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    MY NEW RIG!!! Built to my specs and it came out exactly as I envisioned!!! I'm a happy cowboy!!! D.a.d leather did the work.
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    I was grumpily walking on the treadmill this afternoon and noticed that the walking belt was slightly off center. So I got out the manual and looked up how to correct it. Pretty simple. Start it up let it run at 1-1.5 mph and turn the left adjusting screw until the belt moves back to center. Got ‘r done. Then I noticed from the digital info panel that I had burnt several calories while on the floor adjusting the belt! It counts your calories whether you’re on it or not! My pulse was really low too according to the screen. This changes everything. Turn on the treadmill, sit down in a chair and watch those calories burn away. Win win exercise program the way I see it. Time for some pizza.
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    You did the right thing Jack, if I notice something I always say something to the MD or Posse leader. The fact that this guy said he was the "current state champ" shows you right there that he's full of himself. He probably knew he was wrong but since he's been getting away with it he'll keep doing it!
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    Odd, I hadn't seen any reports that AOC had taken a tour of Iceland recently.
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    I ordered a set of $25 Hogue grips. They feel really, really great.
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    Didn't Damon learn from True Grit that playing Texans is not his forte? A kid from Cambridge playing a Texan...isn't that cultural appropriation? LL
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    And squealed and farted. Very talented. Shoulda been in show biz.
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    One of the advantages of aging is the wisdom and the ability to withstand and survive adversity and tragedies. But one of the problems of aging is that the older we get the more tragedy we have to withstand. You and your loved ones will be in my thoughts.
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    You'll learn not to wrap your left thumb over the top of your right wrist when shooting semi-autos. The thumbs should be parallel on the left side of the slide (if shooting right handed). It's a hard habit to break but different style pistols require a different grip.
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    They call that vaping, Pat.
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    Forty’s favorite day. He’s sharpening his CutLass now.
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    You boys suck it up and wear the shirt!
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    Winchester model 1906 .22 pump carbine, take down model, made in 1911. My Dad bought it for me when I was 6, and I still have it and shoot it. An amazingly tight and smooth little rifle to be over 100 years old.
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    There is 1 word that they keep using for the left that just irratates me to no end.DEMOCRATIC.Democratic mayor ,Democratic Judge Democratic senator, Democratic Congressman..They are no more democratic than a pile of %$####. Largo
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    A 1950s vintage Marlin 39A. Dad’s brought it home when I was about 10. He was to clean and do some repair work on it for a friend of his. Of course, we had to take it to the range once to make sure it all worked okay. I fell in love with it from the get go and finally asked Dad if he’d approach his friend about selling it to me. I’d saved about $50 in lawn mowing and snow shoveling money, and hoped that would be enough. A few days later he came home from work after talking to his friend. He’d sure enough agreed to sell the gun. But to Mom and Dad as an early birthday present for me. My daughter and I had it out a few weeks ago. It’s still the sweetest shooting and most memorable 22 in the safe.
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    I’m gonna try this. Dang. The calorie count on my recumbent bike didn’t change unless I moved the pedals. Foiled again.
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    A pirate was sharing a mug of rum with a mate once, and his mate asked about his eye patch and hook. "Well, I lost me hand in a fight, an English sailor cut it off right before I ran him thru" "And your eye?" "Well, I was on deck one day and a seagull sh*t in me eye" "And you lost it?" "Aye, that was the first day I got me hook" JHC
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    Only two weeks until High Noon at Tusco!!
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    I just sent an email. Oh well, Hi OLG!
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    There’s a Dairy Queen less than a mile from my house. Randy
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    Well, Seattle's homeless migrated from all over the USA due to word getting around that Seattle was the go-to place if you were homeless. The city pledged a ton of money to help them and only managed to attract more of them from every state in the Union. You can't simply throw money at the problem and expect it to go away. As Seattle has demonstrated (and yet still fail to acknowledge) is that the more you spend on the problem the worse it gets. These people need a hand UP, not a handout. Money needs to be spent on getting these folks back to work, or else finding other ways to deal with them if they're mentally ill.
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    Browning BDM. I convinced myself I needed a 9mm that was DA/SA and had a hammer drop. Got rid of a really nice HiPower to get it. The grip and fit in the hand is really nice. For a 15 round 9mm, it's considerably slimmer than the Sig's and Beretta's of the day. However, trigger is clunky, too many internal levers. Browning brought this gun to market in 9mm just as the love affair with .40 S&W started. Bad timing on their part. I still have it and shoot it once in a while. Trigger could still be improved.
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    I think we are up to 5 attending the RO class on Thursday morning, if you are interested in attending please let me/us know so we will make sure to have enough books and pins. Should be fun, a great start to a even greater match. Getting close now, less than three weeks and counting.
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    I have to disagree. The wrong thought that I had to reenact is what kept me from joining sass a year or two sooner. I actually dislike anything to do with a factual reenactment. I realize there are people in sass that LOVE it. I support their decision dress the part down to the socks, and applaud them for it. Makes it fun, just not my cup of tea. Next time we shoot together, introduce yourself. I like meeting new people. I enjoy knowing most of 'em. I haven't been shooting much longer than you. There is time for anything, and anyone can get beat on any given day A lot can be said about this^. Have you done anything to your guns to make them function better? Do you have a short stroke? There are shooters that have not. Does that mean you will statistically beat them? You say me getting the lever lock is a disadvantage to you because you trained yourself not to jack rounds out, and don't need it. I made the gun better, not me. Well, have you also spent 2 hours a day working on new transitions? Have you put forth the effort to come up with new transitions to improve your stage time? Do you work on target acquisition? Do you practice, or are the matches your practice? This means a heap more than ANY gun modification. Me too. I don't know anybody that spends the money to shoot a big match for just a buckle. Heck, you can buy one for 35 bucks and save the hassle if its not fun. This is absolutely incorrect. I am glad you brought that up. I get an oob pretty regularly. This should solve my problem and be safer for me. A good side note is this: If I have opening pressure on the lever when the hammer falls, the round may not fire because the lock will absorb hammer force. You do not have the rifle holstered. No, you do NOT have to open the lever to show clear before the stage is over. After the stage is over point the rifle down range and pull the trigger, the same way you have to do with a pistol. Easy peasy. Yes, you can just lower the hammer with this device. By the way, the only way to stage a rifle for future use on the stage is empty or hammer fully down on a spent round. So in that case it is moot. Zero shooters are shooting the same guns anyway. It is only skewed to you. The lever lock also provides the same advantage to all that have it. Since you have a shortstroke, how would you feel if someone said the only reason you fire your rifle faster was that short stroke? After all, you don't have to fully lever your rifle. You gonna spot the non short stroked rifles a couple seconds? If not, it's kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. I feel great. Don't you feel good after a nice rifle run with that short stroke in it? I don't know about the at any cost part, but it is cowboy action shooting. It is about speed, otherwise we wouldn't get penalized for misses by adding 5 seconds. We would be shooting for high score on target hits. I do look forward to meeting you. Coming to state this year?
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    For me, it is a shoot that doesn't exist anymore, at least not in it's original format. The Charity Shoot for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Twelve stages over two days at two clubs. Great shoot with great raffle prizes donated by some of the well known names in the sport. Attended by shooters from several states. In 15 years, it raised over $250,000.00 for the hospital. Manatee would post what a great shoot it was and someone would ask who won. His reply was, "The kids."
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    I think it’s more like “The Island of Misfit Toys”
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    It was an amazing shoot. Stages were awesome and the food was OUT OF THIS WORLD..... If you havent been it need to be put on your list. H.Wolf
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    ......when I asked for reviews I was hoping to get a mix of good and bad. If I only wanted one sided views I'd tune into a political debate.
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    Now don't run down Tver. One of my 15mm Napoleonic Russian Dragoon regiments is the "Tver Dragoons." They have gallantly fought in many of my little battles. But, before each battle, it is my understanding that they are blessed by an Orthodox priest.
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    From my perspective the gamble occurred when the shooter knowingly brought a pistol that was illegal for his category to the LT and loaded it. The question then is why would he do that? To shoot it I suppose. Why would he knowingly plan on shooting an illegal revolver? The best conclusion I could reach would be because he thought a 10 second P was better than 25 seconds worth of misses. I think that's a pretty clear cut SOG. Pretty different than a duelist who cocks two pistols, or a BP shooter who gets a smokeless load mixed in with his BP ammo.
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    I'd consider sending them a note, but I really doubt they'd get past the salutation....
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    Prayers for all of you.
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    This is Alpo who would suspect him of such a thing.
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    We used one of these for starling and pigeon control around the grain receiving facility. Powered by canned Freon, it would shoot almost a solid stream of BBs. Worked fine until one of the guys hooked it up to the air line used to blow chaff away from the wheat pit. Forgot to use a regulator and blew the thing up!
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    http://www.gun-parts.com/brazil/ Stoeger = Boito
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    The Estate bases are brass plated. I never knew that they were steel until I put a magnet on one. For a cheap shell, they're good.
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    Me too. I respect those that study the issues and come to their own conclusions. Unfortunately, it's the middle 50-80% that vote on emotion or appearance or the way some celebrity has told them they should vote. Worked with a lady that was conservative, gun owner, member of NRA. She admitted voting for Clinton because Hillary would make a more attractive First Lady!
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    ... looks like you're the next state to fall! http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/kim-kardashian-confirms-her-family-is-considering-a-move-to-wyoming-after-kanye-west-bought-a-ranch/ar-AAHalXj?ocid=ientp#image=4
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    To those who stood against the odds!
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    My friend took the gun to a gunsmith. They measured it and verified it with a dummy. Turns out it is a 7mm which made him happy. He already has one so he has everything for that caliber. Thanks for all the help and information!!! I learned a lot.
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    That's like a "Gus" hat...Almost every hat maker has one. cost varies from less than $100 up to over $1000.
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