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  1. Ya'll do see the irony of a bunch of CAS shooters making comments on somebody dressing up in a costume, right? Pot/Kettle.
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  2. Wow I just got my new old Gatling Gun. I have wanted one for , it seems like forever. Just got it delivered. My friend Purgatory Smith, filmed us shooting it for the first time. What a hoot. I love it (WHAT A TIME TO BE SHORT ON PRIMERS)
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  3. Last month a lady up Canada way signed into one of the militaria collector sites I belong to and was interested in getting some items for her two boys who were both very much into military history. Seeing as how I’ve been getting rid of my collection, I contacted her and said I’d be glad to send some articles. The package finally arrived today and the boys made a video which se forwarded to me. They had no idea what was in the box and pretty much misidentified everything. I old their mom I’d help them out after they did their research if there was still anything they couldn’t I’
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  4. I am deploying with the Army and may be off line a bit til December. Where I am going isn't dangerous and I will be fine, if a little hot and sandy. I am sure there is net access but I will be on and off with work so don't panic if you don't see any spider or crocs from me from time to time. All the best to you all and I should be back to normal transmission in the New Year.
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  5. Prompted bumpy a post on Facebook, I dug out my dad’s I.D bracelet that Grandpa and Grandma gave him when he joined the Army out of high school. It probably was a stretch to pay for it. They had a tiny farm outside of Dearborn, MI. They could have been the models for the famous Grant Wood painting. Dad was hot to join up at 17 but Grandma had bad memories of when her father, as a Regimental Quartermaster Sgt in His Majesty’s forces, went to France with the BEF in 1914. He was one of the few from his unit who returned. So there’s no way she was going sign the papers to let dad enlist. Soon as
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  6. Phone rings. Robo voice announced that they have sent me multiple mailings about my car warranty. (They always say this, but have not) Press 5 to speak to an agent, or press 9 to be removed from their call list. (I've pressed 9 a BUNCH of times in the past. Nine dinna work) So I pressed 5. "Agent" eventually answers and asks me to tell him the make and model of my car. Instead, I said "No. But what I WILL tell you is this: The next time you people call me, I am going to crawl through the phone line, grab you - or whoever else it i
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  7. My wife is getting so forgetful. She knows when she sends me to the store to get only a couple of things, she is to ask me if I have my wallet, phone, keys, shopping list, and that I'm zipped up. I got to the store without my wallet. My wife forgot to ask me if I had my wallet. This was not the first time my wife has forgotten this. 47 years of marriage to me seems to be taking a toll on this fine lady. Sad, isn't it? .
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  8. Went to the library a while ago and found they were having a sale. Anything with a purple spot was going for two bits. I bought a very nearly perfect Roget's Thesaurus to replace one I've had for almost 60 years and practically worn out For those of you who don't know what a Thesaurus is, I'll explain: It is a very large prehistoric reptilian monster, thought to be extinct, and noted for its huge vocabulary.
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  9. We were shopping in Dunham's Sports yesterday and needed some assistance. The manager that helped us was wonderful. We got what we needed and chit chatted quite a bit. He informed us that they are getting rid of all Under Armor and Nike because, in his words, "they don't like the stuff that goes bang", as he nodded in the direction of the firearms department. Good for Dunham's! We could have saved ourselves lots of time and gasoline by getting the same item for the same price at Dick's but they DON'T get our business any longer. We chose to check Dunham's and we're glad we did.
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  10. For sale 1 sheet 7/16 pressed plywood $19.95 some assembly required
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  11. Properly Organized Fox Storage
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  12. Well, I survived another commencement (has to be one of the most boring things in life). Our grandson graduated cum laude from TCU with a bachelors in mechanical engineering. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. His dad graduated magna cum laude in mathematics from San Angelo State, and when he took some teacher certification test (or something) he made 100. First Angelo State student to ever ace it. Good job Matt! Gonna work for some company that contracts with DOJ that works on electrical and nuclear power plants. JHC
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  13. On a stage at a north Georgia clays course:
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  14. https://outsider.com/news/entertainment/happy-83rd-birthday-buck-taylor-celebrate-the-gunsmoke-actors-best-moments/
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  15. Our buddy Noz has not been on the Wire or in the Saloon for a few days. He had a total knee replacement early Monday morning. I have talked to him and Lorrie on the phone a couple of times (visiting is nearly impossible with Covid restrictions). The surgery went well and he is feeling good. There is a chance he may go home later today. I know they will appreciate you folks keeping them in mind.
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  16. Canadians will get this one and some of our US pards should as well.
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