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  1. my uncle had cancer 55 yrs ago that would require a bag,,,  somehow he learned how to control it without a bag,,, he covered the "spot" with a band aid,, he said he should have bought stock, and usually once a day he would disappear into the bathroom, or the woods,  and "empty" his innards.   he never used a bag until Alzheimer got him and he ended up in extended care...


    nowadays he could have had an info commercial on his "discovery"...


    he lived to 80 too,  and did this for nearly 50 yrs

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  2. Had the high honor of bestowing Jedi pins to these fine gentlemen today , although Mossy Pops was absent.  Congratulations to Thunder Creek Kid, Ole Rattlesnake and Mossy Pops

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  3. Yes.  Ha!   And, it was pistols AND rifle AND sg was first. But, seriously,  look at the places where the new cases have severely diminished.  And form your own opinion. It actually may change

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