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    Alas, I "know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two," may apply, and not in a positive way like the Farmer's commercials imply. I've been subjected to EXTREME negativity for calling things according to the SHB that were let slide at monthly matches. My theory on rules is as follows. "Don't blame me for trying to see that the rules of the game are followed, as there is no honor in doing well when you did not follow the rules."
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    Moments ago. Having my coffee in the kitchen and reading the Wire. 8:02 AM. Landline phone rings. Looks like a local number. Had to say "hello" twice (first bad indicator). caller: "Sir, did you get the medicare benefit card we sent to you?" (definitely not a midwestern accent, and said very quickly) me: "What?" caller: "Did you get the medicare benefit card we sent to you?" me: "No, but did you get the drone President Trump sent to you?" caller: click Too soon?
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    So Glock just announced their new Glock 44, chambered in 22 rimfire. I figured now would be a good time to explain Glock and their models.... The Glock 44 is in 22. The Glock 22 is in 40. The Glock 40 is in 10 like the 20. There is no Glock 10, but there is a Glock in 9 aka the 17 and 19 and 26 and 43, not including the 48 - which came out before the 44 - and the 43X, which are the same except for the ways in which they’re different. Actually they’re like the 45, which is a 9, which is the same as a 19x which is actually more like the 17 than the 19. Strangely enough the 45 came before the 44, but 45 came before 9, but not 44, so maybe that’s the logic. If you wanted a 45, you need a 36, a 41, a 30, a 21, or a 21SF, or a 30S, or a 30SF. Of course if you want Glock’s 45 you need a 37, 38 or 39. The 38 isn’t a 38, there are other 38’s. If you want a Glock, definitely get the 19 and maybe a 22 to practice with - not the 40 22, but the 44 22. The 22 won’t help you to practice with your 9 as much as a 23, which is closer to the 19. Unless your goal is competition, in which case you should have been considering a 35 or 17L or 24 or 41 or 34 which are 40 9 40 45 9 respectively. The 31 32 and 33 are actually 357’s but not the 38 357’s. They’re 357’s that are more like 9s but not like the 380 is like 9’s. If you wanted that you need a 42. And nobody likes a 42, you’re better off with a 9. And therefore try a 44 because everyone loves to work on their 9 with a 22. Edit: Glock if you read this I want a 44 but not a 22, that is I don’t want a 22 at all but I want a 44 because I’m already into the 22 and I’d prefer a 44 to a 22. Also please make a 50 that is a 17 22 or a 22 22 and make a 49 that is a 50. Thank you.
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    Well my two are going to start competing full time next year. Which is great. Then a friend from high school who isnt a shooter asked if I could help her kids too as their father has no interest. Not a problem. Happy to help. So fair warning, if you see me running around like a chicken with its head chopped off next year its because there will be 6 new sass shooters under 14 somewhere close by. Oh and my wife has decided to shoot gf now and wants help with that.... There will be no rest for me next year I'm thinking.
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    Absolutely. I always wanted 100% clean. But strived for 25-30% clean. In my opinion; clean shooters are not only indicative of big close target placements - but well written stages with reasonable activities and clear instructions. I cannot control a shooters trigger discipline or their eyesight or their concentration level... But I can ensure that everything I do as a match director is designed to facilitate that shooter being allowed to perform to the best of their ability. Match Directors that are... Adversarial to the shooter. Hoping to see the shooter fail or crash. Not 100% committed to the shooters success. Those match directors, in my opinion; have no business being a match director.
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    I guess I misinterpreted what "BBQ gun" meant in the opening question.
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    TN Williams sent me this. I hope you enjoy as much as I do. ..........Widder
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    I just popped in for a few minutes to catch up on Saloon craziness. It’s an 8 hour drive from here to the Mayo Clinic for Carol’s tests. Went down Wed and came back today. Kinda tiring. Not to mention driving around the hideous megalopolis in that insane traffic!! Have to go back next week for more procedures. Hoping for good news and trying to remain positive but it’s pretty hard. Nice to be back in the country for a few days anyway. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and messages.
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    It isn't all bad (excluding the elected officials, illegals, and homeless) IMO. I love where we live. The scenery and people are wonderful. We are not in a liberal county. It saddens me that most of the comments here on the Wire and FB are derogatory. Please do not tell us how bad things are here without offering some constructive criticism. We know it is bad here for many reasons. Please consider those of us who are still here as people fighting the GOOD fight or unable to leave. Please stop rubbing salt in our wounds
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    At the banquet at the Southeastern Regional last night, we had a special toast to kick it all off. Some of our good friends were off traveling West and asked that I post it here. I assume that most of y’all are probably like me and have had plenty of folks ask you about Cowboy Action Shooting. Usually, at some point in the conversation, we end up talking about the differences between our regular, monthly matches and bigger, annual matches. To me, annual matches are a lot like family reunions where you see folks you might only see once or twice a year. From my home not too far from here, I can go to the Georgia State shoot and see friends from the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida. I can go to the Tennessee State shoot and see friends from Kentucky, Georgia, and Indiana. I can go to the Mississippi State shoot and see friends from Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. I can travel to the Illinois state shoot in Sparta and see friends from Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Kentucky. First, I would like to personally thank you all for traveling to my home and being a part of my family. I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed yourself over these past several days and hope that you have met at least one new person and met with members of your cowboy family you may not have seen in a while. Sadly, there is a member of my family that is not here tonight that I desperately wish could be. Many years ago, when I was just starting out in this game, I traveled to Georgia for my first ‘big match,’ Round up at River Bend, at the time the Georgia State Championship. There, I met a character larger than life, with a smile as big as his heart. He never met a stranger. When you met him for the first time, he made you feel that you knew each other your entire life. Folks who know me by my alias, call me Branchwater Jack. Folks who shoot with me regularly shorten it to Branchwater. But this cowboy, in his drawn out, distinctly southern accent just called me Jack. By his example, he taught me how to be a fierce competitor, humble in times of victory, congratulatory to others, and classy in defeat. He taught me things about putting on this match for y’all, the shooters, that I hope that I got right. He influenced me to keep shooting black powder and convinced me that I needed to shoot it gunfighter, even before Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter was a category. When his health began to fail him, he never lost that attitude. His performance began to suffer as his health did, but his competitiveness, his love for the game, and his love for his cowboy family never waned. He kept encouraging me, constantly telling me that his health was going to improve and that he was going to come back better than ever and put a whoopin’ on me, so I better keep practicing. For those of you who also knew Judge'm All Duncan @Judge'm All Duncan, SASS#67320, you know that his passing left a big hole in a lot of our hearts. I know of other folks, too many to mention them all, that, if I were to bet, I am sure that I can safely say that we have all lost a member of our cowboy family this past year. So, tonight, I ask that you join me and raise a glass. For our Cowboy family that we have known since we first started playing the game For those cowboys and cowgirls that we just met, but will now, forever be a part of our family For those cowboys and cowgirls that we have lost For those cowboys and cowgirls that have yet to meet as they join us in playing the game For your health, safety, and the hope to see you all back here next year. Salute.
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    I usually have at least 9 items on at a shoot. My opinion is it is a "costume" category so "Go all out or go home". Getting by with the least amount possible is not what the category is about. Nothing personal just my opinion.
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    Late in 2019 the new owners of the ranch that the Cajon Cowboys shooting range is on took over. Part of their business plan is to turn the ranch into a world class shooting range and the Cajon Cowboys range and facades is going to be the jewel of the range, every facade, container, boardwalk, everything had to be torn down and moved and stored while the grading was done and bay walls were built. Right before the first of the year Bear Trap, the match director got the green light to start rebuilding and he and his crew jumped in with both feet. In the short time that they’ve been at it they have got nearly half of the stages complete and he’s really hoping to hold the first match there at the new range on the fourth Saturday of January, that’s two weeks and in my opinion they might just pull it off. They moved the last two facades into place today and other volunteers were there painting the facades that are already in place. Everything will get a fresh new coat of paint. The custom personality painting is done by an artist who also did all of the character painting up at the RR Bar. A lot of her work is evident on the facades but from what I understand she’s got some great new ideas for some of the structures, she is very talented and when she gets done I’ll post some more pictures of the finished facades. Today there were a bunch of workers show up but that’s not always the case during the week and over the past holiday season. Beartrap, JJ, Choctah Gal, Whirlwind Wendy, Iron Eyes Rudy, Horsetheif Harold, Bangalow Bill and a few others that I can’t think of right now have been there on nearly an everyday basis and really deserve a big thank you from all of us that enjoy shooting up at Cajon. As you can see from the pictures it is really going to be quite a CAS venue and if I’ve got it correct every loading and unloading table will be under cover. Once all of the stages are all up and operational a clubhouse will be built. Right next to the CAS range they are pouring the footings for a big activity center and range office.
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    Anyone who plays the game different than the way I think it should be played. (Yes, that was major sarcasm. But that’s actually how the term originated.)
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    Unfortunately, once a Constitutional Convention is convened, it opens the door to other issues - like repeal of the 2nd Amendment. Leave well enough alone, and work for your issues on a lesser scale. LL
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    Well for one thing, the servers, technicians and software that keeps the SASS Wire running. For another, the staff that handles all the day to day operations, keeps track of all the alias' so that there's no duplication, who get those SASS badges and Regulator badges made. The staff that publishes the many Handbooks, SHB, RO courses, WB HB, WB RO courses, Cowboy Clays, multiple translations, that the ROC works so diligently on throughout the year. The ones who represent SASS at many gun shows and gatherings across the country, the same ladies that haul steel so folks can shoot EoT. The staff that makes the Chronicle that everybody can see... it doesn't layout and publish itself. The staff that battles local politicians and disgruntled neighbors that want to close down Founders Ranch. The ones who work tirelessly behind the scenes keeping an organization going, without much thanks from it's members...
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    I heard this on the radio. “Somehow, even though Ken has no man parts, they’ve managed to emasculate him anyway.”
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    We enjoy our freedoms because of fine folks like you. Thank You! --Dakota Skipper and the Dawg
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    I don't care which. Just STICK TO ONE!! https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/did-you-know/how-many-states-may-stay-on-daylight-saving-time-for-good/ar-AAHy6F3?li=BBnb7Kz
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    Battle Born Rangers in Reno Nevada does not completely follow the "normal" SASS shooting guidelines. We like to mix things up! We have Josey Wales shoots, underwear shoots, our annual match has a Tom Horn category that has big bore rifles for 12 stages. But this last weekend we did something I don't think has ever been done. Sling Shot forgiveness or bonus. After the last shot is fired the shooter, off the clock, can use a sling shot on any target to forgive misses, or if clean 1 shot at any target for a 5 second bonus, or two shots from the sling shot to forgive misses and get a bonus. Added some fun, its a monthly and no one refused to try it. We also had 2 stages with 4 shots from a belly gun at the beginning of the stage. Why be normal? Ike
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    First off, Chuck, it is an admirable thing you are doing by moving in with your aging mother to take care of her. Kudos Sir. Secondly, if you can find an old upright freezer that doesn't work, you can use that as a "powder safe" by simply installing a dehumidifier designed for gun safes. That will keep all of your powder dry, as well as provide storage for various guns. I have one that I have been using for about 10 years in NW Florida and south Alabama heat and humidity and have never had a problem. Then install a small 110V air conditioner and you are good to go. Hope this helps.
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    ...Thank God. The red vehicle in this picture was my wife's 2015 Buick Encore. She got sandwiched in a 20-car pile up on the I-70 bridge that spans the MO river in central Missouri yesterday. She escaped with 2 fractured ribs and sternum. Brought her home last night from Columbia hospital. I drove back today to collect the contents of the car and saw that the damage was worse than this news photo shows, as she was also struck twice from behind. The amazing thing is how intact the passenger compartment remained. Not long ago, this would have been a fatal crash. Thank God for guardian angels and auto safety engineers. https://www.komu.com/news/crash-report-20-vehicles-involved-in-crash-at-missouri-river-bridge
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    Just to let everyone know Jim Bowie is in fine health and planning on being at Winter Range. Cowboys & Indian Store is still in business. The website is still valid and the phone numbers are still good. If Jim doesn't answer he is busy working.
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    I heard tell of a feller once put a bikini thong in a SG shell. The story goes - it stuck perfectly on the SG target & it took 10 minutes to settle down the posse !!
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    Stupid people have caused them to go up in value. My apologies to any stupid people that disagree with me
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    Hi kids... I'm like Beetlejuice...say my name 3 times and I show up! Been a while since I posted anything...heck, been a while since I shot any CAS. Spent some time in 3-Gun and USPSA, worked to get RIMFIRE CHALLENGE back on a sound footing, spent some time hunting, spent the summer shooting NLR.22 precision, finished filming the 20th Season of SHOOTING GALLERY. I'll probably do another season of SG, depending on whether the Big Bosses want it or not. I do have some projects in the works that are designed to support/expand the shooting sports (in fact, I'm on the road this week trying to tinker together a deal on same). The question is always the same...money. The industry is still adjusting to the "new normal," e.g. not a boom, and they are reluctant to spend bucks. The industry also gets hypnotized by new stuff. Largely because of the Internet, gun world is a "fashion-driven" as a 9th grade girl's school. Right now we're deeply in love with endless training, as the crush on 3-Gun burned out because it was too damned expensive, which inherently limited the audience. To be totally cynical (and hey, I'm old, so I come by the cynicism honestly!), the great advantage of focusing on training is that you never have to step up to the line and face the cold hard truth of the timer. LOL! The biggest issue facing CAS is that the new generation of Internet gun writers/personalities/"influencers"/whatever have exactly zero exposure to CAS shooting...by the time they started working, SASS had effectively disappeared. For a lot of the people I shoot with, my Sweetie and I are the only cowboy shooters they've ever met, sort of like interesting dinosaurs or talking dogs. What we did on SHOOTING GALLERY and especially COWBOYS, plus what Jim Scoutten did on SHOOTING USA, were the biggest membership drivers for CAS in its middle years...visibility is life. If I could relaunch COWBOYS, I would...it remains one of my favorite projects ever. But the numbers have become so daunting launching a show — or keeping one going, for that matter — is a herculean task. The Internet is the solution, but there are still production costs. Lemme think about this a little more. BTW, miss you, Allie Mo! Wolf Bane SASS13557
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    Little known fact. The only technology that was ever released to the public from the Roswell Incident was, in fact, the cue ball sensing system used worldwide today. The aliens loved playing pool. So much so that they actually created ships that could hover perfectly level so that gravity wouldn't affect their pool game. This is one of the reasons that UFOs used to dart when discovered. These guys would play pool up to the last second when discovered before they dart away, thus messing up their game. One of the reasons we do not see this characteristic in UFOs today is they have discovered a way to maintain the balls on the table without the worry of G Forces messing up a good game. The reason the cue ball technology was allowed to be released was an agreement that was made between the aliens and the US government. The aliens have Carte Blanche to visit earth and all it's pool halls in exchange for technology. The cue ball technology was part of the deal. Minnesota Fats was actually an alien. Seriously. Many pro pool players are. Anyway, thought this might help.
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    So, I'm king of the woods! Kaya says last night that she is going to go out and sit after work. Would I like to go? You bet! Might get a shot at a coyote. Ok, so I'm KING OF THE WOODS! For three whole days..... That .243 is wicked! 213 pound 11 pointer......
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    I just found/bought 2 original model stainless consc serial # Ruger 4 3/4" vaqueros. But-----they are 32/20's with extra 32 H&R mags. Ruger only made 230 some of 'em with that barrel length and I now have 2 of 'em! Can't post a photo for awhile 'cause we've got a BS law in Wa state, says I've gotta wait for the local law to do the NIC check, when they get around to it. Keep going to them gunshows, never know what you might find!
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    A bit soon to consult a lawyer...
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    My first thought when I saw the title of this thread was "OmiGawd! A Ball! With a punch bowl and dancing??"
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    I wonder if Mrs. Lose would mind me fooling around with a non binary since they aren’t really female in their own minds? I know the answer to that one.
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    I’ve sent some muffins and cookies to the four twenty somethings who live upstairs. This morning I noticed that the snow had been shoveled in front of my car. it’s time to make some cupcakes.
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    Kill the rest of the pack and stake their heads on poles, then destroy any dens that could possibly harbor further packs.
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    About 30+ years ago I "liberated" one of the now-former-missus-Hardpan's old leather purses from her younger not-quite "hippie" days. Made a great possibles bag. No longer have the now-former-missus-Hardpan, but still have the "possibles purse!" It's pretty worn and in need of a new strap, but otherwise has a lot of years left in it. By the way - I don't feel a bit guilty. I'd given her multiple Dooney & Bourke bags. Hmmm.... now, there's a thought... a possibles bag with an embossed duck!
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    I’ve sold all my Firearms needed to fund my back surgery. Scheduled for January 8, 2020. Cowboys are the Greatest. Thank you fine folks. I still have my CAS Guns and soon as I sell my trailer I’ll get my shoulder fixed. Then watch out.......Gunfighter on Fire!!!!
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    7 December 1941 Picture of my father some time after the attack. He was a Seaman 1st Class at the time.
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    "A man who can smile when things go wrong, has thought of someone he can blame it on". ..........Widder
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