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  1. Looks like I'm having to cancel, wife has to come in and get tested for COVID and it's going to take 72 hours to get the results back, I'm bummed...
  2. This a small one that I've been carrying for about six months... https://www.bladehq.com/item--Olight-I3T-EOS-Black-Slim-EDC--98899
  3. They are offering Silver Senior and Elder Statesman Classic Cowboy according to the mail I got from Beans....
  4. I got a email from Beans asking if we want to be in age based Classic Cowboys, so I said sign me up for Senior Classic Cowboy, how are the rest of the shooters doing on age based???
  5. Only negative is the town of Arcadia is a speed trap, they will bust you for one mile an hour over, and then there is POP's a must see on the way to the range, I think they have over 1500 different types of soda pop and great food... As far as the number of stages, that will probably be changed, I'm looking forward to National championship at Landrun...
  6. What about a double shoulder holster, you could have it drop way down, and have shotgun shells attached to a belt across your belly button... And I'm glad your feeling better amigo!!!!
  7. MG, shoot be a picture of the back of the target so I can see the hanger, I found a source for the steel and will talk to a couple of the local welding shops....
  8. MG, what about trying these, I'll buy three... https://shootingtargets7.com/collections/1-4-gongs/products/rectangle-ar500-1-4 A little small, but the price is right...
  9. MG, I told you a a couple of years ago that me and Pam would be members, and why I have some health issues in the summer months and can't make the monthly, we would pay dues to support the club... And how much are the targets each, I might be able to help with one or two...
  10. This is a fantastic shoot, I just wish I was able to attend this year!!!!
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