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  1. A man could lose a finger that way.
  2. i think I'll keep my 82 year old Resistol that I gave a hundred bucks for....because of the story that came with it. I'll buy guns, ammo, leather work, have custom gun smithing done, and eat a lot for the difference.
  3. LynxLake is about four miles from my place and it had hundreds of them come there every year. Numbers have dropped a lot in the last five years. Two of them have visited my front yard since we moved in. Noble birds and our founders couldn't have chosen a more perfect symbol for our country. I could watch them for hours.
  4. One of my best friends was a former Seabee. He was a great guy. Lost him over a year ago but his widow and I still go to lunch once in a while and remember him.
  5. My kids gave me Firefly series and Serenity for Christmas three years ago. I watch the Firefly part about twice a year but Serenity is too dark and gruesome for my taste.
  6. You van still find it at Places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, some leather shops, and a few sewing / fabric stores.
  7. When we first moved to California the Red Lion Motel had a tractor show in their parking lot. It was close so the family walked over and spent an afternoon watching the tractors and eating "farm food". They didn't work them all that hard, just drove them around and ran them to let folks see how they looked and sounded. We spent the next week end watching Red Lion replace their entire parking lot.
  8. Okay, I bought on about an hour ago. If it doesn't work you better plan on a trip out here from Vermont to make it right. Right?
  9. Yes, but he was also one of the best Generals we ever had, before or since. He got the job done and never apologized for winning.
  10. True, but I live in a charmed area: an Amazon hub is just six miles away and have had a order placed at mid afternoon delivered within eleven hours. It's usuall here in three days max.
  11. Does anyone remember the "Kenya Emergency". It went on for a number of years (1950 or '52 until 1960.) The Brits finally put down the rebellion in a very brutal way.
  12. They could take lessons from Amazon. Everybody could take lessons from Amazon.
  13. I found those, but I don't find the Executive model. Guess I'll ahve to call them on Monday.
  14. I've done a LOT of things in my life, but this? Oh Hell no! Charlie.,give us sign: would you do this?
  15. Are they still being made? The website doesn't give me a lot of info and none of their suppliers are much help either.
  16. You'd be hard pressed to put it in a boxcar.
  17. I can, too, but I reserve the right to once in a while to lose it and start raising specifically directed hell.
  18. I remember an April Fools Day a few years back when a young lady asked us to help find her father. He was missing and the family was afraid he had done himself harm. Quite a number of "us" said it was an April Fools Day prank in poor taste. I didn't see it that way and told the wire so in some rather rude terms. A lot of our members got on the ball and we stared trying to help. Her father had gone up the the Greasy Grass country and taken his own life. Her last name was the same as one of my family's names and I stayed in touch with her for some time before she just went on with her life and didn't hear from her any more. God bless you Little Dove, wherever you are and what ever you have become.
  19. It's not bragging if it's right. Not only is it right, but if I were home where I could add half and half orange juice and apple juice and make the best country sausage gravy anywhere it would be perfect....except I'd have to do all the work and clean up and Jen's is very close to being as good as I am. SOOOOOOOOOO, eat your heart out Dude.
  20. HA! It happened again this morning only a bit cooler. Just 69 degrees, but the rest was just as perfect. Felt so good I went to Jen's 7th Avenue Cafe and had biscuits and gravy, five slices of bacon, and three cups of coffee. Looks like it's off to a great start of a Friday.
  21. There is a Hanger Company that make wonderful orthotics. Could it be the same people?
  22. SOOOOOOOOO many reasons not own one. This is simply one more.
  23. I've been thinking this over and want you to know that when it's my turn I'll smile widely at you while peeing on your shoes.
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