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  1. That was an awesome performance by any standard, I'm looking forward to seeing you and Matt at the GA State match too!!!!
  2. I like it, and i think it's pretty clean...
  3. I asked PWB about this gun, if the barrel length was 3 1/2 inches as originally advertised, he said it would be legal for pocket pistol, I'm planning on getting one and having the barrel cut down....
  4. Everything is loaded except the guns and leather, and me of course, weather looks good for Saturday morning, not so much in the afternoon...
  5. Mg, Facebook or my email hm91754@hotmail.com. I thought you had my phone number, I'll give you the next time I see you...
  6. So let me know on Friday night so I don't have to pack up the truck....
  7. I agree you might need to wet mold, but wrap the barrels with a thin wrap that might help stretch the holsters a bit...
  8. Last comment on this, all of you that don't use LTO/UTO officers, go tell you insurance companies and tell them that you are are following safety rules and procedures, and see how long your still insured....
  9. Cheyenne, I've shot from all round the Central Plains to the East Coast to as Far West as Fernley, NV, and from North Dakota to Texas. Yes it was your fault, your a stand up shooter for acknowledging it, but by simply using the procedures that are written, it would have avoid this....
  10. If you wrote SASS HQ and applied for a State or Regional Match and said you weren't going to use the LTO/UTO , what do you think there answer would be.... I"ve been to a lot of matches where we had small posses, the person in front or behind you became the observer....
  11. Seriously, are you a RO1???? RO1 Manual page 55....
  12. I've shot all over the country and most clubs do have both LTO and UTO's.... Your clubs need to follow SASS rules...
  13. Your the one person I shouldn't bet with...LOL But again the LTO should have reminded him to load his guns, we all know we are experts in gun handling and safety, until we have one of those moments, that's why we always should have an LTO....
  14. Are you 100 percent, bet a million dollars on that one....
  15. Where was the Loading table officer!!!!!
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