement, of which there wasn't none (and I'll bet Miss Morrell, my high school English teacher, is flipping all over because of that sentence fragment) while "pax" simply means "peace". If you'll watch very closely you can see the lips are saying "pax", not "pact" Trust me: I'm not a politician, a sales critter, or anyone who wants your personal data to use on line.
  8. My greatest ongoing affliction is losing things. I'll be doing something and set something down, turn around and when I turn back it isn't there. Not just little things, either. I could lose a guitar in the kitchen..... and when I do find it I don't even remember being where it is when I lost it, and it's usually right in plain sight. Got a cigar box of some special tools thats been missing for nearly two weeks now.
  9. The biggest problem I faced when I got old was telling myself "I can still do that" and having myself telling me "In a pig's ass you can."
  10. A friend gave me three DVDs of the best of Hee Haw, thirty minutes each. I seem to have lost all semblance of good taste, sophistication, and humor. Back in 1969 those shows were NOT funny! Fifty three years later I almost laughed myself into a seizure. I may watch them again in a day or two, just to see if this was some sort of a brain fade.
  11. Saw a few "Kilroy was here!" signs in 'Nam. Not many, but a few. Spread a few around myself.
  12. What's this "toll road" of which you speak? I haven't seen one in close to forty years.
  13. We lived next door to an old man who played chess world wide by mail. He had a couple of dozen boards around his house all working full time. I was nine years old and he tried to teach me the game. He was a widely known chess master and I never won a game in my short career of trying, about six years. I never bothered to get into board games of any kind
  14. Arizona has that same feature, however, if they ask you to leave and you don't it's trespassing infraction. Denny's has signs posted asking that you do not carry openly. You can still carry, but apparently they have had some people complain about people carrying openly. I can understand and respect that because they are appeasing a lot of tourists and it doesn't infringe on me to any degree....and I really like their super bird sandwiches.
  15. A cuddle of kittens, a piddle of puppies, a slither of snakes.
  16. Thanks, Eyesa. I have some minor work to do on my car and then I'll get those decals pasted on it so's I can show off.
  17. Used to hold hands all the time. My parents did that, too. I sure miss the contact and the loving atmosphere.
  18. Check out their website for new releases.
  19. Gave up on most TV stuff a couple of years back. My local library is part of a network of other libraries throughout the county including school and colleges. They keep me fixed up with dozens at all times. I miss out (or maybe not so much from comments on my web connections) on all the newer stuff.
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