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    Get a big glass of something you like and and drink it down with me. Doctor says my Prostate cancer is whipped.
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    Carol had an MRI on Friday and an infusion treatment today and a consult with the oncologist. I wasn’t allowed in the cancer center, patients only, so when we sat down with the doc, she put her phone on speaker and called me as I sat out in the parking lot. ”Well, I got the results of your Friday scan”, says the doc. “Good news. Your blood work has improved a lot. White blood cells and platelets are back to near normal levels. The enlarged abdominal lymph nodes are smaller. Those suspicious modules the the lungs have mostly disappeared and your kidney tumor has shrunk by 50%. And almost no side effects at all. You hit a home run!” This treatment works on about 1 out of 3 patients. With some, the side effects are too severe for them to handle and the stop treatment. Much better progress than we could have hoped for. Tears flowed freely. One more treatment here in 4 weeks and then we should be able to head home for the follow up treatments which should be 1-2 years depending. Awesome news. Best day in years. Maybe ever! Bottles set em up. From the top shelf. No well liquor. Money is no object. I’m stimulating the economy with 24 hunnert dollars somebody gave me. Yeeehaa!
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    I wanted to let you all know that Sage Chick officially graduated from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine this past weekend. Because of the Covid19 it was not quite the graduation ceremony that she had always envisioned, but after 8 years of hard work she is Dr. Sarah none-the-less. Many of you, especially if you know her and/or supported the SASS scholarship fund, were instrumental in this accomplishment. Thank you all so much. Later this month she and Sam will be getting married in a rustic barn setting and settling in on the ranch (or farm as we call them in Ohio) near Newark where she will be working in an established vet clinic. Now that academia is behind her, she can actually have a real life, and hopefully get back out on the range and do some shooting with all of you.
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    Got the referral done for the cancer center in Farmington NM. Appointment in 2 weeks. We plan on hitching the mules to the wagon and headin home on Monday! Colorady or Bust! 1,932 miles. Faugh A Ballagh!
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    I have NO problem with protesters and they can believe and espouse anything they want! What I have a problem with is protesters blocking intersections and thoroughfares!! You can say whatever you like and I’m proud to support that right, but you have no right to prevent me from going where I want and or need to go!! Restraining or preventing a person from legally traveling to and from any public or commercial destination is against the law and should be prosecuted aggressively and in every instance!! It borders on kidnapping and definitely rates as menacing and if they touch you, becomes assault!! You want to protest?? Go to a park or parking lot!! Get a permit and have a parade!! Stand on the steps of the courthouse or congress or the capital!! You may not steal, damage, or destroy that which doesn’t belong to you!! You may not harm, restrain, detain, or otherwise molest any other citizen!! At the point that you do ANY of these things, you are no longer a protester! You ARE, however, A CRIMINAL!!! When the first foreign object flys, the first punch is thrown, or the first protester violates ANY law, the protest is over and those who don’t disburse GO TO JAIL!! The First Amendment is sacrosanct, but it IS NOT a tool to protect vandals, looters, arsonists, and people who would commit mayhem from prosecution and penalties!! It is high time that government starts playing the role it is supposed to play and protecting the general population!!
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    Hello to All! As the new Chairman of the ROC, I wanted to first thank Virgil Earp for his long and distinguished service as our Chairman. Virgil has been a tower of common sense, and one of the long time keepers our the SASS "Old West" collective conscience. He has been a true inspirational leader in our community, and has contributed much over the years to keep our game on the right track. We thank him for his service as Chairman, and are very grateful for him staying on the ROC to continue giving his guidance. Virgil, my hat is off to you....you are a true Cowboy! I have big shoes to fill, no doubt. A quick word about the ROC, our role and process. As many of you know, the ROC is NOT a rule making body....that role is filled by the TGs, and in very extenuating circumstances, the SASS Wild Bunch Board. The role of the ROC is to support the evolution of the game, foster better enforcement of the rules and safety covenants as evenly as possible throughout the organization. We are available to communicate with SASS members for the receipt and discussion of ideas, concerns, proposed improvements, and various changes or clarifications of the SASS competition rules contained in the Shooters Handbook. We are also charged with the clarification of existing match and equipment rules. In that regard we complete an annual review of the rules and suggest edits as needed. We volunteer as a match officials, and represent SASS and the ROC at matches attended, and are required to be a resource for members and match coordinators. We also review and provide timely feedback on Equipment Modification applications received and distributed to the ROC by SASS HQ. We are here for you all, and will help in any way we can. As you can see we can be very busy at times. When the "What's The Call" (WTC) questions come up on the SASS Wire presenting situations that have never been dealt with or considered before, Palewolf Brunelle (ROC Member and Wire Spokesman) will forwarding those questions to us by email or ROC Wire. We then take the time to consider the questions and the details. We will discuss and email between ourselves to clarify the issue, and agree on the official ROC position. That resolution will then be posted on that particular SASS Wire - WTC thread. Having said that, I would ask you all for your patience with Palewolf, as he will get the answer posted as soon as possible. This process can take time, as some of us have other commitments (work and family) that we need to prioritize. Essentially, give us the time needed to get you a good, thoughtful and right answer. I would rather take the time to give a "quality", as opposed to "quick", answer. The process for rule changes takes a ground swell, and it takes time. If clubs feel a rule should be changed, added or deleted your TG should first float the idea among your club members, then on the TG wire for discussion. If the idea has merit, the issue can be made a TG Meeting Agenda item for further consideration and discussion. This process takes time, and it should! We should never move quickly to change existing rules and philosophies.....as we don't want to "tilt at windmills". As a community we should react slowly, even to changes that are truly needed, and driven by the majority of the community...not passing fads. We need to always do what is best for SASS and our game. Finally I would like to inform you all that Sassy Dancer has been appointed to our committee. She is a top shooter in her own right, and true Cowgirl who keeps the SASS vision and conscience at heart. Her positive attitude and community spirit exudes what we value in SASS. I am truly honored and thankful to have her on our team. See you all down the trail!
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    Two weeks ago tomorrow I got a call from a medical worker that is also a family friend that informed me that two employees at an imaging company where I had an MRI performed had active Covid-19 cases. The place that did the imaging was pretty dirty and when they sent me in to the dressing room there were two gowns on the floor and one on the dressing chair from previous patients. I asked her about that and she picked them up and put them in an open hamper. On the way into the dressing room I noticed that the bedding on the MRI table looked like it still had imprints from the previous patient. I asked the tech about it and she rearranged the bedding, I should have walked out then but I wanted to find out about my back pain. This was on June 25th. Well on Sunday before I got the call I shot a match up at Norco with no issues felt fine and we all did our social distancing stuff. Well after I got the call the next Tuesday I called the Match Director and let him know that I had been exposed. I didn’t become ill until that Thursday morning. Body aches chills, fever etc. I lost my sense of smell and the only thing that I could smell was a constant sweet, sick smell not to far away from smelling like Balistol. Friday I drove down to the hospital and had the nose swab done at the drive through testing kiosk. Friday night, Saturday and Sunday I was really suffering from body aches and my temperature had only gotten up to 100.5. Sunday afternoon I got an email from the hospital that they had lost my swab and I needed to be retested. My wife drove me down to the hospital on Monday afternoon and we both got tested in the ER because they had shut down the drive through testing. Well the ER was a mess. Every patient that came in was having their pulse checked and their oxygen content checked using the same finger clamp that everyone else did, none of the chairs were being cleaned between patients, etc... After waiting 3 hours and still not being tested a young ER doctor came out and questioned me about my symptoms. One of the ones that tipped him off was the sense of smell thing and then when he looked at a rash that I had on the back of my left arm, shoulder, neck and lower back that looks very similar to ring worm he confirmed it. I had already did a video visit with my personal doctor and he insisted that I get tested. Anyway they do another swab on the other nostril and test my wife and we’re free to go. They don’t prescribe anything. Tell me to drink lots of liquids and take Tylenol and use the altimeter to check my oxygen level 3 or 4 times a day and monitor my fever. I got an email that evening telling me that I had tested positive for covid-19, my wife was negative according to her email. The next day, last Tuesday I was feeling pretty good and my appetite was returning which was good because I hadn’t felt like eating anything since Friday. The county health nurse called and we kind of got into it because she said that I was confined to my house and I told her that I had a shop that I spent a lot of time in and she told me that unless it was attached to my house that I couldn’t go out there. I told her that it was 75 feet away and since I was the only one that goes in it that I would be spending a lot of time in my shop. She then wanted my cell phone number as a contact number and I told her that I’d rather she call my home phone number instead and she insisted on my cell phone number. Well little did she know the cellular phone does not work down in the holler where I live and I rarely take it with me when I go anywhere. I was tied to a pager, cell phone or two-way radio for many years and really detest being tied to them now. Turns out according to a neighbor that works for the county they use your cell phone to track whether you’re staying home or not, good to know. My temperature has been normal since last Thursday and I’ve had no other symptoms and according to them I’m free to get out on Thursday the 16th. One of the county nurses came by today and took my temp and asked me a few questions and told me that I didn’t have to be retested. My wife got retested this morning. She’s been going to the office everyday and since she is an essential employee and the only one in the office it’s not a problem. I spent quite a little time out in the shop today and being able to smell the shop smells was a good thing. Yes I was part of the high risk group beings I have limited lung capacity and past breathing issues. Never during my illness did I feel that my lungs had been weakened or compromised. I think one of the things that helped me in my recovery is my wife loads me up with lots of supplement like lysine, vitamin c, reshi, Black elderberry and a bunch of others.
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    I hate masks... That said, I'm not going to stop shooting because I have to wear a stoopid mask. This whole crazy polarized positions on mask wearing is silly. Having the two extremes...the crazed mask wearers accusing the non-mask wearers as "Murderers"...the crazed non-mask wearers accusing all mask wearers as being "Sheep"...geeeze...let it be! If you feel that you need to wear a mask, wear it! If you feel you don't...then don't. A lastly, respect each other's decisions... Phantom
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    I’ve wanted to do this for a LONG time. So, I finally walled in an 11’ X 11’ room, put in a security door with a digital lock and loaded it with all my firearms. I’ll do a lot of filming for JED iTV in this room with the main wall of my CAS gear behind me. Figured y’all might enjoy a look at this... *Not responsible for damage to keyboards caused by drooling.
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    Thank You all. I did have some dirt kicking news last week. The killing Hornets Fire Ants nor a Texas Tornado will stop me from Marrying Ellie Gant This Saturday afternoon. We have been together for 9 years now and she has seen and put up with me. In the past week an Angle spoke to me twice now. One said to take care of my business and the other told me to Everything will be alright. Sheryl has taught me so much about God in these past years and he is my Lord and savior. We will see y’all at Comin At Cha 2020, I want to call this match “ A New Beginning” see ya soon on the Range. Thank Y’all again
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    I bought a Lichtenberg fractal burning machine last week and have been playing with it a little ( my wife says obsessed) and built a couple of sets of gun cart wheels for a couple of carts I’m building. I used the fractal burner on the spokes. These pictures are both sides of one wheel before I’ve brushed the lacquer on. What do you think?
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    Trump Installs Ejection Seats Throughout Press Briefing Room
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    An old friend sent me this. And N.Y. old friend I mean he’s really old. I’m on two diets. I wasn’t getting enough food on one. Apparently RSVP’ing to a wedding invitation “Maybe next time,” isn’t the correct response. Don’t irritate old people. The older we get the less “Life in prison” is a deterrent. Have you ever listened to someone for a minute and thought “Their cornbread isn't done in the middle.” Aliens probably fly by earth and lock their doors. “You will hit every cone on the highway before I let you merge in front of me because you saw that sign 2 miles ago like I did. I asked my wife if I was the only one she had been with. She said yes, all the others were nines and tens... I really don’t mind getting older, but my body is taking it badly. It turns out that being an adult is mostly just googling how to do stuff. I miss the 90’s when bread was still good for you and no one knew what kale was. Do you ever get up in the morning, look in the mirror and think “That can’t be accurate.” I want to be 14 again and ruin my life differently. I have new ideas. As I watch this generation try to rewrite our history, one thing I’m sure of....it will be misspelled and have no punctuation. I thought getting old would take longer. I told my wife I wanted to be cremated. She made me an appointment for Tuesday. Confuse your doctor by putting on rubber gloves at the same time he does. My wife asked me to take her to one of those restaurants where they make food right in front of you. I took her to Subway. That’s when the fight started. Me: Sobbing my heart out, “I can’t see you anymore.....I’m not going to let you hurt me again.” Trainer: “It was one sit-up. You did one sit-up.” Picked up a hitchhiker. He asked if I wasn’t afraid, he might be a serial killer? I told him the odds of two serial killers being in the same car was extremely unlikely.
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    Obviously, more information is required to make the correct call in the OP situation. @JohnWesleyHardin, please provide: Shooter’s category and S.A.S.S. badge number. Height, width, & weight of the targets. Height, width, weight, age, & gender identity of the shooter. Height, width, weight, age, & gender identity of the timer operator. Target distance from the shooter, as well as spacing between targets. Model, barrel length, gauge, and choke of the shotgun used. Factory or reloaded ammunition? Powder, wad, shot size, hull, & fps specifications. Date, time of day (GMT), and location coordinates. Weather conditions.
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    Folks, when I was a young enlisted soldier, I used to do Pen & Ink drawings to supplement our income. This one is from 40 years ago this month. It is a lithograph; not the original. (I apologize from the glass glare.)
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    I think that we all need to say some extra prayers for Utah Bob and his bride. Unless you are seeing the world through his eyes, you can not know the suffering and trouble. He has the added stress of not being able to take her home after each treatment and surround them both in familiar and comfortable surroundings. There are many in similar situations this day. Let us pray for them as well to the phycisian that knows all of His patients by name.
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    Howdy As some will know I'm involved with getting a new club up & running in a small country town by the name of Esk in the state of Queensland. It's still a work in progress but here in Australia it's a lot of paperwork, inspections & money !! It will happen eventually . The good news is the next small town just down the road [ about 15 mile ] has an up & running pistol club on 40 acres, toilets, showers, kitchen , plenty of camping & ample room to set up plenty of stages. The towns name is TOOGOOLAWAH & the club is just on the outskirts. I have approached them re- Cowboy shooting & just recently been given the green light. So BIARRA BANDITS will be our name & we will shoot on the 4th Saturday of the month. We will be a SASS club . Our first shoot was to be in May which had to be cancelled, hopefully when everything settles down we will be able to set another date. Biarra is the name of the district where the range is situated..many years ago there was a milk factory nearby so we will be able to have the Milky Bar Kid awards ..
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    That's a BIG No-No!! Spotters are NOT required to remember the shot(s) / target(s) missed. If one sez so-n-so target and the others say something else, both of them could be right and the shooter should be happy that they didn't get more misses. Shooter should NEVER argue...keep it up and you'll get a MDQ. Shooter may ask the TO if they would ask the spotters to discuss...and then stay out of it. Poll the spotters after their discussion (which usually centers around a spotter seeing or not seeing an edger. But PLEASE DO NOT THINK or DEMAND that all spotters agree on what they saw!!!! Phantom
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    Ya do a good job. I hope everyone that appreciates your work will post a good word for you. And I hope those that don't post also think highly of you. That way, you should know that many appreciate your Wire efforts. I think they need to double your pay..... ..........Widder
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    People... Don't like them...
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    For those of you who know us only through our company, please be comforted to know IT is still in very good hands. For those of you who just know us, get ready to see more of us on the line and out visiting. The new owners are no strangers to SASS and Cowboy Action. They are Mid Valley Drifter and Buckshot Shelley of Badman Bullets. They have been a major vendor for us since they started their business and know pretty well the market and may even provide a more efficient process for product to market. We offer Congratulations to them on their new enterprise and we wish them all the best of luck. THANK YOU,, to all the cowboys who have used our products and to our vendors for their support in making SliX a viable company. A company we had hoped would offer affordable, quality parts that fit a need in your shooting pleasure and success. Thanks again, Big Iron Buster & Ol' #4
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    I had a run in with some protesters the other day. They wanted me to turn around and drive the other way. I didn't want to, so I didn't. They were protesting against cops, I was told. After I expended quite a few expletives, they said if there are 1000 cops and 2 of them are bad, that makes 1000 bad cops. So, I said if there are 1000 purple guys and 2 are bad does that make 1000 bad purple guys? They sure didn't like that logic. Apparently it is only racism if you are not them. Whoever them is. I watched a fellow shooter get attacked on his fb page with shouts of racism for no reason other than supporting the police. Personally, I get tired of it. A person has only so much patience. I was brought up to take a man as a man, until you find out he is an azzhole. As I told him, you can't fart without being called a racist.
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    Good morning. I'm thankful for the years of commentary with all of you. It's been one heck of a ride . And a whole lot of fun . I have done many different things over the years . I spent most of my life in a 1% Motorcycle club . Were everyone calls you Brother but will stab you in the back while giving you a hug . Life really changed for me around 2010 when I expected Jesus Christ as my savior. That's as far as I will go with my faith. I ment Duece Stevens in the spring of 2010. He was working at a gun store and I was buying a Winchester 1894 from them . Upon checking out Steve asked me if I ever heard of Cowboy Acton shooting ? He invited my to Rockford Gun club that weekend to watch a Cowboy shooting Match. I was hooked on the spot . I had every thing I needed to play the game already because I was a Cowboy at heart . I built a gun cart what day when I got home . I was at the game the next weekend. I owe a lot of thanks to ( Steve) Deuce Steven's for the next two years of help he gave me to fit right in . I bought many Cowboy guns to shoot any kind of category I wanted to shoot. I'm now coming to the end of my shooting abilities. Some of you remember and helped me and supported me threw a bad Motorcycle crash in 2016 . After a few surgery's and therapy I started walking again . But it's not good . I'm getting worse as time goes on . So this is putting a end to my Cowboy Acton shooting. But Not a end to me being a SASS Member or being on The SASS Wire with Friends and Family. Yes we have had our arguments and fights . What family dont. But we always made up, and was still family and friends in the end when thing cooled off. Heck I have even been kicked off the wire a time or too, Lol right Phantom ! We dont take none of it personal, it's just the heat of the moment and you cant take it back after you hit send . Some times we forget that we are talking to a friend or another person when you are typing and not hearing a vice or seeing a face . So if I ever offended you in any way. I'm truly sorry. I'm very opinionated and like to share it with you if you want it or not. God Bless you all. I hope and Pray we all have many more years of shooting together and or sharing our opinions together on the wire . This is not a good by , But I will see you down the trail. Rooster Ron Wayne.
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    Question: I know that SASS has a service that provides the Wire and that service includes the Wire layout, support and maintenance. But, is there any way to update or modify the Emojis to include the flags of the SASS members that do not live in the USA? We have quite a few Canadian and Australian members that frequent the Wire daily. I think it would be nice that their country’s flags are also represented on our forum. Kind regards, Pat Riot
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    SASS Alias: Dutch Coroner SASS #: 82128 Where you are from: Virginia How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 10 years
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    I'll take a different approach. Frankly, we don't know what's going to work and what isn't. I'd rather encourage local clubs to (so long as reasonable safety rules are enforced) relax or suspend various rules or make changes and test things out. The grassroots is the biggest laboratory for change.
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    My girlfriends younger very busty sister was washing my hair before cutting it . Boobs right in my face for few minutes. Good thing my mask covered up my smile or my GF would have shot me
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    Hello Folks! I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy during these unusual and unprecedented times. Some of our fellow shooters in our big CAS family, I am sure, are struggling with various issues and challenges and our hearts go out to them. Knowing there is a large network of support of friends and family out there hopefully eases the pain a little. I know it does for me. It was truly sad that End of Trail and many other major matches had to cancel, but they were likely the right calls. Those decisions are not made lightly and are done with heavy hearts. This COVID virus has caused us all various trials and tribulations. As has been said before, "this too shall pass.” As promised, I want to share some information about Winter Range 2020. As you know every year we send out a survey to our shooters after the match. This year we received 466 responses, which is a very good return rate. I can say that the vast majority of shooters who responded were very happy with the match and made many constructive and positive comments. Most of them said they will return next year no matter what! We received top marks from about 93% of our shooters. While that is a great report card, it isn’t a perfect one. Each year we strive to improve upon the previous year’s match. 2021 will be no exception. We can always do better, and we will! First, let me explain our match design philosophy: Winter Range is the National Championship, and it needs to measure up to that level of challenge. At the same time, we acknowledge that many folks just want to shoot and have fun. We therefore have a difficult task of appealing to everyone. In fact, that is almost impossible. However, we try to accommodate the majority and give most everyone a healthy portion of what they want. We design our match to be about 1/3 fast and close, 1/3 medium speed and medium distances and a little more challenging, and 1/3 with targets a little farther out, perhaps with some more challenging sequences. We also try to keep those stages on the same wave to allow shooters to "get into a groove" for each level/type of challenge. As this is the National Championship, it should challenge several aspects of shooting. That’s what separates the accomplished shooters from those who get lucky on occasion. Again, about 93% of our shooters said we got it right! However, we can learn something from the constructive criticism offered on various aspects of the match. There is a part of CAS that likes big, close and fast: don't we all! However, many of you indicated in your surveys that shooting big, close and fast on all 12 stages is not what you want. You want a mix...and that is what we try to deliver...a mix with a challenge. We want to challenge your "all around shooting skills," and still make it fun for everyone. Two of our stages last year were, perhaps, a bit too challenging for some people. We acknowledge that these stages could have been designed differently. The two stages that had "vertical" target placement paired with a "more challenging sequence," were a little too much for some. If the two challenges were separated (one or the other) it would have been better. So...lesson learned. Again, our goal is to make it fun and challenging for all shooters. We also received a few comments about the "cactus" knockdown targets. They were admittedly a little small so they were set very close to the firing line. Remember, we set up for two matches: Cowboy and Wild Bunch. We need to set the targets for use by both matches, where possible, given that we have limited volunteer labor to reset the entire range and all 140 targets in one day. In 2021, we plan to use a few of those cactus knockdowns and they will be close and set for very light hits, as they were this year. (We calibrate our targets every night for light hits.) So what's the plan for next year? Winter Range will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary, and we intend on making it the best one yet! Some really great entertainment, maybe a night shoot with some fireworks and some new targets and props are on the agenda. This year our new main tent was a hit, and the Saturday night banquet a huge success...we will see that again. Also, we will be ordering a few more 24" steel targets with new stands to add to our inventory. There might even be a new safety video! Folks, 2021 will be a seriously fun match with targets a little closer and bigger, but will maintain the shooting challenge we always provide at Winter Range. Applications will be out soon on the website so standby for that. We are anticipating a sold-out match, so please get your applications in early. I wish you all well and good shooting! Blackjack Zak
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    Conspiracies are getting boring. How about this. We have a bunch of morons governing us that get their input from other morons that wouldn’t have jobs in the real world. We also have a bunch of media morons that cannot report the truth unless there is a way to sensationalize it to meet “their agenda”. None of them know history and in this day and age if it isn’t on the internet, it doesn’t exist. Most all of them are greedy for power, attention or money or all three. None of them really have a clue so we get what we get. The blind morons leading the disenchanted.
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    Guy up on the corner, maybe a quarter mile away. He appears to be older than I am. And in worse shape. A couple of days ago as I was walking by his house I realized that I had not seen him lately. Also has HIS garbage can had not been at the street. And his car did not appear to have been moved. Or FOR at least a couple weeks. I stopped, banged on his door. Boy, he was in bad shape. He had had some kind of medical procedure on his right side. Plus he had broke his right thumb. Plus he'd had all his teeth pulled. But he was still alive. And he thanked me for stopping by and checking on him. Couple-three years ago, a policeman came banging on my kitchen window. I go out the front door to see what's going on, and my neighbor across the street had called the cops. She said she hadn't seen me for a couple of weeks and she was worried. She apologized to me for calling the cops, but I told her I appreciated it. And remembering Faye being worried about me made me decide to stop and knock on his door. And I had already decided that if he did not answer his door I was going to talk to his next door neighbor and see if she had seen him lately. It's not just the crud. Old people that live alone. Folks need to check on them once in awhile.
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    Bob, using a UV flashlight is silly. I'm wearing an Aluminum Foil hat that I made myself to keep the virus away. So far it's working.
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    A note to all Forum Users: The goal of the SASS Wire Forums is to provide a fun and resourceful place that users can come and discuss topics in regards to SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting. We also want to celebrate free exchange of information and conversation, and realize that "spirited" discussion can happen at times when the subject matter is one that we feel passionately about. It can be a challenge to express ideas and opinions in the written word and nearly impossible to judge intent of the manner of which it is intended. Please keep that in mind when posting on the forums- be considerate of the challenges we all face when trying to communicate on the SASS Wire. We are not looking to curtail expression- everyone has their opinions and are entitled to them. We want to make sure that everyone is able to participate fully and express themselves without fear of ridicule. There IS a difference between a debate and an argument. Arguments are disrespectful and will not be tolerated. Treating each other with respect is paramount. Please be considerate of the challenges that we all face when trying to communicate on the SASS Wire. Please refer to the following excerpt from the Guidelines: Inappropriate or offensive content and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. To assist in defining inappropriate content, ask yourself the following questions when making a post: - Is this message SASS-related? (with the exception of the Saloon forum) - Is this message something most members would like to read? - Does this message add value to the forum? - Is this something I would say to a person face-to-face? *If you cannot answer yes to all of these questions, please reconsider posting your message. IGNORE FEATURE TIP: If you find there is a forum user that you no longer wish to see posts from,-regardless of the reason, there is a feature built in to the SASS Wire Forums that allows you to "IGNORE" a User. There are a few ways this can be accomplished. You can either hover over the member's icon that you wish to ignore and a "Ignore" option will come up- taking you to your Ignored Users page within YOUR account. This is where you can manage the content you see within the Forums. You can also arrive at your Ignored Users page within your account by clicking on the down arrow next to your name/account info in the top right corner and select "Ignored Users". This is similar to "unfollowing" someone in Facebook. Thank you, Misty Moonshine & the SASS Wire Moderating Team
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    SASS Alias: Tame Bill SASS # 30699 Kansas Shooting for 18 years
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    SASS Alias: Titus A. Gnatsass SASS #: 71705 Where you are from: Missouri How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 12 years
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    Me and J-Bar also known as the Evil Twins
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    SASS Alias: Prairie Dawg SASS #:50329 Where you are from: Ohio How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: About 15 years
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    I'm going to steal a post and show you some comments from a shooter who was there "at the beginning", and is just tired of hearing all the kvetching. "Ugh. for all the "speed haters", it was a speed game back then as well, people tended not to moan about that, because they were moaning about getting in, out, on, off, down, around, carrying and throwing stuff, small steel, distances, all their misses, etc. ... I was there and actually started and ran a match back when we did that "wonderful stuff" as a rule everywhere and guess what? Just as many people moaning about what it could be if we'd just do this or that. Lastly, you might consider how your current match directors feel about your disdain for how we shoot the game currently. It didn't get this way by chance. *stepping away from the rant box...*" I have to agree with his sentiments. I haven't seen or heard one constructive comment about what folks think needs to be changed, that isn't already being done. Except to moan..."it ain't like what is was"... maybe that's because people wanted change and they didn't like "the way it was". You want distant targets? Small targets? Different types of stages? Write the matches at your club. Tell us the feedback after a year of doing it. Did your club grow, or numbers dwindle? You want a one pistol category? Make one at your club. You want a rimfire category? Make one at your club. Want to try something different? Do it at your club, see if it floats. You want more attendance at your club's matches? Make up some flyers and put them up in your local gun stores, bulletin boards, wherever! (That's how I found CAS). Too many categories, offer less categories at your club. (We had one club president that wouldn't honor "Silver Senior", lumping that into the "Senior" category... until he turned 65... then Silver Senior was allowed). You want old Double Action Revolvers? Do it at your club. Do you have a big turnout for matches with DA's? Let us know. At the club level you are wide open to experiment. Stop beating the drum everytime someone asks about a rifle or a revolver, telling them they need to get this or that whizbang "go fast" thing to be "competitive". To be competitive they need to be shooting. Everything else will come with time. Often, we are our own worst enemy. Telling somebody they need to buy Rugers with a "Jimmy Spurs" action job and short-stroke doesn't help bring in a fellow on a budget that has to squeeze each penny 'til it screams. Stop telling folks that they need to "be in costume". I hate the phrase "historically correct" when applied to SASS. We ain't a re-enactment. You want to be that way, more power to you. But a new shooter is fine in jeans, long-sleeve shirt, and some non-athletic shoes and maybe a not-ball cap hat. (My first CAS purchase was a palm straw hat with a wide brim after the skin doc carved off pieces of my face.) On social media I see posts all the time from folks asking if their Henry Big Boy .45 is legal for SASS. Simple question? Not when there are 60 replies telling him to sell the danged thing and get a Uberti '73. You'd be hard pressed to find an answer that says "Yes, bring it. You're near my range, come on out and I'll show you the ropes". You want more shooters? Act like it.
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    She always used to bug me about why people need more than 10 rounds... Since the happenings this year, she asked me if I would go out and by a rifle with one of "those things" underneath that held "30 shots". Her arthritic hands won't let her rack the slide on a pistol, (she has a revolver), but she can pull a trigger, and she's an excellent shot. She wants me to buy more guns!!
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    Updated - Marauder was released from the hospital and is convalescing at home. He's till pretty weak and as such they are requesting no phone calls until he gets a little stronger. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers in his behalf.........Kajun A good pard down here in Georgia, Marauder, was taken to the hospital Friday night with complications from a UTI. He was tested for the Covid 19 virus and it was NEGATIVE. He is very weak and was dehydrated and his wife asked that no one call he is feeling better. Both he and his wife (Mine's Taken) could use some prayers about now. Kajun
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    You just wanted a reason to post that picture
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    Shooting Bull 82460 Las Vegas, NV 10 years
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    SASS Alias: J-Bar SASS #: 18287 Where you are from: Missouri How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: Since 1998
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