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    Get a big glass of something you like and and drink it down with me. Doctor says my Prostate cancer is whipped.
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    I wanted to let you all know that Sage Chick officially graduated from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine this past weekend. Because of the Covid19 it was not quite the graduation ceremony that she had always envisioned, but after 8 years of hard work she is Dr. Sarah none-the-less. Many of you, especially if you know her and/or supported the SASS scholarship fund, were instrumental in this accomplishment. Thank you all so much. Later this month she and Sam will be getting married in a rustic barn setting and settling in on the ranch (or farm as we call them in Ohio) near Newark where she will be working in an established vet clinic. Now that academia is behind her, she can actually have a real life, and hopefully get back out on the range and do some shooting with all of you.
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    For those that don't know at 1700 eastern time President Trump has been holding press conferences on the status of the war against COVID-19. First thing I have noticed is how few times President Trump says "I". He is either giving credit to specific individuals, specific companies or saying "we" instead of I. Unlike the previous occupant. While the MSM is trying to keep us divided here is what has happened in just the last few days. GM is manufacturing ventilators, Ford is doing the same. The pharmaceutical giants donated collectively close to 10 Million doses of quinine based drugs. Millions of test kits that give results in minutes vice days are being fielded. Ohio-based Battelle has gotten approval to use their machines to sterilize N95 masks. Now they can be reused up to 20 times rather than be thrown away. Companies are retasking their 3D printers to manufacture face shields, ventilator valves and a whole host of critical items our health care workers need. The necessary files are being freely shared to allow anyone to step up and assist. Two USNS Hospital ships went from storage to fully operational in just a few days vice the weeks it was originally expected to take. The USNS Mercy is docked in Los Angles. It is fully operational, accepting patients and performing surgical operations. The USNS Comfort docked in New York today. I am betting it'll be operational by COB tomorrow. Thousands of Doctors, Nurses, and other health care professionals came out of retirement to fill the gaps. In New York City, the Army Corps of Engineers built a 3000 bed field hospital for non-Covid -19 patients in only 3 days, so that traditional hospitals can devote more resources to infected patients. Several more are in the works and will be operational soon. Listening to My President talk about how individuals and companies large and small have answered the call made me proud to be an American.
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    Thanks guys - appreciate your care in knowing my condition. All is good...I'm vertical and still breathing. When I got a penalty point from a Moderator for speaking frankly, I basically quit the Wire. I'll be at WR...say hi. Or if one of the Wire Wranglers want to take an issue up with me Face to Face...I'm up for that too! Take care and keep supporting your local SASS Clubs and local Gun Shops! Phantom
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    Hello to All! As the new Chairman of the ROC, I wanted to first thank Virgil Earp for his long and distinguished service as our Chairman. Virgil has been a tower of common sense, and one of the long time keepers our the SASS "Old West" collective conscience. He has been a true inspirational leader in our community, and has contributed much over the years to keep our game on the right track. We thank him for his service as Chairman, and are very grateful for him staying on the ROC to continue giving his guidance. Virgil, my hat is off to you....you are a true Cowboy! I have big shoes to fill, no doubt. A quick word about the ROC, our role and process. As many of you know, the ROC is NOT a rule making body....that role is filled by the TGs, and in very extenuating circumstances, the SASS Wild Bunch Board. The role of the ROC is to support the evolution of the game, foster better enforcement of the rules and safety covenants as evenly as possible throughout the organization. We are available to communicate with SASS members for the receipt and discussion of ideas, concerns, proposed improvements, and various changes or clarifications of the SASS competition rules contained in the Shooters Handbook. We are also charged with the clarification of existing match and equipment rules. In that regard we complete an annual review of the rules and suggest edits as needed. We volunteer as a match officials, and represent SASS and the ROC at matches attended, and are required to be a resource for members and match coordinators. We also review and provide timely feedback on Equipment Modification applications received and distributed to the ROC by SASS HQ. We are here for you all, and will help in any way we can. As you can see we can be very busy at times. When the "What's The Call" (WTC) questions come up on the SASS Wire presenting situations that have never been dealt with or considered before, Palewolf Brunelle (ROC Member and Wire Spokesman) will forwarding those questions to us by email or ROC Wire. We then take the time to consider the questions and the details. We will discuss and email between ourselves to clarify the issue, and agree on the official ROC position. That resolution will then be posted on that particular SASS Wire - WTC thread. Having said that, I would ask you all for your patience with Palewolf, as he will get the answer posted as soon as possible. This process can take time, as some of us have other commitments (work and family) that we need to prioritize. Essentially, give us the time needed to get you a good, thoughtful and right answer. I would rather take the time to give a "quality", as opposed to "quick", answer. The process for rule changes takes a ground swell, and it takes time. If clubs feel a rule should be changed, added or deleted your TG should first float the idea among your club members, then on the TG wire for discussion. If the idea has merit, the issue can be made a TG Meeting Agenda item for further consideration and discussion. This process takes time, and it should! We should never move quickly to change existing rules and philosophies.....as we don't want to "tilt at windmills". As a community we should react slowly, even to changes that are truly needed, and driven by the majority of the community...not passing fads. We need to always do what is best for SASS and our game. Finally I would like to inform you all that Sassy Dancer has been appointed to our committee. She is a top shooter in her own right, and true Cowgirl who keeps the SASS vision and conscience at heart. Her positive attitude and community spirit exudes what we value in SASS. I am truly honored and thankful to have her on our team. See you all down the trail!
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    Thank You all. I did have some dirt kicking news last week. The killing Hornets Fire Ants nor a Texas Tornado will stop me from Marrying Ellie Gant This Saturday afternoon. We have been together for 9 years now and she has seen and put up with me. In the past week an Angle spoke to me twice now. One said to take care of my business and the other told me to Everything will be alright. Sheryl has taught me so much about God in these past years and he is my Lord and savior. We will see y’all at Comin At Cha 2020, I want to call this match “ A New Beginning” see ya soon on the Range. Thank Y’all again
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    I bought a Lichtenberg fractal burning machine last week and have been playing with it a little ( my wife says obsessed) and built a couple of sets of gun cart wheels for a couple of carts I’m building. I used the fractal burner on the spokes. These pictures are both sides of one wheel before I’ve brushed the lacquer on. What do you think?
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    Trump Installs Ejection Seats Throughout Press Briefing Room
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    In to the wild blue yonder.... Leaving for Albuquerque tomorrow to fly to Charlotte on Wednesday. Should be there for about 3 months. I’ll miss the homestead, but I’d go to the ends of the earth to help my bride. updated 2-21 below
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    I've really stopped posting on the Wire...too much stoopid stuff on here. But when I see a prolific Wire know it all posting anything about Jim Bowie, I'm motivated to speak. There is NO ONE FINER THEN JIM BOWIE...so sorry that he's not an expert businessman like some think they may be or think he should be. He's just a super fine Gunsmith and a SUPER FINE person. Phantom
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    I think that we all need to say some extra prayers for Utah Bob and his bride. Unless you are seeing the world through his eyes, you can not know the suffering and trouble. He has the added stress of not being able to take her home after each treatment and surround them both in familiar and comfortable surroundings. There are many in similar situations this day. Let us pray for them as well to the phycisian that knows all of His patients by name.
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    Howdy As some will know I'm involved with getting a new club up & running in a small country town by the name of Esk in the state of Queensland. It's still a work in progress but here in Australia it's a lot of paperwork, inspections & money !! It will happen eventually . The good news is the next small town just down the road [ about 15 mile ] has an up & running pistol club on 40 acres, toilets, showers, kitchen , plenty of camping & ample room to set up plenty of stages. The towns name is TOOGOOLAWAH & the club is just on the outskirts. I have approached them re- Cowboy shooting & just recently been given the green light. So BIARRA BANDITS will be our name & we will shoot on the 4th Saturday of the month. We will be a SASS club . Our first shoot was to be in May which had to be cancelled, hopefully when everything settles down we will be able to set another date. Biarra is the name of the district where the range is situated..many years ago there was a milk factory nearby so we will be able to have the Milky Bar Kid awards ..
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    ... and staying in pajamas all day while isolating, I told my wife we should dress for dinner. What do you think?
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    About 30 years back, I moved into a NEW neighborhood. Heck, my 1 acre lot and house was only about 6-10 in the neighborhood. Lots of empty property around, ESPECIALLY the 200 acre farm that bordered all of my back and left side property. Basically, my property was kinda inset on a section of the farmers land. He raised cows. His family, son and grandsons includes, had houses on the FAR SIDE of the property from where I lived. We can't see each others house because of a ridge between us. Anyhow, a couple years after I moved in, many of his cows got out of their fenced in property. E.TN had a nice snow and some school kids had found a part of his fense to bend down to do some serious sledding on his property, of which the cows also discovered the broken down fence and got out.....on my property. Probably about 25 cows were roaming freely around the neighborhood. It was about 1:00 A.M. when I discovered noises outside and call the farmer about his cows. He and his wife came over immediately, in COLD weather at 1 a.m. to try and herd those cows back. Yours truly helped them get all 25 cows back on their property. Took a couple hours. Shortly thereafter, I came home from work and the Farmer and his son were putting up a Drive-Thru gate at the corner of my property and the farm. They told me I could come over ANYTIME and shoot, coyote hunt or do some ground hog sniping. And, I could invite friends over in September for Dove season in TN. They did not put a lock on the gate... and I didn't have to ask permission to drive over. I cruise that farm often and shoot all the time. This afternoon, for example, I cruised over on my ATV and did some 200 round plinking with a couple of my .22 pistols. My efforts to help them with those cows has been rewarded in kind deed for nearly 30 years. The Dad passed away in recent years, but the Son and Grandson have made it a point to let me know I am still welcome on their property and shoot all I want. You never know just how one kind deed can manifest itself into a blessing for years to come. Be nice to someone...... you never know how things will turn out. ..........Widder
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    It's overconfidence that keeps folks at home and not voting. EVERYONE has to be diligent and go vote or a democrat will get elected
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    My girls wanted to get me this for Christmas 2018 - but between false modesty and not wanting them to waste their monies for a vanity; I declined. So when my girls asked me last year, "What do you want for Christmas?". I shocked them by admitting, that I really wanted to get a buckle to commemorate being honored as 2018 Jedi Gunfighter of the year. So finally after a long wait - here it is. I know pride is a sin; I just can't help it.
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    Good morning. I'm thankful for the years of commentary with all of you. It's been one heck of a ride . And a whole lot of fun . I have done many different things over the years . I spent most of my life in a 1% Motorcycle club . Were everyone calls you Brother but will stab you in the back while giving you a hug . Life really changed for me around 2010 when I expected Jesus Christ as my savior. That's as far as I will go with my faith. I ment Duece Stevens in the spring of 2010. He was working at a gun store and I was buying a Winchester 1894 from them . Upon checking out Steve asked me if I ever heard of Cowboy Acton shooting ? He invited my to Rockford Gun club that weekend to watch a Cowboy shooting Match. I was hooked on the spot . I had every thing I needed to play the game already because I was a Cowboy at heart . I built a gun cart what day when I got home . I was at the game the next weekend. I owe a lot of thanks to ( Steve) Deuce Steven's for the next two years of help he gave me to fit right in . I bought many Cowboy guns to shoot any kind of category I wanted to shoot. I'm now coming to the end of my shooting abilities. Some of you remember and helped me and supported me threw a bad Motorcycle crash in 2016 . After a few surgery's and therapy I started walking again . But it's not good . I'm getting worse as time goes on . So this is putting a end to my Cowboy Acton shooting. But Not a end to me being a SASS Member or being on The SASS Wire with Friends and Family. Yes we have had our arguments and fights . What family dont. But we always made up, and was still family and friends in the end when thing cooled off. Heck I have even been kicked off the wire a time or too, Lol right Phantom ! We dont take none of it personal, it's just the heat of the moment and you cant take it back after you hit send . Some times we forget that we are talking to a friend or another person when you are typing and not hearing a vice or seeing a face . So if I ever offended you in any way. I'm truly sorry. I'm very opinionated and like to share it with you if you want it or not. God Bless you all. I hope and Pray we all have many more years of shooting together and or sharing our opinions together on the wire . This is not a good by , But I will see you down the trail. Rooster Ron Wayne.
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    Question: I know that SASS has a service that provides the Wire and that service includes the Wire layout, support and maintenance. But, is there any way to update or modify the Emojis to include the flags of the SASS members that do not live in the USA? We have quite a few Canadian and Australian members that frequent the Wire daily. I think it would be nice that their country’s flags are also represented on our forum. Kind regards, Pat Riot
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    this is too good to not share A Brit lands in Sydney, and is waiting at passport control. His turn comes and he steps to the agent. The agent asks his name, and the Brit gives it. The agent asks his occupation, and the Brit gives it. The agent asks "have you ever been convicted of a crime?" The Brit responds "right, so that's still a requirement?"
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    Our good buddy Noz and his lovely wife Lorrie stopped by our house this afternoon on their way back home. Great news - Noz convinced his therapists that he is now safe to resume driving a car! He had to demonstrate that he could drive all over Springfield with one of his therapists as a passenger in a dual control car, and upon completion was certified to continue driving. So last year's head bump appears to be officially resolved, and congratulations are in order!! His knee has been giving him some problems, so returning to the firing line is still a while off, until he can be sure of his stability. But he's working on it. I figured his Wire pards would like to know.
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    Conspiracies are getting boring. How about this. We have a bunch of morons governing us that get their input from other morons that wouldn’t have jobs in the real world. We also have a bunch of media morons that cannot report the truth unless there is a way to sensationalize it to meet “their agenda”. None of them know history and in this day and age if it isn’t on the internet, it doesn’t exist. Most all of them are greedy for power, attention or money or all three. None of them really have a clue so we get what we get. The blind morons leading the disenchanted.
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    Guy up on the corner, maybe a quarter mile away. He appears to be older than I am. And in worse shape. A couple of days ago as I was walking by his house I realized that I had not seen him lately. Also has HIS garbage can had not been at the street. And his car did not appear to have been moved. Or FOR at least a couple weeks. I stopped, banged on his door. Boy, he was in bad shape. He had had some kind of medical procedure on his right side. Plus he had broke his right thumb. Plus he'd had all his teeth pulled. But he was still alive. And he thanked me for stopping by and checking on him. Couple-three years ago, a policeman came banging on my kitchen window. I go out the front door to see what's going on, and my neighbor across the street had called the cops. She said she hadn't seen me for a couple of weeks and she was worried. She apologized to me for calling the cops, but I told her I appreciated it. And remembering Faye being worried about me made me decide to stop and knock on his door. And I had already decided that if he did not answer his door I was going to talk to his next door neighbor and see if she had seen him lately. It's not just the crud. Old people that live alone. Folks need to check on them once in awhile.
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    Bob, using a UV flashlight is silly. I'm wearing an Aluminum Foil hat that I made myself to keep the virus away. So far it's working.
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    This gun cart is one that I built for the LOCAS raffle winner for last year, I’ll bet you can’t guess her alias. It’s taken me quite a bit longer on this one because of wrecking my truck and having it in the shop for 6 weeks and then my daughters illness and lots of trips to Az. Anyway it’s finished. The cart winner wanted a custom rustic finish but the guy they wanted to do the finish isn’t doing it anymore so her and her husband, Stubby Pete finished it themselves. It’s built out of rustic alder and through dovetails, sliding dovetails and mortise and tennon joinery were used for joinery. I did a few extras like the ammo bag holder in the bottom of the chest that holds 8 canvas loading bags standing on end, 4 in each compartment and then a spent brass bin for .45 Colt and one for.32. The top tray will hold two boxes of Sg shells and then other match essentials. The other top tray will hold glasses, ear plugs and other match needs and I also included a slot that her cell phone can ride in. I built one side of this tray with a sub tray that lifts out and there is more storage area underneath it. You’ll notice the brass pipe up above the barrel bracket and that is for her SG chamber brush. The twin cup holder is larger than normal to accommodate her insulated coffee cup and hand wipes to keep the lead off. Double Diamond did all of the leatherwork. The roses on the chest medallion are embossed and carved and stand out 1/2” or more, it’s hard to tell in the pictures. He worked closely with the cart winner and I think he really did an excellent job. The handles have 40-65 brass mounted so that she can hang her empty hull bag from one peg and a jacket or something from the other. This cart is really light weight and breaks down very easily and she’ll be carrying it in her Ford Edge.
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    When you wake up tomorrow amidst all that’s going on at least be thankful you’re still here. I am.
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    I just popped in for a few minutes to catch up on Saloon craziness. It’s an 8 hour drive from here to the Mayo Clinic for Carol’s tests. Went down Wed and came back today. Kinda tiring. Not to mention driving around the hideous megalopolis in that insane traffic!! Have to go back next week for more procedures. Hoping for good news and trying to remain positive but it’s pretty hard. Nice to be back in the country for a few days anyway. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and messages.
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    Blackpowder is a legal permitted propellant in every category. Those who enjoy shooting blackpowder and substitutes in their adjustable sighted revolvers can do so in any of the categories that allow adjustable sighted revolvers. What is apparent Is that some folks want a plaque with a particular title on it without going to the effort of meeting that category’s requirements.
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    I wonder how many won't read to the end before posting that he isn't dead?
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    Updated - Marauder was released from the hospital and is convalescing at home. He's till pretty weak and as such they are requesting no phone calls until he gets a little stronger. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers in his behalf.........Kajun A good pard down here in Georgia, Marauder, was taken to the hospital Friday night with complications from a UTI. He was tested for the Covid 19 virus and it was NEGATIVE. He is very weak and was dehydrated and his wife asked that no one call he is feeling better. Both he and his wife (Mine's Taken) could use some prayers about now. Kajun
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    You just wanted a reason to post that picture
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    A friend sent this to me. If you have seen it - good! If not, give it a view and turn up the volume. IMG_3551.MP4
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    This is what it feels like when I show up for a SASS match dressed in my Steampunk outfit. Warning, some bad language:
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    I put together a bunch of stuff that reflects me and the things I relate to and put them on a photo that was made into a jigsaw puzzle for my daughters. I know I won't be around forever so had this made for them to keep me in mind after I'm gone..
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    Just a heads up, to keep your heads down. For various reasons, I shot my last match in November, 2017. Things got a bit better, and I'm going to try it out again, tomorrow, at the Cajon Cowboys grand re-opening. This should be fun. Words of encouragement appreciated; please, keep the laughter to a minimum. Cheers, FJT
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    1 day old, pair of 3" pink birds heads 22lr on the way. (How can I load BP?)
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    For those of you who know us only through our company, please be comforted to know IT is still in very good hands. For those of you who just know us, get ready to see more of us on the line and out visiting. The new owners are no strangers to SASS and Cowboy Action. They are Mid Valley Drifter and Buckshot Shelley of Badman Bullets. They have been a major vendor for us since they started their business and know pretty well the market and may even provide a more efficient process for product to market. We offer Congratulations to them on their new enterprise and we wish them all the best of luck. THANK YOU,, to all the cowboys who have used our products and to our vendors for their support in making SliX a viable company. A company we had hoped would offer affordable, quality parts that fit a need in your shooting pleasure and success. Thanks again, Big Iron Buster & Ol' #4
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    I'm thinking about taking my "do not disturb" sign and crossing those words off. Below them I'd put "Already Disturbed. Proceed With Caution".
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    Well, the Stay-At-Home Quarantine finally got to me! Cruisin' the gun auction sites, and the easy transaction potential of plastic made for a dangerous combination. Jerkline Jesse got me started with a cheep & easy-to-obtain 10 gauge single shot......... Then I started talkin' to myself (I've been doing that during the isolation)..........."Why not just look around for a 10 gauge side-by-side........ When I saw her on GunBroker, I started shakin' uncontrollably, twitchin' like a junkie going thru withdrawal........... My cursor was drawn to the "Buy it Now" button like a moth drawn to a flame................. So I am now the proud owner of a 10 gauge double. My pard "Hacksaw" Coffinmaker is gonna make it into a coach gun for me........ 40 brass shot shells, a loading kit, and wads have been ordered. Got several bottles of 1.5Fg KIK out in the shed, and maybe 100 pounds of shot in the Munitions factory (basement). Won't always shoot it (cuz I love my TTN Hammer gun), but When I do, you should see a big cloud of smoke & hear a BOOM! from my area of the range. "Pale Rider Plus" loads -- Yeah Baby!! Here's a coupla preliminary photos.................... --Smoke & BOOM Dawg
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    I have been reading the posts here and on other sites I visit, reading the news on line and my less-than-satisfactory local newspaper, and listening to the radio once in awhile, and I am greatly saddened by the lack of HOPE shown by most people, even here on the most conservative site that I am regularly connected with. I hear mostly negatives about how we are all going to get the C flu, how there isn't enough of anything we need available, negative comments about Trump and how he's personally destroying our great nation, and all manner of contradictive, misleading, and overly blatant untrue crap. Conspiracy theories are running rampant in some circles. Where would we be if FDR had simply said "We can't do anything anyway. Let's let the Japanese have the Pacific" or if Truman had demanded more time-eating "testing" before dropping the hammer on Japan? How about if Salk had decided that one man couldn't do anything to stop polio, or if the Mormon pioneers in the mid 1850s hadn't looked at the Great basin as an opportunity instead of a worthless desert? What if a small handful of women hadn't gotten out out the "barefoot and pregnant" mindset and taken to the streets to demand equality? Where would we be if Lincoln hadn't taken on the Confederacy, or if a small group of entrepreneurs hadn't decided it could collectively string two steel rails side by side across the continent and drive trains thousands of miles from one ocean to the next? Let's throw in Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, Oppenheimer and Einstein, Teddy Roosevelt, our founding fathers, and literally thousands of other swho didn't believe nothing could be done, there was no hope, and that one person can't do anything alone. Look at what challenges this country has faced and won over in out history. We became on a historically short time the greatest, most powerful, and I might add, the most generous nation ever known on this planet ........and now we're going to tuck our tails between out legs, hide in dark and places, and cry that there is no hope? I am ashamed of many of the people that I know personally, many who I consider close friends, who have this attitude and are desperately trying to convert me and others to their fatalist views. IT WON'T HAPPEN IN THE TAYLOR HOUSEHOLD! WE CHOOSE HOPE!
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    How about we all take a little piece of our stimulus money and help support our SASS vendors, most of whom are mom and pop businesses. Buy a box of bullets, a brick of primers, cleaning stuff, that leather item you have been thinking about. This stuff won't spoil, but these business people may be out of business.
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    I was privileged to be on the Winter Range Board for many years. Over the past three years a bunch of us have retired and several of us have not shot much the past couple of years. We decided to have a Winter Range retired board member posse with a dozen or so old board members. Great seeing part of what is an extended family. The new board has 21 members and, as usual, has done a tremendous job on this year's match. The board is backed up by dozens of Rangers that volunteer their time to set-up and take down the match (Ben Avery is a public shooting range so everything that is Winter Range has to be set up and taken down in just a few days) and to keep everything neat, tidy and functioning during the match. I use to write the Chronicle Article about the match but that now belongs to a new board member and he will be writing a detailed report on the match in the coming weeks. In the meantime here are a few quick shots from this morning. First, one row of the vendor area. More vendors at Winter Range than any other cowboy match anywhere in the world. This year's theme was the 150th Anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad. Next a couple of shots of the engines from the famous photograph. The engines look just like the real thing and the detail in them cannot be seen in these photos but they were magnificent. (They were nose to nose like the photo but spread out a few feet for the loading/unloading tables.) The Grand Hotel. If you look in the upper right hand part of the building there is a sundial. It is angled to tell the correct time. Finally, just the train water tank showing the attention to detail on something that is behind the main props. Notice the counter weights and water depth gauge!
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    I started SASS circa 2000, so I can't really post on the early years thread. But! When I started, it was not uncommon to shoot rifles at 50 yards or more, throw yourself on the ground and shoot from under a wagon, then clamber back up and run across a creaky bridge, or some such. We threw tomahawks, shot bows, and fished cartridges out of bean pots. Fun stuff, good times, and great folks. I've gotten to witness the evolution of Cowboy Action Shooting from those days, to the more modern speed racer matches, and had a great time, through it all. Here's a couple of favorite pics from the Pre-Modern era. Jump in! Cheers, FJT Lefty Longridge, Lusty Lil, Lead Dispencer, and Frederick Jackson Turner at "The Last Stand, in Florida. Circa 2003... Badlands Bud, Autumn Sky, and FJT at EoT...Perhaps 2005? Team Shoot; Boots Robb, J.T. Wilde, Evil Roy, Long Hunter, and FJT. Hell On Wheels, ca 2004? (There's a truly legendary video clip of the Top Gun Shoot-off Finals between BR and FJT. If anyone has it and wants to post it, the embarrassment has somewhat abated...) Swifty Swede (R.I.P.) and FJT, fighting over a plywood saloon girl's honor. That was one well-traveled prop, btw...! Rick O'Shay and FJT in the Top Gun Shootoff at the Northwestern Regional, ca 2004. FJT, Rattlesnake Wrangler (now Matt Black) Shotgun Boogie, and Colt Faro, Bordertown...several years back.
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    Dominator, SASS# 62912, aka Dominic Whitaker and former SASS Scholarship recipient is making a name for himself with the Hollywood movie crowd. He has now carved rigs for several movies, including cowboy movies, and is in the process of making more for coming attractions that he’s not at liberty to discuss just yet--even with his grandfather--me. Dom is the premier leather carver for Sam Andrews Leather of St Augustine, FL.and has been since his graduation from Flagler College in 2016 where he majored in fine art and graphic design. Sam Andrews, an extremely well known, respected and sought after master craftsman in the world of leather, has made rigs for the cinema, TV and personal rigs for well known film makers such as Quentin Tarantino. His rigs were the ones you see in the 2016 version of The Magnificent Seven as well as the 8th episode of the Fast and Furious series. You can see more of Andrews Leather masterpieces here: http://www.andrewsleather.com. You can also telephone them at : 904 679 4997 Dom was always a very creative youngster and could make wonderful artistic creations out of anything. I remember once when he carved a full detailed church with steeple out of an apple! Not only an artist, but a champion level cowboy action shooter having won his category at both state and regional levels--he takes after his champion dad in that regard—Santa Fe River Stan, SASS# 36999. In fact, the whole family are SASS Members: Southpaw Sibby SASS# 62914, Dom’s mother, sister, Lighting Livvy, SASS# 82544, and brother, Cracker Dan SASS# 90287. Below is some of the work Dom did for McCarthy Studios who produced an art house remake of the 1953 movie Shane. Dom was asked to recreate the rigs from that movie...in exact detail. Dom with two of the final products Holsters under development Two exact replicas of the rig Jack Palance wore in Shane These are rigs he made for the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The two gun rig shown was made for and worn by Russell Crowe in the movie True History of the Kelly Gang Dom is a born artistic craftsman that took up leather work as a hobby, learned from the master craftsman Wild Otter, SASS# 48346 of Asheville, North Carolina and blossomed into a very well known leather carver in his own right. If you want to see Dom in action explaining his craft, you can find him on YouTube. You can also visit him on Instagram: the_witmaker Leather Carving Basics with Dominic Whitaker // Making Custom Holsters
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    A lady wearing a tight dress was waiting for the bus. As the bus stopped and it was her turn to get on, she became aware that her skirt was too tight to allow her leg to come up to the height of the first step of the bus. Slightly embarrassed and with a quick smile to the bus driver, she reached behind her to unzip her skirt a little, thinking that this would give her enough slack to raise her leg. She tried to take the step, only to discover that she couldn’t. So, a little more embarrassed, she once again reached behind her to unzip her skirt a little more, and for the second time, she attempted the step. Once again, much to her annoyance, she could not raise her leg. With a little smile to the driver, she again reached behind to unzip a little more and again was unable to take the step. About this time, a large cowboy who was standing behind her picked her up easily by the waist and placed her gently on the step of the bus. She went ballistic and turned to the would-be Samaritan and yelled, "How dare you touch my body! I don’t even know who you are!" The cowboy smiled and drawled, "Well, ma’am, normally I would agree with you, but after you unzipped my fly three times, I kinda figured we were friends."
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    That my husband stumbled on this sport, that he invited me to watch, that I wanted to participate, that I learned and developed a new discipline and skill set. What say you? Yazoo-
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