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  1. Pliny D. Elder Lann Drover Webb Spinner Cole Storage Tommy Hawke Holly Hawke
  2. I found a copy at the local library...or one of its local system mates
  3. I never thought much of Rick (Ricky) Schroder as an actor. To be honest I never thought much of him at all. I just finished watching about 100 minutes of the A&E original "The Los Battalion" movie, a great story about the Argonne battle during the final days of WWI. It's based on actual event, is filmed in a black and white hued color, is nearly perfectly filmed and produced, and has a number of weapons that I have never before seen on the screen, such as the French Chauchat light machine gun and Hotchkiss machine guns, and U. S. 1917 Remington- Enfield rifles. The acting is way above par for war movies and has proven to me a long held belief the the Academy Awards are basically a list of things I don't want to watch. I didn't recognize any actor except Mr. Schroder. I'm not much for apologies but feel like, even though doesn't know me, I owe him one. This is far above and beyond most war movies. Thanks, Mr. Schroder, for a very enlightening and entertaining afternoon.
  4. over the years many places have stopped selling guns and / or ammo. Dicks, some Big 5 stores, Walmart has cut way back, and the list goes on. Isn't it strange that NOT ONE of these places (or any one else for that matter) can positively identify a single crime that has been prevented by this, yet there are literally millions of instances where good people have prevented crimes, reduced the number of victims, and stopped bad guys with guns right in their tracks. Is the public of this country...and others...really so damned stupid as to believe the crap they are being fed and the lies they are being told? It makes me wonder how much longer we will remain a free nation.
  5. Last time I did that was about year ago at a friend's house. His wife let me have one of the beaters and her hubby got the other one. She kept the bowl for herself.
  6. I have been in both the U. S. Army and the U. S. Marine Corps and I'll tell you right now that I don't want, never did want, any of those useless pukes "covering" my flanks in any situation requiring trustworthy people".
  7. That's about right. Makes for a wonderful hand warmer on cold days, too.
  8. I'm a big tipper for good service, but I always leave something. We went out with another couple once and got remarkably lousy service. I left a dime and a couple of pennies. The other guy asked why I'd leave anything and I told hime a big tip is a thank you, but an almost worthless tip is a comment. Until the day he died he remembered and would sometimes leave a 20% tip or more and once in awhile drop less than a quarter. Many is the time I've complained to the manager, but many times I've complimented someone to the manager so they'd know. I did for Sunshine, for a little tiny girl at a burger joint, another very small girl who is Coca Cola vendor's rep at the grocery (Because she worked harder than anyone else in the entire store and smiled the entire time.), and a delivery man for UPS who went out of his way to help me get a package up to my front door when I was still in a wheel chair and asked if there was anything else he could do. My local ambulance service is getting 15 top sirloins for Christmas because of their overall service and follow up calls over the last year: eight rides in the ambulance and they still son't me run the siren. If only I could feel that way about everyone, but simple courtesy and good service is unfortunately becoming very scarce.
  9. As many of you know I have lost over 70 pounds in the last 14 months. That's another story. This story is about buying plain old fashioned blue jeans. I have been to every store in the quad city area that claims to be a "western wear" store looking for 34 x 29 inch leans. I have been to Boot Barn, Tractor Supply, C. A. L. Ranch, and Cowboy Corral ( Amazing store on many other fronts...like leather goods of all kinds). I went to Kohls, J. C. Penny, Costco, and every other place I Could think of. I looked at Levis, Lee, Wrangler, Maverick, Carhart and every other brand I could think of. No joy ANYDAMNWHERE!!! Until I went to Walmart, a place I not very fond of, for something else all together. I hadn't even considered them, but I found one pair of Wrangler Five Star Relaxed Fit Flex jeans. I bought the only pair I could find, took them home, wore them, washed them, and wore them again. They fit, didn't shrink, didn't fade, had a usable watch pocket and felt good. The next day, yesterday as it happens, I was in Prescott and went to the Walmarts over there. No more to be found. Back to my hometown Walmart lust a half mile away...actually about 450 yards but there is a row of houses and a half mile stone wall in the way... and tried again. I couldn't find any more, but I did find a lady who worked there and who took the time to help. Her name tag said SUNSHINE (not her real name, I find, but it sure fits her) and she pleasantly and efficiently went to work. She found three more pair and told me how to get more when I was ready. I now have four pair and will go back about once a month for more. I can't miss at $19.95 a pair, was less that any competitor. Now here's the kicker: I have been sorely disappointed in all Wrangler clothes for the last year or two because their quality control has real gone down. Le seams put in backward, two different leg lengths on the same pair of britches, mis labelling, watch pockets placed so high they are under a belt and totally unusable, shabby sewing, shrinking (shirts only so far), even labels sewn on crooked. I am also done with some stores where no one seems to know nor care about anything in or out of the store and in some cases are rude and insulting lazy asses, acting as if they are going out of their way to even speak to you. If I were still in my own business I would bust my butt to go hire Miss Sunshine right out the door. I'd train her in my line of work and put her to work teaching others how to do the job and most importantly how to treat customers and I guarantee you she'd be paid better that Walmart or any other retail outlet does.
  10. I admire the lad's hat, too. It just speaks of a western soul. Congrats to both of you.
  11. heard it as "judicious" use, but either way IT'S TRUE. Keep it in mind, use it often.
  12. I have nowhere I have to be and all day to get there. Ain't it great?
  13. Why? It's too late for almost everyone I know.....and I know a lot of people who can'r be resurrected at this stage anyway.
  14. I was taught the "ain't" is a proper contraction of "am I not". And if Miss Morrell said it was so, you had better believe it is so.
  15. If that were in my closet I'd come out at a dead run....and Heaven help anyone who questioned anything about that trip.
  16. Great googlie mooglies, but that is an UGLY gun!
  17. Interesting gun but this guy is positively painful to listen to.
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