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    Well my two are going to start competing full time next year. Which is great. Then a friend from high school who isnt a shooter asked if I could help her kids too as their father has no interest. Not a problem. Happy to help. So fair warning, if you see me running around like a chicken with its head chopped off next year its because there will be 6 new sass shooters under 14 somewhere close by. Oh and my wife has decided to shoot gf now and wants help with that.... There will be no rest for me next year I'm thinking.
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    We enjoy our freedoms because of fine folks like you. Thank You! --Dakota Skipper and the Dawg
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    Gun Control is the theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her own pantyhose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to the police how her attacker got that fatal gunshot wound. Cat Brules
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    That would be me. I spin them every time. Then I index, take it to full cock and lower the hammer on the empty. Works like a charm.
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    I don't think any specific rule change is necessary. My opinion: I would vote NO RESHOOT based on the one shooter having a problem navigating the stage in the manner described by the OP. BUT...because that particular situation deemed it a safety issue that it was later removed for everyone else, then YES, I would vote for a RESHOOT under those circumstances. AND furthermore, I would allow those who already shot the stage an option for a reshoot OR, throw out the stage for EVERYONE. ..........Widder
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    Wild Bunch is a side match..... (ducks and hides).
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    4 misses
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    I’ve tried these “delicacies” a time or two and find that my palate isn’t sophisticated enough to appreciate them. I LIKE that flavor that flame or scorching hot cast iron adds to a cut of meat, fish, or poultry. Come to think on it, it’s a tasty addition to reptile or amphibian too!! The raw or uncooked stuff is still BAIT as far as I’m concerned. To each his/her own!!
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    Anytime it's above 40 F , below 90 F and no rain a day at the range is a fun day.
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    Howdy, So you were out of cleaning patches??????? Best CR
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    Re: Hollywood and military accuracy, I recall when Top Gun came out, I was one of the Army guys going through the Naval War College at the time and naturally among a number of Navy pilots. To the man, they complained about the inaccuracy of this and that. They finally got a chance to talk with the Captain, a Top Gun Graduate himself and the technical advisor for the movie. Well, he listened to all their complaints and had to agree that there were many inaccuracies but his final response was one for the books, "Men, I had a hard time keeping them from making it into a musical!!!" I thought that was great!
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    And this ones not bad.....
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    I'll admit that I have my shortcomings, but you guys act like I don't know my business. I've been going to the potty all by myself for several years now. My wife and I have been married to one another for 45 years come the 22d of this month and she has seen to it. And, I have my wife trained exactly the way she wants me!
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    lt's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Funniest Movie ever for me. First saw this movie in a theater at Fort Bliss, Texas. I had my foot propped on the back of the chair in front of me. I got to laughing so hard at one scene ("I told you we shouldn't move to California") that my foot slipped off and I accidentlly kicked a little boy in the back of the head. When he turned around, rubbing his head and looking at me, I couldn't even apologize for my additional laughter. My stomach muscles hurt for three days from having laughed so hard.
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    some folks enjoy the game more than the need to know everything Allie.
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    I’m no Roger Ebert, but here’s my take on Midway, the movie. If you consider CGI to be an abomination to cinema, don’t go. Personally, I thought they used the technology pretty well to complement the cinematic experience. Much better than in Red Tails if anybody saw that flick. If you want perfect historic and technical accuracy, stick to the zillion books and documentaries. If Woody Harrelson puts your knickers in a knot, stay away. Personally, I think he’s decent at acting, that’s what my admission price paid him to do, and he did a fine job portraying ADM Nimitz. At evening’s end, I’m glad I went. It was a great story told with a fair balance of accuracy and cinematic license. The heroes were portrayed as the good guys they were in real life. The Japanese of that era were accurately painted also. And wouldn't you you know it, the Good Guys won again, 77 years later. I might even see it again with my buddy.
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    10-66 (used only in England) "Hey, there's some Norman guys camping on the beach."
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    House sold the day before it was listed, to a neighbor at our asking price. The house was paid for too. Moved because Ima received a promotion within Sam's Club, and there was an opening here. If you know my wife's family history (last name is Schofield) her family has deep roots here. As soon as we get settled in. We will be checking out the local SASS clubs for sure Thank you all for the welcome to our forever home. OLG
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    Go with the comp. They don't add much weight but tend to work better than loose shot because the forward movement of the mercury offsets the recoil without adding a bunch of weight. You will want to change the angle when you cut and mount the new pad. Most shotguns are setup for arial targets. but we shoot toward the ground. What happens is the sharp angel tends to dig in and the ladies tend to drop the back end and then tend to shoot high over the targets. My rule as to how long the stocks need to be for the ladies is with the gun shouldered, the thumb of the trigger finger hand should be about 2” but not more than 3” from her nose. This allows more bend in the elbow. Anytime the elbow is extended beyond 90 degree she will have a tuff time holding the gun up.
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    The cocked loaded rifle, w/o ammo in the chamber should be a SDQ. The reason being that it’s easy enough to accidentally crank a round into the chamber and then, if it’s going to discharge accidentally, it’s likely safer that happen at the loading table. Same way with the shotgun. No one knows that it’s unloaded if it snaps shut. SDQ The penalties are there to reinforce the spirit of the rules, and to instill attention to safety. Changing these infractions to “no calls” will only lead to carelessness. But, you decide which path to take. Cat Brules
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    Here's a tidbit on the "Real ID." The wife had to get hers this year but DMV wouldn't accept her "Certificate of live birth" from an Indiana hospital so we had to get a copy of her actual birth certificate. While getting it I asked the lady behind the counter just how a certificate of live birth could vet Obama to be President for 8 years but wasn't good enough to get a simple drivers license. You know the old saying, "If looks could kill?" Yup, nuff said.
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    May go and watch in person!! My son’s book about playing catch every day in 2018 has been accepted for publication by one of the big publishing houses, and will hit the shelves on September 8, 2020. I can see the possibility of a book signing/pre-release publicity event at that game! I’m kinda proud, can you tell??
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    Gotta love the creativity of America’s soldiers. Now get that s)$t off your face and report back in thirty minutes!
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    Congratulations to Dodge City Dixie and Sidekick and all the category winners. Thanks to all the North Alabama Regulators for all the hard work putting on this great match!
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    Only thing wrong with the French army in both WWI and WWII was their lousy leadership. The soldiers were a tough as nails and very courageous bunch who fought gallantly to their last breath even when the odds were so highly stacked against them. Like in Dunkirk and the break they afforded the British.
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    Without a doubt, Young Frankenstein, followed closely by The Great Race, then Caddyshack (mainly because of Rodney Dangerfield).
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    Fun is 100% subjective. There is no "fun" scale I can look at to determine if I think a match would be one I wish to attend. So I have to look at the actual metrics of a match and base my opinion on that. Clean shooters is a metric that I can use to judge not only the target sizes and distances; but the clarity of the stage writing as well. And because events rarely happen in a vacuum - those same club officers who make the effort to write matches with clear instructions and well placed targets are more likely to be paying attention to all the other details as well. I go to cowboy shoots to shoot. Everything that is not the match is a (way, way) distant second in my valuation. I'm not there to dance - I'm not there to listen to cowboy poetry - I'm not there for whiskey tastings - I came to shoot. Clean shooters is my most valuable measurement to determine the attractiveness of a match.
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    When the bottle busts and it’s all over the carpet it’s called “Oh sh**!”
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    Lone Ranger and Tonto were riding along when they were suddenly surrounded by 100 indians that looked mean as hell. The Lone Ranger said to Tonto,"Kemosabe, what should we do?" Tonto said, " What do you mean Kemosabe, white man"?
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    Howdy Pretty much if you want to be competitive with a '97 you have to perfect the technique of loading one shot after another by grabbing a round from you belt loops and throwing it into the chamber. Loading and shooting a '97 any other way is not very competitive. I have a lovely old '97 that left the factory in 1909. But I realized right away I was not going to be competitive with it. Was not going to be able to perfect that technique. So instead I went with a SXS. This nice old Stevens Model 250 was probably made around 1908. Somebody before me cut the barrels down to 24". I'm not very competitive with it, but I sure like blasting targets with it.
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    I doubt that the BART directors and other grand high poohbahs ride BART.
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    Left over roast turkey with left over chicken gravy; Chow chow (the kind without tomatoes, quite spicy); cranberry, maraschino cherry and pecan salad; the last two slices of home made white bread; iced southern sweet tea; and two oatmeal raisin cookies from the bakery. My dog and I eat pretty well, way too much and way too often, but my kids can tell Dad ain't starving. That's The first thing they check when they visit. They grew up without much (as did my wife and I before we met) and they are certain sure I'm going to die of starvation. Actually there was a time when that was true. Now I think it's just a family ritual.
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    Few years ago my daughter worked at a Halloween store. Wore a different costume every day. When in one day is a "ranch wife", with a divided riding skirt and a vest and a snood, and her holsters but no guns. she said that all day long people are asking her what aisle those holsters were on. And she would have to explain to them that they were not Halloween costume - they were real.
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    Alas....There are those who will repost this and believe every word. And others who will be terribly offended.
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    Abilene Slim visited the Southern Missouri Rangers this weekend. My cat, Book, is VERY particular about laps. Slim passed the test.
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    it is all about the lawyers. If the lights are off and an employee or customer trips and falls, you are liable because you allowed them to be there in adverse conditions...
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    Shipping or not shipping guns to California pards
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    Shouldn't think of these as Blackouts. Consider them practice if the "Green New Deal" ever gets implemented.
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    My thoughts? Honestly? I would rather go fishing than shoot stages like that.
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