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  1. We are so happy to announce that SASS has officially awarded Ponderosa Pines the Kentucky State Match for 2021!!! This year it will be held on April 15-17th. We will start the year off the right way, while forgetting about 2020!! Come see us! The applications and more information can be found at www.ponderosa-pines.com. For all those excited about our Black Gold event...our official applications and information are forthcoming. Can't wait to see y'all soon! Thank you so much for all your support and participation over the years. We look forward to many memorable years ahead!
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  2. I heard Pat bought one of his one of his own retirement gifts.
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  3. 11/22/2020 pm. "Michele update: another week and Michele continues to heal. Her PEG site is looking much better with hardly any drainage. Her spirits are great and she told me to say hello to all her FB friends. Every staff member I speak to tells me how well Michele is recovering. Still waiting on her new leg brace to arrive. I wanted to thank all who send Michele cards. These really make her happy and keep her motivated. Thank you Kay W for the gift and Michele absolutely loved the wolf card."
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  4. in case my posts were missed here is pat watching his grass grow
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  5. Just got new collars for Lacey and Java. Each purchase helps get ballistic vests for K9's.
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  6. I miss Les, Andy, Venus and the rest of them
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  7. ................ ya knoe, ........ that cut down sidebyside would get him 14 years in the gerybar hotel ..... just for having it. ............. more if'n he was to commit a crime using it.
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