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  1. As Hardpan shows there are a lot of the old Blues singers on YouTube. Nice to hear the ,music, but also nice to see them perform. I have software that downloads from Youtube and converts the video into an MP4 music file. That way I can create a library of tunes that are not available for purchase.


  2. Interesting how Cowboys think they need to know how the SASS business is run, how its organized, and what type of corporation they are.. But when you join the NRA as a "member" no one wonders how they're organized, how much people are getting paid, who owns what property.


    We are paying a 'fee' to be part of SASS. Nothing more, nothing less.


    And again for those of you who think Non-profit means they will be under the scrutiny of the people who pay for membership there is nothing requiring them to do so. The IRS is the only organization that has the ability to "look" into their business operations.


  3. The zipper thing has been banged around as in beating a dead horse. Someone, I think Allie Mo, researched it and found that zippers were patented some where in the 1870ish time frame. So zippers were around, along with button fly, laced, and loin cloth frontal coverage enclosures.



  4. yup load BP on mine. I made an aluminum cylinder for the powder tube. And use Dillon's powder drop system.

    And yes Dillon is the best. Either at sending free replacement parts or talking with you on the phone to solve a problem.


  5. I have the MVA Soule long range site. It's their tallest. I then purchased bases for each rifle I would use the site on.

    I have the hooded front site with a spirit level and the inserts can be changed out to whatever type you want. Post aperature etc..

    They make top quality sites. Get a soule, the windage readings are much better and easier to see.


  6. Sears used to also have a lifetime warranties on their batteries. They banked on most people selling their cars in lieu of keeping them My dad and brother hang onto vehicles forever. Kept the receipt and would go back and get a new one about every 3 years. Finally Sears dropped the warranty for life on batteries.


    25 years ago I bought a Sears/Craftsman air compressor for my garage. It finally wore out. I went back to Sears to buy another. As they were ringing it upI mentioned I was replacing one I had for 25 years. The sales clerk looked at me and said, 'this won't even come close to that'.


  7. 45-70 offers the most bullet combinations and the most number of vendors who cast and sell them. Unless you cast your own then it may not matter. You have brass, dies, bullets now so why add another caliber?


    Sights, sights , sights, you'll spend good money for good sights. I always recommend to buy the longest, long range site you can. The cost isn't much more. The if you go past 500 yards you're OK.


    Montana Vintage Arms, Buffalo Arms carry good sites. I also recommend a Soule Site. For me its better when dialing in windage corrections.


  8. I attended the SASS convention when it was in San Antonio and toured what is left of the Alamo. It gives you a different perspective on what happened.


    Phil Collins did own a bunch of certified Alamo relics. He has since donated them to the historical society.


    There also was a thing about Crocket being captured and taken to Mexico. It was based on some obscure sentence in a letter.


    G.I. Tarpicker is right. Who knows what was said or what actions actually happened. We do know the Texan's stood their ground and sacrificed their lives for the cause they believed in.

  9. Travis and Bowie had the opportunity to surrender and leave. Houston had sent an order to the Alamo telling them to destroy the fortification and and leave. But Bowie and then later Travis took that as advice and ignored it!!!. Travis expected reinforcements so he felt surrender wasn't necessary. Once he realized they weren't coming it was too late. He had told Santa Anna to go pound sand.


    The actual siege and takeover of the Alamo lasted around 4 hours on the 13th day. It wasn't this prolonged battle. Looking at whats left of the Alamo you have to question the defenders thinking. Most of the perimeter walls were around 8' high. And some of the barracks acted as part of the walled fortification. It was intended to keep livestock in, and small bands of the local thieves out. Not to defend against an army of 1,000's.


    The battle and the loss of the Alamo had little or no effect on the ultimate outcome of the war. But it makes for a great legend.


  10. I was looking into a muzzle brake for my AR. I found out that it does cause a louder report than a stock barrel. And a muzzle brake pushes the gas backwards at an angle towards the shooter. Which can be a problem not only for the shooter but the people next to them. Recoil is pushing the gun back towards the shooter. The brake channels the gas in the same direction to dampen the felt recoil.


    I didn't answer the original OP but it would be interesting to understand. A suppressor is like a muffler, it absorbs the sound within the enclosed device. One could assume that some amount of flash is coming out the end of the barrel.


    Ike, who is winging it here. Not an expert and I didn't stay at the Holiday Inn.

  11. There are water connections at the on site RV camp.

    It also has the dump station. Its at the entrance of the RV park. This is where you can get water. I'd ask about it being Potable. No warnings when we camped at the RV site.

    When I was there no exterior fires allowed. Not even the Bar b Que stands that were built in at each RV site.



  12. We have had 1/2" rebar target stands for over 20 years. We didn't raise the legs we welded a two 30" long pieces together at the axis when laid flat on the ground. Then welded the vertical to the axis. Target stands are 2' to 5' high. We welded a 4" long piece of angle iron on the back. It slips over the vertical and sets on a 4' long rebar cross piece. No failures, no real issue with splatter. Maybe its because the legs are laying flat in the dirt.


    The added fun is the taler stands tend to move around a bit as they are hit. Not much but just enough to make you think.


    They were cheap, they are light and easy to move around. On multiple targets in a string we often set up various heights so it isn't always a speed sweep.

    Your targets look great. Shoot away.


  13. BPCR is one of the most challenging events you can shoot. The animal profiles are very small in the sights.

    Animal must fall to count as a hit.

    Chickens at 100 meters are shot offhand, so rifle weight is an issue. If you hit one or two in a 10 shot string you jump up and down.

    97.38% of the shooters shoot prone for the other 3 sets of targets.

    Check the rules on shooting sticks.

    All BP so keeping the barrel free from fouling is an issue. Most push a patch down the barrel after each shot.

    MVA Soule rear with the longest staff is the go to site for the sight type. That and a hooded front site with a spirit level.

    You will enjoy a shotgun style butt plate and a shoulder pad. A match without warm-up shots just sighters on the clock will be around 60 rounds.

    The ladder sight is good if all you ever shoot at are ranges with no wind! Also very difficult to perform fine tuning adjustments on the clock. I've shot in the wind with enough adjustment that I am 8' off of the target to hit steel.

    Go to a match and watch whats going on. Very educational.


  14. I have you all beat. Ford 3.5 liter v66 and eco boost v6. The water pump is internal to the motor behind the front cover. The cam chain runs the impeller. Seal goes bad, like they do, and all of the anti-freeze/coolant goes into the engine. And wala, junk motor. The engine is in around 10 different models. 65,000 to 150,000 miles. No warning. Just a sudden overheating problem. The fix is a used motor and $7,000. Which by the way will eventually have the same problem.


    Just to replace the water pump before it fails, $3,000 as the whole front of the motor has to be taken apart.

    We had a perfectly good Ford flex which is now going to the junk yard. Car was worth $7k, replace motor $7k. Not worth it.


    Ford is silent on the issue.


  15. I'm replacing the firing pins and rivet on a 2004 Bisley. I ordered the parts from VTI. The new pin falls through the hammer.

    New pin is .074 and the old pin is .078 ish.

    VTI shows he same rivet for all single actions

    Being an older pistol would they have used Colt spec's for the diameter of the rivet?

    The old one is worn and bent so I need another.



  16. I would think that until the 1883 Winchester in large calibers was introduced the 73 or 66 in 44-40 killed many deer using BP. Sharps and other large caliber single shots were around. But the average hunter probably had a 73 Winchester. Just speculation on my part.


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