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  1. Guns of August is over, but the memories will last a long time. The weather was GREAT!! the match itself was well written and fun real electric in the campground!!! the pot luck in the campground was like a high priced buffet,, too bad my tummy wasn't in the mood!!! But Max did help that with his excellent services and libations! The saturday meal, a a cookout by the crew was excellent got to hang out with some of the best people in SASS The results were ready quickly and the presentation moved right along.. Thank you to all who had a hand in a great match!!
  2. 6 gfs in the top 13,,,,5 in in the top 8 congrats to all
  3. I must be doing something wrong,, jAAs work great for me,, send me all you don't want...
  4. so much for short stroke actions too,,,, or full loads,,, light loads,,,
  5. well, there goes the name for a certain outboard motor,, sheesh!!!
  6. all depends how high,, mos drs use the child regs and scare you with that, mine was 22,,, I just stopped breathing fumes and the dust from tumbler, (then went to ss pins and water) mine came down easily
  7. I don't see it your way, I thot this years EOT was the best shooting EOT venue yet, oh well
  8. like I said, IF they've left the table,,,,
  9. I taint got much to chew on, it won't last long,,, and Id tell them not to hold up the line
  10. if someone has left the table, and it's holding up the line, I will move them, carefully,,, never had any one complain,, so there most are embarrassed that they had to be moved,, or didn't notice,,,
  11. silly spell correct!! low noise, light recoil or whatever the saying is, but I get the empties back please...
  12. I’ve got a case of the aa I moose recoil you can have for $60
  13. declared it as a firearm,,, locked case and all,, better safe than sorry,,,, and every airport has different slants on the law
  14. not hard primers, but low primers yes,,,, and overall low quality lately
  15. Lord God, please wrap your arms around Hershey and Sweetie and the whole family,,,,,
  16. hmmmm,,,, there isn't,,, if you weren't careful putting it down in the first place!! slip and fall is not a get out of a sdq free card,,,,,
  17. so the shooter dropped it, he let it go and it fell between the table and door jamb,,, that is NOT a slip and fall,,,, sdq
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