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    Well... this was titled "RIP ants." Reckon it might work for gophers, moles, and earthworms, too.
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    For the past several years, at the start of the heating season, I have posted information and warnings regarding carbon monoxide. I spend a fair amount of time investigating and trying cases involving CO deaths and injuries. I wish I didn't need to repeat the warnings this year, but based upon the number of new cases I've seen this past year, it looks like the warnings are still relevant. So here goes. Carbon monoxide ("CO") is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas. It can be produced by the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. It can be dangerous to humans, and even deadly, at certain levels and durations of exposure. It can be found in the exhaust of cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, generators, and anything else that uses an internal combustion engine, or burns fuel to prouce heat or hot water. Furnaces and boilers that have not received annual servicing are potential sources, as are charcoal or gas grills operated inside a house or garage. The tighter a house is built or insulated, the faster CO will accumulate. Faulty vent systems, corroded exhausts, abd seperated PVC piping can all allow excess levels of CO to escape into the living space. It is the ultimate silent killer, interfering with the ability of the blood to carry oxygen. Many victims are overcome quietly while sleeping, and never wake up. Early exposure symptoms (headache, dizziness, nausea, confusion) are often mistaken for flu and ignored. Hundreds die every year from accidental exposures. Some examples from my cases in just the past year: An entire extended family in CT was overcome by CO during the Christmas holidays. A 30 year old floor furnace was poorly maintained, and improperly modified by the homeowner; CO was literally pouring into the exhaust stream; the homeowner also improperly installed and modified the exhaust vent, effectively blocking the flow to the outside and causing fumes to back up into the house; in an effort to save money on heat, the homeowner also fully sealed almost all windows and doors with plastic sheeting, eliminating the infiltration of any fresh air into the house. Three family member died; two suffered permanent brain damage, and will consequently require lifetime care. A middle-aged executive in NH was overcome by CO in his condo, and died several days later while hospitalized; testing and investigation disclosed that the vent from his gas fired boiler was improperly installed and maintained, causing it to seperate and allowing the by-products of combustion to enter the home; improper adjustement of the boiler caused CO levels to be 100 times higher than as specified by the manufacturer. An entire family was overcome by CO in their NH home; the homeowner had installed his own high efficiency boiler, but had neglected to properly convert the boiler from natural gas to propane; a contractor improperly installed the boiler vent system, and CO was released into the living space. Fortunately, one resident was awakened and realized something was wrong; despite mental confusion, he was able to call 911 and a timely response by Police and Fire saved all residents from serious injury. There are some simple safety recommendations that arise from these and dozens of similar cases: Fuel burning appliance installations are jobs for PROFESSIONALS, as is the ongoing maintenace and repair of these devices; especially with the advent of high efficiency burners and computerized controls, this is no place for do-it-yourselfers. Some states REQUIRE that a licensed gas fitter perform all installations and service. Even if your state doesn't, it's good advice to hire a professional; Compressors, power washers, grills, space heaters, and other devices that burn gasoline, natural gas, propane, wood, coal or charcoal ALL produce CO, and have no venting systems; DO NOT RUN THEM INSIDE YOUR HOUSE, BARN OR GARAGE; Your appliances and the attached vents require yearly inspection and servicing by a professional; do not laugh this off; it is not a conspiracy to squeeze more money out of you; it is a necessity to save your life and the lives of your families; INSTALL CO DETECTORS THROUGHOUT YOUR HOUSE, and change the batteries as required; in every one of the cases summarized above, the homeowners either removed the batteries or allowed them to run down; batteries are CHEAP!!! I want to see you at a match, not at the scene of a CO accident. Stay warm. LL
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    It's nice when someone values something you made. 35 years ago I made a new table/tray for an old high chair owned by my wife's aunt. It was a family treasure that wasn't being used and after I was done it was being used. I thought my work looked awful; they thought it was a gift from heaven. They still use it to this day. The aunt is in her mid-80s and brings it up every time she sees me. Who knew a badly carved high chair tray was going to be my legacy?
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    Cash! Nobody who knows me, let alone someone who doesn't, would dare take a check from me
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    I just found/bought 2 original model stainless consc serial # Ruger 4 3/4" vaqueros. But-----they are 32/20's with extra 32 H&R mags. Ruger only made 230 some of 'em with that barrel length and I now have 2 of 'em! Can't post a photo for awhile 'cause we've got a BS law in Wa state, says I've gotta wait for the local law to do the NIC check, when they get around to it. Keep going to them gunshows, never know what you might find!
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    Back around 2000, we had a wicked (this is New England "wicked" means horrible) storm that broke a lot of things like trees. A co-worker. Jan, told me I could have the scraps, the tree was ash. I picked it up and turned some bowls, five or six bowls 10 to 12 inches in diameter.. looking back at it, the work was brutal, I cant do that anymore. I gave all the bowls away. of course Jan got the best, it had an occlusion in it. Some guy she thought knew what he was talking about told her the wood was maple. what an idjit. I gave another to Lisa, the wife of a friend. Lisa told me yesterday that she puts it out with fruit for family occasions. I gave one to a daughter, I gave one to a friend in Ukraine. others I don't remember.
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    I think the craftsman always thinks their work is awful. That is because you know where the defects are.
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    That come close to being the funniest thing I've ever seen. Thanks.
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    I was made to watch this movie once. I was a child and could not get away from it. We were at a drive-in movie. The popcorn and the Ju-Ju’s that I thought were treats were actually bribes and mental conditioning. My brain has not been the same since. Hills scare me. I am told they are alive but they do not move...there must be some music that keeps them alive but I do not hear it. Haunting...
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    Galaxy of Terror (1981) That movie was awful. I have walked out of movies before but this one mesmerized me with stupidity. I couldn’t move. I needed to see if it got worse. It did. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0082431/
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    No point he used up all his luck
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    Why I mentioned propane...
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    I don’t have any need for one but I sure want one
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    The dog thinks: “Oh man...finally! This guy keeps forgetting to take me outside. Boy this feels good.” The man thinks: “It’s such a nice day. My phone is too big. Is that a butterfly this time of year? My leg’s warm. I wonder if I have a weird form of neuropathy? I need to see a doctor. Those girls are looking my way. Girls love dogs. Dogs are a great way to meet women. Why is my shoe wet? Is that a butterfly?...”
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    Wow! That was cool! That he did it...not me... Actually, my friends and I did that to a yellow jackets nest at my friend’s house in the country when we were teens. The result was very similar.
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    I did a product test for them (Huntego)about 8 months ago. They work ok on the barrel for smokeless powder but didn’t do anything to a gun shot with BP or BP subs. I ran 4 Cleanshot cartridges through the gun after 25 BP sub 12 ga. rounds were shot and you could not see any change at all. They are not intended to clean the chambers in any manner. They also have a very healthy recoil. For a smokeless powder shooter they might be convenient to Clean the barrels after a match but that is a stiff price to pay for convenience. ($9.50 - $10.75 for a box of 4 ctgs)
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    I like that answer short and concise.
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    When in doubt don't. I won't be offended whether it's real or not. I got one from myself a while back, and several robo-calls from my own number, too.
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    Hey, I know this Guy! I recognize the rolled up sleeves. I've seen him lately helping out in Wyoming and Colorado. He was a Posse Marshall in Hell on Wheels and it was the best Posse I've been with - but DO NOT TELL HIM.
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    Only complaint you will get form me is they seem to be the tags are getting smaller, the print is getting smaller, and they get harder to read. I am sure it is the name tags fault. I figure some day soon I will need name tags the size of billboards and a fount that matches.
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    Nope...that’s normal.
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    I'm sure glad these critters don't grow to Doberman size!
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    Nikon CoolPix P-610. Not my favorite camera, but it sure comes in handy sometimes.
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    My six year old granddaughter found one of those in my backyard a few weeks ago. Scary looking critter!
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    Capitan Regulator, son of Gunsmoke Cowboy won overall shooting the gunfighter category. I look for him to do well at EOT in June. There was no announcement of the location of the next state match. Long range events and the lollypop shoot were very competitive. Two of three days were quite windy. There were seventy five registered shooters. Look for complete results on the Rio Grande Renegades website. Keep Mad Dog Two, husband of Ramblin' Rose in your prayers. He was injured in a parking lot in a non-shooting incident and is now in a wheel chair.
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    As Olive Oyl said of Bluto... that doode is LARGE~!! Much better disposition, though!
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    Different game, different rules. In reenacting authenticity matters. In SASS, no one cares. Both games are fun and interesting, but it’s a waste of time and effort to apply the rules of one to another.
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    Cobra makes them too. After it breaks it can be used as a big fishing sinker.
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    I don't know some vegans are pretty nasty
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    Obviously you've never encountered the Female species..... ..........Widder
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    The Old Fort Parker Patriots (Grosbeck, TX) made them out of cow ear tags for one of their annual matches fairly recently.
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    Depends, Alpo.... Are we talking NCIS or Law & Order???? NCIS has better ballistics people.... LL
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    Klassic laser works has made them for the TN State match for several years. i havent heard any complaints. tazzkid@gmail.com is the contact info from the match booklet Imis
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    I watched Zombieland again last night with my family. We made an evening of it. My son-in-law made dinner and then we watched Zombieland and had ice cream. We are going to see the new Zombieland movie today. Zombieland “Double Tap”. It came out this past Thursday.
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    I think there is atleast one. I've heard the name of it as: Eric Holder's Confiscated and Recirculated Firearms Outlet..... ..........Widder
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    I can use a rod and patch for about ZERO cost. OLG
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    Trust me-We knew before you did............ OLG
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    Kroil is a penetrate and not a preservative oil. You really want Eezox for a preservative oil. OLG
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    Wonderful! I appreciate all the great people that dedicate time, energy and money to make this match one great event!
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    Screws are legal but the 1/4 inch total still applies. Blackfoot
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    All of us are products of our environment. I live in a world where everything supposed be done as printed in the manual. Funny part is after reviewing the 6 pages in the manual and associated placards, on the proper use of the toilet on one of the A/C I fly no place in the manual does it say you should flush the toilet when you get done with your business.. Common Sense is an integral part of interpreting the rules. Having to make the call on the spot and an the heat of battle no matter who you are is difficult, misinterpretations do happen and usually because of a disconnect between reading what is in black and white in the book, and what the “Intent” of the written word is as published. On my first reading and reflection of the initial post, I agreed that the printed word says clearly that six-guns are always loaded with only five rounds and the hammer lowered and down on an empty chamber, then further reflection (Common Sense) takes me to, less than 5 rounds is not stated, in the manual, but does not present an unsafe condition thus should be permissible. Maybe the verbiage should read “not more than five rounds” I don’t know there and that is a decision above my pay grade. At the end of the day the manual is quite good, not perfect, but the best we have, in conveying the “Intent” of the rules of the game. Just because one makes a call in the heat of battle that later upon further consideration, might not have been the “Best/Correct” answer, Common Sense, also does not lead to the need to question the competency of the individuals making the call. It should be used as an opportunity to educate all parties. F.S.
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    Chance, my Aussie coon dog passed over yesterday. Kylie, my granddaughter, misses him, but she understands he went to heaven.
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