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  1. On 6/2/2019 at 10:10 AM, Kid Rich said:

    I see one problem "FFFFG". I hope you are NOT using 90gs of 4f in that rifle, you could have catastrophic results if you are.

     I have a 45 cal and it likes 2f better than 3f, much better accuracy. I also have a 50 cal that is much more accurate with 3f than with 2f. I'm guessing that the 4f you typed was a typo, If not you need to get with someone that knows BP shooting and get them to help you.


    PS 4f is priming powder for flintlocks.

    That was a typo that I did not catch. I am using FFFG Goex. 

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  2. I am trying different loads and bullets to see if I can get consistent hits out to three hundred yards with a percussion rifle. It is the Investarms Model 120A, their version of the "Hawken" rifle. This rifle is .45 caliber, 1:48 twist, in a 28" length barrel. I am experimenting with 240 grain T/C Maxiball and the 250 grain Lee REAL bullets. The Maxiballs are lubed with T/C Borebutter, the Lee REAL bullets are lubed with the Lee Liquid Alox. I am using the Ox-Yoke Wonderwads to get more of a seal under the bullets and get more lubrication. I am getting 3MOA at 100yds with the Lee REAL bullets over 90gr of Goex FFFFG, on a good day. Not consistent yet, I need to work on my shooting to reduce human error. It is hard when absorbing that crescent butt when shooting at the bench, I will be acquiring a shoulder pad for that soon. 










  3. I used to get good results with the 200gr Lyman 427666 cast bullet over 33gr volume Pyrodex P in Winchester brass and CCI primers. I used to lubricate the cast bullets with Lyman Black Powder Gold lubricant. I did not have to fuss with grease cookies, fillers, or wads and that saved time on reloading.


  4. Thanks for the information guys.

     I know that SASS would not allow the use of a cavalry sling for a lever carbine, but I like the idea and might try that for some run and gun shooting where I can transition from the lever carbine to the sidearm.   


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