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    After 43 years in education, I turned in my papers today. Many fellow teachers asked what I was going to do. Shoot more matches was my reply! I'm tired of letting this work stuff get in the way of cowboy shooting.
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    Yes, you lose to the shooters who didn't blow any stages, have no rifle jams, had no dud pistol rounds, didn't drop shotgun shells, and had no procedurals. Total time is the best and most fair way to go. --Dawg
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    X = holster (any type) * = belly button X * X = OK XX * = NOT OK * XX = NOT OK
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    I went to Las Vegas on Sunday to attend my grandson's graduation from high school yesterday. After getting in some time with the family he said "Grandpa, would you come with me for a bit? I need your advice." Well, hell yes. We went to a gun shop in North Vegas and he asked me to help him buy his first gun. After trying out several and rejecting them as "Overburdened with macho crap", (his words, not mine) we narrowed it down to three 12 gauge pump guns and he settled on a Maverick made overseas and assembled here by Mossberg. A right good starter gun and he saved enough money to buy a couple of boxes of shells, a cleaning kit, and a pretty nice cover for it...and had enough left to take his girlfriend and his best buddy of fourteen years out for a pizza. His final comment as they walked out the door was "I'll learn all I can with this one and maybe someday I'll find something really great to replace it with, but I'll always keep this one for sentimental reasons." Next stop is college. My wife would have been very proud of him I know I am.
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    Something moved me to post this tonight. I was thinking of Judge'm All Duncan. As I said in the post about his death I didn't know him as well as some of you. I met him a few years ago and right away hit it off with him and since have stayed in touch and have been to a handful of matches together. Looking at Facebook tonight it really hit me on how much that man touched the numerous lives of others. Facebook has been a sea of photos and stories about "The Judge". What I have been thinking about is this, The Best and Worst of Cowboy Action Shooting is the same thing. The People. This sport provides such a great avenue to meet some of the best people on this planet. But with that avenue of meeting so many folks and obtaining so many friends and "family", also comes the inevitable realization that some of those friends will leave us... sooner than we would like. For me it's a blessing and a curse that I am one of the "young" ones in the sport (age 40). I have been involved in Cowboy Action for 14 years and met so many great friends over that time, some of them twice my age. On one hand I found this sport when I was young and have more time to enjoy it but on the other it gives me chills to think about what the next 20 years will look like. I guess why I am posting this is because days like this you realize how fragile life is. Enjoy it, tell all your friends in this sport how much you appreciate them and love them. You are not guaranteed tomorrow. Seeing that wave of posts on Facebook about Judge really makes you think about how you can influence others. I sure hope I could have a fraction of the influence on people that Judge did. - Bubba
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    This Memorial Day, I'm remembering SPC Alexis Dos Santos. She was assigned to my headquarters company as a property book analyst. While going through a contentious divorce, she decided to take her own life on February 15, 2019. I haven't posted anything here because I've been trying to process everything myself. On the day she died, I happened to be in Arizona for the funeral of another soldier who had died in an off-duty accident when I got the phone call. I went to the hospital, still in full dress uniform from the previous funeral, and spent the entire evening there with her two beautiful children. They were too young to understand they would never see their mother again, and it broke my heart. I went into the hospital room where SPC Dos Santos was being kept alive. The hospital staff told me they were merely keeping her alive long enough for her mother to arrive, at which time she would get a few last moments with her and then be removed from life support. The mother arrived about 10 pm, and SPC Dos Santos was taken off of life support and passed within minutes. A few weeks later I flew down to Biloxi, MS to attend her funeral. I found myself as the only white person in an all-black church in the deep South, so I was given a few sideways glances. I was also the only military person there, and because I looked different than anyone else in a part of the country where racial tension has been bad for two hundred years, people left a wide berth around me when we all sat down. Then the pastor asked for anyone who wanted to speak about her. I got up and approached the microphone and told the family all about their little girl, mother, cousin, and friend. I told them what a great soldier she had been, and how her death had affected an entirely different family they had never met. The crowd's perception of me changed dramatically, and suddenly the racial tension was gone. I was grieving with them and did not matter what my skin color was or how I was dressed. We were all friends, and all grieving together. At the graveside, I warned all the family members when the rifle shots were going to come, knowing they would jump otherwise. But there is something about those rifle shots that make the finality of everything very, very real. We all jumped anyway. Then the color guard folded the flag and gave it to me, and I handed it to her mother "On behalf of the President of the United States, the United States Army, and a grateful nation..." It was by far the most difficult thing I've ever done. I can handle getting shot at; in fact, I'd rather do that again (even not knowing the outcome) than have to hand another folded flag to a grieving mother. SPC Dos Santos, I hope you found the peace you were looking for. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I stand for the national anthem.
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    Grand Daughter was chosen to model boots for Corral Boots. Here is the Still photo on the back cover of Cowgirl Magazine. She is also in their latest video add. "You can't be half in or half out. There is no pretending." From their FB page (Sorry it isn't out on youtube yet)
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    I’m surprised some of you folks find fault with the shop owner. He was solicited and donated to the local clubs event. Wrongly treated by a jack ass and decided he would not deal with that garbage again. The fact that the club didn’t find out about it until a year later when they came around with their hand out tells something of how much the club supported the shop. Works both ways! Still, a very sad story.
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    Robert F. De Groff, Sr. 1925-2007 Dad was always my hero. From him I learned honesty, integrity, humor, courage, humility, and compassion. He was a man willing to sacrifice for his family and always ready to help a friend in need. He never met a man who didn't like him. The world was enriched by his presence and is a poorer place with his passing. He left us wanting to be with him just a little longer, to hear him laugh and joke once more. He left us with the same quiet dignity as he had lived and went to join his wife Helen, our beloved mother... The pain of his passing is tempered by the joy in having known him. Dad the SCout Dad and his mom Dad and Mom in the 70s A teen with a need for speed. Playing cowboy 2006 Me and Dad about 1950 Home on leave during the war In Japan after the surrender. I'd smile too. I still have his wings and ID bracelet his parents gave him.
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    I would like to chime in from the business owner's perspective. I own my own business. We are a body shop and you can ask any of my pards, if I am not shooting, I am working. I get solicited multiple times a month to sponsor this or asked for a donation to that. Folks, those sponsorship and donation dollars have to come from somewhere. They come from the bottom line. You know what else comes from the bottom line? The owner's paycheck. When I donate $50 or $100, that is $50 or $100 that I don't have to pay myself. I am assuming the gun shop owner is in the same boat. His generosity has gone unthanked from shooters in the past and then this time around, he is insulted by one. I would yank my support as well. As small business owners we work more hours in a week than most do in a month, we don't qualify for things like workers compensation or unemployment so if something happens we are a$$ out and most frustrating of all, there are many times when we don't take a paycheck because the money is going to pay employees or suppliers. Being a business owner is no walk in the park, that is why the vast majority of you are employees and not entrepreneurs. I would be doing whatever I could to make things right with the gun shop owner and his son and I would be banning the ass hat who caused the problem from any future shoots.
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    Almost forgot. Once I went into a 7-11 and the two smart***es behind the counter were openly making fun of me and giggling like little girls. I think they were high. I went back to the cooler, grabbed a couple Pepsi’s, slid my wild rag up to cover my face (like a bad guy) and then quickly walked up to the counter, sat my sodas down and and said, very loudly “What are you ladies laughing about?” The color drained from their faces. ”Don’t just stand there. Ring me up and get the register open..............I need change...” They both stood there trying to figure out what was happening and I loudly said “C’mon, I ain’t got all day.” And tossed a twenty on the counter. The one kid rang me up, shaking wildly and gave me my change. I tipped my hat and walked out. As I was getting into my truck a guy came out of the store laughing like crazy and he yelled over to that I made his day. Made mine too.
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    Another thread got me thinking... Our clubs need more people stepping up to help. There was another thread about a club shutting down at the end of the year. Folks, if we don't want more clubs to shut down, more people need to jump in and help. Get involved. As with other areas of this sport the population is aging. There are folks who have run some of these clubs for a long time. We can not expect the same folks to run the clubs forever. Once these people decide they can't or don't want to do it anymore, then what? Is there enough people willing and ready to take over? If not, the club shuts down, more than likely permanently. Ask to help out at your local club. Ask to be trained. Ask to be part of the future of your club. Especially the younger generation. I think one thing that gets missed is how rewarding it is to run a club. When you get people coming up to you after a match and they say "Thank you, we had a great day", or "This was a great weekend, I really enjoyed it". People want to get away from everyday life at our matches and have fun. Being able to provide that is very rewarding. Not only with being the President or Officer of a club but with all the little things that need done when running a match. Pitch in, show up for setup, paint targets, help with scores, help with awards, volunteer for something. Nothing ruins a club faster than having Club Officers get "Burned Out". When you have a couple people doing setup by themselves all the time. That gets old very quick. Even during the match, make sure you do something, spot, pick brass, etc. I know some folks have limitations but everyone can't sit in the shade. Just something to think about...
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    All this in 5 minutes... I had some kids outside a Starbucks making fun of me (amongst themselves) as I walked through the parking lot and into the store. When I walked inside everyone stopped and stared for a couple of seconds. A guy says “Hey Tex, what’s up?” I smiled - I freakin’ hate that. He was just being friendly though. The girl at the counter said “What are you all dressed up for?” with a little smirk. I said “Movie shoot. I play the lead bad guy. The movie comes out next Winter but I can’t talk about it. It’s a big budget film with lots of big names.” All of a sudden I was “somebody” and all the folks within earshot appeared envious. (Superficial dimwits). When I walked out the kids were still there and they all faced me and one said “Sir, why are you dressed like that?” I liked that they had some manners. I responded that I was going to a Cowboy Action Shooting match and to shoot “Cowboy” you gotta dress the part. I had their full and undivided attention. I told them CAS was like tactical shooting only with cowboy guns. I told them to look up Cowboy Action Shooting on YouTube. They had completely different attitudes when I departed as compared to when I arrived. They thought CAS sounded “really cool”.
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    Here's my take. Rosie O'Donnell is funny. I've enjoyed watching her in a few movies. Then she got up on her show and said that she did not care what the Constitution said - if they took everyone that owned a gun and threw them in prison there would be no crime. She declared herself my enemy. I do not give my enemies money. Levis made decent jeans, but they started Pax, an organization dedicated to world peace. The way to get world peace, so they said, was to get rid of guns. They declared themselves my enemy. I don't give my enemies money. So that's it. Some person or organization does something that shows that they are my enemy, and I will no longer deal with them. NFL. Kmart. Jimmy Dean sausage. Doesn't matter who. They are my enemies, and I don't give money to my enemies.
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    I have often heard, "I am not good enough to shoot at the State match", or "I am not ready to shoot a State match". (I was guilty of this years ago). Well here is another way to look at attending a "Big Match". Consider for a moment that you go to your State match, you meet some new friends from another State, some really great friends. Your State match might be the only time you get to see these new friends. Now you go back the following year, and you meet some more new friends maybe from another State plus you get to visit with your friends you made last year. Then the following year and so on and so on. True, the competition at the State and Higher matches gets tougher and if trying to win is the only reason you go to a big match, so be it. But I think for most of us it's something more. Like the SASS motto says "Come for the Shooting, Stay for the People". That really hits you when you go to a State or Higher match. Often that will be the only time you get to see those friends during the year. I have met so many great friends by attending our State match, from other States and just from other parts of my State. When we get back together once a year we just pick back up where we left off. So just do it! Don't worry about your skill level or experience, those matches are for everyone. Go to your State match or Regional or visit another State's match or Winter Range or EOT... (I know, there is additional costs involved but it's worth it) Take advantage of all this sport has to offer.
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    Why am I dressed up like that? I just tell them "I'm in town for the hangin'." Some laugh, some look totally befuddled, and some look downright panic stricken. Whatever. It's fun.
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    the other day I was in the clothing section of wal mart and a random female came out of the dressing room, (she was probably 20 years younger than me) and asked me if the jeans she was trying on made her rearend look large, ( I aint kiddin, neither!), and I said to her, bein the smart mouth that I have always been, No Maam, your big butt makes your butt look big. She called me a rude old bas-ard and stalked off. It just don't pay to be honest no more.
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    Bob Larson and Tom McIntyre are longtime news anchors, now retired, in the Peoria/Bloomington area. They run a monthly feature called, "Bob and Tom's Excellent Adventures," on WMBD and WYZZ TV. We sent them an email about Cowboy Action Shooting. They never heard of it. So we exchanged some emails and text messages, and they decided to do it. They wanted to interview us at home, but we decided having the inside of our house shown onTV probably was not good for home security. So we met at a western clothing store, and then filmed a match at the McLean County Peacemakers range at Darnall's Gun Works in Bloomington, IL. In this crazy time. hopefully people will see that you can have fun with guns and be safe. And maybe get a new cowboy shooter or two. You will have to let me know who looks better, me or Shortcake! https://www.centralillinoisproud.com/news/local-news/bob-tom-s-excellent-adventures-wild-west-right-here-in-central-illinois/2019024270
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    Why does one need a sight picture on a 24 x 24 target that's 4 yards away?
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    Put them in my pockets before my wife does laundry. Gives everything that sexy Hoppes #9 aroma. And they're spotless!
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    If I win a gift certificate from a local business at an out of state match, I'll find a local shooter to give it to. I've done this several times, but, with my luck, I usually don't win anything.
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    Friday, 6/14 update: I saw Noz in the hospital today. He has improved. He is conscious and carrying on a conversation easily. It was a nasty bump. He asked me to thank everyone for their prayers and concerns.
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    The Official SASS Shooter's Handbook is now available in a hand sized version. Easy to keep in your Gun Cart & Carry around to stay up to date on the latest Rules. Get yours today! https://www.sassnet.com/mercantile/product890.html
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    Soap....Shmoap.....I go down to the creek and beat myself on the rocks.
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    3 or 4 months ago I posted here in the Saloon about a cruise that was to occur on July 4th aboard the USS Constitution. The Navy and the museum were going to take her out and turn her around. They are going to take Old Ironsides our this coming Saturday and they are doing the same on July 4th. There were 120 slots on each day to be drawn. Successful candidates can bring one guest. I got an email yesterday that I won a spot on the July 4th cruise! I sent an RSVP this morning confirming I will attend. I am taking my son-in-law along as my guest. I am so excited about this I can hardly wait. To think that when I was a kid I used to walk by the Navy recruiter’s office uptown and stop and look at the old recruiting poster with the sailor and the boy looking at the Constitution and dream one day I would get to see her. I did get to see her last year and that was a dream come true. I never thought I would ever get to board her and go on a cruise, be it a short harbor cruise under tug power, but so what! I get to go on a cruise aboard Old Ironsides. I am really looking forward to this.
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    Out into the darkness and gunfire in the middle of the night. Bless em all.
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    God bless 'em, every one.
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    Got some items for the D Day display I’m doing at the VFW post. Wore it around for about half an hour and felt about 18 again. Watching Band of Brothers now, of course. Yeah, I know. My gig line’s off. I dropped and gave me 20 and then fixed it. AATW
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    My Dad in France, receiving the Bronze Star for climbing a telephone pole to repair lines in the middle of a German artillery barrage.
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    Simple. I personally find actions such as the kneeling thing to be insulting. Sort of on a par with making an obscene gesture when passing my church. They have a right to do so; I have an equal right to not patronize those who insult me and my values.
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    Maybe he is trying to sell the idea? GW
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    Antoher Facebook find.
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    After a match yesterday, a plastic bumper cover came loose. Needed a bit of duct tape for the hour or so ride home. No worries, a Flying J was coming up. I was in full cowboy mode; hat, scarf, sleeve garters, suspenders, period shirt, vaquero pants, SASS badge and boots. The nice lady who rang up my purchase had black hair with corn row weaves that were dyed blonde. A multi-colored tattoo that went from her left arm up her neck to her jaw. Neon green and orange nail polish. Ear, eyebrow, nostril multiple piercings with neon colored pins. And she stared at me with that, "What's up with these clothes" look on her face. Thought that was kinda funny. Told her about SASS. She said she didn't like guns. I wished her a good day and left. Chuckling all the way back to the van. I love the reactions to the cowboy wardrobe. Another fun part of the game.
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    Judgem All Duncan and Yazoo City Gal. RIP, Judge.
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    Utah Bob, The Original Lumpy Gritz, Lawdog Dago Dom, Black Angus McPherson and all my pards who serve and have served as law enforcement I humbly apologize for being a flippant arse in regards to my comments regarding the “Cop Humor” thread. My intent was to make a point about some bad interactions with police I have had but in making that point I alienated and impugned some of the people I admire and have great respect for. That was not my intention and I truly apologize for my comments. Please accept my apology. Kindest and most respectful regards, Pat Riot
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    If he isn't my biological father he was surely my dad. Wouldn't care but wouldn't want to know either.
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    Uno and I took Lil' Jersey Jo and Smiley Ed out for Sushi after a match. We walked into the Sushi bar and asked for a table. The guy who went to seat us said "You Cowboy"? We nodded in the affirmative. He pulled a dusty, ratty old straw hat off the wall and said "I Cowboy Too". He turned the music up and the place lit up. We had people buying us Sushi and Saki, the house gave us a couple of rolls. We paid next to nothing for the whole evening and we left stuffed. When we went to the desk and paid for our bill, the guy behind the counter said "You come back again"!!! We promised we would.
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    Call and email the station and network and let them know. Express your displeasure at the ignorance of the talking heads. ADDED: Let them know that the ignorance of their employees does a disservice to those serving.
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