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  1. greying naturally is okay, would prefer they didn't but somethings you can't help. Not sure if there are any other colors that would look as nice as the Pearl. Any suggestions?
  2. That's cool, I bet I start looking a bit harder. I think I'll come up with a story to go along with them.
  3. Thanks Abilene, I'll check them out.. I'll be doing some checking out of the different clubs you shoot at. Kinda of looking for a club where the shooters language is not so foul.
  4. Rafe, you sure give me encouragement to play the game. For all you know I might be a pimp from an expensive whorehouse or maybe I am a Christian that just likes that combination. I try not to judge a man by what he carries but by the way he shoots the targets. Brazos, thank you for the info.
  5. I have a matched pair of Ubertis in stainless steal that are crying out for a pair of pearlette one piece grips and have had no luck so far. Can anyone help me out here? Slap Happy Pappy SASS 24722 Christian for eternity NRA for life
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