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  1. Some of those being called have said that folks are cancelling because of the ammo shortage. It sounds like those that were in, were trying to wait it out to see if they could get the ammo in time. Of course, now there are people on the waiting list that have turned down the opportunity because they had made other plans. So, if you're waiting there could still be a chance. However, we're down to the wire now and that call to SASS HQ is your best bet.
  2. Our club has hosted our state match for 17 years and annuals for 5. Several years ago we decided that we had run it enough and opted to just return to an annual. Slipnoose was in the SASS office at the time and reached out to every club in the state to find another host club to no avail. Our main club (we are a shooting discipline of a larger sportsman's club) and a handful of cowboys decided to try it again. Here we are several years later with a smaller committee and now several years older. Now, to relate this to some of the original posts. Since no other club had wanted to take over
  3. Mark your calendar for Memorial Day weekend next year.
  4. The scores can be found on the posse Facebook page, El Posse Grande. They will be on the website later today. Our "webmaster" is on her way home to Virginia and will have a bunch of unpacking to do first.
  5. Despite a cold, rainy weekend, nearly all the registered shooters braved the crappy weather. Nearly everyone felt that the cold and rain caused them to have a bad match. However, Jerseytown Kid and Alamo hung on to their titles for another year. Rather than be on a honeymoon, at the match - her first match of the season. It was a fight to the finish, as it often is, for Jerseytown Kid and Tombstone Coty. Congratulations to the champs and the winners in every category. And CONGRATULATIONS to all those that hung in there despite the crappy weather.
  6. We were shopping in Dunham's Sports yesterday and needed some assistance. The manager that helped us was wonderful. We got what we needed and chit chatted quite a bit. He informed us that they are getting rid of all Under Armor and Nike because, in his words, "they don't like the stuff that goes bang", as he nodded in the direction of the firearms department. Good for Dunham's! We could have saved ourselves lots of time and gasoline by getting the same item for the same price at Dick's but they DON'T get our business any longer. We chose to check Dunham's and we're glad we did.
  7. When the weather gets hot, I usually have a pack of Gatorade chews handy. They're easier to carry along and great for sharing with those that need the boost. I also have some type of granola bar on hand. Bananas are very popular as well.
  8. Our club hasn't had any shooters wanting to shoot WB. At another club we go to monthly, they have a few shooters that choose to shoot the 1911 with 2 5 round clips. The problem I see is with RO knowledge and training. One RO will want to see the pistols is safe and empty on the line and another one doesn't. I mentioned it and got a shoulder shrug.
  9. I see I got a mention. I make shirts from XS up to 3XL. I have some available right now because I vend at a handful of matches each year. If you are interested in seeing what I might have available right now in your size, please contact me. I can take pictures of all shirts available in your size. I can also take pics of fabric I have on hand that is available. My email is basnyder1@comcast.net.
  10. New shooters are one of our best recruiting tools. It's great to see the positive increases. Work hard at recruiting too. We had 4 visitors at our first match of the season. We'll have an "Intro to Cowboy Action Shooting" in July on the National Day of the Cowboy.
  11. I've gone the route of camisole and bloomers in the summer, however hot brass chose not to be my friend and it didn't last long. The hot sun can be unbearable. It can "bake" you in a bay with a stone base and sunburn can come from all angles. Sunblock combined with sweat would make my arms even stickier. Hot brass that landed on the crook of my arm stuck fast. I've had it go down my cleavage and also my back. I have moved away from that attire completely. I have some favorite lightweight shirts, pants and skirts. The bandana I wear helps to wipe the sweat. I sometimes soak it in cold
  12. Our club is about 4 hours away. Phew....that's a far piece! As close as Akeley is to the border, you might want to also look at NY clubs. I'll see if I can find a NY cowboy to help you out.
  13. With all the things to be decided when planning our match, awards are my most difficult decision. I struggle with they each year. Awards are also in the top three of our match expenses. It's been plaques every year. For the last several years, our state champs and top gun got trophies while all category winners got plaques. For a few years they were the cowboy/girl statues. Then for a few more they were eagles (which were beautiful). Last year they were custom made wooden clocks. This year they will be range bags. Now I'm out of ideas. In recent history, we have had the same folks fi
  14. Since the deadline for the early registration discount is FAST approaching, lots of registrations are coming in daily! However, you do still have lots of time to register. We have a great match planned and some fun new reactive targets to enjoy. Please check out our post on the Events Wire for more info. Or, just drop me a line.
  15. It's well worth the $50 bucks. If having the club info displayed only brings in one shooter it has paid for itself. I know one club that dropped their affiliation. They used to be a very popular, thriving club. Today they are gone. When working the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, we helped hundreds of interested people find clubs near them. Sadly, non-affiliated clubs did not benefit. There were a couple of those clubs in areas where these prospective new members lived. New shooters are one of our best recruitment tools, too.
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