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  1. .....Of course, no aluminum. Also, a caveat (beware) of what you pick up if you reload .40 S&W. The brass may have a tendency to rupture depending on the number of times it has been reloaded, the type of firearm it has been used in, etc.. In this case I'd select and inspect my lot of brass very carefully!!!!!!!! Naturally, I don't know who else has had this problem. FWIW, Doc
  2. could you furnish a pic???who makes this???????what's it adaptable to???? Doc
  3. ....Shot with the Parson on a posse sometime ago - I remember him as a real "straight-shooter", always of good humor and attitude, forever encouraging and helping others at our "game". All my best wishes for a speedy and uneventful recovery. Doc
  4. ....Good luck with that!!! Hopefully the weather is better than here (N.E.).......Up here all the New Year's Day matches involved trudging thru a foot of snow and had to be either modified or called off altogether! Besides which, on New Year's Day, I don't think I'll be in any condition to handle any firearms!!!!!!!! Happy New Year to all! Doc
  5. At one time, LYMAN made a die set that would load any and all .32 cal straight-walled, regardless of length. This is what I use for .32 S&W and will work for .32 auto as well, if you're so inclined. FWIW, Doc
  6. My error about the "left-handed" business. The "saltillo" he wore confused me. Doc
  7. ......and a LEFT-HANDED shooter shooting a right-handed bolt-action sawed-off shotgun! Give him plenty of style-points!!!!!
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