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    Cleaning out the closet. I’ve got about a dozen XL & 2 XL shirts, Wrangler, Scully, Wahmaker and other brands of long sleeve button down, no collar shirts. Some are brand new or close enough that I can't tell the difference. Some are clearly very used but all are wearable. There may be 1 or 2 modern "pearl snap" collar shirts in the mix. There’s at least 1 vest and 6 pairs of pants. Most of the pants are suspender type, waist size 40. Everything goes to the first person to email, text or call me 214-394-9364. You must take it all and pick it up in Denton, Texas. I will not ship, so don't ask. I dang shore ain't gonna deliver. If no takers show up pretty quick they are going to Goodwill. No tire kickers! Don't come here and start sorting to pick and choose what you want to take. All or nothing! Do not contact me unless you are ready to come get them based strictly on the information above.
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    Those pictures bring back memories of the old days. I started in SASS in 1994... a lot of water under the bridge, and changes since then.
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    Laughing Buffalo and Little River Scout, 2008
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    This video is not REAL old but the stage is old school!
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    This was my first end of trail, those were great times! I know some of these pards but forgot the names except the cowboy on the bottom left that's Mike Shellhart! There sure were some fun stages back then. Von Dutch
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    I believe that these shots are from one our first North Texas Roundups 1992(ish?)... Set up crew and a couple shooters near an early gun cart, pre-prohibition against horizontal guns.
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    1988 OWSA National Shootout Participant photo IIRC Hangfire Hank won . It was my son's first "big" match, standing to next to China Camp's right.
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