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  1. I broke 200 this morning, the lightest I've been since 1872. OOOOPsy daisy. Dyslexic fingers.
  2. Because we were stupid enough to elect people who get rich off of it who don't care about anything but their own warped wants, and because your neighbors would sell their souls for a price. We seriously NEED a depression and a major war to get us back on track.
  3. Politely ask them to pi-- off.....in a joking manner.
  4. 204 this morning, but there's a story to go along with that.. It involves two separate back-to-back days in the ER at the local VA and some life changing modifications I'm having to endure, an ambulance ride, and some really remarkable medical staff. Also involved are two nasty vicious villains who left me permanently damaged but alive and ready for the next bout...and trust me, there WILL be next bout.
  5. Thank God I was in the hospital for three days and avoided all the foolish crap that denotes the day.
  6. Right up there with bucking bales as a job I never want to do again.
  7. Atta boy, Trooper! Hope you recovered without complications of any kind.
  8. I'm not about to rock the boat. All of my heavy caliber sixguns are .45 Colt. I have three rifles in .44-40 and wish I knew then what I know now because I would prefer them in .45 Colt, too.
  9. A wonderful, mellow voice singing one of my favorite songs. God's singers have gained a lot by his presence. Thanks, Dan.
  10. Hell no! Where's the adventure in that?
  11. Newest? Mostly re-pops of existing guns. Bestest? Arguable and, IMHO, doubtful.
  12. I wouldn't have that thing as a gift, Why? Because someday I'm going to have to take a week or so off to take it apart and clean it and I'm so old I may not be able to last that long. I've owned cars with fewer pieces. I'll stick to my Ithaca 37 and SKB 200E, thanks. BTW. I have a Remington Model 51 in .32 acp that is almost that complicated. I don't shoot it any more because it is a five star, diamond studded, verifiable SOB to disassemble and reassemble.
  13. Had to have had a huge supply vessel to carry food and water for that crew, plus every other necessity.
  14. My dad, a college professor, agreed and referred to many as "educated beyond their intelligence". I learned early on that many people have an "advanced degree" simply because they or their family could afford it.....and there are way to hell and gone too many degrees available where no employment will ever be available in the field.
  15. Soooooo.......the world isn't flat? Boy am I gonna have fun with one couple I know?
  16. Our high school ROTC had fully functional M-1 rifles, M-1 carbines, 1911A1 pistols, a BAR, a 1919 lmg, some shotguns, and some .22 target rifles and pistols and a mortar. Seniors could, if their grades met the line, check out a rifle or carbine and a box of ammo on Friday evening and come in early the following Monday to clean it under the watchful eye of SSgt Sato. WE had pistol and rifle teams using the .222s and the m-1 rifle and .45 pistols, ran exercises up Green Canyon using blanks rifles in most of the combat arms, were taught bayonet drills, and had a state-wide and well known precision drill team carrying M-1n rifles and 1911 pistols and very sharp Army Officer's sabers. The worst injuries were a few M-1 thumbs, and some bruising while learning the Queen Anne Salute and a few other drills. There were some well known people graduated from that school (Merlin Olsen being one of then) and only two that I know of who were ever in trouble with the law...one for embezzlement and one for stealing and wrecking his boss's truck. About 15% of the class are veterans and at least two retired with stars on their collars
  17. There was an eagle named Liberty that used to do these flights. Is this the same bird?
  18. Just one more example of some weak-minded and/or lazy people parroting what the socialist-communist pukes are telling them....without ever even beginning to check the facts.
  19. Jake Brake Ginger Snapp Aiden Abbett Maggie Strawers Wynn Chester Aaron Wyndon Fyre
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