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    Odin, retired U.S. Army, 2008-2020.
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    Korupt Karl pulled off the surprise of the night at Comin at Cha when he represented the JEDI Council and announced this: 2020 JEDI GF of the YEAR is....... TEXAS JACK DANIELS. He tricked TJD into helping out by telling him a new JEDI would be 'pinned'. What TJD didn't know was that HE was being recognized as the 2020 JEDI GF of the YEAR. I understand his surprise response to Karl was an appropriate........ "You SOB". Congratulations Texas Jack Daniels. Your contributions to SASS and as a GF are appreciated by many. P.S. - Thanks to Korupt Karl for helping take care of this at an appropriate venue. ..........Widder
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    Not going to happen. While some Americans have already happily given up their rights and others will due to sheer ignorance and laziness, plenty of Americans will fight to maintain those rights. There are plenty of Americans who know America as founded and as fought for and died for is worth still fighting for and leftist socialism is worth stopping at any price. If the leftists were to win the 2020 election they will not govern as they desire, disarming us and turning us into a 3rd world socialist nation that today's democrats seem to want. Plenty of real Americans left to fight for this country.
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    All gun rooms should have a white concave floor where everything will roll to the middle of the room.
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    It can be hard.
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    This is Fidget, my ferocious rabbit hunting/flushing partner. He's a Jack Russell but was born with no spot on his face. Snobby breeder didn't want him, told me he was worthless. Boy was she wrong. He has the best nose and is a real good boy.
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    I'm sure that Pat knows someone nearby that can "lend a hand".
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    Overall Winner at Covid (Comin) at Cha 2020. MatchResultsByTime.pdf MatchResultsByCatTime.pdf
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    Pat had wrist surgery yesterday and after seeing a couple posts I think he is doing good. Soooo lets start some rumors about him. My first question is does anyone wonder what @Pat Riot, SASS #13748is doing with himself since he can’t use his hand.
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    Bring back the 39A in some form.
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    Just drop the ugly wart of a cross bolt safety from the existing line of Marlin lever guns.
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    Well would ya look at this!...A guy goes outta town for a day and you all commence to telling lies and takin’ liberties with reality! Bottles, let’s get these Jaspers lubed up so they stay out of mischief...waddya say, Sport? What’s that? Why Perro Del Diablo’s tab, of course! Get that old cook to make me a steak...have him cut it up in little pieces too. I darn near worked up an appetite just punching this up on that tiny little keyboard.
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    I heard that Pat's pick pocketing charges have been dropped.
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    Useful in other situations, too
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    At least he's not walking around with a checkered welt on his forehead.
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    Conservative, smart, stunning...... and I want her..........coat.
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    Bring back the Marlin Camp Carbine.
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    Straight from Blade HQ company over in Utah. A shiny Buck Ranger 112 auto. Very smooth open and Buck’s usual strong lockup. Love it.
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    Like the wife says, " Happy Hallothanksmas"
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    You sure the wet spot is from the glass??
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    Ask a drunken sailor on Canal Street if he can see a red light.
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    I have only been asked once by a law enforcement officer if he could search my vehicle and I refused, mostly because the Game Warden was a jerk. Situation: Year 1982. In Texas. Dove Season. That year, Texas had a split opening day of dove season. Opening for Morning Dove season began Sept. 1 at noon. After opening day, shooting could begin a half hour before sunrise---EXCEPT two weeks later when Whitewing Dove season opened. On this day again no shooting allowed for either Morning or Whitewing until noon. See a problem here? The Second Opening Day--Whitewing Dove opener: I was out to my spot about 11:00 that morning and stayed in my vehicle. There was an old man and a young boy set up within my view. I suspected it was a grandfather and grandson. A very young looking Game Warden came up to the old man and asked if he was having any luck. The old man said they’d only got two so far. The young Game Warden asked if he could see the birds. The old man showed him two dove. Then the young Game Warden began loudly berating the old man, telling him he was in violation of Game Laws, was setting a bad example, and then wrote the old man a citation, followed by more berating. The old man and boy packed up and left. I really felt sad for the old man. Shortly, the Game Warden came up to me and asked me if I’d had any luck. I told him, “No. I haven’t fired a shot.” Then the Game Warden asked me if he could search my vehicle. I told him, “No.” The young Game Warden then said to me, “If you haven’t done any shooting, why won’t you let me search your vehicle.” I then went off! I told the jerk that I’d seen what he’d done to that old man. That this split season with two opening days at noon was not well thought out and why. And, that if he’d had any common sense he’d have known that maybe the old man was not aware of the change in time to begin shooting, and just how ashamed he’d made the old man look in front of the young boy. And, that I was not going to let him search my vehicle, not because I’ve nothing to hid, but because the Game Warden lacked common sense, situational awareness, and acted like a jerk! I was hot! The young Game Warden said he was just doing his job and enforcing the law. I told him when he was more mature that he’d understand law enforcement is not just writing citations and berating grandfathers in the presence of their grandsons. The young Game Warden didn’t bother me further. .
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    Let's not make this personal by bringing facts into this, eh.
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    Obviously it's by Kyle's atty - other than the music - I think it's well stated.
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    YEEHAW!!! For now the pressure is off!!!! The owning range paid me for 44 of my personal used steel targets. They are going to use them for some 300 M rifle/pistol gong targets at a new freestyle long distance match. Also Platte Valley Kid donated 12 brand new cowboy-shaped 3/8" targets. He's a fine feller. Tell him so when you see him! And after some serious negotiations, the major club allocated the money for fifteen 2' X 2' AR 400 steel plates, hanging hardware and stands for our 2021 shooting year. I want to thank JP Ed for this project approval! I am assembling them this weekend. We will try some out at our October Halloweenie shootout.
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    '43. In Italy. Rough year. Who knew Italy as full of wine?
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