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  1. MG, shoot be a picture of the back of the target so I can see the hanger, I found a source for the steel and will talk to a couple of the local welding shops....
  2. MG, what about trying these, I'll buy three... https://shootingtargets7.com/collections/1-4-gongs/products/rectangle-ar500-1-4 A little small, but the price is right...
  3. MG, I told you a a couple of years ago that me and Pam would be members, and why I have some health issues in the summer months and can't make the monthly, we would pay dues to support the club... And how much are the targets each, I might be able to help with one or two...
  4. This is a fantastic shoot, I just wish I was able to attend this year!!!!
  5. Short rifle because it swings better for me...
  6. As only an occasional Classic Shooter, I would put my support behind Dantankerous....
  7. Took the course in March of this year...
  8. I was just trying to put my R02 pin on my new life badge and I broke the prong, anybody have an extra one I can buy!!!!
  9. I"m a dummy, it went straight to down load and I didn't catch it, have my application printed now..
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