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  1. Check the zoning codes to make sure that it affects homeowners. If it does, change the law. That said, people are freezing to death in their own homes and some people think it is sad that they only had one life to give to their county council and HOA. There was one guy that expressed dissatisfaction that other people know how to sharpen tools, such self-reliance seems to be heresy.
  2. Contractors can't build them in new homes, but a homeowner can always remodel. That the rules require people to freeze to death in their own homes, those rules should be defied.
  3. We used to get by with a roaring fire in the fireplace, we had antique kerosene lanterns, candles, and batteries too. I wish that Cruz had flown to Washington D.C. to do some arm twisting of bureaucrats at FEMA, Civil Defense, and Homeland Security to step up. It would have been better for Texas, better for the USA, and there would not have been the opportunity for the communists to swoop in as saviors of the abandoned little guy.
  4. When I grew up almost all homes had a fireplace. Alot of apartments had fireplaces too. Most people kept enough seasoned firewood to get through a winter storm, it was expected that powerlines would go down for a few hours to a few days depending on the severity of the storm. These days most homes dont have a fireplace. Often zoning codes dont allow them in new construction, but this winter storm shows that to be foolish as people are dying from cold in their homes. IMO homeowners should look into getting a new fireplace, chimney installed if their house does not have
  5. If you see a good deal, buy them before someone else does. Don't delay
  6. Percussion revolvers are affordable. So too are the Stoeger coachguns. What is a low cost lever action short rifle?
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