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    I asked alexa to put the tv on criminal minds and she puts the debate on....
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    Speaking as a redneck that's half hillbilly, I always find these sort of lists amusing- since I know that if there's a tornado that traps the jokers in their homes, they get lost in the woods or stuck in the mud on the back side of no-where, it will be some of my redneck/hillbilly brethren that will show up with a chainsaw, a pack of bloodhounds or a jacked up 4x4 with a winch and tow chains to pull their butts out of trouble. And most of them will be insulted when you try to pay him for doing right.
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    And I imagine most B-Western shooters would encourage their competition to shoot a Big Boy.
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    NASA's $1 Billion Jupiter Probe Just Sent Back Dazzling New Photos of the Giant Planet and Its Great Red Spot
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    Well let's do the math: Car is "barreling" down the dirt road. Conservatively 30 mph, but probably faster. But we'll stick with 30. 30 mph = 158,400 feet per hour, or 44 feet per second. 15 seconds of reaction time before her death = 660 feet of chain laying on the floor. Who in the hell totes around 660 feet of chain with them while committing a burglary? Let's suppose that it is only 3/8" chain instead of "heavy duty" 1/2" chain. 3/8" chain weighs 1.41 pounds per foot. Therefore, total weight of chain = 930 lbs. My advice would be to relax, grab a beer from the fridge and wait. If the chain is indeed secured to the bumper of the getaway car, the weight of the chain will pull the bumper off the car long before car reaches the full extent of 930 lbs. worth of chain. Call the Police and tell them to be on the lookout for a car with no rear bumper. Then offer the wife a sip of your beer. And be kind. She'll need a few minutes to get over the ordeal before starting supper.
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    I have always thought that actors, athletes, musicians and entertainers should not be listened to in any regard when it comes to politics or people’s rights. Think about it. You have an individual with a talent that has nothing to do with real life espousing their beliefs and feelings onto others that give them credence simply because the can bounce or throw a ball, run fast, play a mean guitar or they are attractive and can fool you with their abilities to “act” but not actually “do”. I like Clint Eastwood’s characters but I doubt I would actually like him as a person. His political opinions are worthless to me. The last person I would ever trust in this world is a person that makes their living acting like something or someone they are not. Which is also why I distrust politicians...all politicians, not just the ones I do not agree with.
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    I have been following this since first reading Clive Cussler's story on the topic. I find it very interesting. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/new-explosive-theory-what-doomed-crew-hunley-180974159/
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    I ran out of time, but I have 13 seconds of video on my phone.
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    HAHA, the next cowboy is coming with their own gear plus a demonstration that they can reload and clean guns. I may request references from other cowgirls as well!
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    I cannot believe you said that. Good grief. That's like blaming Travis and his crew for letting the Mexican Army take the Alamo.
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    It is a warning to all of us to be active in our support for all of our freedoms. We are truly in a fight unlike anything since before the founding of our nation.
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    Why Widder doesn't set targets A lot of folks don't know it, but Widder and Red Knee used to like to set up targets so they could get out of paying the entrance fee to shoot way back when they were pups. The problem was, the club had a first come, first served policy on setting up the targets in exchange for a free shoot. Purly being the man he is, not only usually gave them a whoopin' at the match but added insult to injury by beating them to set targets too. One particular Thursday evening Widder and Red Knee was sitting around talking while they snacked on some candy they stole from some kid that didn't know any better than to walk down Red Knees' road after dusk. Widder said they just had to beat Purly at setting targets Saturday and he was tired of getting beat by him at everything. Red Knee accidentally had an original thought to go set the targets the next day instead of getting up early on the weekend. Widder, not being much of an idea getter himself agreed to meet him the next day. Friday was windier than a sack full of farts but they figured they'd go ahead and get it over with. They started with the biggest target they had. It was a big 4ft by 8ft target that even Widder has trouble missing. Well about the time they wrestled the target out of the building, a big gust of wind came up. It picked that target up and flipped it in the air over to the next shooting bay and bounced off of a loading table and stuck plumb in the side of the outhouse. About that time Widder let go of it. Red knee came running over and asked him if he was ok. Widder said, "on second thought, there ain't no need of picking on Purly. Let's just let him set targets from now on". And now you know the whole story.
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    Gallon of milk. "Sell By" date on the jug is Feb 31. Would that actually mean it will never expire ???
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    We still got rules. Otherwise we'd be just a bunch of... ...well you know. Waimea
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    I use a Dremel all the time. I keep 3 of them because I will always need atleast one of them for some task. Recently, 2 of my highly used 4000 models started giving me some RPM fluctuations. Returned both of them to the factory LAST WEEK. Today, I received 2 NEW 4300 models, along with their hard shell cases and various parts packages inside, just like you would buy the package new from Lowes or Home Depot. Great service from DREMEL. ..........Widder
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    Put on holsters. Drink another coffee. Take off holsters and hit the head. Go to load table. Remember holsters. Back to load table. Remember pistols.....
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    Couple of coffees. Donuts. Talk a lot. Try not to sweat. Finished 2nd once. Last many times. Haven't pulled a muscle yet.
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    CAPT., My interpretation of the .... "Changing location with a long gun with the action closed, etc......" is totally in reference to being ON THE STAGE and not during any movement or carting of firearms elsewhere on the range. Ya can't earn a SDQ without being committed to the stage, as in LT to ULT. That's my understand from SHB pg 23. ..........Widder
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    The "Debaters" are the same folks that dare criticize President Trump for the way he acts.
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    Here, hold my chardonnay and watch this!
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    We had a night shoot at the Texas Riviera Pistoleros range last night. It was a blast! Several of us shot BP for the fire! If your club has ever considered a night shoot , GO FOR IT! Yours truly shooting 44-40s and a 10 guage
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    Load 1 and shoot R5 to save 1 miss, anything else earns a P
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    Stage: Rifle is shot first .... yada yada yada ....... So I shoulder, lever, aim & shoot .... pfffftt - TO yells "squib" I ground the gun & get directed to the ULT to clear rifle. TO says "no rnd down range - would you like a restart?" I would & go to LT, with cleared rifle, reload, shoot stage & life is good again. About 5 minutes later my daughter steps up - same stage - same result - EXACTLY the same. First rnd in rifle is a squib. She also gets a reshoot. So - what are the odds ? To cap it off, our overall finishes in the match were : Granddaughter 12th Daughter 13th Me 14th Moral of the story: No matter the odds - stuff can & does happen.
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    Thank you for asking. Perhaps folks can: Send a small donation to the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA). https://crpa.org/ OR, Send a small donations to Gun Owners if California. https://www.gunownersca.com And, Throw some moral support our way when holding us up as an example of what these leftists are doing and what they WILL do across the country using environmental regulations to infringe on people’s rights. California is the Left’s test bench for how they want to destroy the rest of America in their quest for their utopia. Thank you
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    That's why Sergeants and Warrant Officers look old before their time.
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    I don't remember who made them, but there was a run or three of ammunition loaded commercially for CAS with the bullet set WAY DOWN in the case. Very light powder change. Recoil like a .22. Rules committee jump'd on it like a chubby kid onna twinkie.
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    That's a major oxymoron. Outlaws don't normally follow rules.
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    Maybe, but I think you're really lucky if you get to shoot with your daughter and granddaughter on the same day. ( that is worth way more than any lottery ticket)
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    Slide the bottom under the couch and the top becomes a table over part of the couch. It’s called a couch table I’ve built quite a few of them. It sits next to you not over your lap.
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    I rarely, if ever, change leads. I extend my pistols straight out from my shoulders and try to maintain chest width between my pistols. I never bring my pistols close enough together to the point of even considering crossover. The slight twist at my waist moves either pistol in line with it's needed targets without a crossover. I firmly believe no matter how fast you can fire two rounds (unsupported) out of the same pistol - it is faster to fire two rounds out of two pistols. And if that is true - I will avoid doing the slower choice whenever possible. So in answer to the op. T1 Left pistol T2 Right pistol T3 Left T4 Right T3 Left. Twist slightly T2 Right T1 Left T2 Right T3 Left T4 Right
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    Baloney. I live in CA, you do not. Farming is easy work when you plow with a pencil, and throwing a touchdown pass is easy from your arm chair. There is a 75% Democrat super-majority that literally can, and does, what it damn well pleases. They have systematically destroyed the business climate here since the 60s. The big industries are gone. Taxation is monstrous here. We pay the highest gas taxes and income taxes in the nation. We have 30 million illegals here,and refugees by the score. CA has the easiest welfare rules in the country, and we have 50% of the nation's homeless here.. And... there isn't one damn thing we can do about it. Democrats "find" and "harvest" votes for weeks after the polls close. They turn in suitcases of votes that are just Democrat votes... well golly, how about that? We are Tammany Hall and Chicago, all rolled up into a single self-perpetuating sewer of corruption. We can either put up with it or leave. How, you ask? The same way VA and MD are getting raped right now. Zero Liability Voters
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    It came from a Deocrat raffle and it DOESN'T work. The irony is strong here. OLG
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    A tattoo that says “Welcome to Jamaica! Have a nice day”.
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    If he's in my category, load 3, shoot 2, put the rifle down and go to the next gun. Come on folks, it's a joke.
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    A shooter who ejects a rifle round in the middle of a shooting string has FOUR choices: 1) Re-engage same target; then reload at the end of the string for the last target = No Penalty 2) Re-engage same target w/NO reload = Miss for the ejected (unfired) round 3) Skip to next target w/NO reload = Miss 4) Skip to next target w/reload/return to re-engage skipped target = Procedural
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    If you get all of your previous firearms training from playing video games, where if the gun is shot empty you wiggle the gun and it immediately reloads, I can see this happening. He shoots 20 rounds. He wiggles the gun. It always worked with call of duty.
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