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    “Come for the Shooting. Stay for the People” Yup.
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    I went to my first NCOWS shoot of the season while my wife was out with my 26-year old daughter. I got back home about the same time as they did and had my gear laid out in the living room. My daughter started checking out my guns and decided she wanted to try them out. Two boxes of ammo later she decided that she wants to attend an upcoming SASS match in two weeks. She loves my 1860 Henry of all things, but she also wants to buy an 1873 Winchester clone. She even videoed me showing her how to load the 1860 so she could show her friends! I told her not to buy anything before she goes to a match. Now I have to figure out a way to fit my man-sized leather holsters and shotgun belt on her size-1 frame! Plus she wants her boyfriend to try it!
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    It was totally 100% my fault... period!!
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    In the recent issue of True West magazine, they interviewed Mary Doria Russell who wrote the book "DOC" about Doc Holliday. Did you know that he was born with a cleft lip and palate and his uncle John Stiles Holliday performed the first cleft surgery in North America on his nephew Doc.?? Fascinating!!!
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    Marketing genius. Go to the O'reilly Auto Parts site and enter 121g into the search bar.
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    Paradise Pass will be launching a pretty cool program at their monthly match in April. It's going to be a category called Linerider. For $15 (plus the cost of a normal match fee) a person looking to try out CAS/SASS will be able to rent an entire rig which includes Revolvers/Rifle/Shotgun/Ammo/Holster rig and a cart. The revolvers and rifle will be in .22 and shotgun will be a SxS or 97' with Featherlite shotshells. Many of us have and are willing to loan gear to folks, but on many occasions I have seen people balk because they are not comfortable borrowing someone else's firearms. They will also be assigned a mentor for the day to help them. I think this is going to work well and it gives folks a better feeling of "ownership" of their day.. Paradise Pass is a privately owned range and also has a full service gun shop on sight and is very experienced in interacting with new shooters. Because of that we get 12-20 spectators who come and check it out. They also have a large social media following and we will be using that to launch the program and get people interested.
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    Definition of “Fanning” – is manipulating the hammer anytime TWO hands are not engaged or anchored to each other. The ROC has come up with a formal definition to be included in the SHB Glossary of Terms: “FANNING: A handgun (revolver, pocket pistol, or derringer) shooting technique in which one hand controls the trigger and the other hits the hammer singularly or repeatedly without any part of the cocking hand remaining in contact with the handgun or the support hand.” (This technique is used extensively in fast draw exhibitions, and is illegal in Cowboy Action Shooting.)
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    Nobody wore it with the visor in the back?
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    This would be an interesting topic with LOTS of post except a true Duelist can only type with one hand and therefore, won't waste much time trying to type out a comment. A Double Duelist will 'hunt n peck' with both hands and a few of them will post a comment, such as TN Williams. Actually, he was probably reaching for his morning cup of joe while typing and submitting his post..... On the other hand, as a GF, it only took me about 45 seconds to type out this post..... ..........Widder
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    I sometimes use Dick's entrance to the mall that I walk at, I use their bathroom and never flush!!
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    I was offered a $25 Dicks gift card at work a couple months back. The fellow manager that offered it was being kind. I thanked him but declined. When he asked why I told him about Dicks and their underhanded crap.He said he wasn’t aware but in the future he wouldn’t buy their gift cards. Apparently he had been buying around $100 in gift cards a month for handouts at work for special incentives and for rewards for noteworthy contributions to the department. I helped him solve a problem so he offered me a gift card. Glad I had a little more impact on them.
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    There might be easier ways to make a stage more challenging… Well done! Sticking with it and reloading all your guns on the clock was truly the mark of a good solid competitor having a great time. Well, maybe not in the moment but you can certainly look back on it now and smile.
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    I just got the word from the editor. My article about the history of the Colt Bisley and the Cimarron clone is to run in the August issue of Guns Magazine. This is a new market for me and it is very exciting.
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    Happy St. Patrick's day.
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    Not anything you could put here probably.
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    The wildflowers in southern Arizona are just drop dead gorgeous this spring.
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    Not hard enough, oughta be a weight limit on some things...
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    They are still "Dick's"........ OLG
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    Last night the city of Edgewood NM voted to become a 2nd. Amendment Sanctuary City. Our very own SASS CEO Misty Moonshine and Wildshot spoke at the meeting. I could not be more proud to be a part of a organization that walks the walk. You can listen to the audio here Misty starts at about 1:08-15 followed by WIldshot.
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    I repeat (in my head), "Don't screw up. Don't screw up. Don't screw up."
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    A jaywalker gets brushed by a taxi. Jumping back, he stumbles, falls, and hits his head on the curb. A man stops and bends down to help him. Two uniformed Boy Scouts push their way through the gathering crowd, gently move the man out of the way - "Excuse us, Sir" - and start giving yhe jaywalker first aid. The man watches for a minute, then leans down and says, "When you get to the part about getting a doctor - I'm right here".
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    Actually if the gun had blown up...it would have fixed stupid!
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    Sort of funny thing from the Middle East of today. Some training materials were found in a mop'd up combat area. One item was a picture of an A-10 in flight just a little ways away from the camera. The writing under the photo translated to "Never, Ever, Shoot at one of these Planes."
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    Prior to SASS, I never, ever imagined I would end up owning so many shotguns. The the gun below is a Thomas Jackson, made in London, the chambers were lengthened to 2 3/4" and re-proofed for nitro at some point. I'll know the age range of when it was made and when it was nitro re-proofed when I actually get the gun from the FFL.
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    After almost two years Rossi/Taurus/CBC is shipping guns again. Their most popular is the 20" stainless round barrel in 357 mag so these were first. I got some in September. but, recently I got some in 44mag too.
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    That's almost as bad as shooting smokiless in a 73. kR
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    You got your Crips and your Bloods and your Sharks and your Jets and your Southsiders and even your Purple Gang And then you got your Ruthless Thug Life Fresno Bulldog Criminal Street Gang. You suppose the initiation is ANYONE THAT DOESN'T BLEED TO DEATH WHILE GETTING THE TATTOO BECOMES A MEMBER?
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    Well, I for one, miss Father Kit. I hope he returns soon.
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    I just took a part and cleaned an old Marlin 39A 22 that my dad gave me when I was 10 years old. Serial number dates it to 1956, about nine years before I was born. It made for a special evening. Tomorrow I am heading back to the farm, and he and I will plink off the front porch at a clanger plate that he hung across the pasture. But tonight was a special time in itself. To admire the craftsmanship of the people who made this piece. To think about the hands that enjoyed it before it became mine. To treasure the memories of years past and look forward to tomorrow. Thank you for listening.
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    Will NEVER walk through their door for any reason. SCJ
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    The firearm? Some of the comments: if it pleases the peasants; brave constables wish to inform us that they have apprehended a young rapscallion armed with a pepperbox whilst operating his horseless carriage Jenkins, ready my steed. There is villiany afoot. He’s taking the term “Bustin’ a Cap” to an entirely new level. Officer Doc Holiday removed this firearm from Johnny Ringo bringing the reign of the red-sashed Cowboys’ lawlessness to an end...
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    so,, today,,, shotgun was first, of course,,,, blast thru 6 targets quickly,, go to rifle,,,, click click click click click!! ugh,,, a lil voice in my head says,,, hey dummy your shells are in the bag on your belt,,, grab shells and load rifle,,, grab rest of the shells and run to pistol location and load pistols,,,, 95 second stage,,, duh!! once again, I was the comedy relief on the posse,, at least it was the last stage!!
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    It was some 10 years ago give or take, I don't remember the exact year, but no matter. Paul Brennan Kelly (yeah he was a bit Irish) rode over the Great Divide this day. I'm not sure if that's ironic or appropriate. He was my orchestra teacher in high school, we became good friends. He taught me to reload and handgunnery. The master taught me well, I eventually became his better with a handgun, but never met his skill with a rifle. We used to call or visit each other every year on St. Patrick's day, sometimes gave small gifts. Anyway, he was my teacher, my mentor, and most of all one of my lifelong best friends. I miss ya pard, look forward to seeing you on the other side. Maybe we can take a ride on Honey and Molly. Slainte! JHC
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    It is rarely about shooting faster. Shooting speed is probably only the 3rd or 4th best indicator of performance. SASS has different groups of shooters. The "Elite" of our game... That group of shooters that have few peers; those that can win overall at Winter Range or EOT (and no one would be shocked). How many shooters are in that group at any given time? 10 shooters? 15? Then there is the next group of shooters. Super fast shooters that are right on the heels of that elite group. May not take the overall; but are likely going to be in the top gun shoot off and winning their category (or darn close). Probably 200 shooters nationwide. A lot of clubs have one or two. Southern Nevada has Quickly Downunder and we still claim Pecos Nick as our own. Then there is the next group. Good shooters. Or as I call them; right mite sudden shooters. Shooters who can run a gun and likely won't embarrass themselves at most any match; but are never winning Winter Range or EoT (or maybe even our category). There are 1000's of these shooters. I count myself in this group. What's the point? If you simply and only look at speed events (the shooting). Me, Creeker; a high average shooter, can run my rifle, my pistols, my shotgun "nearly" as fast as ANY ONE. The best in the world don't beat me by much. Maybe a second on the rifle... Maybe a second and a half on shotgun... Maybe a second and a half on pistols... Maybe, and usually not even that; but let's say four seconds difference in shooting. So by that standard - I should be within 40 to 50 seconds of anyone over 12 stages. I'm sadly not. My foot speed lacks. I sometimes fail to see the front site. My concentration and focus sometimes wanes. My transitions and movements have NEVER been described as smooth. There are a dozen reasons and excuses I can make for not being a threat to the elite or almost elites in our game. None of them are about shooting speed. A lot of shooters are fast shooters. Tell me which ones will get thru the entire match smoothly without a shell fumble, brain fart, mistep, rifle jack out or pistol go around... And Ill tell you who has a really good chance of winning. Without ever mentioning or comparing their shooting speed.
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    Was reading about a women who went to place flowers on parents grave and was pulled in because of sinkhole..Work was being done on another grave next to theres and left a void that caused the problem...I know this not funny to a point but it was the comments that got me... There was a man who was drinking and stumbled into an open grave at night. He tried to get out but eventually just gave up and fell asleep. A little while later another man stumbled into the same grave, unaware of the first man, and also tried to get out without success. After watching the second man's futile attempts to get out, the first man said, "I tried getting out too, but it's hopeless!" The 2nd man suddenly found the strength to get out. Texas Lizard
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    THE IRISH FATHER: I was reading an article last night about fathers and sons, and memories came flooding back of the time I took my son out for his first drink. Off we went to our local bar, which is only two blocks from the house. I got him a Guinness Stout. He didn't like it – so I drank it. Then I got him an Old Style, but he didn't like that either, so I drank it. It was the same with the Coors and the Bud. By the time we got down to the Irish whiskey, I could hardly push the stroller back home.
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    I'm sure for the first few matches she will be using my stuff. She has her own non-SASS guns, has a good job, and a master's degree that the VA paid for. (She got hurt in the army.) So, her comment when I told her the cost of the guns was, "Well. I've spent more on dumber things." So, the hope is that she will eventually get her own things.
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    Personally I am infavor of a short rope and a very tall step.
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    Pat!! Practice some when you get a chance!! If your aim improves, you might not miss him next time!!
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    Before the addiction, I'd have to take my vacation in December or lose it. After the addiction began, I was running out of vacation. My solution was retirement.
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