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  1. So riddle me this. Dec. 2020 gas locally was $2.29/G. By June, 2021 it was $4.19/G no hurricanes, or major power outages then. All the US refineries were running. Yes there was $.23/G gas but I remember having to work 2 hours to fill my tank. Prices without wages have no correlation to today.
  2. But, the media has lead people to believe they are immune. Or they're just too naive to accept the fact that the shot isn't going to make them immune. Winter clothing being used to protect one from the cold doesn't cause the potential of death from wearing the clothing. And we know it works as its been proven. Unlike the vaccines.
  3. The only reason I go is to get my prescriptions refilled. It's a State law the doc has to see you in person to allow any refills.
  4. That right there is the fault of the media. You do not have a bullet proof vest. You can still contract the illness and die. The vaccine supposedly offers a stronger resistance and better recovery, but you're not immune.
  5. FKCGG, The medical web site referenced is their "Social Media" blog website! Both sites are saying the same thing...sort of. The delusional people who think the vaccine protects them from getting COVID are the most threatening to the rest of us. They think the 'shot" they got is a magic bullet. We all agree anytime someone looses a friend or family member, for what ever reason, is horrible. This is a Virus. Like influenza it will mutate creating more variants. How many booster shots will be needed to reach Fauci's "herd" equilibrium? No one knows especially him. For me, the lunacy of this whole situation is summed up in the cruise ship policy that caused us to cancel next years cruise; 1. Everyone must be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination, ( which booster and when). 2. Everyone will wear a mask while out in the public spaces. You can remove your mask when dining. The highest concentration of people in one space on the entire ship. 3. Guests do not have to wear masks in their private rooms. You know the rooms that are interconnected to the same HVAC system. 4. Guests must show a negative COVID test 2 days prior to departure. That right there is why you can't understand whats really going on.
  6. I shoot nothing but BP. So the pins get the inside clean also. For my long range brass I de-prime so the primer pockets get cleaned also. Dawn, Lemishine, and SS pins +++
  7. Seems to be common among the in-unformed on many things. The question is, ' can you recommend a good a reliable XXX thats cheap?
  8. The correct term is 'vision impaired'!
  9. We have member who brings out an 8 gauge every now and then! He gets the hulls from some industrial application. It goes boooooooom Oh and we know its not SASS legal, but we also shoot single shot big bore rifles at our regular cowboy matches, so there's that.
  10. We recently held the Nevada State Wild Bunch match. In order to get the certificates for awards etc we had to provide SASS with a list of shooters with their SASS number so SASS could verify they were standing good?
  11. Your average driver has no clue how to do all of that. Also with fuel injection and oxygen sensors you can drive from sea level to Mt. Everest and the engine runs perfect. Not so with carburetors. A 750 hp Corvette gets 28 mpg at 70 mph because the computer shuts down cylinders. Turns it into a 6 or 4 cylinder!
  12. We purchased a 2020 Ford Explorer for our daughter. As usual sales was trying the extended warranty, under seal, ceramic finish, etc. Then they hit us with an extended warranty for the wiring and electronics. He showed me a picture of all wire looms, boards and dohickey things in your typical new vehicle. What a pile of problems. Of course he said this is now where most problems occur. i passed on all of it. But it did make me think.
  13. I use a Ted Nash straight capper. They work for 1858 Remingtons and Remington # 10 caps with no issues. Not pertinent to the OP just I don't like handling the snail or Polish cappers.
  14. The only thing with cap and ball is knowing which chamber wasn't loaded when starting to cap. Some shooters leave a nipple off and some mark/paint the nipple. The only safety issue is not capping a charged chamber and getting a chain fire! As to conversion cylinders its very hard to see the firing pin as you rotate the cylinder around to get to the one you can lower the hammer on. Most LTO's sort of look but you can't see it if its in shadow. So they accept you're saying it's good. I'm not trying to stir the pot or or be an abstinent clown here. I just don't see wording that says an LTO is mandatory. Once the clarification was made that a fellow shooter can check the loading for you the whole LTO thing sort of went out the window. This evolved into no one other than the shooter checking the loading of their guns.
  15. The Supreme Court said that there is no such thing as hate speech. The liberals can't accept that.
  16. Pale Wolf, you of all people are the most respected and knowledgable person in regards to rules, clarifications and history. We all thank you for helping us. Reading the minutes it clarifies that in the absence of an LTO another shooter can be used to verify the loading procedure. Nothing was said about the LTO being required.
  17. How do they check to insure all 6 chambers aren't charged? They can't without looking at the cylinder face. I use conversion cylinders. I have tried to show LTO's that the hammer is down on an empty cylinder but they can't tell unless you can see that the firing pin is not extended out. I've had them want to take my pistol so they can see for themselves the hammer is on the firing pin in the down position. Thats just wrong.
  18. But it's listed as a position along with 11 other positions. Where does it say its optional? It says large matches,,,,what is large?
  19. The fact is; I'm the guy who made a factual comment about that certain shooter. I've been a member of that club for 20 years. And I have been a part of the Board for 14 years. At no time was the shooter you mentioned on the Board and "running" anything especially the show. He was a very important part of our club. Not just financially but also promoting our annual shoots and maintaining a presence in SASS at a higher level. If HPD used LTO's it was because we thought they were mandatory. We later learned that they aren't so we dropped them. It was a club decision. I've made a lot of comments about this. I'm upset because people keep saying 'well if so and so said its a rule, or if a committees said its a rule, and no one can change the rules other than... Yet no one can point me to any language that says it's a mandatory requirement. The only thing referenced is a long list o f positions and a description for the role of that position.
  20. Show me the rule.....An approved and issued Shooters Handbook is the thing we must abide by. The area in the SHB and RO1 books describe a bunch of positions and the roles for each. And I guarantee you all the matches do not provide all the positions listed. Otherwise we'd need berm marshals and expeditors at monthly shoots. The current RO1 book doesn't say anything about those positions being a mandatory requirement. It would depend on the size of the match. So they are discretionary.
  21. Show me the rule in one of the books. Someone saying it's needed doesn't mean anything unless its in the shooters handbook as a requirement and it also clarifies penalties. No one has referenced an actual requirement other than a description for ht position in the rules. per the TG minutes; In either case, a person MUST BE checking, as per our rules. A consensus was reached that what really matters is that the firearms are checked,
  22. Some more Mud. I shoot cap and ball. And for me to know which chamber doesn't have powder and ball in it before I cap I look at the cylinder face. And then cap accordingly. Is the LTO going to take my pistol, look at the cylinder face and then give me permission to to cap? NO.
  23. I'll listen to them also. But there is no rule listed yet. Just comments about the past rule books. So if a Possee shoots a stage with no LTO everyone gets a SDQ? Or just the Posse Marshal or MD?
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