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  1. And you talked me into cutting back to 19 inches.... LOL....
  2. I had Run N Iron cut down my 66 and recrown the barrel, very reasonable cost and a lot cheaper than a new gun, I highly recommend going that route...
  3. And remember, you order your gunbelt four inches more than your waist size, not two like a pants belt...
  4. Last I heard Smith and Jones was working in the Fine Guns area of a Cabelas in Idaho, but that has been years...
  5. I'll second JM Leather in Bulls Gap Tn, very good quality and very reasonably priced with a good turn around time... And he doesn't charge your credit card until the rig is ready to ship....
  6. I just went to the Free Stage Rangers website, nothing on there for Border Wars 2020!!!!
  7. I just booked a motel reservation and will be sending my application in next month, so you can count me in....
  8. If your going to only load 38's, I'd go with the Square Deal B, it cost less to get started, and as you can see by the above remarks, Dillions hold their resale value if you want to move up later...
  9. Same here with mine, Doctor also did a trigger lock operation on my middle finger, hand is still swollen a bit, and my wrist hurts but I'm pleased with the progress...
  10. Me and Ronnie got to talking one time, and I signed his charge book in the Persian Gulf when he made Chief...
  11. I have on regular 512 that I had Run N Iron tune and shorten the barrels for me, no choke tubes because the walls were too thin to reinstall them, but at our ranges we shoot, I haven't felt the need for them, a great shotgun...
  12. Absolutely the best loading strips and the best pardner to ride the river with!!!!
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