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  1. Check out the Work N Ranch website, they have several types of light weight pants that are very comfortable... http://stores.worknranch.com
  2. Allie, I live in constant pain from multiple issues VA rates me at 100 percent, I gut it out at matches, I shoot duelist and I always wonder when I will have to give that up.... As far as punctuation, it goes back to old teletype days in the Navy...
  3. Just my thought, but if you can't cock a single action revolver, are you safe enough to shoot any revolver in completion?????
  4. I'd say Snake Oil George or Run N Iron in Nebraska...
  5. I bought one from Mernickle in September, first time in years I haven't had to hitch up my gun belt, I'm sold on the idea...
  6. I thought so too until I bought one from Mernickle at Roop County days at Fernley NV, it stayed in place and didn't slip towards my knees like a regular gun belt...
  7. I knew about the modification to the pistol, but never have seen a curved gun belt until recently...
  8. Too much of those important to all of us in history are forgotten.... I cherish that I actually got to me Boston John Doucette!!!!
  9. I was watching a Virginian episode where he and David Hartman were trying to buy mustangs and a older washed up black bronco buster was trying to keep his son out of the business, and of course the bad guys were stealing the horses. James Dury's gun belt was hanging over the bed on a peg where he was sleeping and the belt was curved not straight. Any one know if these belts were common outside of that TV show and who was the maker...
  10. You don't need much room to set up a Dillion Square Deal B reloader, and it will pay for it self in a couple of years...
  11. My advise is what it's worth is a darn good shoulder holster under your vest or coat as applicable ....
  12. I just bought one of Mernickles men's curved gun belts and I've worn it at a couple of matches and it stayed in place better than my straight ones, at a little over a hundred dollars, I'd recommend trying one...
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