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  1. no call,,,,, I've seen it done,,, kinda slow but cool looking
  2. I wish churches were as friendly as most cowboy clubs when visiting
  3. yessirree one of the best matches there is!! you find me in my normal camping sight with plenty of room to sit and chaw tha fat, or enjoy some cheese as we whine,,, lol
  4. this is my take,,, I would have to spend at least $300 to get a ruger to be like a colt clone,, so I'll stick to my clones,, and shoot my omv in 44-40 for palerider
  5. I surely don't plan on doing it again either, but I sure am looking forward to see the Ponderosa Pines!!
  6. or just remove the spring and let gravity work it's wonders, fwiw, mine doesn't need a spring,, as it has no such part to work with
  7. Marshal longhorn,,, sheriff bighorn's brother
  8. she was just fine,, she was ready to shoulder it,,, and no there aren't any conventions covering it, some folks don't like starting that way,..
  9. well he was gasping for air!! CPD and had just gotten out of the hospital,,, he felt terrible about it too
  10. you aren't "safe" until the last firearm has been cleared,,, sdq
  11. several years ago a video was shown of a cowboy shooter with one arm at winter range,, anyone know where I can find that video?
  12. as evidenced by this past weekend,, apparently, not much,,, I go over the scenario several times, with movements included... as in shadow shooting, not on the line before shooting, but before
  13. apparently yu may not shoot much out west,,,, but no more naysaying about the lto,,, It was totally completely without a doubt, MY fault!
  14. It was totally 100% my fault... period!!
  15. mmm maybe that was what happened to me!! but how did they get the cartridges back into my bag on my belt? lol
  16. I didn't mean, all five shots, just two,, then alternate for 6 then finish the last two with left,, unless pistols are last of course,,, and then remember to aim the shotgun at least a lil bit,,, lol
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