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  1. I am trying different loads and bullets to see if I can get consistent hits out to three hundred yards with a percussion rifle. It is the Investarms Model 120A, their version of the "Hawken" rifle. This rifle is .45 caliber, 1:48 twist, in a 28" length barrel. I am experimenting with 240 grain T/C Maxiball and the 250 grain Lee REAL bullets. The Maxiballs are lubed with T/C Borebutter, the Lee REAL bullets are lubed with the Lee Liquid Alox. I am using the Ox-Yoke Wonderwads to get more of a seal under the bullets and get more lubrication. I am getting 3MOA at 100yds with the Lee REAL bullets over 90gr of Goex FFFFG, on a good day. Not consistent yet, I need to work on my shooting to reduce human error. It is hard when absorbing that crescent butt when shooting at the bench, I will be acquiring a shoulder pad for that soon.
  2. I used to get good results with the 200gr Lyman 427666 cast bullet over 33gr volume Pyrodex P in Winchester brass and CCI primers. I used to lubricate the cast bullets with Lyman Black Powder Gold lubricant. I did not have to fuss with grease cookies, fillers, or wads and that saved time on reloading.
  3. Thanks for the information guys. I know that SASS would not allow the use of a cavalry sling for a lever carbine, but I like the idea and might try that for some run and gun shooting where I can transition from the lever carbine to the sidearm.
  4. Was the saddle ring on the lever action carbines meant to be used on the civil war style cavalry carbine slings?
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