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    Here is the deal...we (my husband and I) introduced the owner of APP to the owner of ShootersWorld. ShootersWorld has very good and growing connections in the retail market - with Graf’s, Powder Valley, Brownells, Midway etc... and APP does not. Several wholesalers were asking SW for a BP sub... Therefore, SW is marketing APP 3F under the label Multi Black. We will try to carry APP packaged 3F with the SW Multi Black Label - which is super cool... For those of you who shoot BP only a little...it will soon be available in Sportsman’s Warehouse, too. I am a distributor for both ShootersWorld and APP.... there is NO FUNNY BUSINESS... it’s just private labeling. It’s APP 3F and SW is also offering 50gr pellets for muzzleloaders. Hopefully, this means MORE FOLKS will start shooting BP SUB!!! Questions? Call or email me. 843-833-0770 bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com Big SMOKY hugs! Scarlett
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    Gun club $4.99 a box she asks is there limit ??? no ... ok give me 20 ... guy comes back with 2 cases of 10 she sez get me 20 of those ! I am set for the rest my cowboy years
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    And people wonder why there are shortages...Or I should say “perceived shortages”.
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    You got it. Black, with white underside, about five feet long when straightened out. I had never seen this variety before, and we have at least two of them in residence. At least they keep the mice and copperheads under control. They are not aggressive towards us or the dog, and add a little character to the place. Plus, the garden club and the Herb Society no longer meet here. JDuffield
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    Now there's a SASS alias!
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    This morning I set up my Dillon 650 with the 44-40 head and changed the shell plate and started reloading. About every third or fourth cartridge set off the low powder beep so I fiddled with it and still had powder drop issues. I finally tore the powder measure down and found a dead spider just down in the measure below the funnel. I bought a used Dillon powder measure awhile back and it didn’t have one of the pewter lids so I had stolen the one off of this one to use on another one that I had on the press and I guess the spider crawled in and couldn’t get out. I cleaned it all out and put it back together and it works flawlessly now. Let’s hear your story.
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    ...... what makes you think he took it off at all ? ......
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    One caveat - make sure what you’re coating with. ... (full disclosure, I’m in the bullet business and sell lubed and hi-tek coated bullets). POWDER coat (like from Harbor Freight) is for car parts etc and can contain high amounts of silica (bad for barrel). Hi-tek polymer coating contains NO SILICA. Just beware! Big hugs!!
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    And, if you’re in doubt and want a quick answer...call me. APP can be hard to get on the phone. 843-833-0770. I load for myself and shoot it! I love it!! Oh, yeah...full disclosure... I sell it, too! Big hugs!! Scarlett
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    I've got all manner of guns and knives, but my trailer hitch has drawn more blood than all of them combined.
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    Then stop looking and get an SKB. Phantom
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    Rock River AR15 5.56 .223 Finally got one!
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    RK Gunshows returned to Springfield, Missouri this weekend with a two day show. I went this morning mainly to see how it might differ from gun shows that had been held before the Covid Lockdown. Not much has changed at all.The promoter I spoke with estimated there were 150 exhibitors and close to 400 tables, and that appeared to be a reasonable estimate. Masks were not required, but I wore one since my missus and I are over 70. Not many visitors and only a few exhibitors wore masks. There were traffic control arrows on the floor which were being ignored. Prices on guns and merchandise were about the same as I remember from previous shows; optimistic price tags but the seller would offer to take 10% off any gun you looked at for more than a few seconds! There appeared to be the usual mix of new and used firearms, and if someone were looking for a specific gun chances were pretty good that you could find it. The only gun I actually handled was an Anschutz .22 target rifle. I got a thing for target rifles since I shot on the ROTC rifle team in high school. If it had inserts for the front sight I would have been more tempted. My only purchase was some Federal Small Pistol Primers, $40 per thousand out the door, which, considering their general scarcity was OK I thought. Some ammunition was also available, but perhaps a bit less than I had seen at previous shows.Altogether, it was bigger and better attended than I expected, with a fair mix of guns, reloading supplies, and ammo. Not a bad way to spend an hour and a half on a Saturday morning.
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    Saw one of these yesterday in person. Quite the engraving. Yeah, not hand engraved but pretty nice for a factory offered piece. Overall fit and finish was nicer than on other GP100 .357s I have handled as well. Not overdone and pretentious, just enough to work well, in my opinion. The new Bar-B-Q gun from Ruger, except with a Smithish grip. Available in blued and stainless. Just something different from Ruger, I suppose. If there was a DASS I'd get a pair of these.
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    So I asked this because I am having a rig made for me. I decided to go with 10 loops because I like the look and I can add a slide if need be. I really appreciate all the responses. Thank you to everyone for being so helpful!
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    You might note that Black Mambas are not actually black but brownish gray. The name comes from the inner lining of their mouth. Kind of a reverse Cottonmouth. So, in general, Black snakes are not a problem.
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    Is it safe to tell a father (who owns guns) that his daughter has a nice rack?
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    So if you're shooting a stage and it bang and chirps, is that a M or a P? I'm asking for a friend.
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    Folks, when I was a young enlisted soldier, I used to do Pen & Ink drawings to supplement our income. This one is from 40 years ago this month. It is a lithograph; not the original. (I apologize from the glass glare.)
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    I'll have to ask Widder if anyone answered his ad. Can you imagine what an 18yo ad would look like nowadays? Sup? I want a hot girl to hook up wit. I don't like to do nuttin but kill ****** on my Xbox. You gots to like dat, nowamsayin? I don't wont no uglies and you better no how I want my cocoa puffs made and take care my cloths and do eveything else I want. I got my on crib in the corner of mamas basement. I dont let her come done her so we be private. If you ain't real hot, you gots to be rollin. Sad but thats about how it would be, minus the OMGs, and a bunch of other abbreviations you have to have a degree in slang to understand.
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    So, do we now call you "Spiderman"? OLG
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    And now you understand. Anything goes wrong, anything at all... your fault, my fault, nobody's fault... it won't matter - I'm gonna blow your head off. No matter what else happens, no matter who gets killed I'm gonna blow your head off. Big Jake #1001.
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    Please tell us what you would have done as a Unloading Table Officer. Looking forward to your response. Phantom
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    That property obtained immediately after the conflict was mostly stolen through legal channels established by crooked politicians with an axe to grind and carpetbags to fill with their ill gotten gains!! If ever reparations are seriously discussed, the families of those that were bilked out of their property and money should be among the first to be compensated!! As to the current migrants, they have soiled their own nests and now they seek to bring their blight to our neighborhoods!!
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    Check that the loading gate spring is properly installed.
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    OP, check out Bear Creek Bullets in Waterford, Ca. I've been using their moly-coated bullets for the better part of 20yrs now. Best to call as it's a one man 'show' ..... OLG
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    If I did anydangthing different. Most likely, I'd be in jail......... OLG
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    Howdy The most complete list of cartridges for the Single Action Army I know of is what Jerry Kuhnhausen lists in his book The Colt Single Action Revolvers A Shop Manual, Volumes 1 & 2. The only 41 caliber cartridge he lists is the 41 Colt. Left to right the cartridges in this photo are 45 Colt, 41 Colt, and 44 Colt. No mention of the 41 Rimfire, which was a very short cartridge meant for small derringers such as this Remington Model 95 double derringer. Kuhnhausen states that over 1800 Single Action Army revolvers were chambered for 44 Rimfire, which I take to mean 44 Henry. The rounds in this photo, left to right are 22 Long Rifle, 32 Short Rimfire, 32 Long Rimfire, 38 Rimfire, 41 Rimfire, and 44 Henry.
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    Yep. I often shop at a Wholesalers buy entire tenderloins, vacuum wrapped, then cut them into steaks and freeze them. About a third or less than the grocery store prices.
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    Well, Bob, the locusts have been sweeping our major cities for weeks now.
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    Stalking the weekend
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    That's a lot more than 18 year olds have today. I hope he was successful in his search.
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    When they move in and immediately start telling everyone else “how we did it where I come from,” they are most certainly “intruders” and they also become a serious problem!! Most of them around here, at first, bought existing domiciles. They automatically began telling everyone else “how it should be” and started demanding urban style services and such, forcing others to push back. A couple of years ago, one of them managed to get herself elected mayor and embarked on a campaign to build an urban style rail transportation system that is unnecessary and unwanted. It cost the taxpayers millions before it was finally defeated and discarded. That money was willfully and wantonly wasted and can NEVER be recovered! Money that would certainly have helped with relief for victims of the spring tornado and the Covid crisis! The mayor was later put out of office for conduct unbecoming! As I said, “INTRUDERS!!”
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    What we have in Seattle are Stalinists or a facsimile thereof trying to fulfill a goal set by certain factions that have roots in Germany from 1932 - No, not Nazis. Communists. Allowing them to persist and proceed erodes our freedoms and way of life. When you have a political party bent on placating and bowing to every moronic group with a cause it undermines what this country is all about. Freedom to prosper. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When one group takes from another without restriction and is allowed by those in power we have tyranny. All we have to do is nothing and one day soon we will not be a free nation. History is repeating itself. The locale, the players and causes are somewhat different but the end result will be the same if allowed to go forward unchecked.
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