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  1. On 11/14/2021 at 2:40 PM, Alpo said:

    Wonder why they lowered it so much? I would not be able to get in and out of my driveway as low as that front bumper is.


    It's been "bagged". The suspension has air bags all around. When the need to drive it the fill the bags and raise the car. It's a thing right now.

  2. Research has shown that California's population growth is neutral and or loosing people. The reality is as people with Cali frustration and businesses move out illegals move in. They keep raising taxes to offset the increase  i the cost of the social programs. Tesla is moving to Texas!

  3. No one has brought any action towards the rioters.....why not?

    No one has brought a charge against the guy who pointed the pistol at Kyle

    They keep defending the destruction of property and violence as the action of "protestors".


    So lets bring charges against a citizen trying to defend his community, where are the cops?

    And Let's charge him with murder in a clear case of self defense.

    Our world is messed up.

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  4. Is there a "used" sports equipment store in the area? For me its like buying a Shiloh Sharps with all the goodies for $4,000. Or a Pedersoli sharps for $1,800. They both have good barrels and will hit the target. The difference is in the shooter. New shooter vs. someone who's been loading and shooting for 8 years. Buy a used rifle.

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  5. Our club has many long range shooters and Frontiersmen. We shoot 3 or 4 matches a year that we call big bore optional.  We have single shot big bore and lever action bore as categories. They shoot the same stage as the cowpeople. But they don't shoot pistol caliber rifle. They shoot big bore targets at 35 to 50 yards. We also break it down into smokeless and BP.


    Our annual match has the same set-up shooting big bore on 12 stages. It gets about 1/3 of the shooters enter into it.


    No confusion as to who's shooting what. Cowpersons and BB shooters are on the same posse's.

    We also shoot Josey Whales. Big bore rifle, 4 pistols, no shotgun.  Josey didn't shoot a shotgun!

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  6. the big secret is battery life. Everyone thinks because it's Lithium they last forever. They don't. individual cells go bad. I just watched s video where a guys Tesla had a big drop in battery life after charging. Diagnosis said 3 or 4 cells were bad. Tesla won't replace cells you have to replace the entire battery pack. And it only costs $21,000 parts and labor.


    There are start up companies who are now replacing cells instead of the whole system. But still $$$.


    And let's not forget 61% of our electrical grid is powered by fossil fuels!. That would be coal, natural gas and petroleum.

    No more hydro electric and no more nuclear.    Just millions of acres of solar panels and bird killing eyesores will solve the problem.

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  7. There were electric cars/trucks back in the 19teens. Lead acid, very inefficient and long charge times. There were also steam cars.

    For me it's ignore all the comments about charge time and distance. The amount of coal needed to run the utility plants, etc.


    It's about the fact our electrical grind is undersized and old. My house has a 100 amp panel. The add a charging station and run AC etc I need to upgrade the panel and feed. The feed needs to be upsized. The system in my neighborhood would need to be upsized if we all went to EV. Then the city then the state.


    No one talks about how to provide charging power to millions of EV's.

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  8. The first thing that went is doing non-shooting stuff on the clock. It's a variable that impacts the outcome, or so they say.

    My opinion, and we know what opinions are like, as the sport and the shooters aged movement became an impediment to some. Also a variable impacting total time. Some can walk, some can walk fast, some can run, some sort of shuffle along.


    All that and the fun h=game turned into a serious competition game.

  9. 5 hours ago, Snakebite said:

    I've watched a group of "Black Gun" shooters go from a small club to filling a 350+ shooter match in less than ONE HOUR! They did this in just two years, and I believe it is partly due to the High Exposure brought on by the "Team" shooters involve.

    What this confirms is the generations after the boomers are drawn to black rifles, not wearing silly costumes/hats and uncomfortable shoes, no gun carts. You can buy into the sport, rifle/pistol/shotgun for $1,800 the cost of a stock 73. They haven't watched westerns or know much about the western culture. They are John Wick/Fast and Furious, X Box, digital world participants. They haven't clue who John Wayne is.

    And lastly, as I have said before, new members will come from local marketing in non-SASS shooting venues.

  10. 22 hours ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

    So we need to change our message, change our outreach and maybe let go of some prejudices that have kept our game geared for and targeted to old fat white guys.

    Enlighten all of us how SASS, its management and rules along with the friendliest group of people in any sport have  in any way used prejudice to keep people out.

    And how does it feel to have lumped all the fine people of SASS into being old and fat? Its comments like that that drive members away.

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  11. Sponsors would work if it gets some sort of media exposure outside of shoots. Otherwise you're advertising and promoting to existing members and a few people, not wearing SASS attire, attending the shoot.

    We need to identify the market we're trying to recruit. Research what media they watch/listen/read and create a plan and budget to use that media.

    Facebook, Instagram, Tik Toc cost nothing to post on. Just the labor and creativity to develop a page or post that will catch someones interest.

    We get an average of 1 request a week for someone to join our page on FB. We have gotten a few members from this. Cost was $0.0.

    SASS could put together a generic SASS social media post. Send it to all the clubs. Let them edit it to meet their local, times etc and post.

    If we could fold in  some celebrity names or PIC's all the better.

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  12. 3 hours ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

    Which side of history do you wish to be on?

    I would rather try and fail then do nothing.


    Just pointing out the current rules for SASS.  DO you really think the "cowboy" membership would accept people wearing sponsored logo shirts and equipment?

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