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    After those four primers just go 'click' you can say you loaded a bunch of crappy ammo
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    Really! And, those 100 shiny primers went rolling and bouncing in as many direction. Now, if that and the pursuant language was not bad enough my little dog ate 4 of them. H’mmmm. Guess I should stay inside when she goes out over the next day or so.
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    ... actually, even sub-30 is getting pretty rare!
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    I live in a little unincorporated community in north San Diego county and we have a few individuals that really stand out and one of them is Left Eddie. When Eddie was in wood shop class in high school he was turning something on the lathe and it broke away from the chuck and struck him in the head resulting in an open skull fracture and significant brain damage. I tried to google the article that was published on him 12 or 15 years ago and didn’t have any success so most of what I’m telling you is memory and personal experience. He spent quite a bit of time in the hospital and went through many surgeries. He is functioning to a degree but unable to hold a job but that doesn’t stop him from being a live wire around town. Whenever you see him he has a big smile on his face and he makes the rounds to our only deli, our only bank, our post office, etc. whenever he’s talking to someone he ends the conversation with “I love you”. Today as I was leaving the post office he was standing out in traffic stopping traffic on the road so the busy post office traffic could get out. Last week I was in the bank and he was in there and telling a joke “What do you call a bear with no teeth?” “A gummy bear”. He’s probably in his early 50’s now and since I moved here 26 years ago he hasn’t changed a bit. Whenever I see him around our little town he brings a smile to my face. I was loading something at the hardware store one day and he came over and helped me with it and I didn’t even ask, he’s that kind of guy. My wife was at the nursery one day loading some plants and gardening stuff and he pitched right in on his own. Some people might be put off by Eddie but those of us who have been around awhile know what he’s about.
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    ^ Ditto. Can't beat Waimea for good bullets.
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    I use Outlaw Bullets. Good prices, great guy to do business with. https://outlawbullets.com/
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    I have been using a 73.. my friend has been kind enough to share with me till I get my own.. And I did try a Marlin but think I want to go with the 73.. I hope to be at a competative level some day. I was able to buy me 2 cimarrons . 38 revolvers and a rig and shotgun belt was handed down to me so I have been blessed to have the help I have had.. I still have a lot to get as for my shotgun, rifle and gun cart.. I didnt realize how costly this sport can be..lol but I am loving it and plan on perusing Cowboy Action further. And thank you for the welcome as well.
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    That could be why the Navy abandoned San Francisco's Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard back in '94.
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    For those of you interested in taking a closer look at this unique revolvers: Enjoy!!
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    Pat Riot, while you were gone, you were missed. Now that you have returned, not so much.
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    There are lots of bullet vendors. I choose to buy from those who support the sport by sponsoring matches, taking the time, effort and expense to be a vendor at matches. As an added plus, those folks tend to carry the type of bullets, powder, etc. that works well for our sport. I’ve seen three or so of those vendors named in this thread.
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    Thank folks like Linn Keller that turn our sewage into clean water prior to discharge into our rivers. The Cuyahoga is now a trophy fishery.
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    We just had a new shooter stage his shells. It's no advantage and he got to shoot. No big deal.
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    I was thinking much the same last night.
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    Because you're too busy gawking at cameras?
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    Put a senator in charge. They know how to spend a billion in a day or two.
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    Missouri Bullets has always been good to me.
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    I have that album along with about 300 others of the 60's, 70's and early 80's music. Along the threads line though.....What did the Grateful Dead fan say when he ran out of drug?. "Man, this music sucks".
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    Chey Cast bullets, love the coated bullets, and free shipping for orders of 2000 bullets! SCJ
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    I understand we cannot speak ill of vendors or gunsmiths. But, what is reasonable? I sent 3 shotguns to a Top Named 97 Specialist based on previous recommendations on the forum. When I first talked with him, he said as soon as we receive them we will disassembled them send you a detailed breakdown with a cost estimate. Six months later, he said he had been real busy and would get to them very soon. At 13 months I got the quote on the first one. At 14 months I received one back and was told the other two would follow soon and things had been delayed and that this was not normal. At 16 months I asked about the status and received a 1 line response saying “working on it”. At 21 months I sent another email and received no response. Now we are approaching the 2 year mark. I liked the work performed on the first one, but thought it had taken longer than normal. Is this normal? Am I just being impatient? I don’t think so. I think a Man should be as good as his word. I think a vendor should stand behind his reputation. I think that a Man should tell the truth. If it’s going to be 2 years then tell me and let me decide if I want to wait or go somewhere else. I understand gunsmiths are busy. The other 75 or more gunsmiths I’ve dealt with over the years I’ve only had to wait a month or two. Most are honest, hard working and will go out of their way to make sure the customer is satisfied. I do not feel that the way this gunsmith is doing is the Cowboy Way, and I do not think it is the SASS way. I have not mentioned any names and not used any bad language, I have expressed my opinion. I also think like others on the Forum have stated that we need somewhere that we can post vendor feedback and ratings so that others will not be mislead. Thanks for reading BC
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    Matt Black has won a few matches Overall however at the Florida State Match this weekend he won something that meant so much more to the both of us. Posse 3 awarded Matt Black the “Spirit of the Game” award and chills went all over me when that happened. He always works hard on the posse picking brass, setting targets, counting and running the timers etc and goes out of his way to be kind and help folks out who ask him if they need a tip or whatever. He never expects anything from that other than the people being nice to him and the same respect he gives. I am very proud of him for all he does. Thank you to Fast Eddie and everyone on Posse 3 at Florida State! You folks are awesome! The Florida State Match itself was FANTASTIC! Great stages, great range, great banquet and the people there are simply amazing! The match ran smooth as glass.
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    Well, it had to happen. Kaya finally got her drivers license. She has been saving for quite a while to buy her own truck. She is using mine for now. My NEW truck, God help me. Wants to be able to pull the boat and haul her own deer if need be. So where does she go on her first drive alone? TO A GUN SHOP FOR POWDER, PRIMERS AND HOPPES #9! Could it get better than that?!? LOL Love ya Punkin. Now she can haul her own deer! Still washing the last one out of the bed of mine.
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    You've been waiting for hats since you were 12?
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    I don't know the op but judging by the picture I would say his undershorts are too tight...
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    Thanks to everyone that came, and I am trying to do some horse trading with some other venues to get us a more reliable month to hold the match (and we are working on something else that could be exciting that I cannot talk about yet). Oh and I spoke with the Stuhr Museum folks, and if we get a different month, they are excited to offer us the chance to have our banquet right in the middle of railroad town, so you will feel like you really have stepped onto the 1870s prairie
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    I never thought I could shoot in the low twenties until I got tired of getting beat up on by a little girl. I got a lot of advice on how to step it up mixed in with all the laughter!
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    And this is why I do all my own work. There's something going on with this guy and he should have stepped up the communication.
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    I was going to give you the link that Major Crimes did. These won’t answer your 1911 question but are a great quick history of the 1911. https://www.browning.com/news/articles/history-of-the-1911-pistol.html https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2011/3/7/colt-history-a-look-back-at-the-1911/ Technically one could have bought them in 1912 through the NRA. Lots of reading here: Go to “History” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1911_pistol
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    Then why shoot a cap gun in the first place? Looks to me that paper cartridges were used extensively through the War of Northern Agression and probably were made or bought until modern cartridge guns made them obsolete. We shot with a great cowboy weekend before last that had a new pair of 58s and completely new setup for loading paper cartridges made with conical bullets he'd cast. Faster? Batter? I couldn't say. The way it was done back then? Very likely.
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    Oh, I know. Gonna be worth the trip just for something special. Getting all excited about the shoot and seeing folks I haven't seen since last year. Yeeeehaaaa! Waimea
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    For many years Bearcreek were my bullets of choice because a pard up in Norco was a dealer for them. Back in 2008 when the economy took a dive he wanted a walnut gun cart and I wanted some 200 grain .45 bullets so we did the trade. He got a custom built gun cart and I got Bearcreek bullets, lots and lots of them. I sold some and traded some away but it took me about 8 years to use them all so when I had to make a recent bullet purchase I went with CheyCast. My pard in Norco doesn’t sell bullets anymore and the bullets that I got from CheyCast load and shoot nicely.
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    How can a proud father letting others watch an exceptional shooter/young man doing his thing be any kind of mistake? Love seeing what is possible and would be very interested in what he is doing these days as far as training/practicing to stay in the upper reaches of the stratosphere. Regards Gateway Kid
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    I blinked and had to go back and replay a stage..... One other thought..... its a good thing his TO was getting paid by the hour..... Good videos. Thanks for posting. Keep em smoking, Matt. ..........Widder
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    Your boys were great kiddos. I pointed Kid Flash out to my 8 year old daughter and now she’s getting excited about SASS.
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    This will answer some of your Q's http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Wild_Bunch,_The
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    Reminds me of the evening Fat Albert came back from a window peeping expedition with a pair of size 60 ladies undergarments that trapped him in a clothesline while being chased out of someones back yard. Our parties happened at a house 4 of our buddies rented. it is a miracle any of us graduated. Imis
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    This is what I mean:
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    It seems that many of the relics and works of art were saved. Including, maybe, the organ. Also, the main altar. https://people.com/travel/notre-dame-theatre-artifacts-saved-some-uncertain-crown-of-thorns/ http://fortune.com/2019/04/16/notre-dame-fire-saved-relics-crown-of-thorns/ https://www.cbsnews.com/news/notre-dame-cathedral-on-fire-crucifix-altar-cross-paris/ Sts. Michael, Barbara, and Florian were working overtime to protect the crazy-brave firefighters who went in and saved the relics and art.
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    WELCOME! May I ask, have you tried other rifles? For example, the Marlin 94 is much lighter in weight than the '73. OLG
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    I really like Badman Bullets. I like 165Gr RNFP bullets in my 45s and 125Gr TC in 38/357. Almost forgot, I use 200Gr RNFP in 45 Schofield cases for Rifle.
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    Gunner's method in re-establishing proper timing on the Marlin carrier is 1st rate and in my opinion, the best method available. HINT: if you are having the Marlin jam and, if you are shooting short OAL in your ammo caliber, you may want to consider asking Gunner to give you a .005 height increase in his fix. If you are shooting Long OAL ammo for your caliber, resetting factory timing should work fine for you. ..........Widder
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    Country driving can have its' draw backs, too. Wait til you are driving a twisting state highway and get stuck behind some old guy in a pick up doing 35 in a 55 with his left turn signal on the whole time. (Better known as following your Dad someplace.)
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