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  1. Only Alan Harton of Single Action Services in Houston, Texas is your best bet. He is one of three top Colt/Ruger single action revolver gunsmiths in the country.
  2. I may have one, laying around. Will check, if your still interested.
  3. Will not matter if you can knock two or three down with one shot. Most, if not all, matches for cowboy action shooting is...., if there are 2 shotgun knockdowns, the shooter is required to shoot twice....., four knockdowns require four shots, etc. There may be a very few places or annuals that stray from that standard.
  4. Hah! This may be true, but I have never had one set up to run. A very good point, as there is a small. but growing (?), devoted following of the Browning BSS. Yet, the cost is in the same, if not more, as SKB's.
  5. Experience at losing versus experience at winning....at the expense of the shotgun. To quote someone named Chollo - "Owning quality equipment is a big part of the mental aspect of our game" I shot a Stoeger for a long time, when I changed over to SKB..... well, I shot faster, better times.
  6. No.... Not at this time. Nothing is worthy of a replacement for an SKB, regardless of the trigger type.
  7. They will refurbish it, for about 100. I did that as well. After setting up the 750....I have yet to find space to set her back up. The 750 has, in my opinion, is better and newer. Sort of like the 2012 F250, I drive, 220,000 miles and still going. Does she run good...yes. Does she need to be retired? Probably. That time, may not be of my choosing. The Dillon 750, was of my choosing and damn glad I did it. Although, I have yet to accidently set off any primers, while reloading on the 650. I can see where...if one is a bit hurried and use a Casino Slot Machine technique ( ) on working the 650.....One can probably set off a primer(s). I usually can feel the pinch or hard to set primer and I will stop. Pull and inspect the problem. Take what ever course I need to do to continue. Be it, toss that particular piece of brass, or what ever. The 750 seems to work smoother. Not sure why.
  8. If Mudflat Mike cannot help. I have two short, 4 5/8" barrels. Somewhere....
  9. Good subject. I have two 650's, with one of them damn near worn out. Decided to buy the 750, cause it is replacing the worn out 650. I am very pleased with the 750. Primer system on the 750 is better than the 650, in my opinion. Large Piece of cake with icing on it and ice cream inside. You will love it,
  10. Outside of my Mom's, the very best I have found, are sold by J Hornaday Dry Goods. Called long gun duster.
  11. mite try Lefty Wheeler at Wheeler Gun Works
  12. what size are the tires? When were the bearings last greased? What size hitch ball required? What is the interior measurements? What is the overall weight of the trailer? What are the problems with it? Any old coot remains inside? Why are you selling it?
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