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  1. Tesla. The battery is made up of a bunch of individual cells/batteries. If cells go bad Tesla won't change them out. They will sell you a whole new battery pack for $22,000. Some private companies are now replacing individual bad batteries and extending the life of the Tesla battery system. Still a rip off.
  2. They're working on a fire suit combines with kevlar.
  3. I was in a bar last night. Does that count?
  4. Some good old timey music and flat foot dancing.
  5. SASS long distance isn't long distance. Its speed rifle. 100 to 200 yards mostly. Winner is most hits in least amount of time. Plainsman is supper speed rifle. I shot it for 20 years. You want something that is light, will toss out the empties and allow fast target acquisition. I had an H&R handi rifle. Sold it. I now have a 50-45 Rolling Block carbine. It shorter than my cowboy rifle. Anything you named will work for SASS Long Range side match. Most shoot smokeless powder. Less hassle than BP for that match.
  6. I have/had a Sharps, Rolling Block, Highwall. The Pedersoli HIghwall I had, had a weird drop in the stock that made shooting prone very uncomfortable. Sold it and got a C-Sharps Highwall. Much better stock fit. You didn't say what you'd be shooting it for. Long Range, Plainsman, SASS Long Range?
  7. We have nothing but AR500 we've been shooting for 10 years. Nothing has warped yet!
  8. We found a local steel fab shop. Bought a sheet of 4'X8" armor plate. Had them cut 2 -36" dia and some smalls. Price is way less than buying and shipping. Shipping is $$$$$$$$
  9. Orange Nehi and real vanilla ice cream. Or strawberry.
  10. Coca-Cola slushy is a good thing.
  11. Disney's woke agenda and finding and arresting pedefiles in their staff has caused their share value to drop 40%
  12. I find myself saying more often than not, 'how'd I get that bruise'. Or I didn't even know I cut/poked myself'. Let the blood flow.
  13. repairing vs replacing. My Dad taught me a valuable lesson. He was born on a rural farm in Iowa. A 10 YO kid when the depression started. He said, 'Jerry, if something broke and you couldn't fix it, it stayed broke. We didn't have money, as in they didn't have any money. I always try to fix something myself before I give up. But the quality of stuff has suffered so much, now it's better to go buy new.
  14. I summed up hot dogs as whatever was left over and ground up to make hot dogs, but yum. I really like Chorizo. I bought a package to make some fro breakfast. I read the ingredients on the label. Lymph nodes, salivary glands, etc., etc. Stopped eating ti for awhile. But now it's bring it on.
  15. So. Calif. 70's/80's cops carried an 18" Magtech flashlight. Better club than the light it offered.
  16. Summer of 67 spent in NW Iowa. My cousin and I earned gas and girl money by bailing hay, carpentry, and cutting weeds in soy bean fields. I got loft duty, baled 110 lbs, came up on a belted elevator. 100 degrees and 90% humidity. We walked the bean fields with a machete chopping weeds. I mention this only because of a lifes lesson. I swing messed the weed and stuck the tip of the machete in my shin. Farmers wife cleans me up. "you need to be more careful" was the extent of their responsibility. 'I know, sorry'. Went to ED, got a tetanus shot. $60, that I had to pay. Uncles words of wisdom, 'ya dumb ass don't do that again'. Today lawyers would be involved, wouldn't allow a 16 YO kid to be doing it in the first place. Lesson = take responsibility for your own actions.
  17. Remember we're building back better!
  18. I had it 3 1/2 years ago. It changes the geometry of how your shoulder and arm work. I have great movement/rotation. I can't reach the small of my back so I can't thread a belt or conceal carry back holster. But I still can't lift my pistol without some support. I shoot dualist so is tuck my left hand in my armpit so I can shoot right handed. My ligament was torn loose. They had to relocate it and use a metal thingy to attach it to my shoulder. Maybe thats why????? No pain though. Ike
  19. Leave cylinder in then frame, use the loading ram on the gun. I've been doing it that way for 20 years.
  20. Always like scenes in the dark where you can't make out the characters, or faces, or uniforms, or, or. Not impressed so fr.
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