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    Kind of a slow day at the Badger spread, so I went back in time, when my partner, Captain Jack and myself, would go after the mail, when it was delivered. Captain Jack was a black Lab/Border collie mix, and Lord only knows what I am. Anyway, Jack had a stick that he always carried with him on our journey. Peculiar thing though, about half way to the mail box, Jack would drop the stick next to the roadway, and mark it so he could find it on his way back. Well, marking the trail didn't workout too well, because there would be several sticks that were similar and Jack couldn't tell the difference until he got home and examined it. Then he would abandon the fake stick and I had to find him a new one. So one day I took a piece of doweling that was about 1" stock, and whacked off a chunk about 12" long. That stick was his and he cherished it. He would lie in the sun with the stick in the grass next to him, and dream doggie dreams. When I would tell him it was time to get the mail, he would be frantic until he located his stick. Once found, he would grasp it firmly and prance down the road like a potentate, head and tail high. Half way down the lane, drop the stick, mark it, and on to the mail box. Everything was wonderful until one day when he went to mark the spot, his aim was off and he hit the stick full on. On the way back, he went to retrieved his stick and somebody had fouled it. So he abandoned it and proceeded homeward with head and tail down. I had to retrieve it and wash it off. When I offered it to him, he sniffed it, sniffed again, accepted and proceeded to take it back to his grassy spot and tenderly put it in the grass, ready for the next trip. I MISS THAT CRITTER.
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    Please add your own story. I lost my wife Kayla to a brain disease just two months ago. It has been a rough two months, but two SASS Cowboys have been there to help lift my spirits. I want to publicly thank Diamond Curly and Buckeye Al. Both have been a huge blessing over and over again. Buckeye Al was quick to send a condolence card followed by several phone conversations. He lost his wife of nearly 60 years just one year ago and he is there to help me find a path forward and encourage me to share feelings. Diamond Curly followed shortly thereafter with telephone conversations and a trip out to shoot black powder at his Gun Club. He set me up with powder, flask, caps, balls, and other tools of the trade for my new 1860 Colt Army. It is indeed a blessing for me to know Cowboys like this are all around me as we head back out to the range in Briggsdale County, Wildcat Ridge, and Border Vigilantes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Russ the Red
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    During all this Covid stuff and being confined to our homes, I just want to know if Old Widder can have this next dance with YOU......
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    It is the Timer Operator's responsibility to ensure all targets are reset before calling up the next shooter. REF: SHB, RO1, RO2. That implies "reset PROPERLY". IMO, if a shooter notices that a target is not reset the same as it was for all previous shooters on a stage, it would be reasonable to request that it be fixed. That is not the same as asking that it be set differently than for everyone else for any possible competitive advantage.
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    Our newspaper delivery guy would stop his car at our house and throw the paper into the drive. He'd wait a moment to watch Lizzie run out the door, pick up the paper, and race back to the house. The newspaper delivery guy always got a big kick out of watching Lizzie get the paper. Badger, I too miss my Lizzie Girl.
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    Had Harley, our first Dalmatian. He was really smart and ALWAYS wanted to ride in the car or truck. You couldn’t mention the vehicles or going somewhere but that he was already at the door waiting!! You couldn’t even spell “go for a ride”!! I often miss him still when I am traveling alone.
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    I've only had one dog. I miss him so much. He was an angel with the cats.
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    BG: When the Antifa guys start showing up in Emergency Rooms with BB-sized ankle wounds, we'll know who's responsible! LL
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    I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say Mrs. Doc might hurt herself laughing.
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    Everything you need. https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/general-gunsmith-tools/index.htm
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    20 minute video. Good info on the two craft.
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    Poor souls. I welcomed them with some hot coffee and biscuits and jelly. Then they tried to burn the house down but I forgave them. Then they tore down the fence and allowed the pigs to get loose, but I forgave them. They raided the hen house and started throwing the eggs at me, but I forgave them. When they raided the cellar where Grandma kept her canned goods and 'Splo' (lemonade) Grandma wasn't easy to forgive them. You'll find their carcass behind the barn. Maybe God will forgive them. ..........Widder
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    Check out this video. The umpire was *clearly* wrong, and when the coach challenged, he did it properly. The umpires confirmed and upheld the extremely bad call. I mean this one was flagged by Captain Obvious for being too obvious, and for some reason they umpires didn't overturn it. But the coach was awesome. Absolutely awesome. I want him coaching my kids:
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    There is absolutely no way you can read that first sentence and scroll past the rest of the post!
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    Can’t talk about this
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    Does anyone hear the sound of backhoes starting up??
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    I came across this gadget at a gun show today. I originally heard about the product several months ago, but had one big question left unanswered about it which dissuaded me from ordering one. I ultimately bit the bullet, brought a kit home, and put together a short demonstration to answer the question for anybody else who was curious!
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    Clean a hat...what an idea. But the hat sponges do work well. Being a darksider I have come to think of those stains as added personality to my lighter colored hats. Hochbauer
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    Or something better for crowd control.
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    Birdgun, my friend! I believe you and I would agree that ANY violence is too much. The spread of protest and violence at this point is both counterproductive and unwarranted since the officer in question has been fired, arrested, and is being charged in the death of the arrestee! Despite all the posturing and the media driven acrimony, it seems that the “system” is working! If it weren’t for the “for profit” bias of the media, similar deaths suffered by “other” ethnicities would be reported, but that would dilute the impact and thus the agenda of the players in this freak show!!! My own opinion is that if all we’ve been told about this incident is true, which I accept for now, and there is no mitigating circumstance that would justify his actions, this now former officer should be prosecuted and punished appropriately!! It is also my opinion that ANYONE found or caught so much as spitting in the street during what is no longer a “peaceful protest” , that is throwing objects at police, looting, vandalizing, or damaging public or private property of ANY kind, or committing or threatening to commit violence on anyone, should also be arrested, charged, aggressively prosecuted, and punished severely!!! Instead, we’ll have more violence and more discord brought on by the media and the sure and certain misleading cries of the “racial carpetbaggers” that are already spooling up the rhetoric and vitriol for their own personal or political gain! AND!! It’s highly unlikely that any of those who promote such actions or those that commit these illegal acts will be held accountable!!
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    A dozen demons in the making
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    05/31/2020 pm. "Saturday Astrid and I got to visit my angel for an hour outside her window. Michele enjoyed getting to see her baby and she was all smiles. Astrid enjoyed seeing her mama as well. Michele's speech was very good and I understood most of what she was saying. Sunday it was just me visiting Michele. Her spirits were good and I received some beautiful smiles. She promised she would work hard during therapy this week and continue to eat better. Good night and God bless."
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    12 year old boy, 14 year old girl and their mother. They are all hooked hard and have been using my gear but would like to have some of their own so they can practice at home. Budget minded. Used is a must they can't afford new. So if your of the buy once cry once mindset please move on. Not concerned with looks just needs to function. Looking for one set to share for now. Needed: .38 brass supplied by Marshall Stone thank you sir. Pair of revolvers, both ladies prefer scaled down versions but not a must. In .38 Rifle: anything but a big boy. Chambered in .38/.357 Holsters and belt ladys size small.. so 28 to 34 inches for belt I've got something for the boy. They will be re reloading using my presses so we are good there. I see much promise in them. The first day of shooting all three ended up in the low 30s. The two kids have the potential to be great. If anyone knows of someone looking to sponcer up and coming youth shooters please send them my way. Between these two, my two and another family of 4 there are plenty to choose from. Thank you all
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    Evil - I have these 2 holsters I made that I’ll give them and make a belt to go with them when I get the measurement. Also have this used gun cart with tube tires I made for a friend a few years ago and he ask me to sell for $50. ( I just talked him into selling it for $50 ) The large box lifts off and the cart folds down . I also have a 20” Navy Arms 1892 that in .357 /38 that works and easy to run. I use RNFP .38’s with a OAL os 1.46 -1.47 with no problems. $495 for it face to face. Also have a satin nickel finished 20” Stoeger with double triggers, only work done is auto safety function removed. Still works manually. Stock has not been cut. $395. I’ll bring it all to CVV this Saturday and GCG the following Saturday.
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    I swear, it''s like I am a kid again learning about all this cool stuff. Thanks Chief Rick.
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    Gee Gator, that sounds pretty condescending... Phantom
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    Where did you here this??? If you are referring to my post, please read it again. The "Character" question had to do with the effects on a club's targets. Secondly, the purpose of the "19th Century loads" was not to shoot steel at 3-20ish yards... Phantom
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    Where were you, the Mekong Delta?
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    Hornady Cam Lock bullet puller, I pulled hundreds of rounds, it works great. Just get the right size collet for the bullets you are going to pull. I've pulled rifle and pistol bullets no problem. https://www.hornady.com/reloading/presses/lock-n-load-accessories/bullet-pullers-bullet-collets/#!/ TB
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    I have my M6 Field Cannon with all accessories. My M6 Field Cannon is the most powerful BB caliber cannon available.
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    I will gladly give you the next dance, Widder. Next time you're in Florida, it's a deal.
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    So maybe the ATF should have directed FFLs to protect the people rather than the records...
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    It's kind of funny because I have always seen Target stores as the place where the liberal pukes go to shop. Maybe Dick's Sporting Goods will be next on their hit list.
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    We used to have a shooter who filled his 45 cases with Triple 7, then crunched in the bullet. He thought it was hilarious when folks cried out in pain as his ammunition damaged their hearing. When timing for him, I'd start the timer, then set it down and use both hands to cover my ears to avoid losing more hearing. I must admit. I'm glad he found something else to do. I'm sure the WB set the ammunition limits they did to include common factory loads. And while that is the way it should be, most shooters soon realize that ammo is a little hotter, louder and does more damage to the targets than lighter loads would.
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    While I would shoot it as is, I think this is a crappy answer and attitude. Every effort should be made to keep staged targets equal for all shooters. Period. Unless, of course, it is done as a friendly "joke" to a shooter who enjoys that sort of thing.
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    With 50+ yrs of reloading experience behind me, let me say this. I will never resize any case till after it's been cleaned. I deprime, wet tumble w/ceramic media and after the cases dry. I either reload'em or put them in storage in airtight containers. OLG
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    I just finished my first book, and I enjoyed it so much that I’m thinking of reading another one... Seamus
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    I think that's a valuable alert and I applaud the ATF for finally doing something to help me protect my guns. However, I don't think I'll be signing up for the ATF alert system anytime soon because I don't have any guns. Terrible boating accident, ya know.
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    I have never loaded “mouse fart” loads for my own use. I always load my CAS loads to close to original power or a little hotter. I am not a fast shooter. Never have been and never will be. I ain’t foolin’ nobody that I will ever be in the winner’s circle. I load my ammo so that if (God forbid) I ever had to grab a box of ammo for defending myself or home I wouldn’t just pizz the bad guy off when my bullets bounce off of his favorite tee shirt causing him lead smudges. I hear they can be hard to get out in the wash. Now, years ago I used to look down my nose at folks for gaming and loading down their ammo. Then one day a Pard showed up to a match that was very anti-mouse-fart. He had hurt his wrist and had to swallow his pride and download his ammo so the recoil didn’t hurt his wrist. I busted his chops a little bit and then it dawned on me that this could definitely be me someday. That changed my attitude a bit. Also, it also dawned on me that I was being a jerk. What business was it of mine what anyone did to play the game as long as they played by the rules? I have a messed up right wrist. Bad arthritis. Someday I may be having to load down my handgun ammo to play the game Now how much fun would matches be if the whole time I am shooting my little devil is sitting on my shoulder making fun of me for my mouse fart loads?
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    Did I tell you about the time I shot myself in the left testicle? For some 10 years I had an FFL to do gunsmithing. I had ordered for myself a retired Oklahoma Highway Patrol Smith & Wesson model 28 that l later converted to 45Colt. But while I was waiting for the 50 target barrel to come in, I loaded up some very light 38 Special loads. I was enjoying plinking with the heavy big iron with the light load. Anyway, I set down with my back slumped back against a carport post and knees pulled up to rest my elbows to shoot a tight group. I was shooting into a backstop made of seasoned oak timbers. The bullets had just enough power to stick into the wood. Except one. I seen it clearly come bouncing back at me ricocheting off the frozen yard but I was paralyzed to react. And thump, it hit me in the who-haws. Instant pain followed by a quick examination. Fortunately, I was wearing insulated cover-alls. And the bullet didn't have enough stream left to even break a thread or leave a mark on the fabric. But it left an impression on me that lasted a couple of days.
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    Spotters ... "Is that a hit??"
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    He’s got an Army Commendation ribbon on his rack so it’s Army TWs (Khakis) from the 60s or 70s. Officer wore rank and branch on the collars. DUI (distinctive unit insignia) went on the epaulettes. General Officers do not wear branch insignia so rank on each side. One nice uniform in my,opinion. Too bad they dropped them.
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