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    2006 Mazda Miata MX5 Grand Touring edition. 26,000 miles in immaculate condition. She rides like a dream.
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    She always used to bug me about why people need more than 10 rounds... Since the happenings this year, she asked me if I would go out and by a rifle with one of "those things" underneath that held "30 shots". Her arthritic hands won't let her rack the slide on a pistol, (she has a revolver), but she can pull a trigger, and she's an excellent shot. She wants me to buy more guns!!
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    I don't know Misty. I did meet her at GOA about 4-5 years ago. Personally, I think she has done a good job with SASS since being in her position and I don't think we, as SASS members, will see any drastic or negative changes in operations and everything will still run smoothly. I continued my SASS membership not only because of my support for SASS, but also because I've sensed a steady hand at the helm the past few years. I wish her well. ..........Widder
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    Phantom, There is no outside "buyer" in the mix. Misty
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    A little over a thousand miles since yesterday through NC, TN, AR, and into the wind which’s sweeps down the plains. Weather has been okay. Tomorrow through Texas and to NM. Home by Thursday evening hopefully.
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    They said “Lift every voice is the black national anthem. So now we have 2 National anthems now?? I’m so sick if this crap !
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    Any club can spin off anytime they want. They have always been able to do that. SASS has no direct hold on any club and never has. They own the Name of the game. Since the beginning, the main thing that they have provided has been the Organization. The desire to be a part of that Organization has been what's kept things together. Sure.. someone can break away, but they would most likely continue to follow and maintain the current rules and game structure that SASS has worked to provide. I have watched as many things in the Game have changed over the years. Some changes were for the better, some not as good. I know that nothing stays the same for ever. The membership at large is heavily composed of "Older" folks. Most of them just want to play out their hand as long as they are able. There are a few "Hot Dogs" that think the game is about them, but they are little more than a fart in the wind... they will pass. The WB has more than earned a break from the strain of trying to keep things afloat. They have seen us through many storms, and we have all benefited from their guidance. I am and will be eternally grateful to them for the Wonderful Fantasy that they gave us many years ago. It has provided me and many folks like me with a lifetime of joy by providing us with an avenue of escape from our daily grind. There is no doubt that the new administration is facing a storm right now, but I believe that they will rise to the occasion. There is one thing that is Paramount to all of this, and everyone should remember it. It is something that I use to say when I was the Chairman of the ROC, and it is something that is just as true today. "The Game Belongs to the Members". I don't care who owns the Name, We, the members, own the Game, and NOBODY can take it from us. We can play it as long as we are able and willing, and I plan to do just that. Snakebite
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    I don't think that speculation with negative connotations is appropriate. Occam's Razor, everyone of them is getting on up there in years, some are way past when most people are retired. The simplest assumption is that they're ready to relax and just enjoy matches. Having worked together for almost 40 years they are leaving together. No need for hidden agendas, secret agents, or lava bubbles under Founders Ranch, just a group of people who are stepping back after 40 years of work.
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    the color of the sun and his eyes were green..... I just got an hour long phone call from Stud. I haven't heard from him in a coon's age, and it was sure good to get some catching up done. Must be close to three ears since we had a palaver and was sure fine to just remember old times. Before I forget, he wanted me to tell Rowdy Yates, Hardpan Curmudgeon, Lumpy Grits, Allie Mo, Doc Shapiro and a whole herd more of you "howdy", and he misses you all. There were a few dozen more, but I didn't write them all down. Just know that he thinks about a lot of you folks. He's near blind but still has his hair and is doing much better physically. Blackwater, you'll hear from him shortly about a trip our here to visit. Well, that and just plain old whittle and spit. Man, it was sure fine to hear from him. I have lots of friends in this old world, and he's one of the best.
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    There is no such thing as a "Black National Anthem" this is just something to placate the politically correct, cancel culture liberals. This is the United States of America, we do not discriminate by race color or creed. I find the notion of a black national anthem extremely racist and I will never stand if it is played, no matter where I happen to be. Like Rye Miles said, "I'm sick of this crap" It's time to stop bowing down to these liberal snowflakes and BLM activists and stand up for our Republic and "One Nation Under God".
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    I know and appreciate that there are many here who are my senior. Well... a few, anyway. But next summer I'll be joining the Elder Statesman ranks. Heck, I've been considered an "Old Fart" so long that won't be much of an event for me. But about this "Younger Man's Sport" thing: When I'm not in my truck, I tool about in a Miata. An '02 Special Edition. I call her "Zelda," after a dear old friend who's no longer with us. She has all sorts of fancy-doodle "special" stuff that was a big deal when she was new; still pretty cool stuff, in my estimation. But, like me, she's getting kinda long in the tooth. Well maintained (better than ME!), she runs strong, and is still somewhat nimble. So anyway, for Father's Day, Sassparilla Kid gave his old man a set of brand-new Bilstein replacement struts for the li'l roadster! Yippee~!! But it was too damned hot to work on 'er last week; over the weekend we had a low-nineties "cold snap" and I got 'er done. Rears on Friday night and front on Sunday. And this is where I finally came to the realization that crawling around under low-slung sports cars is definitely a "younger man's sport." My GAWD but I woke up sore and stiff! I've always been my own mechanic; shux, when the engine in my '69 bug blew back in '71, I rebuilt it in my frat house bedroom. But I'm here to tell ya... us fat old farts just ain't built for these kinda activities. It HURTS! Oh well - younger man's sport or not, I'll keep doin' it. One note about the car: While slidin' about underneath that thing, I had plenty of opportunity to study it's design and construction. There's not a whole lot of solid structure; rather, the li'l car's light weight and rigidity is achieved by very clever stamping, forming, folding and welding of relatively light stock. So while I'm studyin' her construction, it occurred to me that "Miata" must be Japanese for "Origami!" By the way ~ the Bilsteins are wonderful. She's more nimble than ever!!
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    I've got a boat load of #10 Rem Caps...but down to only 300,000 primers.
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    Happy 4th of July to everyone. Old Glory flies 24/7 at my place, want to thank all my brothers and sisters who made it possible for us to enjoy our freedom today. TenHut...salute!
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    Traveling 2,000 miles in 3 days at my age proved to be rather tiring, Who knew? First thing was to plow through the fine crop of tumbleweed that has grown up in the driveway,. We got things unpacked. Got the swamp cooler in operation but truthfully it’s cooler here than it was in Charlotte. I went to the store to restock the fridge. That was expensive. Got a new flag up. The winds had shredded the old one. Mowed the weeds down. I’ll spray em tomorrow. Today I’ll just mow the front yard and then take the rest of the day off for the 4th. It’s Great to be home. Had a tear in me eye when I caught sight of the house from the road. Still no Covid cases in our county. A pretty nice Independence Day.
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    I would like to see advertising in the magazines that NRA members receive as part of their membership, American Rifleman, etc. What better way to promote a shooting sport than to let shooters and gun enthusiasts know about us. How many millions of NRA members exist.
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    This should move you, regardless.
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    I grew up hunting with traditional self-made bows and occasionally a 22, but today I stalked and took a wild boar in central FL using my miroku 1866 in 44-40 and self-cast lead. Land was private, and hog season is year round in FL (they are considered a pest out here). Harvesting meat for me is bittersweet, there is a quote by NY Times writer David Joy that I've always thought describes the process best, "There is a sadness that only hunters know, a moment when lament overshadows any desire for celebration. Life is sustained by death, and though going to the field is an act of taking responsibility for that fact, the killing is not easy, nor should it be." If I'm being honest, as a friend of animals, hunting is a bit hard on my spirit. But I know that if I buy a pork shoulder at the grocery store without a second thought as to where it came from, that is the biggest form of disrespect to the animal. By hunting my meat, I can take responsibility for my dietary needs and walk away with a deeper appreciation of the life that was given to sustain me. I've pretty much sworn off of grocery meats (unless I'm a guest somewhere, or occasionally at a restaurant) and this lifestyle change has been rewarding to me. This was my first hunt without using a scope of any kind, and since making a single well placed ethical shot is critical, I practiced with my new 1866 for around 12 hours over the course of a month. I made some good progress with the buckhorns and black powder at 50 and 100 yards, but even still, acquisition wasn't instinctive and my groups with black powder (OE 3F droptubed 3' and compressed) were 3x larger than with RL7 at the same velocities (using chronograph). So I didn't think I was good enough yet to hunt with them, still have lots of load development/casting work to do to make BP work like it should. So I decided to cheat on this front for the sake of the animal and installed a skinner aperture rear sight just for the hunt (much, much easier to acquire a fast sight picture on a moving target) and used the RL7 load. Maybe by the next hunt I'll have mastered the buckhorns with BP to make it extra authentic. Rifle: Miroku 1866 24" octagonal 44-40, Skinner aperture rear sight Lead: self-cast 43-215c from 1:20, sized to 0.430. Lube: 40% beeswax, 40% tallow, 10% paraffin, 10% lanolin (and a touch of green crayon for style ) Load: the late John Kort's load for RL7 Data: avg 1423 fps, 217gr bullet Primer: Federal LPM (the photo looks like there are wrinkles, but its just residual lube from pan lube process) Two 3-shot groups at 25 yards before hunt: my groups at 50 yards were within 3". After a bit of exploring, I had a clear shot of a boar at about 40 yards away. I steadied and hit dead on at the shoulder, one shot. It ran about 10 yards before collapsing. It was clear I hit the vitals but I wanted to give it a quick exit so I placed a swift follow-up shot at the earhole. It ended right there. As the boar was quartered, I noticed that the 44/40 did exactly what it was supposed to. The entry shoulder was completely shattered. It passed through the lungs, and then exited through the other shoulder, shattering that as well. Right now I'm bleeding out all the meat under ice for about 4 days then processing. Total bone-in meat yield was 37 pounds. It's going to be three months of good eating for me and my wife. I'll come back to post more pictures of the processed meat and some recipes I make that the misses likes. I personally like it, and so do my dogs but boar has a strong flavor, needs to be treated right for those more discerning of flavor. So many local hunters told me the 44-40 cartridge was too weak to hunt a big bad hog with, and my 'grandpas gun' won't do what a modern AR could. But here's some more proof that they don't know what they're talking about. I couldn't imagine the hog being any more dead, and it happening any faster. Sure beats using my wooden traditional bows, and I sure feel like more of a marksman using a miroku 1866 with open sights vs an AR and scope.
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    I'd rather stand in a upstairs window with the remote control for a bunch of these
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    Host big events like eot at different locations in the country so more people can participate and new people can come see the biggest events in our association.
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    Steering wheel is on the wrong side
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    Leg 3 complete. Right now we’re checking in to the Quality Inn in Rio Rancho NM. Should be home by tomorrow afternoon.
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    Like any change - this will be "interesting", "challenging", "frightening" and/ or "exciting". I, for one, look forward to the opportunities this brings to move SASS in a positive direction. Change offers the chance to move beyond the current status quo. Revisit options, methods and ideas that perhaps had been dismissed in the past. Look at possibilities that have not been explored fully because of entrenched thinking. Times changes, people change, entities change - there are times when the leaders must change as well. I'm assuming the Wild Bunch considered all the ramifications of this decision and came to the conclusion that their baby will be left in capable hands. Thank you to the Wild Bunch. For creating and leading our game for all these years. And thank you for trusting us to continue taking it forward.
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    Somehow this seems appropriate for our current situation
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    Licensed and certified door to door gynecologist!
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    Independence Day!
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    This saying, which was spoken many years ago...still applies today, more than ever..."In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell. The truth may not please us. To paraphrase another old saying..."we love the truth when it uplifts us, we hate the truth when it convicts us". The truth may not be what we like, or want to hear, but it is still the best policy, and anything less is, or should be, unacceptable to us. Remember all this, come election time. Do not vote for the party, vote for the individual. Do not vote for who your local news media recommends; do not vote for who your union recommends/demands; do not vote for the party that your parents, and grandparents, and great-grandparents voted for, because, over time, that party may have changed dramatically from what it used to be. Consider what is important to you (if you are on this website, obviously recreational/safe use of firearms, is important to you) then vote for the individuals that best support what you think is right...no matter how unpopular they are with the news media, or the movie stars, or the pro-athletes. Why should we think these groups are so wise and all-knowing? Can you trust the news media? No, all they want to do is "sell newspapers". Can we trust the movie stars? No. they make their living lying, and their personal lives are mostly a failure. Can we trust the pro-athletes? No. They get a job making millions, and spend it all on cars, big houses, and jewelry, and act like spoiled children. Many of them dishonor our flag, and what it stands for, yet they themselves are not perfect...far from it. None of these groups are role models, unless failure is a role model. So why listen to them, and allow them to influence your decisions? Think for yourself, after you have carefully considered the facts. Then vote...this year, of all years. Our sport, and the direction of our nation, depend on it. W.K.
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    I'm going to purposefully take an opposing view. I think this is an incredibly happy time. The founders of this wonderful sport have worked tirelessly for decades creating an activity we all know and love. They've finally reached the point where they feel the sport has matured enough and the right people are in place (Misty and crew) to keep it running and growing for decades more. That they now feel comfortable enough to step back and let their baby thrive is something to be celebrated. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you Wild Bunch. You've done a great thing.
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    How did it go after you woke up? OLG
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    Who'd you marry? Elizabeth Warren? LL
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    I don’t think they had any real choice other than to stay in their home or to arm themselves and threaten the attackers with death, and be willing to back up their threats with action. That’s all cowards understand. The rioting looters had already broken down the closed, locked community gate, entered the jointly owned, private enclave, and thereby entered their home! A considerable more looters came in right behind the original bunch, into the gated housing enclave.. The thugs threatened the man and his wife, and threatened to kill their animals and burn their home....this, after breaking down (destroying) the housing area security gate. The thugs were told that they were on private property and told to get out/leave. Those warnings were met with anger, hostility, threats and no inclination to leave the fenced, private housing enclave. This man and wife were in considerable danger of being killed, not to mention having their home burned and their animals killed by a swarming gang of blood thirsty, crazed, rioting looters Personally? That mob would have been two wrong steps away from having 2 or more of them being killed. I would not have walked out the door with the weapon unless I had no fewer than 3 thirty round magazines or 6 fifteen round mags. The police? What police? They had their chance early on, and should have shut down that mob then, but did not. Cat Brules
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    The story of Saul and his servant looking for the asses is found in 1 Samuel 9:3 - 10:2. True story: I had just finished teaching a Bible class on these passages where Saul and his servant were looking for the asses, Samuel had anointed Saul to be the first king of Israel, and later some prophets had told Saul the asses had been found and returned home. In my closing statement to the class I said, “Class, the moral of this story is: Men who can’t find their asses—often wind up becoming the leaders of the country!” .
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    LOL, or just buy enough so you can ignore short term disruptions in supply. If this continues for two years I'll start worrying, otherwise it doesn't have any impact on me.
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