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  1. 1 hour ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:

    To all of you who focus on the timer getting that LAST shot....... How do you know when its the last 



    Have you never considered that maybe the 3rd or 4th shot from a pistol could be the LAST round fired

    but you failed to atleast try to get it recorded because you didn't considered it being that last round?


    How about a broke SG on the 2nd or 3rd round, everything goes South for the shooter, and you're standing

    back with the timer hanging down at your side, waiting for their LAST shot on the stage, which 

    turns out NOT TO BE the 4th round.    


    If you're gonna stand there and watch EVERYTHING else, atleast try to focus also that the timer

    collects as much as possible.   The shooter deserves it.




    I don't wait for the last shot, like I said above I don't wait for the last shot,, when the last firearm is being used the timer comes back into play 

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  2. 1 hour ago, High Spade Mikey Wilson said:


    Sorry but I can't watch the firearm being fired, count the shots, and watch for squib loads while looking at targets all at the same time. I either count shots or I count misses. I don't do both. Again that is why you have three spotter.....

    like Snakebite has also said,,, it is the TO's responsibility to call Ps.  try it, you can do it,,   

  3. 2 hours ago, High Spade Mikey Wilson said:

    Sorry folks but when I RO it's all about safety. I can't do everything involved on a stage and be efficient. My job, as far as I'm concerned, is to operate the timer, watch the shooter for firearm safety issues, count the number of shots fired in each pistol and rifle, watch the loading and unloading of the shotgun, and be prepared to stop the shooter if I have to for any safety reason. I don't watch targets, call hits or misses, or P's. That's what you have 3 spotters for. I don't mind doing the job, I try and do it the best I can. I do, on very rare occasions, have a brain fart and make a mistake now and then. If someone wants a re-shoot because of something I did wrong they will get it, but it is nice to attend a shoot once in a while where I can just help by doing something different.

    and if you stand in the correct position you too can see the targets for correct target engagement.. try it,,,,

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  4. yeah, I can't see over everones shoulders, I do the best I can for them,,,  I pick up the shots from the last firearm used,   don't care about the rest so much,,  guess what, if I miss one and then a malfunction, the shooter gets a reshoot,, my bad!   some folks you have to stand much further back,,, it hurts when the stomp the arch of your foot!!  with movement I am already backing out and backing towards the next position all the while keeping an eye on the shooter,


    the whole gist of this was,,,, don't just watch the firearms, you can do it all,  heck at some shoots in FL I have to spot too,,,it always ain't a perfect world


    and sometimes during a malfunction I get so wrapped up in the problem I forget where the shooter was, fortunately the spotter usually can help


    and sometimes, I tag along as best I can,,,  





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  5. the mantra of the RO is "to safely assist the shooter through the course of fire"   


    IF a big IF, you stand behind the shooter's strong shoulder you can see it ALL, yes ALL!!   you can see all of the shooter's major movements,  you can see what target the shooter is engaging,, you can see his firearms,  yes you can see hits and misses, and edge hits,,  IF IF IF you are in the correct position!!  that is why the TO has the final say in Ps,  the TO is in the best position to see it ALL including the targets... it irks me when I hear, "I can't help or call a P because I was looking at the guns".  


    Try it next time you run the timer, stand behind the shooter off of his strong side, you can look down the long guns with the shooter, even his hand guns,,,


    ok, rant over,,,

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  6. if i do get questioned, i just say, I didn't tell you to holster a cocked revolver... it's either that or we say nothing at all while the shooter is shooting


    what does irk me,, after helping others as much as I can, and say I miss a sg target and don't realize it and no one says anything, and then says, "I'm not gonna help"  ugh!! after the stage is over,,,


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  7. I too miss the "old" chronicle,, but alas, times are changing,  costs have skyrocketed, newspapers are shutting down regularly.   I miss the olden days,,, sigh


    but, SASS is still afloat and I'd rather be shooting than reading about it anyway.   Yes, it's a shame, but it is what it is..............


    I guess we could be getting daily calls from SASS wanting donatioins from outside solicitors,, naw  no thanks 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Cypress Sam, SASS #10915 said:

    I wasn’t living off the grid.  Just back before there WAS a “grid”.  Florida back during and right after WWII wasn’t much like it is now, ‘specially out on the ranch where I was raised.


    As a matter of fact, even now civilization pretty much ends about 10 miles south of here (Kissimmee) and doesn’t pick up again for a hundred miles.  If one considers Okeechobee City to be civilization.

    you mean like in the middle of the big cyrpess swamp,,, ie Paradise Park,,,  25 miles east of punta gorda on 74    a mile from the red neck mud club?


    heading that way next week,,,


  9. is it new?    take the stock off and open the action,, watch as the barrels fall open to cock it,,,  no? with it open with a screwdriver or such finish cocking it,, does it catch then,  no? sear may be worn,,, yes,,,?  find a shim and place it in the slot where the locking lug goes and assemble it,,,does it cock then?


    look in the slots in the forearm,, have they been ground on or are they stock?



  10. the only "copper" that I know of being allowed is for the polymer copper colored coated bullets of late,,,    I was against the new coating being allowed in copper color because of telling the polymer coating and copper coated or washed..  imho

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  11. Eureka!! talk about coincidence!!! the trigger bolt spring apparently gave up the ghost when I put the new hammers in,,, the bolt was real mushy and then wasn't working at all...I didn't touch it when I did the install, but noticed it was weak and bent it to give more tension,,, a wire spring,,, that's when it gave up completely,, fortunately I had two new flat ones and now they both seem to be 'healed"!!


    Thank you Larsen for giving the heads up where to look!!!


    the Peitta,,, two slight swipes and it is much better, it may need a third to be near perfect,,, but after shooting today and messing with these for at least two hours I'll leave the Peittas for another day to perfect them,,, think I'll take them tomorrow too tho,,,run some rounds thru them


    thanks Larsen and OLG!!

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  12. I bought new hammers with lowered spurs for my smokewagons,,,,,


    1. both can over rotate the clynders,,, one worse than the other,,, seems like the bolt isn't popping up like it should... what to I need to smoothe out to fix this?



    2. my piettas,,, one has to be cocked pretty hard to catch the final cocking position so that the hammer doesn't fall before locking.. do I need to take a lil off of the sear...? two of the chambers are worse that the others...is the hand slightly to tall?


    help please....

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