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  1. You can check out mine at the GA State Match, I'm coming again this year...
  2. With the shorten barrels on the the regular 512, choke tubes aren't an option, walls of the barrels are two thin, and I didn't want the tubes anyway...
  3. I got a regular 512 and had Run N Iron shorten the barrels to 22 inches and tune the action, and I love it....
  4. I'm the smart one in the group, I brought a chair to sit in!!!! LOL
  5. Alright everybody, I've done my part, I put out expensive grass seed, best way I know to start a drought!!!!!
  6. Check out the Sealey Mansion, Big white house on the main highway, I'm total redneck and the place impresses the heck out of me!!!!!
  7. Are you coming I80 or I70??? If your coming I80, Brownell's is just a few miles of the Interstate.... Or Midway USA is on I70....
  8. That was an awesome performance by any standard, I'm looking forward to seeing you and Matt at the GA State match too!!!!
  9. I like it, and i think it's pretty clean...
  10. I asked PWB about this gun, if the barrel length was 3 1/2 inches as originally advertised, he said it would be legal for pocket pistol, I'm planning on getting one and having the barrel cut down....
  11. Everything is loaded except the guns and leather, and me of course, weather looks good for Saturday morning, not so much in the afternoon...
  12. Mg, Facebook or my email hm91754@hotmail.com. I thought you had my phone number, I'll give you the next time I see you...
  13. So let me know on Friday night so I don't have to pack up the truck....
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