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  1. One Christmas, Uno bought a pair of TIgger slippers for me. The head bobbled when I walked. It freaked out the cats so much, I couldn't wear them. Had to give them away. {One of the cats looked just like the black one pictured above.}
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  2. A little late but still funny
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  3. I’ve heard the correct term is “Arkancide”.
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  4. Interesting that Ghislaine Maxwell was picked up at home, then is immediately rushed off to a hospital, critically ill with what?.....Covid19, of course. I wonder how long she’ll live now? I hope she left behind a closet-full of of video, stashed with people she trusts, so that after she’s murdered in hospital or jail, the video is used in a massive blackmail scheme or dumped on the Internet. Cat Brules
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  5. Allie Mo steampunk cat.
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