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    Well for one thing, the servers, technicians and software that keeps the SASS Wire running. For another, the staff that handles all the day to day operations, keeps track of all the alias' so that there's no duplication, who get those SASS badges and Regulator badges made. The staff that publishes the many Handbooks, SHB, RO courses, WB HB, WB RO courses, Cowboy Clays, multiple translations, that the ROC works so diligently on throughout the year. The ones who represent SASS at many gun shows and gatherings across the country, the same ladies that haul steel so folks can shoot EoT. The staff that makes the Chronicle that everybody can see... it doesn't layout and publish itself. The staff that battles local politicians and disgruntled neighbors that want to close down Founders Ranch. The ones who work tirelessly behind the scenes keeping an organization going, without much thanks from it's members...
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    Buckle up buttercup cause this was just my first post
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    Total rebranding of SASS. Marketing blitz. Required target sizes and distances, not recommendations, if it's going to be a legitimate shooting sport it has to require a certain skill set. Get rid of some restrictive rules, shoot with some movement. One or two steps isn't a big deal. Monthly newsletter not a magazine, something simple to get people interested and include links to full articles and other info. EOT needs to be in a more centralized location. Reduce annual fees. No extra charge for annual and above shoots. Regional shoots are not centralized in the regions. Either move Regions or shoot locations. HQ needs to listen to the shooters. $1.00 from every shooter goes to SASS from every monthly match, this will get money from Lifers, non-members, and current members, should offset the reduction in annual dues. Pay to play. National scoring data base.
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    Thought the opening few seconds were real.
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    Had a guy show up at one of the last End of trails in Norco. Someone mentioned he looked like a movie star. He said,"Which one, Robert Redford, Henry Fonda, Tom Selleck?" His wife stepped back and look hard at him and finally said, "More like Agnes Moorhead."
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    Pay a professional manual writer consolidate and organize the rule books. Nothing against the ROC but the three books need to be condensed into one that is professionally organized. Have the ROC review and provide feedback.
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    I just wish hunters would ask first. It annoys the hell out of me when someone I don't even know just come parading into my set. Some have even said "Well it's not posted". Permission is just simple courtesy and at least you could inform a prospective hunter to please avoid certain areas or call the night B4 to inform he will be stalking around on your property. Sorry for the rant---- it just makes me nuts, and that's a short order!
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    Oh now... I can think of more than one. And undoubtedly pretty effective ones at that.
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    He should have shot him the moment he pulled his gun out.
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    I'm probably the last one to offer suggestions or opinions, since I'm much younger, it seems I always have something getting in the way of me shooting, and end up living vicariously through others here. However, here goes. When you shoot, do you still enjoy it? Regardless of the drive time, scores and the like, do you enjoy it? Then my advice is to do it. I'm a strong believer that, health issues aside, being active, learning, and doing what we enjoy helps us remain healthy, aware and vital as we age. One of the reasons I went back to earn my black belt in my fifties was the belief that being active is good for the body, and if it is something we enjoy, it is good for the body and soul.
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    And folks ask what our SASS fees are getting them...
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    Here I am minding my own business and I get dragged in to something. And, I was gonna be nice. On a side note, Widder. I really like what you've done with your hair...how do you get it to grow out of your nose that way?
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    I started shooting SASS back in 2006 at the Plum Creek Shooting Society outside Lockhart, Texas. Back then it was about costuming and having fun. Life forced me out of the game until this year. Fortunately, at 58, I am able to handle the burden of acquiring new guns, leather, and costuming. I visited two different clubs before making the initial investment of re-entering the game. I was amazed and baffled at the target shapes and locations. I was also amazed at the speed of some of the shooters. I went to YouTube and watched what i could about CAS and SASS. I was pretty sure that there was no way I would be able to compete because all I saw was folks doing things with there guns that seemed impossible. Everything I saw was how fast these folks could cycle the guns. I was impressed by the skill level but unsure I should try and get back into the game. After all, I didn't have THAT much disposable income to fancy-pants my guns. I made the decision to go ahead and get back in the game. To heck with the prizes...I like dressing in full cowboy garb and I like shooting. I am concerned that if all anyone sees on the webs is the best of the best...they might think it is a sport for elite shooters. There are lots of normal folks shooting and having fun but it seems we only concentrate on the top-tier folks. We all like watching highlight reels but, for those that aren't familiar with the game, some average and everyday video examples might just help those on the fence. Just thinking out loud.
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    Needle telegraph https://youtu.be/XFl7T4aBZAA https://youtu.be/VZEu84uR0bw
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    Traction control is a must with electric vehicles. I'm extremely positive about my negativity so, while elctric doesn't use fossil fuels, the mining to get lithium and then recycling the batteries is way hard on the environment.
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    Bought this about 10 days ago. Supposed to arrive tomorrow!
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    But the ingenuity that it takes to come up with photos of supposedly stupid events is also unbounded.
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    Here is an idea nobody has mentioned. Have your local cowboy club get a table at the next gun show. Man it with cowboys, cowgirls, and buckaroos wearing their western best. Exhibit all of the firearms that are used in the game. Play videos of "regular folks" shooting stages. Our local rod & gun club did this a few years ago to promote our trap and skeet program. We got some new members. Lucky
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    Keep the brake cleaner away from wood and plastic. OLG
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    That is how it was tagged on FB. I have to admit, when I saw it I started singing in my head, "Grinch heads, Grinch heads, roly-poly Grinch heads. :
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    Hi Nawlins, Good thoughts. After a "top shooter" posted a video of himself shooting really fast. I asked about showing it in slo-mo. He put me on ignore. Seriously. I thought that it would be educational. He thought it was insulting. Luckily, He is one of a kind. Some people... Regards, Allie
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    But what if my dog doesn't like beer?
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    This song is rather famous to Scots, but it has a deep personal meaning to me. You see, my family comes from Loch Lomond. I've been there, and walked the bonnie, bonnie banks with Mrs. Cassidy. It was the honeymoon we never had, and it was after she painfully endured my law enforcement career (which left me with PTSD, but scarred her probably worse). The entire time, it felt like I was finally home. A lot of people are confused by the lyrics. In Scottish mythology, if a Scotsman dies while away from Scotland, their soul is immediately transported back to Scotland via the underworld. Hence, "the low road." The backdrop of this song is that two Scottish soldiers were captured by the English. One was to be executed, the other released to warn others about the pitfalls of fighting against English rule. Hence, one would return to Scotland via the low road, and the other by the high road (i.e. walking, here in the living world). The one who was to die was leaving behind his lover, whom he "would never meet again on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond." It seems like anyone involved in Scottish music does a rendition of this song, but nothing compares to Ella Roberts' version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb8AGuD2uOI
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    Got some SASS shooters that live in Vegas. Maybe you can get with them to leave at there house while you are there. Just a thought.
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    Look at those eyes. That feller is loaded for bear and 'fraid of nuthin'.
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    You'd lose that bet! Once the correct call was made (with references), there was really no need to comment further. (other than corrections regarding misapplication of the rules).
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    I'm puzzled. At a military funeral, they have several people fire rifles in unison. They do this three times. and because they normally have seven people do it, many MANY people insist that is a 21-gun salute. It is not. It is a three-shot volley. If they have three shooters, or seven shooters, or fifteen shooters does not matter. All the shooters fire at once (a volley) and they do it three times - thus, a three-shot volley. A 21-gun salute, on the other hand, is 21 cannon firing individually, one after the other - boom boom boom boom boom... Is this what they were doing - 21 individual cannon shots?
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    I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have pressed the issue unless someone else or myself came under direct threat again. The State and County I live in would probably see stopping a potential threat as excusable....but maybe not. I sure as hell don't have the resources to fight a charge in court and jail just isn't my thing. I'd call 911, keep an eye out for any further threat and let them handle it.
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    Depending on the particular state laws regarding use of force, he could have been completely right.....or completely wrong. Many foreign visitors are confused about our system of semi-autonomous states and the differences between their laws. Most other countries have one set of laws that govern all areas.
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    Then I think I would take it but I will still confront them about it.
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    The only family member I ever saw do it was very old, and I was very young. It was a long time ago.
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    I thought this was the way to drink coffee until I came to the city . We would place a sugar cube in between our lips and front teeth and sip the coffee through it. I think the older generations remember/do this. Not so much anymore. STL Suomi
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    I had the same experience although with a valid CA DL which is not a REAL ID, but also does not state "Federal Limits Apply". The REAL ID is not required until 2020, but the big box store in question would not accept my current DL and would not sell me shotgun shells for my next match. I've since bought bulk from a local gun shop that knows and plays by the laws, ridiculous as they are, and I passed the background check and made my purchase without issue. I've lived here all of my life, but am looking for a way out...
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    So I'll be the counter point guy. Moving EOT and WR isn't about new members, it's about moving the shoot closer to the shooters who don't want to travel to their current location. I posted this in another thread; Our local club in Reno Nevada has about 300,000 people around it. So small but also not small. We have tried; Newspaper articles, radio spots, 15 second TV commercials, tables outside of Cabella's and Sportsman's, flyers pinned and handed out everywhere in town, tables at the gun shows, bringing Boyscout's to the range, competitions with the local LEO's, attending NRA events. We have a very good Facebook page that gets lots of views, but no new members. We have posted many, many Youtube videos of us shooting, but no new members. It netted a handful of new members. Which offset the ones we lost. So no gain. Our best gain of new members has been through word of mouth with folks who have an interest in shooting. The real issue here is the younger folk aren't going to shell out $$$$$ compared to an X-Box. They are also not a gun culture in any fashion unless they went in the military or are LEO's. IMHO the target audience here is people 45 to 80. Ike
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    Customer Service SASS World Headquarters Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST Friday 8:00-12:00 PM MST Address: SINGLE ACTION SHOOTING SOCIETY 215 Cowboy Way Edgewood, New Mexico 87015 Phone Toll Free ( U.S. Only) : (877)-411-7277 Phone (Outside U.S) : (505) 843-1320 Fax: (877) 770-8687
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    As for changing the guidelines, I see no reason for that. Fortunately, in all the years I've been buying or selling on the Classified Wire, I've only had one deal where I wasn't completely satisfied... and I haven't seen that gentleman on the Wire in long, long, time. I once had a private non-SASS affiliated or approved, "SASS Wire Classified Feedback Forum", that allowed folks to... post feedback, complaints, and compliments. But, the cost of the web site host kept going up, and up, and I needed more space, because it was a part of the "Old West Action Shooting Gallery" and prices went up accordingly, and it took up too much of my time... *sigh* I had to let that go. Now I have that all up and running again, but only on Facebook, because it's FREE. A lot of folks don't do FB and that's fine. For folks that do, the Cowboy Action Shooting Gallery, the Feedback Forum, "What's The Call", a page for Vendors, that's all back up and running.
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    How do you know when a Jazz Number is over ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, When they start packing up...... Jabez Cowboy
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    1. Move the national and world championships on occasion. 2. Bigger "official sass" facebook presence. 3. My favorite would be: Offer some kind of discount or reward for every new member an existing member brings in. Free monthly match voucher is a good thought...or a nanner split. 4. Rule book is huge. Simplify it. Can start by making the defining terms actual definitions. Examples: In hand doesn't actually mean in hand....Firing line is not the actual firing line, it includes the LT and ULT. Fire a round from one of those and see what it gets ya. That should be the definition of the stage. Firing line should be the part of the stage you do your firing on. 5. Do something just for the fun of it. Maybe a national shooter rank by category averaged by matches. Maybe add a 3rd big match somewhere between a regional and the nationals. Call it whatever you want, I just think there's room for another big one. 6. Did I mention nanner splits.
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    A confession: Watching a multitude of videos like unto these, is the exact reason a certain (harrumph) saloon of mention (harrumph) paid good money to its piano players, why said saloon had a stage, and why a certain lovely lass and the other dancers flanking her, wore feathered masks ... so a certain (harrumph) town of mention (harrumph) would not know the daughter of a respected businesswoman was disporting herself most shamelessly on stage, to the approbation of the men assembled!
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    https://heavy.com/sports/2019/11/myles-garrett-steelers-browns-fight-joe-buck/ https://www.foxnews.com/sports/myles-garrett-brawl-reaction-steelers-browns.amp He has a history of fines and suspensions for roughing the passer but this goes beyond that! Terrible stain on the Browns!
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    I screwed up the star ratchet on one of my New Vaqueros trying to improve the timing (while a friend was holding my beer). I sent it back to Ruger after calling them and telling them that I had screwed it up and it was several years out of warranty anyway. I’m not sure if they replaced the cylinder or just press-fit a new ratchet, but it came back about two weeks later like new. They did not change any other parts and also did not charge me anything, even the returnpostage. If function is affected, I’d suggest calling Ruger and taking their advice.
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    Must be a regional thing. I don't recall ever being asked if I wanted cream and sugar in my coffee. If it's at a restaurant, they just bring the little packets of creamer (sugar is already on the table). If it's at someone's house they normally ask, "What do you take in your coffee?", To which I reply, "Coffee".
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    Here is one with a more western theme with John Wayne at the 5 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPHASpKgRtQ
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