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  1. As a kid liver and onions, still a big nope. Mom would cook heart or tongue for her and dad, we got something else. We drew a line in the sand on those. Pickled Beets, no as a kid, now yum. Chorizo was a favorite of mine. Then I read the ingredients on a package at the market. Lymph nodes, salivary glands etc. Then I remembered hotdogs are made from whatever is left over also. So Chorizo is back on the menu.
  2. The thing is, pot back in the 60's was pretty tame stuff when compared to the hybred stuff of today. Todays stuff is so strong you only have to intake a very small bit to get whacked out....So I'm told.
  3. I've been selling off safe queens and others as I really can't get out any more. Eventually all but one will be gone. Remington single shot bolt action I got as an Xmas gift from my brother when I was 13. I also think the market for buyers is going to drastically decline as the boomers die off. So sell now while they still want them.
  4. I don't know if they have. But they had a guy with a chuck wagon making breakfast and lunch at EOT the 3 years I attended.
  5. I have the other version made, a-salt-rifle!
  6. OK spelling -28 points. Or is it a bowel? When I typed it I thought, now that don't look right!
  7. I still have my Davey Crockett cereal bowl I sent away for.
  8. I bought a 30"/44-40 Winchester for long range. Even using BP lube the barrel fouled out pretty quick.
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