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    History: back about 1995 Old Scout, Joy Belle, and I went to lunch one Wednesday about noon at the Iron Skillet in Ontario, CA. Cliff Hanger joined us for the second or third one and then we added others over time. Someone (Lefty?) suggested a name, The Grumpy Lunch Bunch) and a mascot was chosen. Eventually we changed the times to every other Thursday at 11:00 (to beat the lunch crowds) and we decided to never go to the same place twice in a row. It worked for a long time and still does. The GLB still lives on. Now, I've been gone from California coming on 5 1/2 years now and I think about that group often. Some have died, some have moved away, some have quit, and a few have just plain disappeared. It's one of a very few, maybe a half dozen, things I miss about California. Anyhow, I have a group of four people put together here, again by happenstance not deliberate, and have decided to resurrect the GLB here in central Arizona in the Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt, Mayer area and am inviting anyone interested to get in touch with me and see what we can get moving. The originals were all CAS shooters, but we gathered in a few others as well. Women have always been welcome but have never been plentiful amongst or ranks and I'd like to see that change, too. They tend to be calming addition and they sure pretty up the gatherings. Non shooters are also welcome, but anti-gunners are not. No use poisoning the thing before it gets started. Let me know. And check out cliffhangershideout.com to see how the word is passed down there. Hope to see some of you at lunch soon. Forty Rod PS: feel free to start a similar group anywhere you are. I can see a rousing bunch in every state and country where there are like-minded folks. I will be willing to lend suggestions and good wishes wherever you all are.
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    I doubt that the BART directors and other grand high poohbahs ride BART.
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    Make your next purchase a Remington.
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    That would be me. I spin them every time. Then I index, take it to full cock and lower the hammer on the empty. Works like a charm.
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    This is very common these days. You watch. The officer will be crucified. The man will sue. Security at transit stations WILL diminish, cops do not like being thrown under a bus, and soon ridership (yeah, it’s a stupid word) will go down. Once it goes down thousands and thousands of dollars will be spent trying to discover why it went down. Committees will be formed. Anyone in Operations that explains the reason it went down will be disinvited to future meetings and only fluffy people with small brains will be involved. Eventually over a million dollars will have been spent on planning, ads, promotions and service changes. Promotions will occur and new departments formed and eventually the tax payers will be out millions of dollars over years paying salaries and by the time wasted by people that know what they are doing but are ignored so they no longer go the extra mile to perform their duties. How do I know? I just had my 30th anniversary in this vocation. Yay. Three years and three months...tick, tock, tick, tock...
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    My favorite out of the bunch
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    We enjoy our freedoms because of fine folks like you. Thank You! --Dakota Skipper and the Dawg
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    ....my comment was only about SCOTUS. Doubt we will get beyond the nine justices. Of course if that happens that probably means the end of the electoral college too....: Which also means the end of the United States of America. The reality is that in the next few years if this gets back to the Supreme Court they will rule in Remington’s favor. GG
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    Everyone thinks that an "unfired round" is a "miss", it is not. The way I read the rules an "unfired round" is "scored as a miss" or "5 second penalty" it is not actually a true "miss". Failure to engage a target causes a P, unfired rounds are "scored as misses". I watched a shooter on a stage with 20 knock down targets 10 rifle 10 pistol any can be made up with shotgun. Shooter had a malfunction with rifle and ran out of shotgun ammo with 3 targets still up. Scored as 3 "misses" and 6 "unfired rounds" in the rifle. That's the rules.
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    A list of my guns, with serial #'s, lives in a place that is very safe.
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    I guess that’s winter in Montana, even if it’s still Fall. Temperatures here in Central Florida have plunged too. 64 degrees right now (6 am) with an expected high of only 85. If this keeps up I may have to roll down my sleeves.
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    Depending on your goals, you can say “I want everything “ or you can decide that you can do with less and save some bucks. i opted to run the important things, furnace, fridge, freezer, pump, lighting in a few rooms, 1 tv and computer if the cable was running. Not the heat pump, not the dryer. That would have a lower kw requirement. probably not a concern for you because you tune pianos and make “the big bux”.
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    Today marks one century since we have been honoring Americans who served or are serving in our Armed Forces. It started out as Armistice Day in 1919. and was changed to Veterans Day in 1954 TRR has on its rolls 40 Veterans, not bad out of a membership around 100. They have served in our Country and around the world during times of peace as well as war. Let everyone take a moment to remember their dedication and sacrifice to the United States for they are true Heroes. TRR Board Blackpowder Burn Crash Osage Mike Texas Jack Daniels cheyenne
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    From my perspective the half cock on my Rugers isn't a safety feature, it's a feature that's required so I can load the guns given they don't have transfer bars. Since they're purely competition guns and I don't put my booger picker on the bang stick at the LT they're safe enough for me.
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    Ummm, you do that on most old design hammer/trigger designs and you will either break the lip of the half-cock notch or the tip of the trigger (or sear, if design includes one). Most half-cock notches are "breakable" if you pull hard enough. Good luck, GJ
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    Does the buyer have to open the launcher closure at least half-way and have a clear (glass? or polycarbonate) cover, so that the Russian satellites can see there is no missile inside the silo, according to the Arms Reduction treaties? If you should build any structure above ground, be sure to inform the Russian embassy. The Titan Museum forgot to tell the Ruskies when they added another latrine structure near the half-open closure, and it caused all kinds of chaos. I wonder if the Russians had to send an inspector over to utilize the men's room, to verify its function?
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    Keep attending the matches where you just shot. Bring factory 38 Special, all-lead cartridges and low-recoil 12 gauge shotgun shells with you and shoot all the guns offered to you. You will have preferences. Don't buy guns yet but do get a stiff, wide belt and a western hat.
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    This is the change that was agreed to by the ROC back in 2018. The actually wording is in the minutes. Here it is; 1. Eliminate the automatic SDQ penalty for leaving the LT and coming to the line of engagement with the hammer back on the rifle. "In such instances, the shooter would be directed to point the rifle safely into the back berm, bring the hammer to FULL COCK if it's in the "safety notch, and pull the trigger. If no bullet was fired, the shooter would be directed to finish staging firearms and to complete the stage (No Call). If a round fired when the shooter pulled the trigger, the shooter would be assessed a SDQ and directed to proceed to the ULT." RECOMMENDATION: YES…CHANGE THE RULE AS SUGGESTED (amended re "safety notch") It's not only if the shooter came from the loading table with it cocked, there have been quite a few occasions when the hammer has been down, but is brushed back and cocked from touching shooters clothing as they have staged it.? With light hammer springs these days this is very easy achieved, now a SDQ WITHOUT testing to see if there is a live round is a harsh penalty. And here are the minutes for that item in the 2019 meeting. 2. It was discussed at the last EOT to change the penalty for coming to the line with a hammer back on rifle when leaving loading table. It has been suggested that the handling of the situation is as follows: If the hammer is back on the rifle while leaving the loading table to the stage, the shooter is to point the rifle safely down range, pull the trigger. If a round is fired, squib or otherwise (live round was under the hammer) a SDQ violation would have occurred. If the chamber is confirmed to be empty (hammer goes “click” with no round fired, the shooter may continue to stage guns with no further call. NOTE: The current rule remains in effect….no change has been voted on or approved by the TGs. The ROC has agreed with this concept. There will likely be a future vote either electronically or at a Summit.
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    It isn't all bad (excluding the elected officials, illegals, and homeless) IMO. I love where we live. The scenery and people are wonderful. We are not in a liberal county. It saddens me that most of the comments here on the Wire and FB are derogatory. Please do not tell us how bad things are here without offering some constructive criticism. We know it is bad here for many reasons. Please consider those of us who are still here as people fighting the GOOD fight or unable to leave. Please stop rubbing salt in our wounds
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    ...will the surviving families of DUI victims be able to sue General Motors after this debacle has been settled ? What a shit show our national debate has become.
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    When it eventually gets back to SCOTUS the ruling will favor Remington. GG ~
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    The idea of holding gun manufacturers liable for, umm... manufacturing GUNS is completely absurd. If the law says they're legal to sell to the public then these people should be told to either go pound sand or write to their Congressman (or Congresswoman, or Congressit). Unfortunately however so many courts flipped left during the last administration that we now have lawsuits dictating the law.
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    Could this open up possible lawsuits against car manufacturers, chain saw companies, knife companies, hmm let's what else? Donut companies, McDonald's?? How about airline companies, the list is endless really......................
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    I might have been leaning a bit. But, it was to the right, so I'm okay.
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    Thanks Pat. I used LawmanMark's link (got it at the same time a buddy emailed me the link). Looks like the Marlin was born in 1983. Thanks everybody!
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    You're absolutely right Allie.
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    I have a 22KW whole house Generac generator powered by natural gas. If the power goes off it kicks in after 13 seconds. It cost me just under $16K installed. Generac has designated installers, and using a designated installer may be a condition for maintaining the warranty. When it runs it is quieter than the leaf blower a neighbor was using across the street. Down around Baltimore, which isn't that far away from Gettysburg, PA, it was after either an ice storm or Hurricane Sandy that people lost power for up to a week. For a number of reasons I decided that would be too long and I spent the money for the generator and I'm glad I did it.
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    Which Yoder Doc? I have the grill grates and use mine for both direct and indirect. The two piece diffuser plate is expensive but will save you a lot of time...I don’t have it wish I did. just did Tri tip tonight turned out great. If you are getting the non WiFi version of a 480 or 640 it should be at a discount as the new models have built in WiFi.
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    Generac uses Honda engines. The only difference is rpm, liquid or air cooled.
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    Perhaps as an entertainment snack.
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    It was a continuation. Just a 21 year time out.
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    Are you suggesting 4t rod had mushrooms for dinner
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    There may be something to the fact that it is called a HANDgun and not a HANDSgun. Sorry. Couldn’t hep myself. I shoot one handed 90% of the time, but have been known to steady for a long range shot with the other hand(usually with a long barreled gun).
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    Now if we didn't pick on ya, you'd think we didn't like ya
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    One here in Indiana (Osage, or commonly known as Hedgeapple) and after cutting and drying is as hard as a rock. When cutting it green it milks up a chainsaw quite a bit. Polishes like Buffalo horn.
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    Or sooner. I'm not sure because God hasn't told me yet.
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    Might be just the place to own since the world is going to end in 10 years.
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    Hat not required. But, if you want, just like with other gear you like, cry once, buy once. Get the right stuff the 1st time. Spending less to get started is ok, if you have the disposable income, but it's SO MUCH MORE FUN to have good, reliable gear before you start beating the snot outta your competitors! Borrowing stuff from your fellow shooters in this sport, will help you more in understanding why not to buy the cheapest sixgun or shotgun available. Although I can't stand the things, Ruger makes great, rugged handguns that can be tuned to be a real joy to shoot, (for those that like 'em, or as I tease my friends, those that just don't know any better)! One cannot go wrong with a Uberti 1873 rifle, but, the differences in barrel length and contour will affect your shooting greatly. So, having a bit of experience with different ones will shorten the process of buying & selling several to get one YOU like. Maybe you like the '66 better, some folks do, yet the same applies... same applies to the Marlin 1894 or Rossi 1892 clones. I ain't even gonna start on shotguns, but, IMO, simple is good... double trigger side x side is the simple solution. The market is filled with 'em, some better'n others. Some will steer you away from the Stoeger, but mine's still running fine after 34 years in this sport. Which brings me to modifications... those that improve the reliability and function are good... those that prematurely wear your gun out, are BAD! I've seen sidexsides with the chamber mouths cut so wide that they quickly reach the point where headspace is an issue. Yet a little radius is a great boon to quick, and smooth clambering of shells... as with most things it's a matter of degrees. Your desired category will also affect your gear choices. Wanna shoot B-Western, can't use the same rifle as you can in Classic Cowboy, or vice versa. Wanna shoot Frontiersman? Have to use cap & ball revolvers, can't use a 1897 shotgun... but c&b revolvers are legal in all categories! Wanna shoot Duelist style, (one handed, unsupported), revolvers must be fixed sighted. So, the suggestion to download the Shooter's Handbook is very valid. Visiting shoots, will give the opportunity to see folks outfitted for the different categories. And will give you ideas for your own. Welcome to the 2nd most fun shooting activity, (mounted cowboy action) is way more adrenaline inducing! But the gear requirements are a bit more strenuous on the pocket book!
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    Didn’t see it up here. But you’re closer to Roswell than me.
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    You are correct, of course, but I find it wrong when Hollywood messes around with real history and tries to make a real event into a video game or a chick flick. That is why I have not gone to a movie in years, but rather wait ti it comes out on DVD and then choose.
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    I’ll certainly trust your review over some Entertainment reporter who majored in cinema arts and minored in common sense.
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    With the exception of the major coastal cities, I really like it it here. Born and raised. But if the opportunity arose, I would leave it behind without regret.And it would because of the politicians that the major population centers keep foisting off on us. If you do not in some way support their power grabbing agenda you are at best ignored, otherwise they tear you down, make you an outcast. The state is wonderful, it just currently has a nasty infection.
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    Allie, I actively participated in constructive actions for the entire 40 years that I lived in California. I truly feel that those actions were a waste of my time and effort. I'm sorry that so many of your fellow Californians don't seem to care enough to simply write a letter (Not punching a button or adding your name to a list of protestors. Those DO NOT work.) I couldn't even get my closest gun owning friends to write a letter to the editor or to their elected officials, many would not even spend the price of a meal for two to join the NRA, and virtually none would visit a politician's off ice to express their views, yet many would call me daily anf gripe about the state going to hell. I Forty's comment strikes a note that is not limited to California. Nothing gripes me more than people of our generation constantly complaining about the way things are going, constantly preaching to their own choir, shaking their canes and their fists--- and doing nothing. Never showing up to council meetings. Never writing intelligent letters to officials, newspapers, on and on. Not voting!-- Futility and ineffectuality! I just wrote a 3-page detailed letter to our city council about a firearms tax issue that's being floated-- with real information about the history and practice of shooting sports locally-- not just a rant. Will it do any good? I only know that, for sure, nothing will if I do nothing. I've written guest editorials for the local paper, letters to the editor-- they get printed because I take the time to do it right. (This is a city of 200,000.) My wife is a local elected official, having run 5 times hitherto. I ran for .public office twice years ago-- I mercifully lost, but still, I did throw my hat in the ring. There was a very discouraging interview in Guns Magazine recently of Alan Gottleib, the president of the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. He pointed out that their statistics show that gun owners actually vote at a somewhat poorer rate that the already poor rate of the general population. Give up when you're dead. Until then, never give up.
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    When I go to the loading table I always work the action on my rifle and snap it on the empty chamber. Then I load it. Never had a problem with the hammer being left cocked. Leave the rule alone. Irish Pat
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    There was an "official weather reporting station" north of Havre early this morning that recorded an uncorrected, no wind chill temperature of 30 below zero at 1:00 am. Now, the only thing north of Havre is Canada about 30 miles away, so maybe the little one-horse border crossing station at Willow Creek...?
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