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    7 December 1941 Picture of my father some time after the attack. He was a Seaman 1st Class at the time.
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    They did not have to walk to school in the snow! What other lies have they told us?
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    It was the ungulates moving through the area. They were squaking a lot. Usually they're real quiet. I'm glad they made some noise or I might have missed em. About 200 yards from the house.:D
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    After this years Tusco yearly shoot when I got home and reread the shooter handbook written by Prarie Dawg I was again impressed by background story written by him for each stage. I know he has done this for years but I thought this issue was exceptionally well written, maybe it was because I had seen all the movies. I looked at it this week and reread it again and was again impressed. He has to spend a lot of time writing these books for our yearly shoot. I must be getting soft in my old age but I wanted to express my appreciation to Dawg for the effort he puts into our sport. You can call me cheap but this is all you are getting from me for Christmas. Charlie
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    . . . And THAT is why, if I am interrupted in the middle of a loading session for any reason (phone, door, 'Honey come look at this', etc.) I leave the 550B with the ram fully raised.
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    Santee and Jed I. Knight have YouTube channels that are monetized. Others have channels with Cowboy Action Shooting and related videos. I have uploaded videos to YouTube many years before getting into CAS. I created the Owl Creek Raiders YouTube channel to entertain the pards that come and shoot. I've included some of my projects. The channel has several hundred videos and over 80,000 views. I've not chosen to monetize. Google/YouTube has been hit with a fine from the Federal Trade Commission for endangering children. It's just another form of gangster style extortion but it has apparently prompted YouTube to make sweeping changes to use agreement and ways video creators work with YouTube. I've read through as much as I could stand of the new agreement policy and all I can make of it is, YouTube can do what they want to and you just have to take it or there's the door. Several things concerns me. Who's to say what videos are of danger to kids? Will any guns or shooting activities be considered dangerous? Maybe not now but sometime in the future? Also, in the new regulations, the FTC can levy fines down to the video creator's level up to $42,000 for each video. There appears to be a lot of anxiety in the industry. Some make a lot of money from the videos and the game has changed so their income could be reduced significantly. Or their channels could be shut down. Anyone research this thing out and understand what's going on?
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    There are two clubs very near to you and both shoot twice a month. Powder Creek is in Lenexa and shoots the 2nd and 4th Saturdays. http://www.powdercreekcowboys.com/home.html The other is a little ways south near Parker, Kansas and shoots the first Sunday and third Saturday each month. (Thou this month they have a make up shoot this coming Sunday, December 8.) https://freestaterangers.com You will find plenty of friendly and helpful folks at both. Sneaky and Two Shoots are great examples and ambassadors. Come on out and join us!
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    Every horse should be so equipped!
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    Needing a set of replacement tags due the the army changing their system while I was at FT Devens in 69, I went to the S1 office one gloomy Massachusetts day. After putting up with bs administrative military rigamarole for about an hour when I wanted to be doing something else, I finally got to the weasely clerk doing the dog tags stamping down in the basement. He looked at my paperwork and officiously informed me that I could no longer put Protestant on the tag. “It has to be an organized religion, Sir. Either that, or I put None”. Remember Lily Tomlin as the phone operator on Laugh-in? Picture her as a male, pasty faced, bespectacled, army personnel clerk. I closed my eyes, took stock of my supply of mental straws, and noted this was the last one. “Bullshit”, I said, smiling. The weasel called his weasel boss over to confirm, which he did. He also outranked me.... technically. Though about as far from a devout fella as one can imagine, I had a vision of being near death’s door on a far away battlefield. The chaplain leans close, pulls my dog tags out, sees on it ”none” , and says “Well. You don’t need me, Son.” and moves on to the next unfortunate. So I figured I’d hedge my bet and go for a bonified organized religion Dropping that last mental straw, I looked the pair of weasels straight in their 8 eyes and said, “Then put Moslem on it”. (That’s how we spelled it back in the day when Beijing was Peiping and Mumbai was Bombay) So with a nod from his weasel boss, he did. I left, feeling...exotic. I still have those tags.
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    Didn’t you sing a song for awhile about yer affection for the Old 97? It’s good to see you back.
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    Dang, I thought FJT had won the lottery and moved away to his own island in the S.Pacific. GREAT to see you on the Wire FJT. There is a host of really, top notch info posted above. You might be able to adapt to some of it quickly and some info might seem to hinder you. Just take it 1 step at a time. I like to shoot early, even 1st if possible. I come to shoot and have fun, not stand around worrying about what someone else might do, yet I learn a lot from watching others that I might be able to adapt at another point in time. I'm never nervous. Get all this crap about nervousness out of your system. You came to shoot with your friends and nervousness isn't included in any stage scenarios that I have ever seen...... Besides Safety and Have Fun, I basically have 1 guideline that I like to include in my matches..... I try to minimize small talking at the Loading Table. This can hinder your stage concentration AND more importantly, can become a Safety factor. You could end up leaving the LT with a cocked hammer on your rifle (presently a Penalty) or even a live round under the hammer on a pistol. As others have mentioned, don't overthink it. Its a fun game and should be approached as such. Best regards. And Merry Christmas to all my Wire Pards. ..........Widder (Walkin in a Widder Wonderland)
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    She's running in Colorado. https://www.ammoland.com/2019/12/lauren-boebert-announces-run-for-congress/#axzz67iTRXFOk
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    So two guys, fifty feet away, no guns in hand and I have my Uberti stoked with 10 rounds? So two man sized stationary targets at just over 15 yards shooter starts gun in hands, ATB triple tap sweep targets, last four rounds can go on any target(s).
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    As posted last night from Pale Wolf, this should be fun. Proposed rule change: Eliminate the automatic Stage DQ penalty for leaving the loading table with a cocked rifle. In such instances, the shooter will be directed to point the rifle safely into the back berm, bring the hammer to full cock if it is in the half-cock/safety position, then pull the trigger. If no round is fired, the shooter will be directed to finish staging firearms in order to start the stage (No Call). If a round fires when the shooter pulls the trigger, the shooter will be assessed a Stage DQ and directed to proceed to the unloading table. PASSED by vote of the Territorial Governors. YES - 208 (75.3%) NO -- 68 (24.6%) Effective January 2020
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    Yep, ya pretty much can't fix stupid!
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    I stand corrected, I was mistaken. You DO have vast knowledge and experience and I sure do appreciate that. Thank you for all that you do for SASS and the rest of us.
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    "Tried the cookies. Coconut flavored sawdust. DRY coconut flavored sawdust." African food labels are printed for the illiterate masses and also with the knowledge that there are so very many languages on said continent. The labels generally have a picture of the contents. Gerber couldn't imagine why its baby food wasn't selling. Uuummmmmmm ....
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    Ginger doesn't get old. Tina Louise got old. Ginger hasn't aged in over 50 years.
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    I really hate it when there are obvious errors in a story, takes you right out of what could've been a good read.
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    One day I was in a fast food restaurant and the nice young man saw my POW/MIA bracelet and offered me free coffee for being a veteran. I'm of the right age to be a Vietnam era veteran but I was never in the service. I immediately told him I didn't deserve it because I never served, it was my grandfather who served in World War I. The young man ended up buying coffee for me and thanked me for my grandfather's service. I belong to the Sons of the American Legion and sometimes have to immediately inform people that I didn't serve, my grandfather did. Pawpaw passed on in 1970 and I don't want for even a second to take his valor.
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    I can't help but thinking the time that someone put in to make that Picard video!
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    Given that Idaho is in the top 10 states for population growth. In a few years it could be next. I love Texas yet we are under an ever increasing threat by bloomberg and his minions as millions of people move here every year from deep blue states. Look at what has happened to Washington State. None of the recent gun laws would stand a ghost of a chance of passing in the legislature but when placed on a ballot, 5 counties have a large enough population to out vote the other 34. Bloomberg and his minions paid for all the petitions that allowed those laws to make it on the ballot.
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    The Bouklder professor has perhaps let her zeal for women's equality color her perception. I'm trying to find the documentary she did in 2012 but have been unsuccessful so far. The government did this one during the war.
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    Your brothers guns are Uberti built Open Top design. The Barrel to Arbor fit is BAD!! The Arbor is too short which allows the barrel to wedge back against the cylinder face and jam the gun. This also makes the End Shake wrong. The first thing to try, before heading out to a gunsmith is to drop by the local hardware, pick ups package of # 10 Stainless Split washers. Drop one down the bore in the barrel and then seat the arbor with the wedge. The gun should tighten up just fine with proper barrel gap and End Shake. There are other, more complex (Expensive) ways to fix the problem, but the washer is quick and cheap. About 3 cents per gun. You may have to re-fit the wedge.
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    WTH? I probably really don't want to know!
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    Smarter than the dog laying in the snow
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    Alexa is a Russian agent, listening to you through a Chinese-made device, in your home (likely made by undocumented builders, if built in the last twenty years). Sun Tzu: Know your enemy.
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    THERE IS HOPE. DO NOT DISPARE. There was real and actual life before computers and cell phones.
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    As mentioned numerous times during the past couple years' discussions, the method specified in the approved rule change was used for many years by many clubs before the automatic SDQ was codified in the SHB ten years ago.
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    JP enterprises makes a encapsulated spring and buffer. Virtually no spring noise and you can add or subtract weights on the buffer to tailor it to the loads you're firing. https://www.jprifles.com/
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    PLUS ONE two Both of you old Curmudgeons. And Bah Humbug!!
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    When the rule change came up and was presented by the TGs at the four clubs at which I shoot the most, the reaction was pretty much the same. At first glance and without much thought, about 2/3 of the groups were in favor of change with the rest against or didn’t care. After much discussion though, all four clubs voted against the change. Most thought that going to the line with the hammer cocked (full cock) was unsafe. But most thought that going to the line with hammer on half-cock should be a no-call. At our clubs the vote was to leave the rule in place as it was. Going to the line with a live round in the chamber is clearly unsafe and should be a SDQ. (It is). The theory was that if you don’t have a live round in the chamber, it’s not unsafe (meaning it is safe). How do you tell? Pull the trigger and see! (In the case of half cock, you cock the hammer then pull the trigger). If the hammer happens to be DOWN on a live round, you don’t know until the gun is levered and the live round pops out. It seems to me that the committee missed the REAL safety problem: Walking around with a cocked (read “full cock”) rifle when you don’t know it’s easy to fire! Even with a round in the chamber, the rifle is not as likely to go off from either half cock or hammer down. A fair number of the ‘73’s we shoot have worn sears to varying degrees all the way to the point that they won’t stay cocked at all. Somewhere before that point, the rifle becomes very sensitive and gets to where the hammer will fall from a slight jar. In a stock rifle, the hammer falls to half-cock and doesn’t fire. BUT - Many shooters (mostly because of the rule in question) have disabled the half-cock, so that the rife WILL fire when the hammer falls without pulling the trigger. I don’t know if the old rule prevented any AD’s with rifles on the way to the line or not. But I do know that lumping half-cock into the same definition as full-cock has led a high numbers of shooters to remove the half-cock notch, making the gun less safe. For that reason, I would have supported a rule change removing the SDQ penalty for half-cock violations, but NOT for FULL-COCK. I am hoping that a future rules committee will consider separating the penalties for half vs full-cock.
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    Do NOT think I would care to try the canned Tripe available at Walmart though GW
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    my question is about the distance. It seemed to take too long for 100 yards, near three seconds. I'd have guessed a lot further.
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    Those are great!!! Love the open season quote by Will Rogers!! I’ve always liked, “ It’s so cold I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets!
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    I didn't say you were arguing for a new rule. I said you were arguing for an "asinine safety rule", which is what you referred to as the gun laws in California, and the voting super majority feel about the cocked rifle rule. Yes you can voice whatever opinion you like. I never said you couldn't (though you might want to take that Constitution and Bill of Rights refresher course yourself and hopefully understand how your rights do not extend to private property). I merely asked how effective that has been for you in the past. SASS, for right or wrong, has a process in place in which you can use to change anything you don't like. The very same process that overturned this very rule in fact. Perhaps try that approach first would be my suggestion. Unless you can educate me on an instance in which bitching over the internet was actually effective in making a change. Then I will stand corrected while eating humble pie.
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    Before the parade, there was this pretty cool homecoming of the Royal Marines. That’s the kind of welcome the military deserves. Makes me smile a wee bit.
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    If it matches a gun you have, I say go for it!
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    Seat and crimp in 2 separate operations. Best for all calibers. OLG
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