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  1. On 9/24/2021 at 11:55 AM, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    Plus CAS matches are typically 10-10-4.  WB matches are 10-20+-6+.  They shoot different scenarios at different types of targets.  Combine them offend everyone and the shooter numbers for both will drop like a lead brick.

    We tried shooting WB and SASS together. One of the biggest issues is a different set of rules for each. Spotters and TO's needed to be well versed in each. DIdn't happen.

    That and target types and number of rounds was a deterent.

  2. The whole BP standard of does it make enough smoke is a joke. It should have been based on some sort of chrono FPS standard. The issue being no one wants to set up a chronograph.

    Power factor doesn't work because my 32-20 rounds with a full case of FFFG doesn't compare to a 45 Colt, or 38 special.

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  3. The 7th explosion at the plant since 1997. Yikes, not a very good track record!

    Not knowing the cause and effect one could guess the cost to repair/rebuild the plant exceeds the ability to pay for it out of profits or a loan in a reasonable time. So close it down.

    I bet their insurance went up a bit after each explosion?

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  4. Count the shots from Costner during the gunfight before he reloads, Way more than 6. Costner said the director and editor wanted the scene and weren't worried about accuracy.

    So its Hollywooded!

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  5. I shoot BP. My bp pistols are all 44 caliber. For my conversion cylinder in my ROA I use the Cowboy 45 brass. Gives me the same recoil as the 44 round ball load.

    I wanted to shoot a Single action Colt clone. No way was I going to load 44-40, my 73 is 44-40, and use fillers to get the recoil down. 

    So Bought a set of 32-20 Colt clones. And a 73 in 32-20. Pistols shoot great. Rifle is too heavy. Small hole means more weight.

    I didn't go to 38's because they are not bottleneck cases. Saw too many issues with blowback.

  6. Loc al CCW instructor, you can enter places that have these signs. If caught they'll ask you to leave or call the cops. If the cops show up they'll ask you to leave. Leave and be done with it. It's when the person carrying a gun, in a place that says no, starts jumping on the civil and constitutional rights thing they get arrested.

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  7. 3 hours ago, Nostrum Damus SASS #110702 said:

    ut fundamentally, American demand for gasoline drives American gasoline price at the pump

    But demand is down because people aren't driving to work. The government has created a whole new way to count not count the unemployed. Our gas prices went up $1.50 in 3 months. The middle of winter when demand was down.

  8. 3 hours ago, Nostrum Damus SASS #110702 said:

    It would be refreshing once in a while for people to investigate cause and effect instead of blowing hot air about this politician

    So riddle me this. Dec. 2020 gas locally was $2.29/G. By June, 2021 it was $4.19/G no hurricanes, or major power outages then. All the US refineries were running.


    Yes there was $.23/G gas but I remember having to work 2 hours to fill my tank. Prices without wages have no correlation to today.

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  9. 7 hours ago, Father Kit Cool Gun Garth said:

    The three shots available from Johnson & Johnson, Phiser and Mederna never claimed immunity. 

    But, the media has lead people to believe they are immune. Or they're just too naive  to accept the fact that the shot isn't going to make them immune.

    Winter clothing being used to protect one from the cold doesn't cause the potential of death from wearing the clothing.  And we know it works as its been proven. Unlike the vaccines.

  10. 2 hours ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    If I don’t listen to my doctor why even go to him at all? Just my two cents.

    The only reason I go is to get my prescriptions refilled. It's a State law the doc has to see you in person to allow any refills.

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  11. 11 hours ago, Quiet Burp said:

    Why on earth would I fear a vaccine that gives me a bullet proof vest that will stop the Covid slug from killing me?

    That right there is the fault of the media. You do not have a bullet proof vest. You can still contract the illness and die. The vaccine supposedly offers a stronger resistance and better recovery, but you're not immune.

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  12. image.png.c85ceb2adac267b696b0e6da974debf8.pngFKCGG, The medical web site referenced is  their "Social Media" blog website! Both sites are saying the same thing...sort of.


    The delusional people who think the vaccine protects them from getting COVID are the most threatening to the rest of us. They think the 'shot" they got is a magic bullet.

    We all agree anytime someone looses a friend or family member, for what ever reason, is horrible.

    This is a Virus. Like influenza it will mutate creating more variants. How many booster shots will be needed to reach Fauci's "herd" equilibrium? No one knows especially him.


    For me, the lunacy of this whole situation is summed up in the cruise ship policy that caused us to cancel next years cruise;

    1. Everyone must be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination, ( which booster and when).

    2. Everyone will wear a mask while out in the public spaces. You can remove your mask when dining. The highest concentration of people in one space on the entire ship.

    3. Guests do not have to wear masks in their private rooms. You know the rooms that are interconnected to the same HVAC system.

    4. Guests must show a negative COVID test 2 days prior to departure.


    That right there is why you can't understand whats really going on.

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