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  1. On 5/15/2024 at 7:19 AM, Blackwater 53393 said:

    I wasn’t in the mood for a dinner last night!


    It was a peanut butter sandwich with prickly pear jelly on twelve grain bread and a frosty glass of milk!!

    Hey, Bubba, check out Boondock Enterprises.  They gots lotsa pepper-flavored jams and jellies.  Also most Kroger stores have them in the deli section.  I'm gonna try banana jabernero next.

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  2. Liver, yes.  Onions, no.  I prefer a good, thick-enough-to-sculpt country sausage gravy on my liver.  The meal, not my vital organs.


    Green beans in any form, no.  I spent too many summers picking string beans to ever let one get in my mouth.


    SPAM, once in a blue moon.  Fried SPAM sandwiches were my wife's choice.


    Vienna sausages, no.  I read the contents once and never ate another Vienna sausage and..... I stopped reading labels.


    Never heard of banana meat loaf but I'll give it a try.


    What is "aspic"?  It sounds like something you'd get out of your nose.


    All the rest are still on my list of good stuff, but my Sloppy Joes aren't very good.  Don't know what I do wrong.

  3. On 5/16/2024 at 2:54 PM, Eyesa Horg said:

    Unfortunately that may be the only solution. Sucks the owners and animal control don't care.

    Why should they?  No one else does, from Joe S--t the Ragman all the way up to Biden.


    Try a stun gun of some sort before you give up.  If it doesn't work on the dogs, try it on the owner.


    You might get a lawyer involved, but you'll probably have to find a new gunsmith.

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  4. I had an AR-4 bolt action survival rifle chambered for .22 Hornet.  That was in about 1961 and I gave $25.00 for it used.  I later traded up to a Remington Nylon 66.  Don't have either one anymore, but my son-in-law has a Remington Nylon bolt action .22 with a pair of box mags that load from the bottom. One is a five shot, the other is a ten shot  .  It's not a 66 but I don'r what it was called.  It's GREEN.  Ugly as hell but I'd like to have it.

  5. We had a civilian chef in the Marine Barracks at Seal Beach.  Some of the Marines got to riding him when it was discovered that had been in the Navy.  "Hey, Bill, when you were in the ships were made of wood and the sailors were made of iron."


    He told them that he was a chef on Old Ironsides.  Yeah.  Right!


    Then he brought in pictures of him and a bunch of crew men who had been picked to go on a cruise on U. S. S. Constitution back in the 1950's era.  I don't recall his last name but his first two were William Tell.

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  6. On 5/16/2024 at 7:31 AM, Steel-eye Steve SASS #40674 said:

    Must be time for the quarterly "let's bash EV" thread.........

    Don't have to bash that ugly POS.  Someone saved a ton of money on sheet metal (or what ever ) designers.  That thing makes Legos look good.

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  7. When I joined the Ground Observer Corps (Call sign Juliet  Mike One Four Black on a dedicated land line) in 1858-1958 we were given  book of silhouettes with the description of each plane on a the back of each plane, one plane to a page.  Fifty planes to a book, three books.  When I left they took the books back.


    We were volunteers looking for planes from every country you could imagine.  Going to save our country from Godless Communism.  I'm beginning to think we failed.

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  8. 6 hours ago, Blackwater 53393 said:

    I wasn’t in the mood for a dinner last night!


    It was a peanut butter sandwich with prickly pear jelly on twelve grain bread and a frosty glass of milk!!

    Where did you get prickly pear jelly in your neck of the woods?  :D

  9. 2 hours ago, Tex Wilson said:

    Hey Forty, what was the restaurant you had breakfast at?  You never cause a ruckus like that during our Thursday morning breakfasts at Zekes.

    Have you really looked at the crowd at Zeke's?  Most are crusty old guys and the women worth any attention are almost always hanging out with one of them.


    Besides, I have a little girlfriend about the size of the one you sent along the picture of.

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  10. 3 hours ago, Alpo said:

    I don't know who General Dula is or was, but I would hope that a general in the armed forces of the United States would have better sense than to think that you WIN the Medal of Honor.


    For that reason alone, I believe the first part of that story was bogus.

    Son, I just lost a lot of respect for you.  Quibbling over a simple word, almost universally misused, to claim something is bogus is just simply wrong.

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  11. 10 minutes ago, Yul Lose said:

    Is it for a model railroad? 4 1/2 inches high I might be able to build one. Is it similar to this?


    Almost exactly.  The panel between the upper and lower horizontal beams and between the legs needs to be square.


    I'll have to mix the paint myself to match the rest of the project.


    Name your price and I'll have a check in the mail ASAP!


    Thank you very much.

  12. 1 hour ago, Texas Lizard said:

    You are Mormon...Don't they believe in more than one wife??  Or did they stop that???


    Should have asked my cousins....Got about a 100 or more that Mormon...Can't keep up with all of them...Kinda like rabbits....


    Texas Lizard

    BTW, I had a bunk mate in 'Nam who was from backwoods Arkansas.   We had 6, 8, 10 and 12 hole lean-to latrines ("Heads" for the Navy and Marines among you.  Powder Rooms for the Air Force pogues amongst you).   He'd been in country about a week when I found him leaning on the rail around the second deck of the barracks just staring at our 10 holer.  I asked what was going on.  He said "back home an outhouse that big was owned by rich folks, Catholics, or Mormons."  :lol:

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  13. Stopped that in 1896 to be able to gain statehood from a government that didn't understand that  the Bill of Rights prohibited government interfering with religious practice.


    There are some fake "Mormons" who are not, and never have been recognized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and never will be.  They are mostly up in northern Arizona on the Utah border.  I doubt that are more than a few thousand of them at most, and they are in trouble with the law over many things. Polygamy, child marriages, taxes, forcing people  who want to leave their "church" to stay by using force and threats, etc.


    They do have some of the best baked goods on the planet and I'm told their common produce is unbeatable.


    A lot of uneducated and / or anti-Mormon people try to use that against the real LDS church.


    There is your history lesson.  There will be a test on Friday.

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  14. I want to find a torii gate like the ones in front of almost Marine Corps barracks in the world.  I need one 4 1/2 inches high and am amazed by all the gates offered and almost NONE have any dimensions in their ads, be it on Amazon, Etsy, or what ever.


    I want one with close detail representing a wooden original, not stone.


    Anyone have any suggestions?

  15. I ate breakfast at one of my favorite spots this morning.  A few minutes after I got served a young Oriental man and two really lovely ladies sat down across from me, one next to him the other across the table.   They were having fun and being friendly with every one who passed by.


    I finished my meal and as I got up I commented that "you know, life is unfair".  I told the young man "It doesn't seem right that you have two and I don't have any."


    He grinned and put his arm around the girl beside him and told me "Well this one is mine but you can have the other one.  She's my sister."


    "His" elbowed him in the ribs but the "sister" stood up beside me and said "I'll go with you sir, if you promise to make an honest woman (antique phrase) of me and don't ever have to admit that he is my brother."


    "His pushed him out of the way and stood on my other side.  "I don't like the way he claimed me as 'mine' so I'll go with you, too."


    The people in the cafe were getting in on it by now, laughing and having a good time making suggestions and cheering me on.


    This dude looked like he'd peed on an electric fence and started apologizing, but the crowd wouldn't let it go.  They were all over him.


    Finally "His" said that she had a lot invested in him because they were married and the kids would need a daddy, so she'd back out of the mix.


    "Sister" was known by a lady in the crowd who suggested that she had better check with her mother because this boy needed looking after and Mom couldn't spare any more time, what with grandkids coming.


    I stepped back and thanked the ladies for accepting my offer (I didn't remind them that I hadn't made any offer) and that at my age it was the best acceptance of any offer I'd had in years. 


    We were all cheered and as I left I paid for their breakfasts.


     If I were sixty years younger and single.........  HUH, my soon to be wife would have killed me in front of all those witnesses!!!  :lol:


    Life isn't perfect, but Mother Nature showed us that she has a sense of humor and it made my day. 


    Sometimes life is just plain fun!

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