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  1. F/S Antique 1873 Winchester SRC 44-40 Excellent Condition (older professional restoration from Estate) Made in 1892, correct components, markings, smooth action, cycles rounds like a new one. Looks like an original SRC that was complete before restoration. Good bore, I shot 25 rounds of Smokeless Cowboy loads at 10 Yds. and 25 yds., very accurate. More photos available if needed. Price is $2260.00 shipped w/ insurance to cont. US. Reb
  2. F/S PMC 45-70 New in box 405 Grain Lead Flat Point (5) boxes @ 20 rounds ea. ; PMC 45-70 Once Fired Brass re-loads w/28Grains Smokeless Powder and a 350 Grain Lead Flat Point Bullet ( used for 1886 Winchester) (3) boxes @ 20 Rounds Ea.; PMC once fired 45-70 brass 35 pcs. ; PMC 45-70 Factory (5) Individual Rounds in same box with brass. $185.00 for all, shipped to Cont USA. Check your local laws re: Ammo Shipment. any questions contact me with a PM. Reb
  3. Wild Willie, They are yours. I am sending a P.M. with my info. Thanks, Reb
  4. F/S Black Hills Ammo, factory loads NIB. (5) boxes @ 50 Rds. ea.,(1) box @ 25 Rds. Total round count 275 Rds. Price is $125.00 shipped to Cont. USA Pls. send any questions by P.M. Reb
  5. F/S (2) .38 cal. Uberti open tops w/ 5 1/2" bbls. in ex. condition w/action jobs. Both are Blue w/ case colors and 1 pc. wooden grips. 1851 R/M conversion has a brass T/G and B/S; octagon bbl. stamped 1871 From Taylors & Co. Winchester Va. The Cal. is .38 Colt & S&W Special. 1871 Open Top has silver plated T/G and B/S; Round bbl.; stamped .38 Special from Navy Arms. Price is $635.00 shipped to FFL. Any questions, pls. send a P.M. Reb
  6. F/S one pair of Distressed Chaps. I am listing these for a SASS Cowboy that has no internet access to use the Wire. I would call them "Shotgun" Chaps; buckles and straps in rear of legs ,no zippers. Photos show one leg with straps closed and one leg with straps open. Owner is 6 ft. tall w/36" waist. Tape measure depicts length and width of legs (straps are adjustable for width). The owner is a Viet Nam Vet and I figured Veterans day would be a good time to list his chaps. Price is $60.00 shipped in cont. US. Reb
  7. Bulldog, Sending PM with payment info. I did not receive your PM. My e-mail ctbowers43@yahoo.com Reb
  8. F/S Pedersoli 44-40 Short Rifle from Cimarron with 20" octagon barrel, excellent condition, tuned by Lassiter with larger front sight when new for original owner. This is my back up lightning that was purchased off of the SASS Wire approx. 2 yrs. ago. It is not set up for "slam fire". Sell for $1290.00 shipped to FFL in Cont. USA. Reb
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