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  1. one year at winter range, Sage Chick shot a 14 second stage, they said that couldn't be right, made her reshoot, it wasn't right,,, she reshot it FASTER!!

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  2. at the time it was brought before the ROC a minimum was not allowed to be set,, judgement call,,, just "if not room for a clean miss, then only a miss"


    I was there,,, 

  3. I have this happen twice lately with a 73 that I shoot once in a while,,, couldn't figure out how it happened, never had it happen with my Marlins.. I thought the extractor was weak but couldn't make sense tho since the round in the chamber was unfired,,,   on my Marlins I file it so the extractor never comes off the case.. maybe look at that for the 73 also

  4. 7 minutes ago, Jeb Stuart #65654 said:

    Targets were over lapping, that's my point, there was not a chance for a clean miss.

    you should always include that info in the opening post


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  5. 9 hours ago, David Balthazar said:

    Yup, they all got 'em. I believe the purpose was to let the shooter know the gun ain't prepared to fire...

    true, but some don't get in the way of the sights before being cocked,,,


  6. 8 minutes ago, Maddog McCoy SASS #5672 said:

    Nice rig.

    Are you quitting traveling?


    It is too much for me as I travel alone most of the time.


    Good Luck.


    Maddog McCoy 

    no,,, changing to a truck and travel trailer, we need a third vehicle and this would fit the bill better

  7. https://cleveland.craigslist.org/rvs/d/lorain-2015-jayco-greyhawk-29mv/6901876663.html


    I am selling my 2015 Jayco Greyhawk 29 mv, 31' class C motorhome,,  Ford 450 Chassis with Triton V10 engine and under 25,000 miles.   Generator, leveling jacks,  power awning, 2 slides,   excellent condition.   short queen size bed,,  dinette, couch and over the cab can make into beds as well, can actually sleep way too many people!!   4' tall closet for hanging lots of cowboy clothes,,  new instant water heater, fridge is 2 yrs old.  almost new coach battery,   




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  8. I've shot Marlins since 2006, but still shoot my 73 made in 1976 without a hitch.    sold my 66 with all the bells and whistles and as short stroked as you can get, because I couldn't run it as fast as my Spur Marlin,  I couldn't find the front sight as quickly as the Marlin,  or my NI 73...


    until lately that had me baffled,,,  my Marlins and my 73 the front and rear sights are visible with the hammer down,,,  but a newer 73 I couldn't find the sights quickly again,, the culprit,,, the hammer spur on my newer 73 blocks the sights, and you can't see the sights until after it's levered,,,  anyone else encounter this,,,


    If I ever take to shooting the newer 73 I'd have to lower the spur,,,,

  9. 3 hours ago, Kirk James said:

    Maybe, just maybe there is another situation similar.  The stage calls for split pistols.  The shooter  forgets to move and cocks his second  revolver when the TO says move.  To save a SDQ he shoots it into the bank for a miss plus procedural or leans and hits the target from the correct bank of targets for the second pistol and just takes a procedural.  I realize there is a safety element in this example that is not in the original post.  It does however show a skill in knowing ways out of a stage dq.   I am not sure I buy into his intent to cheat the rules but rather realize the mistake and take a miss according to the rules.   Just another way of looking at it.  Would you have thought to do this on the clock.  I would not have.  I realize some of you would so don't hang me.  In previous threads many of us professed that we are gamers.  I am not going to throw the first rock.

    yes you could do that, if the angle allowed, why not shoot the target you just did, you already bought the P,,  or dump that round into the dirt, move, reload,,, save the miss, but still have the P 

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  10. 1 hour ago, Santa Fe River Stan,36999L said:

    Actually when there is a miss the flow chart says "were the targets HIT in the correct order except for any misses?"



    with the eighth shot, they were not hit in the correct order,,,  so answer is no,,,,,the eighth shot left no way to engage the last two correctly


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  11. 8 hours ago, J Bar Binks, #47015 said:

    Addressing the call of a P after shot #8, what if shot #10 was a squib? Or a dead cap on a percussion pistol on shot #9 or #10? Or the shooter screwed up and only loaded 4 in one gun. Or a broken gun after shot #8?

    in all cases still a P   didn't shoot the first 8 correctly

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  12. I was sitting on the table that Boaz put the lost and found box on,,, saw a blue hard times insulated cup like mine,,, started trying to remember what I had done with mine,,,   I picked it up removed the lid and smelled it,, coffee with cinnamon,,, yep it was mine!

  13. don't we use the word "engage" and not hit?  he engaged the last target twice, no other option except to engage any other target, which would still earn the P


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