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  1. back to the burr,,, if someone has a burr under their saddle about me, I just try to kill them with kindness,,,, if I have the burr, I figure I taint perfect either and let it go,, sometimes it takes me a lil while to complete it, but I try.... 99% if the people in SASS are the salt of the earch,,, the other 1% are sometimes a challenge that has to be overcome... and yes, sometimes you have to walk away and put it in the past
  2. good deal Dawg!! obey the nurses and therapists,,, yule be ready come spring!!
  3. I'm gonna shoot tomorrow!!!! even witha a cold front coming thru heheheh, just 1350 miles south of cleveland, only gonna hit 82 ,,,,,, stay warm up there,,,,, I do feel for yuze!! I did shoot once at Lassiters when it was 3 degrees!!!
  4. I've never had an issue flying,,, it's actually easier now than it was a few years or so ago,,,, I don't see anything changing,,,,
  5. Phone rang at 6:20 this morning,,, friday,,, "you running late?" was the question.... DUH!!! it is FRIDAY!! I cud hear a woman's laughter in the background,,, so two of them were 24 hours early!!!! glad it was not me!!!
  6. Wow!!! you know how proud of you I am!!!! yule wow them too!!! put a link of facebook,,, please.... Proud of you too slim,,, yuve raised a fantastic young lady!!
  7. if you can get your hands on used carpet or cheap remnants, cut it about 3x4 feet and lay them over the legs.. two reasons.... it does cut down on splatter and it catches the lead as it goes to the ground,,, afterwards roll them up and dump the lead into a bucket,,,
  8. dang, these are still hanging around,,,, wow,,,,this is like getting Jimmy's work almost for free....
  9. this is a modification of an original design..correct? then show us that it is indeed an approved modification.... if it is not listed it is not legal...
  10. silver sam,,,, was just wondering about you lately,, was happy to see your post,,,, Happy New Year as well...
  11. Original single action revolvers manufactured prior to 1899, their approved replicas, and the SASS approved single action adjustable sight revolvers are the only revolvers approved for use in SASS main match competition. page 9 shooter's handbook,,,, it isn't an approved replica....or it wud be allowed in frontiersman...
  12. as I recall the 73 cap and ball is illegal period,,, having said that, the new Henrys are allowed so why not those...
  13. we used them all the time when i was much younger,,,, bang bang you're dead!!!
  14. you can always come down but cant go back up.... and depends how quickly you want to sell it. someone may really be wanting one....
  15. two new hats,, and two new shirts,,, pair of P jrs for the missus,,,, and a new tin of altoids,,,, I use the tin for my gum! hehe
  16. like a cadilac and a old style vw,,, both will get you there... I have a skb and a browning now,,, tho Id shoot anywhere with my old stoeger,,,
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