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  1. I just bought a reloader similar to this one, and it was used as well. I have had a 550B and a 650. This reloader is fantastic for pistol caliber reloaders. It is faster than the 550B and much easier to run. To be honest, if I bought this 20 years ago, I may have never changed!!! As you can tell, I highly recommend it. Just saying....... KCD
  2. not at all. They have "Things Remembered" in them.
  3. Around here, at least, there is a store (in the malls) called Things Remembered. They engrave stuff they sell. KCD
  4. Sorry for the delay. I had emergency grandchildren babysitting duties thrust on me last night. Very fun!!! However I digress. I am not sure how old the rifle is. 3 or 5 years at the most. However, I know it has less than 5 matches under it's belt. A fellow bought it new and had it short stroked and slicked up and shot one match with it. He decided to stay with black gun and sat on it for a couple of years. I bought it from him last fall. I measured the barrel and it measures 17 1/4. I made the butt cover and wrapped the lever. Thanks, KCD
  5. Got it. Tonight I will put the pictures up here. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. Thanks, KCD
  6. Youth Model 357. I have a bad left shoulder. I am looking to trade a 1/2 Octagon 1/2 Round Uberti 357 for a Youth Model Uberti 357.. My 1/2 and 1/2 has been short stroked and slicked up by a smith in Tennessee. Runs Great! - Just too heavy for me. The Youth Model can be be stock with no work done. I would say it is about 85%. A few cart and table dings. However, I am NOT a professional appraiser. I haven't taken pictures. If you are interested and have a youth model to trade, I will be happy to get any information you might need. Thanks for stopping by, Knob Creek Drover
  7. Yeppers, We all knew she could do it. She just had to convince herself! Great Shooting, T.L.!!!
  8. YEE-HAW!!! That's GREAT news! Just throw one or two in your bedroll when you are coming out! KCD
  9. Hey, Hey Mr., Turner, You are looking sharp. I had a thought. After moving out of my business "digs" to my retired domestic "digs", I have misplaced the CD you did for us cowboy shooters. If you are heading East anytime this year, would you slip a few of the CD's in your luggage for resale to us ole cowpokes who enjoy your music talents? Thank You, Sir and, again, Welcome Home! KCD
  10. Welcome Home!!! I hope to shoot with you at least once this year!!! KCD
  11. Hey Dan, I haven't seen you in ages. I hope you win first place! Good Luck! Knob Creek Drover
  12. Howdy Jeb,


    This simply is not an offer.  You will probably sell the pistol for your asking price, or decide just to hold on to it.  I am just letting you know I have been looking for a Vaquero for a couple of months now.  My budget is very tight.  I have $500.00 I can put toward the pistol, plus $20 for the FFL that would receive the pistol.   So, if you reach a conclusion you want to move it, and you can let it go for $500.00 including the shipping, I would be interested in being it's new owner.  


    Thanks for your time, 


    Knob Creek Drover

    1. Jeb Stuart #65654

      Jeb Stuart #65654


      I think I'll pass.  It's a new unfired gun ,would be close to $700 in a store, I think $550.  is fair.

      Thanks Jeb

    2. Knob Creek Drover

      Knob Creek Drover

      I know you will sell it for $550, just keep me in mind.




      Knob Creek Drover


    3. Jeb Stuart #65654
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