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  1. cool, PM me addy and such... it will go out today,,, I have about a two week window before I head south
  2. Stinky, I'll take the Sharps 45-70, with the option of return if it's not right,,, thanks
  3. I think you're right about the dbl fires,,,,, I was shooting birds with my skb, mechanical trigger, switched to heavy loads and whamo and dbl,,,, thot I had broken it!!!!
  4. you're rich,,, get an SKB or a Browning,,, oh heck,,,, with your money a Winny mdl 21!!
  5. like Max sed,,,, who by the way is one of the most relaxed fellers I know,,,, quit yur whining and go load some ammo so you can look forward to playing again next weekend!!! if you don't look forward to playing cowboy,,, then find another sport to whine about!!
  6. a gold mine? any proof to back that up,,,,, I wudn't trade my house for one stake in FR!
  7. yu bin a busy girl Misty,,,,, thank you!!!
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