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  1. I got off of a horse pretty much like that and managed to tear something loose in the back of my calf! The good ole days were so much fun until they became so hurtful.
  2. Tenhunter, Need shirts? I make them. If interested, contact me via email. (basnyder1@comcast.net)
  3. I'm happy to hear that you visited Matamoras, met some of the cowboys, and got to shoot a little. Now you will experience what so many of us in the northeast experience - cowboy withdrawal. Spend your time getting your gear together and be ready to sling lead in the spring. Welcome!
  4. Quite often, even a difficult scenario can be made "easier" with the way targets are placed and/or painted. I've often read the booklet and had a completely different perception of what is actually set up on the range. I will give all scenarios a fair chance. Now, on to the topic of the percentage of clean shooters, we like to see about 20% clean at our state match. Monthly matches may vary. As a shooter that consistently finishes around the middle of the pack, I like to finish, quite simply, feeling good about my performance - where that finish is is secondary. I like to feel like I shot well, had a good time with friends, was a good posse pard, made some new friends, and enjoyed my "recreation" to the fullest. I do not like to feel exhausted and brain dead - like someone that should not have a love of shooting and people. For me it's kinda like paying for a movie. I look at the previews, read reviews, hear rants and raves from friends. I fork over the money, anticipating having spent it well. If the movie sucks, I will walk away with all kinds of regrets. It might be a while before I go to another movie. Paying registration for a match, no matter the cost, and ending the day, feeling like I was defeated and felt embarrassed by my performance would be a deterrent. Sure, everyone has a different skill set and a different set of goals. As an MD, we need to also learn to build matches that are challenging AND entertaining for all skill levels, ages, and categories. There is so much more to the picture. I guess that in the end, CAS can be a challenge to not just shooters, but to match directors as well. My bottom line is that I like to go home feeling good about the way I spent my day/weekend. I quite often am the only shooter in my category. I don't feel good because I won my category. I feel good because I "won" my day/weekend.
  5. Yes there is a club in MIlford. I am the MD of a club closer to Central Pennsylvania where the sate match is held. I am sure if you use the contact info and get a hold of Ziggady Zag, he'll be more than happy to offer up all the info you need. Hope to see you along the trail.
  6. Speaking of the NRA shoots, you could visit NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, VA which is very close to Dulles airport. It's really nice. http://www.nramuseum.org/
  7. It's cold here in December and shooting season is on hold. It's also hunting season and we are enjoying different guns. However, the NRA headquarters is in Fairfax, VA. That's a quick drive from Dulles and well worth the trip. Yes, Gettysburg is great, even though it may not be on your route, it's worth the detour. On your way from point A to point B, perhaps you may like to make a stop at the Flight 93 Memorial. Look at your travel routes and google things to see near.... You may even find more cool stuff that suits your taste and make a specially tailored route for travel to and/or from Dulles. VA is full of wineries, breweries and distilleries. PA has many of the same. If you like the natural environment, in Elk County (Benezette, PA) you can view the elk herd and visit their visitors center. There's also the Kinzua Bridge, which isn't all that far from Benezette. If you like museums and history, head for Harrisburg, PA, our state capital, where you can visit so much. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g52787-Activities-Harrisburg_Pennsylvania.html As a chocolate lover, I have to say, don't forget Hershey's Chocolate World! They have some special things going on at the park for the holidays too. There is so much more to see than you have time for if you just base your trip on things in the area around Dulles. Our daughter lives in the shadow of the planes going in and out of Dulles and we have seen so little. Have fun and enjoy the trip.
  8. I disagree with changing the rule. State champions are the state residents as outlined by SASS. As the host club of our state championship, we do honor our shooters in the order of finish, but the top resident in each category is the state champ in that category. The top residents (male and female) are our state champs. The overall top gun is the match top gun. Allowing the 1st place finisher, regardless of residency, to be the state champ would open the door to allow someone to pick up more than one state championship title as they travel from match to match. Changing this would also require that regional matches allow for those outside the region to win, and for the national championship to do so all for those outside the US. You are indeed the SASS Washington State Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Champ because you were the highest scoring frontier cartridge gunfighter from the state of Washington who competed in the match. It's possible that you may not even be the best frontier cartridge gunfighter residing in the state. However, again, you were the highest scoring Washington resident frontier cartridge gunfighter who competed in the match! That is what the award is for.
  9. I am probably a group 4 or 5 shooter because my goals don't really align with 1 through 3. I do get an enormous amount of enjoyment from SASS. From the laughter and friendships over 19 years, to the knowledge I've gained in all things "old west". I often think of what I have today that I would not have had if we would not have discovered SASS - friends from all over the world, travel, and so many other things. I won't hijack the thread by going on about those things. However, they are all contributors to the post-match happiness that comes from much more that target size and placement. I have a set of goals. My goals are to shoot well. As in well, I mean safe, smooth and just a little better than before. I have done that over the years and want to continue along that line. I have gone from someone with no experience with CAS guns to someone that enjoys and understands their workings. I want to be a contributing member of the posse by working on the posse and being a positive influence to the other shooters and spectators that might stop by. I want to be a good ambassador to the sport that has brought me so much enjoyment. Even as a new shooter, finishing near the bottom of the score sheet, I have done that. This is not a professional competition level sport. Targets that are small and distant with confusing shooting sequences bring about frustration and even anger. My goal is to go home from the shoot feeling good about myself. Feeling that I have had a fun day. Sometimes it's hard to do that though. If I struggle throughout the day to get through 5 or 6 stages it will not happen. If I am on a posse with just a few shooters that that are feeling the frustration, it's a safe bet that a cloud will begin to fall over more posse members. I've seen shooters pack up and go home due to their frustration. I've seen them all but throw their guns on the unloading table. I've heard them grumble to others about the quality of a stage/match. Granted, there are a very few shooters that exhibit this behavior too often. We just don't want to bring about this behavior to the point that we see it at nearly every match. Shooters at all skill levels work together and enjoy their time together much better if the match is not set up to divide them. It costs nothing, to write good stages and to set up targets at a reasonable distance. It costs us nothing to bring about laughter, friendship and fun. However, push those targets out there, write stages that are the dreaded "P traps", leave shooters feeling disappointed and frustrated at their performance, make prospective new shooters feel as if they are not able to even begin to compete, etc. These things can cost us everything.
  10. We are a shooting discipline of the main gun club. As such, we do not have our own treasury or insurance. The posse in itself is it's own entity and over 50% of the posse are SASS members. The gun club enrollment is not counted as part of the cowboy shooters. While some cowboys are also members of the main club, it's is not required to have club membership to attend a cowboy shoot. The fees collected (as well as bills received) from each match and the state match are turned in to the main club. We estimate our income and expenditures and submit a budget annually. Expenses outside of those budgeted require club approval. All in all, it's a good method and works well for both the cowboys and the main club. They also have other shooting sports - bunker trap, sporting clays, trap, skeet, archery, etc. We have a dedicated range and no other discipline affects our matches. I can see how these small free standing clubs on their own private range cannot afford the affiliation fees. There are not private ranges near us. All the posses we shoot with are on gun club property.
  11. Since our club hosts our state match, the 50% membership rule has little affect on our shooters. Over the years, the only shooters that I have known of to not be SASS members have been new shooters. As for club affiliation, the biggest effect of clubs choosing to NOT be affiliated that I notice is that as the host club of our state match we must invite all SASS clubs in our state. Most of these clubs advertise our match to their membership and some sponsor stages. In turn, their club is advertised in our shooter booklet. We are not reaching out to unaffiliated clubs. We are not reaching out to their shooters. It's not just our club that is not reaching out. It goes much deeper than that. Another effect is that when we work at events and expos, these clubs do not get publicized to interested parties. Quite often, a potential new shooter backs away from joining SASS because they think that a 2 hour commute to attend a match is too far - of course later they might find how addictive the sport can be and travel time becomes less relevant. There might actually be an unaffiliated club closer. The promoters don't know this. It's not listed in the Chronicle or on the website either. It's like it does not exist at all. Unaffiliated clubs have a direct effect on membership growth, too. Yes, I realized that both members and non-members are shooting at these clubs and some shooters also support affiliated clubs, but this may not always be the case. I am also aware of many shooters that only attend matches at one club, too. I would love to see more clubs come back into the fold than leave. It would be good for all of us. But how can this be achieved?
  12. I have encountered good and bad spotters. Thankfully, the good outweigh the bad. But the bad are soooo frustrating! From what I'm seeing, back when we were getting new shooters regularly RO courses and shooter clinics were held more frequently. Teaching and learning was a priority. Now our growth is slow. Classes are not offered for just one or two. We need to rethink the best way to educate our shooters. While recently discussing an issue, I joked that in place of the shooter meeting maybe we should play "What's the Call". The concept of offering something of this nature stuck. Maybe we need to work harder to educate our shooters, both old and new to lessen issues such as this.
  13. El Posse Grande is a shooting discipline of the main club and has charged $10 since the posse was founded in 1999.
  14. Yup! They are great ambassadors for SASS and they are distributors for some great bullets.
  15. Yes We convey info both at matches and in special meetings of which way have 2-3 a year. Yes No but we must submit an annual budget to our main club for their approval No We are a shooting discipline of the main club and therefore do not have our own treasury.
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