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    I think I’ll Put The Big Lebowski in the BluRay and enjoy an appropriate beverage, man.
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    Dear old Dad came home from work at oh too early in the morning, unannounced, expecting he'd have to peck on the bedroom window and duck real quick to avoid a fast moving frying pan, outbound. Instead of the business end of the cast iron, he found the kitchen light on, fresh coffee perfuming the air and Mama sitting up waiting. "I knew you were coming." Not the first time she knew, and not the last. When they were high school sweethearts, Dad was graduated and Mama was a senior: she was in Government class when she came out of her seat like she'd been clap boarded across the backside, she screamed like a panther and hit the floor, out cold. Turns out that was the very moment -- the VERY moment -- dear old Dad was riding a tire. He'd been airing up a split rim, he had the split rim down and was kneeling on it, the split rim blew and he said that at the top of his rise, he looked level-on at a shelf that was normally at nose height on him, and him a tall man. He came down and broke three ribs, he said it hurt so bad he laid there and the world went kind of grey and hazy, and Mama said later she felt his ribs break, that it felt like she'd been kicked by the front bumper of a B model Mack mule hoof. The connection is real, and I doubt me not you felt Uno in that moment. Well done, darlin'!
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    Not ticks not ticks not ticks not ticks please please please
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    In my field, engineering, the usual progression of degrees is ... BS = Bachelor of Science MS = Masters of Science PhD = A fancy term for Doctor of Philosophy, much like Cyrus described. I spent a chunk of my career at a scary research lab, surrounded by people with PhDs who could hardly tie their shoes. I was one of the few non-hooded DFEs (Dumb Friendly Engineers) who quickly learned truth within the maxim... BS = Bull Shtuff MS = More of the Same PhD = Piled Higher and Deeper I eventually grew to a strong working relationship with all my colleagues, including the non-shoe tie-ers. I respected their creativity and brilliance. They respected my nuts and bolts front line experience. Together we did some amazing work.
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    I agree with you. IMO attracting people with videos would be more successful if they emphasized the fact that THEY could play the game without being an accomplished speed shooter. one of the reasons the game was originally started was to get away from the fierce competition that existed in other gun games. I realize that has changed, but I think that just seeing other "Regular" people playing the game provides more encouragement than watching someone that is doing something that they most likely will never be able to do. Once they get involved, then I think that they would be more interested in watching the speedsters. Also, it depends upon what direction that you want to take the game. Snakebite
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    Shut the f--- up, Donny.
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    Since he won't answer you. His profile says Chorro Valley and PRVC. I don't get to Chorro that often but I do make it to PRVC regularly. I've never seen him on the range so I'm either unlucky or fortunate. I've been SASS shooting locally for 23-24 years.
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    Maybe they are practicing strict social distancing.
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    I was able to score 2k Remington #10 caps this morning hopefully that'll get me through until this latest shortage is over.
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    Sitting in my dark house, lighting a few candles and charging my cell from my laptop. Power went out at 10 last night. Just called the electric utility (municipal). They don’t expect to fire it up until noon. The steady drone of my neighbor’s generator is a reminder once again that I always swear during an outage that I will get a generator; the urgency fades quickly once the power is restored. LL
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    This’n will put the fun back in yer game!! You’re gonna wish all your matches could be like this!! OH! And we shoot a lot too!! Bring lots of ammo and get ready to use it up!!
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    Ima would have moved the ladder if it was me up on the roof. OLG
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    My Colt HBAR hates it. Jams it up.
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    If you have a hard chrome chamber. No big deal. Otherwise, I would not use steel cased. OLG
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    and we're supposed to sing Hail to the Protesters? I think not.
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    I do not understand awarding PhD - Doctor of Philosophy - for math & the sciences. Don't make no sense.
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    Look up the entire score history of both clubs to answer that question. Pretty sure, I already know the results of that search. OLG
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    CJ, check other information sources. I've looked at a number of them, and most if not all of the ones I've seen very clearly report recoveries. Also, we can expect to see some variations between information sources due to timing and their data sources. The one I refer to most often is https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ ; check it out. It has tons of information, very clearly laid out. Do give it time to completely load, though, or you'll miss the charts and tables, which are very readable. I've heard the arguments about people testing positive being reported multiple times for profit, and I have spent some time researching it. This appears to be something with a grain of substance that has been overblown by "social media." Yes, there have been some cases. But it does not seem to be the norm. Also, some of these "multiple reportings" have indeed been cases where people tested positive, later tested negative (and assumed recovered), then again tested positive. Same person; twice infected. Just like if a person was reported to have broken a leg then later broke the other leg (or even the same leg a second time), it would not be the same case. I'm sure there have been some intentional "fuzzy numbers" and even unintentional errors. But for the most part, the "Facebook Follies" make it sound like false reporting is rampant; however, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of hard evidence to support it.
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    Nothing but crickets here. And a fairly loud owl.
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    The cartridge case is designed to swell during the pressure build up so that the gasses will stay out of the action and away from the shooter. Brass does this, so does steel. The problem with steel is that it shrinks back much slower than brass and is very hard, making extraction more difficult. My opinion and your rifle, your choice. The least that happens is wear on the extractor. More serious issues involve chamber wear as the hard and swollen steel case is dragged out of the chamber.
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    I have this. It's pretty accurate.
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    I spent the worst part of two weeks in the hospital, getting out last Friday, June 26th. I was admitted as a probable Covid patient because I had a mild fever. I already knew it was a bacterial infection from the other symptoms, but they insisted on not one but TWO Covid tests which both came back negative. While I was in, I frequently questioned hospital staff as to the number of C19 patients in the facility and was told that there were no more than 15 Covid patients at any one time. I also learned that none of the surrounding hospitals were treating larger numbers! Granted, there are several large hospitals in Middle Tennessee, but they aren’t any more crowded than the one I was in! ALSO! The test results were available in a little more than an hour. I’m certain that this virus is bad and that we SHOULD be using good common sense in dealing with it, but I’m just as certain that many aspects of the epidemic are being exaggerated!!
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    I recently heard the younger crowd referred to as the IG Generation, for "Instant Gratification." It fits.
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    I have a experience with the wall. The moving wall was in Algonac Mi. a few years ago and I visited the wall in Washington D.C. I was looking for a classmate of mine from Jr. High and High School, we had the same last letter of our names so we shared desks, lockers and became good friends. He was a little older than me, and when we graduated in 1966 and with A-1 draft status, your time as a civilian was going to be very short. He got drafted into the Army, two months later I got my draft notice and enlisted into the Marine Corps. While I was in basic training my mom wrote me and gave me the terrible news that my friend has been killed in Viet Nam, I was devastated. For years and years I thought my friend had been killed in the war. Later I got together with a Highschool mate and wear discussing the war and the friends that we had lost, and we were talking about our mutual friend and how I could not locate him on the wall. My friend said that he was not dead and he had just had a beer with him a couple of week ago, I was elated. We live far apart and I have not got together with him as yet. My mom had sent me the dead notice of a Marine that had been killed in the war with similar last name, and she thought it was my friend. I am looking forward to having a beer with my friend.
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    I have been married to my best friend, confidant, lover and so much more for 32 and a half years. Like you and Uno we are so interconnected that most people wouldn't believe it is possible.
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    To create the bikini....Louis Reard.
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    I bought a new AR-15 made by Armalite a few years ago, and it so far has not failed to function, either feeding or ejecting. So far, I’ve fired about 300 rounds through it. I like ke this rifle a lot. I bought a couple hundred round rounds of .223 steel-case ammo from a local guy’s ad, and they functioned flawlessly.. They seemed to ma to make a “clattering(?)” noise cycling through the action, though, and it was difficult to find the empty steel shell casings. Accuracy did group larger than I expected. Later, I bought 3000 rounds of brass-case 5.56 ammo from the same guy, packed in .30-caliber ammo cans. Accuracy is very noticeably better with this brass-case ammunition. This brass-case ammo runs flawlessly through the rifle. It’s more accurate, and it runs significantly smoother through my rifle than I experienced with the steel-case ammo. It does generate just a bit more recoil, though, which is not really a problem. Cat Brules
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    I live in California's Central Valley in an unincorporated area, a couple of miles outside the city limits of the nearest town, which is north of Fresno. Lots here are roughly 1/3 acre; it's a relatively peaceful neighborhood. Except for the traditional "fireworks" holidays ~ Independence Day and New Year's Eve. So last night I sat outside for over two hours with a hose at the ready. Now, there's a reason for the "Safe and Sane" fireworks rule in the Valley - with no rain from March 'til November, the area is drier than a popcorn fart. In less than an hour I counted over a hundred aerial bombs within a half mile, and finally stopped counting. Someone two or three houses to the south of me was launching them 'til past midnight - HUGE explosions. There were countless bottle rockets and larger ones, Roman candles, and other mortar-launched stuff. Sirens could be heard almost constantly. Police and firetrucks raced past my house several times. On the late news they showed footage of the Fresno skyline - it looked like Disneyland. The Fresno Fire Department announced they could not respond to any medical emergencies except cardiac arrest - all units were needed for fighting fires, most if not all started with illegal fireworks. Then came the gunfire. Lots of pistols... rifle fire earlier, ranging from what sounded like a big bore bolt action to small-bore semi autos. No "machine guns" heard for this time, but they've been common in the past ~ likely AR's with bump stocks. All in all, it's nuts. Some people are just total jerks. Most of these are from... well... someplace "well south of here," where they don't seem to have any rules like ours. Sheesh! Several years ago a friend found two bullet holes in her house one New Year's Day. I once suggested to a buddy that he might want to put a patch of tape over the bullet hole I found smack-dab in the middle of his two-day old new car's roof... I have to confess, I did kinda laugh a bit at his reaction. Hm. In retrospect, mebbe next time I'll wear a helmet while on fire watch!
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    I was in Phouc Vinh for The 4th in 1970. The 1st Cav CG put out an order that under no circumstances would there be any gunfire, hand held or mortar parachute flares, red, green, or white star clusters or smoke grenades. No kidding. Seriously. We laughed all night long at that.
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    At the wall in D.C. they have a book that list names in alphabetical order that showS what panel and line the name will be found.I would think the traveling wall has something similar. My Father is on the wall, Panel 6 West line 41, GySgt. Lynne H. Rutter,U.S.M.C.
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    You already have an "OPEN" category..... It's called COWBOY/COWGIRL
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    Here are a couple of photos of a cart I built to fit in the trunk of a Camaro. There are two boxes stacked in front. The bottom box is open, but and the top of the box has an extended bottom that allows it to fit into the top of the bottom box, The overall width is 18", but the wheels come off, making it much narrower. Construction is pretty easy. Basically two rectangles made so that the smaller bottom rectangle folds back into the slightly larger top rectangle. It has room for long guns. I am able to put extra ammo, small first aid kit, spare pistol, tool kit and other essentials in the two boxes. I also have a back that my wife sewed that snaps under the handle for empties. A couple of hooks let me hang stuff.
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    Null N. Void said, "I would suggest you get to some matches first. Rules have changed significantly over 20 years. " Not only rules, but stages, too. You might not like the changes.
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    Just me but if I had "something going on" and someone wanted to know "exactly, in detail, what it is", they could kiss my grits and I'd "get around to sending them a refund" at some point in time. All those musts and trues and in lieu ofs sounds like a quote of a business model or law. I'd say a better example would be to take a man as a man, until you find out he aint. But that's just me. I don't either, and we don't know if anybody has been taken advantage of. The OP asked a legitimate question about the merchants' well being and looking for a contact number. After that it took a turn it shouldn't have. Not supposed to run down merchant's on the wire. Just aint the place for it. I reckon I gotta go pound sand now
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    Marshal, That is exactly the feedback I get when I post videos of our fastest shooters on my sites. New shooters say, "I can never compete like that", and are plainly discouraged. Yet these same folks will watch The Masters Tournament and say, "I'd like to try that!" Anyway, I found the solution. Instead of "Cowboy Action Shooting", (CAS)... we'll call in Cowboys and Zombies, (CAZ). It's what are target demographic seems to be watching now:
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    I, for one, am extremely grateful to him ...
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    We have had Nick as a winter range vendor for some time and all indications were he is coming back. He is very trustworthy and honest. With all the weird things happening with covid and "protests" we do not know what is going on with his life. Need to give him and everyone else benefit of the doubt right now.
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    It’s Texas high school football for me.
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    Welcome back. Another source of loaded ammo, especially 44-40, is Choice Ammunition, another SASS supporting vendor. Keep the brass as you may want to get into reloading.
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    Havn't anybody noticed the "poacher" buttons located on both sides of the receiver just forward of the trigger guard?? push both in at the same time and the shells will squirt out of the loading port. No pumping the forearm or cycling shells thru the action. GW
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    You are somewhere that you do not speak the language. Your child, however, does. You wish to tell one of the natives something. Do you say, "Child, how do I say 'hooba hooba hooba'?" Or do you say, "Child, please tell him 'hooba hooba hooba'." It has been my experience that foreign languages have pronunciation issues for people that only speak English. I myself I am unable to say dog in Spanish, because I cannot roll the double-R correctly. I have therefore fallen back on asking my daughter to translate. Comic, and the waiter asks the father if he would like something to eat. The father asks his daughter, "how do I say 'thank you but I am unable to eat anything at this time'?" The daughter whispers in his ear. He then tells the waiter, "My flatulence is the thing of legends", while she stands behind him snickering.
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    Cut some slack. Nick has been a big supporter of CAS and is a real good person. No one knows what is going on...
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    I have a nice little wakizashi for such things. Picked it up in the late 1970s. A friend had bought it at a pawn shop and wanted the fittings. The blade is chipped, has some pits from rust. And has a kink in the middle of the blade. Also, the tang had been cut short, just past the mekugi-ana. I had an extension brazed on. I think someone had brought it home as a trophy and let his kids play with it. I did a little polishing on it and tried to get the kink out. Purists would shudder, but it would still be an effective weapon.
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    That's a quote taken out of context to what you replied. But. Since you brought it up, I will follow up. Practice. I can tell you for a fact the world record gunfighter speed pistol record was set with pistols that were not short stroked. Heck, they even had stiff springs in them. Practice. The fastest 97 run I was witness to (6 shots in 3.82) was done with a shotgun that wasn't super slicked up. Practice. Some people would verge on calling it pretty stiff. Notice, I said "the most expensive" slicked up guns. Practice. Put a 15.00 lever spring in your 1873 Practice. 2 10.00 springs in your ruger pistols Practice. Ream your skb shotgun chambers with a 20.00 Drexel and brake hone Practice. Voila' competitive Stock guns- Missouri Lefty and Matt Black could use slingshots and out shoot most of us. Practice.
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    TW used the word 'participate'. He didn't say anything about winning or being competitive. Heck, most of us pretty much realize that to be competitive, it helps to have some nicely tuned guns and such. And to be a winner, it takes some serious practicing with those nicely tuned guns. But winning and/or even being competitive is a far cry from 'participating'. And a person can 'participate' with stock guns. Many of us started out with 'stock guns' and used them for the first couple years. And when we were able to start getting those guns finely tuned and slicked somewhat, it was usually one gun at a time. Besides, folks like TW probably has a sponsor (rich friend, country music star) in Nashville that pays for his guns and ammo. ..........Widder
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    I respectfully disagree with you there, Widder. Part of the problem we have had over the last decade or so are folks not being able to keep up with rule changes and clarifications changing rules on an irregular basis. then, it becomes a luck of the draw and what TO you get before you figure out what rules and clarifications you are going to play by. In order for a rule to become effective, you must give it time to become part of the culture. You must give it time to be implemented around the world, studied, and see it is having the desired effect before it's revisited again. Take for example the fiasco of the lever rule from a couple years ago. They implemented a rule change, a short time later it was rescinded, then it was revisited, then implemented something again. And, just because we didn't learn from that fiasco, we had to do it all over again. Look at the mess that we got with moving with a cocked rifle from the loading table. Rule was voted on by a committee and came out, everybody had it figured out. People started running the matches with what they thought the rule to be. Well, they thought they had it figured out. Come to find out they didn't. A couple months later oh, a rule change comes out. Or rather the clarification on the rule change. And we still have people who don't understand the nuances of this rule. And, depending on what range you go to, will tell you what the rules going to be. Just that whole process created a lot of hurt feelings, and even just distrust of the process. It's something that can easily be avoided.
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