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    SASS Alias: Tuolumne Lawman SASS#: 6127 Life Where are you from: Northern California Sierras How long have I been shooting SASS: 25 years (since 1994)
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    The reality is that this is a fantasy game. The most popular guns and cartridges used in this game didn't exist before 1900.
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    Fort Miller, Madera CA 1999. I had all my hair then, and it was still brown!
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    SASS Alias: Jess Nicktem SASS #: 47284 Where you are from: Minnesota How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: Since 2002, with a couple breaks here and there.
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    Rules for ammunition state: SHB pg 37 Talks all about caliber of the bullet. Says nothing of cartridge which holds said bullet. There is one category where a shooter's cartridge is regulated. Classic Cowboy participants may shoot percussion revolvers over .36, but must shoot rimmed cartridge ammunition. Ref SHB pg 7
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    This is the gun the OP was talking about. It fits all the requirements of a main match revolver. It is purpose-built .380. (Bullet dia. .355) Which means the bore is the same as for a 9mm instead of the usual .375 for .36 ball. We already allow 9mm as main-match ammo, the .380 is basically a 9mm "short". It is the same frame size as a "Model P Jr." which is already a SASS-legal revolver. The only caveat is that there is not yet any mention of a firing pin rest between chambers. So we don't know if this will be a 5 shot or a 4 shot revolver (for CAS purposes).
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    The founders described allowable ammunition in terms or caliber rather than making specific cartridge designations. This opened the door to just about any ammunition that meets diameter requirements (caliber). Snakebite
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    Not goin' there!! Don't wanna' know!!! Stay in there, PLEASE!!!
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    I think you would be wrong about that. As for main match versus pocket pistol, I seem to recall something about the Pietta '62 being on a fullsize frame, but the Uberti is a pocket pistol size frame. Not positive about that. But the primary question will be whether or not it has a safety notch for letting the hammer down between cylinders. If it does not, then it won't be useful for either. I asked one of the Cimarron guys last month whether it had the safety notch and he wasn't sure. There was an ad from Cimarron over a year ago that mentioned it having a retractable firing pin. If so, that would allow carrying 5 but would be a no-go for CAS.
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    Lieut. Charles B Gatewood and Kitty LaRue, EoT 2002
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    Those pictures bring back memories of the old days. I started in SASS in 1994... a lot of water under the bridge, and changes since then.
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    Laughing Buffalo and Little River Scout, 2008
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    Let's see... It is a reproduction of a single action manufactured prior to 1899. It is a centerfire caliber larger than 32. Both five and six shot cylinders are allowed according to the rule book. The only sticking point I can see is the line about, "Must be in a caliber commonly available in revolvers." The 380 is hardly a commonly available revolver caliber by any stretch of the imagination. Personally, though I would see this classy little conversion revolver more in the spirit of the game than a lot of the acceptable guns and modifications out there.
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