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  1. Yes I am... Hoping to shoot as Susanville also before your matches...
  2. Someone driving farther than me, my hat is off to you amigo!!!!
  3. I'm in, looking forward to this great match, run by great people!!!!
  4. Chapman is a fine location, and think how many more shooters it brought in for your annual!!!!
  5. I picked up a sweet H&R 32 S&W Breaktop for side matches, but I'm having a hard time finding a 32 caliber cleaning brush, I've looked a Midway and Brownell's but they sell them by the dozen...
  6. Loved rereading it, here's to the best writer in Heaven, my great friend BJD!!!!
  7. I had Run N Iron take a regular 512 (28 inch barrel) and cut it down to 22 inches and tune it. So far it's running excellent...
  8. Our prayers and condolences to the Ghost family!!!!
  9. My wife and myself have been looking at small light weight campers, on most current production campers, they had an awning cover over the slide outs, on the Winnebago Micro Minnies they don't have the cover, is this a problem waiting to happen or not???
  10. If you still making them, send me a link I'll be looking after the shooting season here...
  11. Were you Key Lock Saddlery, if so I got a pair of dove wing spur straps from you at Hell on Wheels and I'm still wearing them.... Glad to see you back...
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