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  1. Thanks everyone. Lots of good info and different perspectives. I do want to clarify, I'm just on the fence between going .4x versus .3xx and cost has historically been a large difference between them. I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something and that the cost difference really had closed that much. Many of the reasons folks listed for shooting 38/357 are exactly why it's on the list for me, including commonality with existing equipment. On the other hand, I'd be buying a new set of dies anyway so I can set them up specifically for the cowboy stuff and I don't have enough 357 cases as it is, so I'll be buying a supply of brass either way. Even in terms of the emotional and traditional side of things, I'm not strongly swayed one way or the other. Things like 44-40 shooting so clean at the lower pressures are definitely a positive, but are balanced against the slightly larger hassle of loading the round compared to straight walled stuff where I can use carbide dies and more easily seat and crimp in one step. Nothing massive, just little pros and cons making it less simple of a choice. All of this is just me getting re-acclimated to the hardware side. The final choice might be as simple as once I get out to the two local clubs someone has a set of guns they're offloading at a fair price, or even guns + leather that fits. A set that I can try out, know it works, someone's done all the "best run at this OAL and bullet shape" kinda stuff is worth a lot and could easily trump the specific caliber debate. The fact that there are half a dozen or so practical caliber options is awesome and wonderful. It's one of the things that has always attracted me to CAS, even when it's about the gear, it's not about the gear but how we feel about the gear. Fifteen years ago this would have been easier. I'd have gone with 38's in slicked up Rugers and a '73 with a tuned up '97. I'd be competition oriented and I'd be practicing a lot. These days? Takin life a little slower and enjoying the scenery. I really appreciate all the info, you pards gave me a lot to consider and roll around while I get an outfit together and wait on the next shoots. I literally missed one of them by a day, I didn't look at the schedule until this past Sunday and they shot on Saturday. Tricky part is gonna be the darn hat, not many good hat shops here in CT, that's my current top priority.
  2. lol I actually started my six gun life with a 32H&R. Those are some paper thin cases. If I was gonna go small bore old school I'd consider the 32-20, or maybe go a bit further back and do a pair of 36 Navy's. There was some real soul searching about doing BP, but I decided to stick to smokeless for now. I've actually still got a large bore 1858 floating around.
  3. Other than 22's for training everything else I shoot makes CAS stuff seem mild. I wouldn't want to do full power loads but the number of rounds in a day is low and the actual recoil level is moderate for all the options. 38 or light 357 just makes it even more mild. I'm not a recoil hog, but within reason I'm not sensitive to it. The cleaning and feeding aspect of 44-40 is very attractive, that hadn't occurred to me but makes total sense. I'm really leaning that route. The cost is yet higher, but still not out of line. Looks like about 25% higher than 38/357 on bullet costs. Not insignificant, but not enough to be a deal breaker either. I'm not looking to be a real competitive shooter so there won't be three day a week practice sessions and a match every weekend. I seem to recall it was something like 50% more back when I last looked, that starts becoming a stronger factor. Don't get me wrong, I haven't tossed 38/357 out with the bathwater yet, just figurin my options and gatherin knowledge. I was wondering if someone would point out the hit chance. I do some target archery and it's a strongly debated topic. Everyone's got a theory, everyone makes their own call and rolls the dice. For me, I'm thinking the traditional aspect along with the larger bore of 44-40 is pretty attractive. 45LC is looking a lot less likely.
  4. Thanks. I just priced out 44-40 and apparently I had just overlooked them in the list for the '73. That puts them back on the table too, at only slightly more than 45LC. lol, now I'm just getting into the crazy makin portion of things though. Apparently the prices have shifted enough to make cost a much smaller issue, so I'll just see what I can find locally. I need to get a new outfit together and go visit the two local clubs next month. No need to put the cart before the horse now that I know I'm not gonna get skinnt on the cart, so to speak. I also need to get my membership renewed. Baby steps. Since I'm in CT I have to figure there are at least a few smiths familiar with these, the problem may be that they're all retired or have moved out of the area.
  5. I'm not so fussed about the total gun weight, in fact I am leaning toward a slightly longer and heavier barrel rifle than needed, and 5.5" rugers regardless of caliber. Maximum speed isn't a factor for me, I'll never be FAST so I'm more focused on shooting clean and having fun. The recoil won't be enough to bother me, my norm is full power 357 in a little J frame or full power 45acp in an aluminum frame officer's model. I don't LIKE recoil, but within reason it's not a factor for me. Reducing recoil is definitely an advantage for the smaller round, but wouldn't actually make it on my personal Pro's and Con's list. It is more about the reliability for the rifle and cost versus my slight preference toward larger bullets. Warden, I'm with you on the "Just because." I thought about doing a more historical round but decided that the more limited firearm options made it less attractive. Re: Abe E.S. Corpus - Thanks. That gives me some confidence I'm not just losing my marbles or looking at some weird suppliers or junk options. I tried to check a variety but didn't do an exhaustive survey.
  6. TL:DR - Is the old adage that 45LC costs a lot more to shoot still true, assuming reloading and managing to retain most brass? For a non speedster, is 38/357 more reliable in the Uberti 73's or is it just up to each individual rifle and getting them tuned if needed? Historically the suggestion has usually been 38's for cost and variety of firearm options, with people sizing them as needed to feed properly in certain rifles. 45LC was significantly more to reload and even 357 cost more because the brass was significantly more money and the options for firearms more limited. I recently started looking at getting back into CAS and basically need to start from scratch on the firearms so I was pricing things out. The selection of 357 and 45LC firearms is good, that's no issue these days it seems. I was specifically looking at the Uberti 73's and Marlin's for the rifle and probably Rugers for the revolvers, nothing crazy. That had me looking at ammo cost, since emotionally I'd prefer the 45's slightly but I already have and load 357. Loading 38 wouldn't be a big deal but I can load 357 to the same power level so it would just be brass costs. My rough math based on current component prices seems to show that without buying in massive bulk it's roughly $2/100 more to load 45LC than 357 once you have the brass and the brass isn't hugely more when spread over the life of the brass, not enough to worry me. These prices seem much closer than in the past and I'm wondering if there's something I'm overlooking. I'll be loading my own, so while there's more recoil on the 45LC it won't be excessive, I'm not going for maximum speed anyway. My motivation to go with 38/357 would be cost and reliability if those were still significant factors. If I take cost out, and assuming equal reliability and cost on firearms, I'd say I'm slightly biased toward 45LC. If I can save a few hundred buying someone's used 45LC firearms over 38/357's that would be a bonus unless I'm missing something on ammo costs. Am I just seeing a short term fluctuation and the usual prices are still significantly better with 38's? I saw quite the spread on bullet costs but that was true in both calibers. Worst case 45 and best case 38/357 was significant and if that's the norm my interest in 45LC may suddenly be much smaller. Thanks folks. I did some digging but everything talking about this was quite a few years back. Since I'm starting fresh I figured I should give them a fair comparison with current numbers.
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