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  1. Run N Iron did my 512... (308) 472-1445 I'm very pleased with his work...
  2. Run N Iron just shortened my 66, per Billy Boots recommendation we cut it to 19 inches and he cut a new crown...
  3. When this was originally announced, I contacted you and it was your then opinion that it would be legal, so I hadn't seen the ROC ruling...
  4. If the new Cimarron in 380 acp would have a short barrel as original proposed, I think it could have been a great pocket pistol, but who wants to buy a gun and then have to cut the barrel off...
  5. I've had work done by him, and I was very pleased with it...
  6. I shoot at Terry's when I can, and I can sure say that I don't make it enough...
  7. You do know this conflicts with the Indoor SASS shoot in Lincoln on Sunday, Feb. 2nd...
  8. I've had Run N Iron fit Pietta Bisley hammers on my EMF Deluxe California's and they also worked it my AWA's Long horns and Peacemaker...
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