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  1. I'd give a lot for the old Tyler Ivorex grips. They were made from micarta, had a believable grain and would yellow after a time. Now all Tyler makes are his world known T Grips.
  2. I've tried to find anything other than the rubber grips for my Model 43 Firestar, too. No joy so far. It still rides in the glove box in my car with a half dozen loaded mags.
  3. I worked in Yellowstone for a summer in 1960....washing dishes, but still..... We saw it every day, mostly more than once. Saw some people get hurt and a lot of near misses, a number of cars damaged, a tent or two demolished, and a bear shot by the rangers after she was so injured she couldn't survive.
  4. I've let the subscriptions lapse on most of my shooting magazines because they don't have articles about things I want or need. For instance all the ads and articles about guns that are supposed to be "new and improved" that are retreads of guns that have existed for decades but simply have decorative features or what amount to off-the-shelf add ons. What really turns me off are all the guns and accessories with camouflage or "earth tone " dull and ugly finishes and those that come in an array of flashy decorative flashy colors.Ive seen pink and blue so-called camo designs, fluorescent camo paint jobs, red, white, and blue flag designs, anodized jewelry guns for ladies, sparkly metal flake grips and stocks, pictures of almost anything you can imagine, gold plated or painted accessories, two and three tone (or more) colors, and practically anything else my mind can imagine. What the hell ever became of blued or nickel plated steel and walnut or ivory grips? Have they been shelved in place of useless and ridiculous frippery? I don't care what anyone wants and is willing to pay for, but us old timers who want basic guns can hardly finds ads or articles about the good stuff we became used to in out younger days. It's still being made, but even the dealers shelves and racks don't have much any more. Dinosaur Tom
  5. depends on whether or not someone in his family is an elected official or a highly placed friend of an elected official or amazingly wealthy and connected to an elected official.
  6. I use Energizer for my non-rechargeable devices and am happy with them. I also just did my annual replacement of my solar yard lights and got the same ones you show above. Don't know how long they will last but I notice my lights are noticeably brighter.
  7. It's a crying shame that he wasn't stopped by about page two of his massive rap sheet.
  8. What makes a "tactical knife" any different or better than any other. I pretty much gave up trying to understand "tactical" anything when the term started being applied to everything from toilet paper to bikinis to frying pans and more. I have a dozen or so knives which are as useable, durable and over all as functional as anything else I've seen. One of the best ones couldn't have cost over three or four dollars and came with a cheese and cold cut gift set I got from a neighbor for Christmas.
  9. Big fires create their own winds and twisters are really quite common....and scary impressive,
  10. I want one to say: Don't tell me what to do, criticize me, or give me your opinions. I NEVER said "I do" to you.
  11. If it was "anonymous" how do we know about it now?
  12. No one is older than Forty Rod.....and I resent the uglier. I am amazingly gorgeous: ask your wife.
  13. This is what I've been talking about. What do you think?
  14. I have a new one: I don't want to shoot anyone. Doesn't mean I won't.
  15. Didn't line mine and have had no problems in almost 30 years. Use your own judgement.
  16. I made my own. I traced out the rifle (Lyman Great Plains .50) on an elk split, folded it over, checked a few dozen times to see if it was going to fit (don't forget to leave enough room for the seams), and cut it out. Put the side that would be the outside on the inside with a piece of the elk split about 8" x 18" (18" side along the seam) near the front end inside the piece with the seam side between the seams and the rest inside. When it is sewed the panel should not be visible on the outside. It will be right when you turn it all right side out again. You can put another panel at the rear if that fits your fancy. I paid a shoemaker $10.00 to sew it up for me. I took it home, turned it back right side out and cut the panel... now on the outside... into 1/4" fringes and added some beadwork, conchos, and a feather. It looks great and glorious and my only regret is not making it longer and including a flap to go over the butt. I've made two more for friends, one who put some very elaborate beaded panels on his and the other who painted his with Shoshone based designs. Both have flaps to cover the butt. It's not that hard to do, but time consuming. You've heard "measure twice, cut once"? Measure a few dozen times if that's what it takes. Make sure you allow for seams and such, and I really do recommend finding someone who is good with a sewing machine for leather to close it up for you. BTW, it also fits my 1860 Henry, 1866, and 1873 rifles with 24" barrels just fine and isn't too bad with a 1892 and 1894 either.
  17. and my tin ear didn't help, either.
  18. Ever heard of the two shot zeroing system? IT WORKS!
  19. I have decided that between these IDIOTS saying all these things and the number of IDIOTS believing them and panicking, compared to the number of people who do NOT believe all that crap, that the AVERAGE IQ or the world is about 6 . The human race will be gone, not because of any natural or man-made calamity but because of massively rampant and irreversible STUPIDITY! We could well become the next level of Cromagnon or Neanderthal after the next iteration of humanoids come along and wonder at the fact that we lasted so long.
  20. And yet you live in Florida. What is wrong with this picture?
  21. Sounds like she got the elevator and you got the shaft. Thank Jerry Reed for that comparison.
  22. I've only seen one, never owned one. A friend got the fast draw craze, as many did in the '50s and 60s, and bought a GW 5 1/2" .45. He kept it for about three months and traded it and $25.00 for worn but functional Colt. Calling it a POS was a compliment.
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