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  1. I am not so sure I am in the minority on the direction the game has taken. We had a whole lot more members back in the good ole days. The game is dying out. And I believe the major reason is that all the fun has been sucked out of it. I personally know many former staunch shooters who quit because of this. If I am wrong, then the plunge in numbers would not be happening and instead be on the increase. Most who think likewise are afraid to say anything due to the pummeling they would receive here for daring to dog the dogma. I do not care if anyone thinks I am wrong so long as they are polite in their disagreement arguments. No one should feel the need for kevlar long johns in this ongoing great debate. IMNSHO we either get back to our roots or continue to spiral into extinction.

    The plunge in numbers has little to do wth the stages we shoot, target sizes or distances. In fact clubs that are doing well do exactly the opposite of what you recommend. The reduction in SASS numbers has a lot more to do with demographics of cowboy shooters, the largest percentages of shooters today are well over 60 years old and the sport no longer attracts younger shooters who were not raised in the era of TV and movie westerns.

  2. It's pretty difficult to accidentally load below 60 pf with 38 cal and above.

    That is not true. I built and tested 105 g loads from 300 to 1000 fps, on purpose. My 650 would easily drop the correct amout of Bullseye using the extra small powder bar. I also tested with no powder and mag primer. All to see the min load that would clear pistol and rifle barrels. Then wanted heaviest 105 g loads to see how POA varied for difficult knock down targets.

  3. Actually Winchester did call them Featherlites.....even had an image of a feather printed on the shell.



    I know they have a feather on the shell. Could not find the word festherlite anywhere. I have some boxes of them at least 10 yrs old and many in between all the way to the latest.

  4. I find it humorous how folks get their undies in a knot when folks talk about old model Vaqueros, new model Vaqueros, Flat Tops, 3 screws, and new model Blackhawks. Who gives a rats butt if there are common understood names given to things. Most everyone knows what Featherlites are but Winchester never called them that, at least that I recall.

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  5. So, Just wondering.


    Why, with all of the costume categories (some that require a specific firearm), are there no Major / Minor caliber categories.


    Surely I am not the only one who has ever broached this subject?


    I mean the .45 Colt and 44/40 were the most popular / produced calibers.



    I count two costume categories, CC and BW, seems short of all. One of those already has a caliber requirment. Do you have any information that says 45 and 44/40 were the most popular? There were a lot of left over Civil war guns and calibers, pocket guns, store keeper guns, farmer guns, etc.

  6. Split extractors is the easy way to tell if your gun has ejectors or extractors, if they are split you need the ejector mechanism disabled, shouldn't be a problem otherwise.

    Gee I thought all SKBs come with ejectors that have to be modified??

  7. I recently "adopted" a SKB 280. I noticed that extractor on this model is split in the middle, unlike the two SKB 100s that I own.


    Does this feature present any problems when making this gun race ready?

    Most of the folks I know have modified the extractors a lot including welding the two pieces together. Many reform the extractor. In it's basic form it is hourglass shaped. Many knock off the two two side ears of the hour glass area (leaving something more like an upside down T), then filing a ridge sloping down from the middle of the vertical portion of the extractor on both sides for ease of separation of 2 shells into their chambers. In this manner the extractor vertical portion looks like a dull knife or ax blade. This leaves the bottom of the extractor to do it's job.

  8. Do you know the stock or velocity of the AA's you want? I've probably got some I'd trade for your STS's

    I am in Casa Grande, Az at Gathering of the Posses in a hotel. Boxes of shells in car in hotel parking lot. Will check when I shoot tomorrow and reply after I get home tomorrow afternoon. I use the 1 oz loads. Wife uses Fetherlights. For some reason the balance or something about the 1 oz AAs load easier for me than 1 1/8 oz STS loads. Both shuck the same in any of 3 SKBs.
  9. Are there SASS clubs that do not allow non SASS members to shoot? Never seen it, but what I read in this thread makes me wonder.. I know several SASS clubs that give discounts for club membership, range membership, NRA membership, etc. Some clubs have to pay a fee for every shooter to the range, except for those members that are members of the range club. Some have to pay a fee to the range for every single shooter.

  10. 100's typically have splinter forends and generally non switchable as far as which barrel fires first, 200's usually have beaver tail forends and switchable between which barrel fires first, 280's (the few that I have seen) seem to be a nicer grade of wood with a straight English type stock. The 100 and 200 models are usually pistol grip stocks. Have seen several where the forends are opposite (splinter on 200, beaver tail on 100) don't know if the shooter switched or they came that way. Have never actually seen a 150 so can't say there but I seem to recall someone saying they are a 100 with nicer engraving. There are plenty of other combinations of forend, stock type, quantity/quality of engraving etc which may be factory and may be shooter changed.

    I like the 200 version with beaver tail forend and pistol grip. Mine have a conversion to a mechanical rather than an inertial switch between barrels so the button to switch is locked in place. I am a larger cowboy :P 6 feet and 260 so the larger 200 fits me better.







    Gateway Kid

    Between my sons and myself we have 6 or 7 SKBs, all but one is a 100. All have switchable triggers.

  11. For what it's worth, all 12g SKB's that I have seen are chambered for 2 1/2" until I purchased one that is marked for 3".


    Not sure how common 3" chambered SKB is, but I plan to keep it as-is for hunting.

    I find that hard to believe as many SKBs were made in the 70s and 80s and by then many shells were plastic in a length of 2- 3/4. Below is a 1969 catalog of the Ithaca SKBs showing all their 12 ga guns had 2 3/4 inch chambers.



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  12. GCK, I laud the club for doing this. BUT, here again, crops up the problem we have. We have CAS range space for only 4 stages, and we get to use it ONE day a month, for approx. 6 hrs, and have to remove ALL targets etc from the range at the end of the shooting day. Pray tell me how we could put on an annual?? I asked the same question of SASS and received NO REPLY.

    The 7 to 8 stages above are all shot on 4 bays. The targets are set the afternoon before each monthly shoot (and the annual) and removed immediately following shooting.

  13. We are part of a much larger shooting club, and as such, have limited range use time. Thus, a multi day shoot is out of the question.

    Best to all, and a good shooting year ahead.


    The club in Mesa, Az has the same issue but still puts on a yearly match all in one day. They shoot 7 or 8 stages, and give awards for stages plus SASS category awards. The have side matches before and after the 8 stages plus top gun shoot offs with a catered dinner to follow. Some of the stages are unique, one all shotgun, another all pistol with reloads, another all rifle with reloads. These 3 had some knockdowns. They all fell with 105 g bullets. They give out a number of prizes via drawing at the dinner, some pretty nice, like Dillon stuff, no guns.

  14. Good Morning,

    Since I returned to SASS a few months ago there has been an ongoing issue that I know has been commented on numerous times here on the Wire. That issue is the Wire itself and issues regarding posting photos and not being able to access the Wire from various sites on various types of computers or personal electronic equipment. It reminds me of when I joined SASS and jumped on the WIre in 1997.


    When I first decided to come back to SASS I was using my iPhone trying to Google SASS info on line and I just couldn't get to the SASS links from Google. It almost appeared that it was non-existent. The query would go out and NOTHING. I found that if I wanted to access any SASS website, forum or page I had to use other means, like: Safari. On my PC I tried Google, Yahoo, and Bing but could not access SASS through links. I had to enter the address in the Tool Bar and hit GO then I could save the link i favorites to gain access. It was the same when I got a Chromebook.


    Perhaps many might call me a bit of a Luddite when it comes to computers and such but I know this is a problem and has been a problem for months. What bothers me more is How many people out there might be interested in CAS and SASS but cannot access even basic searches on line?


    Two people I work with recently asked me about SASS and possibly looking into Cowboy Action Shooting. I told them about the Web SIte and the Forums. They both came back to me later and said something like; "Did that cowboy group you belong to go under or are they having problems? I can't access anything about them on line".


    Every time I am doing an online search for firearms related queries and I see a link to SASS or the SASS Forums it is not accessible. EVERY TIME. No mater what search engine I use. This isn't 1997, Folks, this is 2017. I understand that SASS has a contractor or service doing the website ad the Wire Forums. I also understand that SASS is strapped for cash due to member numbers being down. MAYBE THIS MIGHT BE ONE REASON WHY?


    Don't get me wrong, I am not angry or disgruntled but I am concerned. But don't get me started on the silliness one needs to go through to post a picture. Like I said, this is 2017, not 1997. Seriously, SASS needs to fix some things and people not having access that might be interested in SASS does any of us or SASS any good as we all love this sport. This becomes a lifestyle for some.


    And Pards, everyone here knows how to access these sites so please don't tell me and everyone else how you go about getting into SASS links. I am not concerned how you get here or there. I am concerned that online SASS appears to be DEAD.


    Don't believe me? Try these links as if you are someone doing a search and you have no idea about anything in regards to SASS or the Wire.


    There, I have said my piece. Flame away, agree, disagree, whatever. But someone in SASS management needs to look into this. Thank You


    Kindest Regards,

    Pat Riot :FlagAm:


    A Google search I did when looking into Plainsman rifles. Click the top link to the Wire....











    Those links all work fine on my laptop, cell and tablet????

  15. Dillon Flip tray. Make sure ribbed side of open flip tube is up and on flat surface. Slowly slide primer holder liner out of Federal box bottom as primers fall onto open flip tray. Move flip tray around until all primer impact sides are faced up. Put lid on flip tray holding it tight and turn upside down on flat surface. Remove ribbed side of flip tray and you are ready to load primer tubes.

  16. Hi Y'all.


    I am looking for some suggestions on gloves I could get for shooting in cold weather. I don't worry about recoil with the ammo we use. I am looking for something as thin as possible. My problem is that in cold weather my fingers start to hurt very quickly and shortly after that I can't feel anything but the pain. Something that is period plausible would be good but that isn't necessary.







    Left and right hand golf gloves. About the thinnest you will find. They also make a pair of winter golf gloves of several types that are a bit thicker.

  17. If we are talking about shooting a SASS Sanctioned shoot .

    I can see everyone dressing in Proper attire !


    If its a local weekend club shoot . ( practice for most Cowboys and Cowgals )

    Then I dont really think its a big deal ,

    to be a little relaxed on the Period Correctness .


    It is what it is .

    Shooting guns , Playing Cowboy , Enjoying friends .


    People get to hung up on the Meaningless little stuff .

    And let it ruin there day or game .


    Just take a deep breath and enjoy the fun .

    And go back to your Childhood for a moment of fun .


    Just saying ! LOL

    As long as proper attire is as defined in the rule handbooks for proper attire, we agree, not some one's personal interpretation of period correctness.

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