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    This is my latest gun cart build. Some will call it the Snake gun cart, I’m sure. While at EOT and on the way back I was thinking about what I’d build next as I had just finished Buck Garrett’s Buffalo Hunter cart and Creek County Kids LOCAS cart, which I delivered to EOT. Double Diamond the leather worker who has done all of the leather work on all of the carts that I’ve built except for the first four or five has a daughter that has turned into a very good CAS participant. I knew she had a birthday coming up and on the refrigerator at home she has the ticket stub to my latest LOCAS Gun Cart benefit raffle posted. DD told me before I went to EOT that every time she goes into the kitchen she stops and looks at the ticket and says “I’m going to win that”. A couple of days after I got back from EOT I stopped by to see DD and I suggested that we, him and me, build his daughter, Diamondback Dree a Gun Cart for her birthday. He wondered if we’d have enough time and I thought we would so we came up with a plan. The hardest part was keeping it a secret because she’s home for the summer from college and is around quite a bit during the day. Well I got the cart built with some time to spare and then last week I delivered it to him to do all of the leatherwork. I had an out of town family wedding to attend for three days last week and couldn’t be there on her actual birthday day and DD wasn’t quite finished with his part so we moved the presentation party up to tomorrow evening. She doesn’t frequent the Wire so it ought to still be a big surprise. I built the cart out of African Black Limba, a lightweight hardwood that really has a lot of character. I used the ebony diamond pegs on Buck Garrett’s cart and liked them so much I used a whole bunch more on this cart. Some may think I went a little overboard but there’s no mistaking the diamond theme. I utilized through dovetail, sliding dovetail and mortise and tenon joinery throughout the cart including the trays. The wheels are the 20” Marathon garden cart wheel with the 1 3/8” x1/2” Xike high tech bearings installed. You’ll notice that the tires instead of being flat on top are much more rounded like bicycle tires and the cart is very easy to push. DD built the leather medallions that fit in the pockets that I routed into the cabinet, chest and carriage. On the back of the upper cabinet you’ll notice a round patch at the top of the crest and that is removable and if she wishes she can attach her clean match pins or whatever because there is Velcro attached to the cart that will hold the patch in place. On the front of the cabinet there is a belt buckle with a genuine rattlesnake head. DD made the black surrounding leather resemble wood and it really does look like wood. The medallion on the front of the chest and the sides of the cabinet are all raised and really resemble rattlesnakes. Enlarge your pictures if you can and check out the incredible detail. This cart was very enjoyable to build and I can’t wait to see her face tomorrow evening when she unwraps it. Our next Escondido Bandidos match is September 7th and it will be her first opportunity to use it.
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    Additional regs: No compound bows allowed. Bows and arrow shafts must be made of wood - No fiberglass allowed. Arrow fletching must be made of natural materials (feathers) - No plastic or vinyl. Tomahawks & knifes thrown must stick in target to count. KD hits with warclubs may be restruck until down. Any scalps taken are 10-second bonuses.
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    Only legal in the optional (non-SASS) "Wagonburner" category. Moccasins MUST be worn!
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    Not The Doctor. My surgeon. Final follow up after the surgery last month. Healing is going great. He gave me the okay to resume full activity. So I’m sipping some George Dickel 12 and watching the ball game. I’m pretty sure that’s what he meant.
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    I noticed my glasses were a bit loose this morning so I got the mini screwdriver set out of the junk drawer to adjust them. Then I realized I needed a second pair of glasses to see what I was doing. Got the magnifying glass out which didn’t work because I needed 3 hands. I have a free standing magnifier but it’s down in the man cave and I’d have to get dressed, or at least put on my boots. So I went rummaging around to see if I could find an old pair of glasses. Didn’t find them but I did find a box of 9mm I had misplaced. Then I remembered I hadn’t made coffee. So I did that and by then I had forgotten about my glasses. Also forgot here I had put them. I’ll wait till Carol gets up. She can find anything. sigh...
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    I tend to not post my bad news and complaints here, but I've had my share this summer. But I finally have some good news. I've been back into Kenpo for some time now, and I have been sparring successfully at with other black belts and a very accomplished 3rd Degree Brown Belt (As in has one grand championship at a well respected, well attended tournament, beating out noted black belts). I've demonstrated my ability to perform the necessary kicks, punches, blocks, checks and parries. I've written a thesis. Today I performed two empty hand katas and two weapon katas (Spear and sword). I demonstrated a kata I had created myself, then demonstrated the techniques within the kata, before performing it again. The net result: Shodan, or First Degree Black Belt.
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    One thing to keep in mind here is that the “local gun shop” is much less likely to survive municipal or government pressure than the box stores that sell guns and ammunition!! I like most local gun stores for their personal service and the ability to special order, but those big businesses add another layer of credibility and more weight to the legitimate gun sales/manufacturer/ownership position we desperately need in continuing to protect our Second Amendment rights. Any of them that we can count in our number are distinctly in our favor!!
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    Heard a commercial on the radio the morning from one of those “debt reducing” companies. They said, “Don’t let the credit card companies trick you into thinking you have to pay off your debt” ”Trick You”. Seriously? What’s this country coming to? Complete lack of responsibility.
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    I don't do woodworking. I built a birdhouse in high school shop class. I got an F, the Housing Commission condemned it, and PETA protested me.
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    No. Never waive your right to remain silent. Never speak to the police without having an attorney representing you. Just don't do it. Also Never consent to a search and never let the police in your home without a warrant. If they want to speak with you, step outside and lock the door behind you and then listen, but don't talk. If you follow this advice, it will make things more difficult on the front end, but you will save yourself from a lot of trouble down the road.
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    I shoot them for fun and it ends up being both to at least some degree.
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    My wife said she read something about a dyslexic gentleman who went to Area 15. Nothing much happened.
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    Bandsaws burn through wood instead of cutting if you put the blade on with the teeth in the wrong direction
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    Get to that range when a cowboy shoot is going on, and folks will let you try theirs for sure. You'll find what fit you best, that way. OLG
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    Last Oct, Ima and I bought a new 2019 Subaru Outback with all the bells and stuff. We saved up for over 3 yrs, and paid cash. It can be done........ OLG
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    I'm going through the "Memories" on FB - they had put their little mask over it so you could decide if you wanted to see it or not. What a bunch of mental and emotional cripples.
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    Despite what this particular “blog” claims, NASCAR still supports firearms sales and use! They still welcome sponsors and put on events sponsored by portions of the firearms industry and IT’S supporters. The line in the “blog” about Gander was misinformed as Gander has moved away from firearms. Finally, any event or production that is open to the public, nationally televised, supported by the same folks who support our cause, has corporate backing in other arenas, and consistently brings huge revenues to the cities it visits, is NOT something to be dismissed with a “to hell with them”!! I’m saying that even if you only ever liked one participant/driver, are bored by the action, have other interests that suit your fancy, or even if you just don’t like sports at all, “TO HELL WITH THEM” is as wrong as it gets when commenting on an activity that has been and continues to be a supporter of gun owners and shooting sports. REMEMBER!! This is ONE person’s view and is the result of interaction with an AGENCY that handles, (or possibly mishandles) advertising for a huge corporation!
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    Students were told to depict what they wanted to be when they grow up. This is what one daughter submitted. This is the message the teacher received the next day:
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    My wife and I are moving to be closer to family. I have given up my license while in the moving process and will get another once we are settled. I am selling off many of my personal guns. I should be up and running by the first of the year. Thank you, Johnny Meadows
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    “Wild Bunch Action Shooting 101” probably would have been a good title for this episode. Enjoy! And let me know what y’all think...
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    If you wore pants and underwear under your chaps you wouldn't need a butt cover!
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    If you buy a house in one of these neighborhoods, you'd better understand that the most radical property maintenance nuts in the neighborhood will get elected to the board. The bigger the neighborhood, the bigger the nuts.
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    When the rail steps are too expensive.
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    I have n doubt the 23 year old geniuses at FB thought it was a pic of dead bodies.
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    For me, it's about shooting with a great bunch of guys. I'm not a socialite. Actually I'm a man of few words in a crowd. But there are a lot of like minded guys and gals who assemble every month (x4) to have a good time. From observation of those I shoot with, competition appears to be with yourself and the writing of the unique stages (the more creative the better). This is evident when a clean match goes south or someone has a train wreck and all of a sudden things become more like a county fair shooting gallery. No one gets upset about it, no one argues about calling a "P". For me, the final score standings are just a way to gauge how I did relative to the complexity of the stages/match. A 34 second stage may be the best score overall. No one I shoot with has ever complained about how a stage was written because they couldn't do a ten round dump across all stages. When this happens, you'll see my back side heading for the truck. I'm in final stage renal failure and am living on borrowed time attached to "Dracula", my blood sucking kidney machine. For me, shooting with you guys gives me a reason to get up at 5:00am to head to the range where all my daily issues disappear for at least a few hours. My Pard "Let's Go" helps me on and off the range to insure this can happen. He's like the brother I never had, but then he is from the "Legion of Brothers" after all... Competition is practice, so are we not doing both?
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    There's a lot of citizens in this country. But when they commit a crime, should their being citizens prevent them from paying for the crime? If a citizen kicks in my front door in the middle of the night, I'm going to blow him back out into the front yard. If a citizen steps out of an alley with a knife and says give me your wallet, I feel that he needs to have two or three holes put in him quickly. If a bunch of citizens cut through the fence at the SAC base, and head over toward the BUFFs, the guards are supposed to shoot them dead. Back during the Cold War, if a bunch of citizens had broken into an ICBM site, the guards were supposed to shoot them dead. So if these citizens break into a restricted government base that has "LETHAL FORCE AUTHORIZED", the guards are supposed to shoot them dead. If you do not wish to get shot by a military guard, it might be a wise idea to not attempt to break into a military reservation.
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    Once I saw a comedy where somebody had been stabbed with a knife, and his buddy pulled it out of him. The victim screamed in pain and said "never pull a knife out!" so his buddy apologized and stuck it back in him again.
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    Tough crowd! But then, CAS is the sport where the guys talk about clothes!
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    That proud day with my son who was one of my instructors
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    Proceed with caution. The next time you take 16 minutes on a 15 minute break, 'somebody' will report you. Or the next time you get a personal phone call or have to call your doctor, child care center, auto repair shop, bakery for a special B'day cake, etc........ 'somebody' will drop a 'quarter' on you. Good luck. ..........Widder
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    A woman once said that she wanted to be re-incarnated as one of my Labradors. I told her that if she would swim out into the lake and come back with a duck in her mouth I would let her sleep on a blanket beside my bed. She did not take me up on it. Duffield
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    Or people who drive on my ass when I’m driving slow in the left lane.
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    I took out a 30 year mortgage (knowing full well I probably won't still be here in 30 years), but I should have it paid off in less than 15 years because I pay 3-4 times the actual principal each month (right now about $200/month so I add $400-$800 per month)which will pay off the loan in 10-15 years. If for some reason I have to fall back to just the actual amount due because of unexpected expenses, I won't be in trouble. I made sure there is no penalty for early pay-off.
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    You misspelled communists.
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    Can't make it any plainer than this. Once you make a compromise you will NEVER EVER get your cake (firearms) back. NO MORE COMPROMISE!! I'll choose dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery every time! Stolen from SDJ
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    After 4 or 5 months in CAS Cody, aka Cody James, and I signed up for EOT. My wife, Jackie and daughter Jessica came along to watch. Cody and I felt so welcome by everyone. We could not believe we could shoot on a posse with world class shooters and they took care of us. Jessica, who had only shot a 22/410 combo once in her life joined and shoots by the name SASS Kicker. My family has been taken care of ever since. Whether a world class shooter or someone who just likes the old west, SASS has something for everyone. Big and close or further and smaller; SASS is a blast. You can find a club somewhere or just about any weekend in AZ and they are all a little different . That happened in 2011 and we are still having fun although college is getting in the way somewhat. Fun is being around the family SASS creates.
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    Only if you're turning right
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    While Rye awaited the results I stopped in at the telegraph office and a 2 1/2 dollar gold piece bought me 10 minutes with the key and in private. I quickly sent an inquiry to the Nashville office and messages that had been sent to me began to be relayed. I didn't bother to write them out, as I had a good ear. News of Matthias Gardner's death and Zeb Gardner's renewed activity was the only thing of consequence. Then another message about a shifty little gunfighter looking for a lawyer came through and I keyed a response through to Stone Creek. "In Tuscon. STOP Pass along my regards to the man and let him know I will await his arrival. J. Mark END" I walked back to the Saloon where Rye was still waiting and I relayed the messages to him, including my own response. He shook his head "Mark, do you really care so little about your own life? Or is it all a show?" I tossed back a drink "If you are trying to ask if I have a death wish, No. No I don't. I do, however, believe you live your best life when fear is conquered, so I don't let little things like rabid gunmen worry me too much. Besides, if you win the election, I know I'll get a fair shake if there is a shooting." He shook his head as if he had just spent the last hour talking to an insane person. Maybe he had . . .
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    Yep...a certain dipstick I know sprayed bore foam down his barrel with a rubber plug stuck in the chamber. What a mess. I’ll never do that again.
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    In addition to what type of content should be on a site, the site should be easily readable. I have seen a few that could give a person seizures. I like a nice clean appearance and easy to navigate.
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