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  1. Here is the answer EMF kindly provided: "When we sold that shotgun, it had a blued finish. It was steel, not stainless steel. Therefore, it is now either unfinished polished steel, or was nickel plated after-market. It was imported from China, and sold to a FFL dealer in in San Jose, CA in December 2002. Parts for that model are scarce to non-existent." Once I pick it up from the FFL in 8 more days or so I will find out what I have. Hopefully the parts issue does not turn it in to a wall hanger:) Thanks Pards for your input.
  2. Thanks for the input. I will take PB's advice and call EMF tomorrow and see what they can tell me. I bought it so its mine now. At least in 10 days it will be:)
  3. Looks to be stainless. There are no screw in chokes and here is the back of the stock:
  4. Howdy, Does anyone have any experience or knowledge on an 1897 shotgun clone marked "Hartford"? It appears to be nickel plated or possibly stainless.
  5. I’m curious, is your press set up for you to sit or stand when you reload?
  6. I like the Mossy500a videos. He takes a Winchester take down apart. Similar but different to the IAC sold frame you have. Youtube is your friend. Click here--->
  7. Prayers on the way Allie. I pray you feel better soon and experience a complete recovery.
  8. Howdy Pards, Later style forearm for a Winchester 1897 shotgun. ***SOLD*** Thanks for looking, SJS
  9. Howdy Pards, I'm looking for a forend for an 1897 Winchester shotgun. Message me if you have one to sell. Thanks, SJS
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