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  1. El Posse Grande is on track with our usual schedule of the 4th and 5th Sunday, March through October and with the PA State Match over Memorial Day weekend. The dates have been submitted to SASS and the main club. Only our governor can cause us to change our plans. Please join us in the beautiful endless mountains of Pennsylvania. The shoot dates for 2021 are: March 28 April 25 May 23 May 28-30 State match June 27 July 24 National Day of the Cowboy - Intro to CAS July 25 Cowboy shoot August 22 and 29 September 26 October 24 and 31
  2. Short answer...no. We usually set up our single targets a few feet apart and the stage instructions read "all knockdowns must fall" and the round count is stated as 4+ or 6+, etc. However, on occasion, we have also sat them up closer and allowed them to be taken down with less rounds. A favorite is six targets set up in a pyramid (one in first row, two in second, 3 in the third) with stage instructions stating the number of rounds as "whatever it takes".
  3. I run our posse's page. I also encourage our members to post on it as well. I began by inviting as many cowboy/girl friends that I have on FB and it grew from there. We have two admins on the page and we approve all new memberships. I added 3 questions to be answered in order to gain membership. I used to get requests from what I call "duck faced twinkies". I would promptly deny membership and also block them from access. I try to do all I can to keep our members safe from spammers, etc. We post pictures and scores regularly. Sometimes in our off season, aka winter, we play some games. One was guessing who the cowboy was. Pictures were sent to me by cowboys and cowgirls showing them as children in cowboy apparel. I would post one a week and the members would guess who they were. At the end of the off season, we announced who got the most correct. It was a bunch of fun. You can visit our page at El Posse Grande.
  4. CAS is just one shooting discipline of our main club. We have our own dedicated range with 10 stages - 7 of which have false fronts which make it a nice little cowboy town. Not far from the club is a state police barracks. The club always allowed members and the police to practice on our bays which usually was not an issue. However, eventually problems began with them salvaging around to find things to hang their targets on. This resulted in the destruction of some sectional prop walls. They would tear down their targets, but rather than take their trash with them, we would find it stuffed behind props or in and around the false fronts. Once they climbed up on the picnic tables under our pavilion and took down lumber that was stored on the rafters and completely decimated it. The damage was reported to the main club who then built a separate pistol range for use by the membership and the police. It has solved the problem. We still get the random damage by some irresponsible person that stands outside the pits and riddles a false front for their stupid enjoyment but it is rare these days. We try to keep up a good relationship with the police due to our rural location. They do stop in from time to time to say hello and check up on us - especially since we had a break in and random robbery of some oversized steel targets and, of all things, a bathtub. The guys didn't miss the tub though. It was a bear to move, and with the advancing age of competitors, shooting from in the tub was no longer enjoyed. We keep things locked up and accounted for these days. Signage stating cameras are on site seemed to have helped too.
  5. We get that question often when we work at recruitment events. The standard answer is that you need not belong to either the club/posse or SASS to shoot at the local club level. We do add that the vast majority of clubs will not require membership, but if unsure just ask. Usually they join SASS and often the posse (if the club offers a membership) once they've shot a few matches. In our case, we joined SASS and even though membership in the gun club was not necessary, we joined there too. After all, the cowboy range did maintain the roads, pay the electric bill, etc. It just seemed the right thing to do.
  6. The 22nd annual North Mountain Shoot Out and the 17the PA state match will be held on Memorial Day weekend 2021. COVID delivered a blow to a lot of matches last year in 2020. El Posse Grande is out for vengeance. This will be a match you won't want to miss. Check the El Posse Grande page on Facebook or the El Posse Grande website for details.
  7. We're back to Memorial Day weekend in 2021. The posse has lots of great ideas in the planning stages already. Some very talented helpers from other clubs have jumped in to lend a hand. COVID be damned! We're coming back with a VENGEANCE! And as they say, "It's not revenge, it's a reckoning".
  8. Our website went down while we were at the range and without internet. It won't be up until later today ... hopefully. We do have a Facebook page. Scores and other info can be found there. El Posse Grande Facebook page
  9. Jerseytown Kid and Alamo reclaimed their titles as Pennsylvania State Champions. Jerseytown Kid also was name Top Gun. Our attendance numbers were down due to the outlaw COVID. However, the Cowboy Spirit was very much alive. At last count we had amassed $1750 for the SASS Scholarship Fund! Our thanks to all that supported El Posse Grande and were able to attend our postponed match. We lucked out with some beautiful weather. But nothing can beat how lucky we were to have such a terrific cowboy family. PS If you see Johnny Swan have him help pick out your lottery numbers. In back to back drawings he won both the 50-50 and a SASS Ruger.
  10. Yes, the costuming is allowed as long as it is within the costuming rules in the handbook (ie. no ball caps, sneakers, etc.) There is no info on steampunk in the SASS Handbook. Additionally, there is no category for steampunk. Many who enjoy the costuming simply compete in the age based categories wearing the steampunk attire. On occasion, a match will feature a special theme (ie. steampunk, Hawaiian, pirate, etc). Doing so is at the discretion of the match organizers. This post has rarely received simple answers. It has however, received many supportive and even more not so supportive comments. I actually wish the moderators would simply lock it down.
  11. If you are interested in BIG targets (warning, they will require a special stand and two men to handle them) check with your local chain gas station/convenience store. They may either employ their own crew for maintenance of their manholes, or they may sub the work out. However, those big 3'-4' manhole covers over the gas tanks do get replaced from time to time. We "know a guy" that has gotten us some of them. They "GONG" when they are hit and shooters love them.
  12. Run a 50-50 at every match with the proceeds going to the "target fund". It may not bring in much each time, but every little bit helps and sometimes the winner donates the winnings back. Explain the situation to all the shooters and have a donation container available at matches for those that can contribute.
  13. I have many fond memories of shooting with both he and Delaney Belle. His passing will leave a large void in CAS in the northeast. RIP Captain.
  14. We have had interest in it for many years and offer it as a category at our matches. We usually have at least 3 outlaws at our state match. It's becoming more popular all the time, especially with seasoned shooters that are looking for something new to try. I think we only have one that shoots all his guns from the hip. We are one of the few clubs that allow hip shooting, too.
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