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  1. If you look at WC there really isn't a good way to mount holsters to the chair. Especially sports chairs.

    What we did;

    Shooter stages all guns on the table or shelf. Extra rounds can be staged at the location for the rifle/shotgun.

    Our LT and ULT are high. We added a card table to each that worked.

    Our windows are low enough to allow them to stage, shoot and re-stage.

    We used to have soft ground at the storefronts. We suggested the shooter bring someone to help push them. We later added concrete or wood because our shooters didn't like stepping mud or slipping on ice.

    We had a shooter volunteer to carry guns to and from the stage.


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  2. 2 minutes ago, Wyo Joe said:

    I haven’t been around SASS for 30 years or nothin but the way y’all talk to each other sure doesn’t fit with the Spirit of the Game I always see at shoots

    We need to offer out thoughts and opinions based on how we feel about the issue. Taking into consideration not calling anyone a low down side winder. But certain posts, that surface every year, can chap some peoples hide.

    Mine are; "we need to see the financials', how do we get "young" people involved, and why doesn't SASS do better job of promoting.!

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  3. 1 hour ago, Desert Pete SASS #42168 said:

    Think American Legion, Rotary, Lions Club, NRA,

    AL, Rotary, Lions and the NRA are private non-profit. They publish annual reports. Which the members can get a copy of. Or it's published in their annual report. And if you've seen one it's literally 1 page long.  Income, expenses, bottom line.

    SASS is a corporation I think they were trying to go 501 c3 also. They don't owe the members any kind of annual financial report.


    The issue in the past is members wanted to know what salaries and bonuses were being paid. As in SASS in barely making it because they were bleeding it dry.


    I think this is about the 10th time I've made this clarification.

  4. 52 minutes ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:

    no possible way that anyone could claim that such tests are NOT being performed.

    So in all my years for shooting SASS, 20+, I've never seen or heard of a protest over any of the items discussed. I wouldn't think that the Chronicle would publish John Wayne SASS# 123,456 had his loads challenged. They were tested and found not to meet the SHB criteria. 

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  5. I'll still ask, at State, national and international, EOT, matches do they test smokeless and or BP loads. The answer is not unless another shooter protests and has to pay.


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  6. 12 minutes ago, Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator said:

    Yes and at a eot. Competitor passed test with his 32s

    So EOT and maybe the Former Winter Range! BP was tested. How about the smokeless criteria being tested? Nope.

  7. The "standards" to manage by haven't really been effectively applied. Or consistently applied across the entire country.

    Has anyone ever seen a "smoke" standard contested at a match? What match has ever created test rounds to compare against a shooters contested BP rounds?

    Has anyone ever seen a "mouse fart" load contested at a match? As in using a chronograph and determining the Power Factor?

    Has anyone ever seen a moose killer load contested. As in someone shows up with factory magnum loads.


    Rules without management and enforcement are just so much paper filler.

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  8. On 9/28/2021 at 7:06 AM, John Boy said:

    Primary reason, unless the Federal law is changed

    I've been involved in many Federal contracts that had the buy American clause. No one pays attention to it.

  9. This, like how do we attract new, "younger" members has been hashed overbeating-dead.gif.bfa6eb4bfe49c88d4f5a6682d35b2664.gif

    Young people want to shoot semi-autos, AR's and tactical shotguns. It gives them the opportunity to shoot multiple shooting sports. SASS guns let you shoot..............SASS

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  10. On 9/24/2021 at 11:55 AM, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    Plus CAS matches are typically 10-10-4.  WB matches are 10-20+-6+.  They shoot different scenarios at different types of targets.  Combine them offend everyone and the shooter numbers for both will drop like a lead brick.

    We tried shooting WB and SASS together. One of the biggest issues is a different set of rules for each. Spotters and TO's needed to be well versed in each. DIdn't happen.

    That and target types and number of rounds was a deterent.

  11. The whole BP standard of does it make enough smoke is a joke. It should have been based on some sort of chrono FPS standard. The issue being no one wants to set up a chronograph.

    Power factor doesn't work because my 32-20 rounds with a full case of FFFG doesn't compare to a 45 Colt, or 38 special.

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  12. The 7th explosion at the plant since 1997. Yikes, not a very good track record!

    Not knowing the cause and effect one could guess the cost to repair/rebuild the plant exceeds the ability to pay for it out of profits or a loan in a reasonable time. So close it down.

    I bet their insurance went up a bit after each explosion?

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