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  1. I was once asked if I had any hero's. I said it's no one I ever met and I don't know their names. It's a 19 YO kid flying at 30,000 feet with only an 1/8" of aluminum for protection and a leather flight suit! 

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  2. Uber, cars must be 5 years or newer, document special insurance, you can order the size vehicle you need, they send you the car, color, license # and drivers name. Charged at end of the ride. Tips are optional. You rate the driver/ride. They can loose their contract if they get bad reviews.


    Cabs are worn out junk with angry worn out drivers.

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  3. I recently saw a survey where 10 Oncologists were asked if they would go through the various extreme cancer treatments to"maybe" survive longer. 9 out of 10 said no.

    Money and relatives has ruined many family ties.


    I offer that you keep your money as you and your Mrs. will need it in your future.

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  4. Both of my parents were kids that came through the Depression. So as Dad would say, 'if something broke we fixed it. We had no money so if we couldn't fix it we had to figure a way too work around it'.

    Dad taught me how to fix things and gave me life's learned wisdom. Cars, gardening, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and animal care.  One of his life lessons was, 'learn what the guy above you does and do it better. You'll get his job and move up'. I did that and went from an entry level draftsman to Chairman of the Board for a $100 million a year Architectural firm.

    Mom taught me sew/repair, cook, iron, and never ever lie about anything.

    Throw in camping and fishing.

    I've tried to do the same for my 3 daughters.


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  5. I had a liberal woman working for me. Hard worker, no issues but politics and guns. So one day I said to her, 'you know I was thinking about gun control. I realized I am in favor of it. She gets a big smile. I then say, when I shoot I use both hands'! Man was she mad. I laughed and laughed.

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  6. I shot C&B for 20 years. 1858's and 1851'. I always loaded after each stage. Either at my gun cart or the while manned the unloading table. Had my guns tuned to wear I could shoot 6 stages and no maintenance. Never ever shot caps on an empty cylinder before shooting the guns.

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  7. BPCR the only sport that guarantees you won't shoot a clean match. In it's 50+ year history only 1 shooter has ever shot it clean!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Never did he say "all" millennials.  He's a well educated individual who does happen to do research to "back up" his commentary.

    As a Boomer who had to manage millennials he is spot on. They were raised with never being told no, or experiencing failure. Even if their team lost they got trophies and were told they were good players.

     They can't grasp being to work on time or why they can't just come in and leave when they want.

    My profession requires confidence and social skills to meet with clients and present/discuss projects. They leave college with zero ability to do this.The plague caused us to send everyone home and work from home. We lost efficiency and output.

    Now they don't understand why they have to come back to work.  

    They don't get the concept that in order to get a raise or be promoted they have to excell and work hard.

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  9. I tried sporting clays with BP. I loaded 65 grains of 2f Goex as my regular SASS loads. I found that the velocity wasn't anywhere near smokeless clay shotgun ammo. You had to really lead the bird.


    I loaded the same amount with 3f triple 7 and it gave me the velocity to match smokeless loads.


    I also asked the range if I could. I let he shooters in my group know. BP loads are a lot louder.

  10. I always find it interesting the discussions on if a certain caliber will work for long range.

    If you want to shoot 1MOA then pistol caliber rifles aren't the ticket.

    I hvae shot my 66 44-40 out to 300 yards on a 36" target. Hit 10 out of 10 on a non-windy day.

    We shoot 22 caliber silhouette out to 200 yards, the ram being about 9" wide and 7" tall.

    I had a 73 in 30" 44-40 for long range. I only shoot black powder. I found the barrel fouled out real quick. Using a blow tube didn't work well.

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