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    The SASS Range Operations Committee has APPROVED the modification of Remington NMA/1858 revolvers to open up the cap/nipple recess areas of the cylinders to accommodate the use all types of cappers (e.g. Ted Cash "snail" capper). This modification has been done for YEARS ... there are numerous YouTube videos showing how to perform the mod, including from well-known CAS shooters...but it is currently NOT on the list of approved modifications. The modification will be added to the list of approved mods in the next edition of the SASS Shooters Handbook. Here are a couple of quotes from various discussion boards: "Remington cylinders do not permit the Ted Cash Snail Capper to work, unless one takes a Dremel Tool, and opens up the sides of the cap recess.” "The modifying of the cylinder to accommodate a capper is done by simply removing all of the nipples, then taking a Dremel with a 1/4" grinding wheel and just grinding away until your capper fits where the nipple sits.” FWIW - The Ruger Old Army revolver cylinder is manufactured such that a "snail" capper can be used without modification.
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    who says I aint had whiskey fer breakfast???
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    I addressed the ammo, because I think it is a factor. When I research the crowd that loads shotgun with Black Powder, I see an underlying theme, you don't need that much shot, and you don't need 1200 fps. My home is in rural Manitoba, I carry a shotgun on walks, to protect the dogs from rabid skunks and to hunt blackbirds. For that game, 1 oz of 7 1/2 or 8's will do the trick. 1150 fps will still give me 40 yard kills. 1 1/8 of 7 1/2 or 8's at 1200 is at the top of what is required. Back in the day, that was a standard trap/skeet load for the 12. CAS shotgun targets, IMO, don't need more than a 3/4 oz of 7 1/2 or 8 at 1000 fps. Still plenty of bang and smack down, well within the spirit of the game. I'm not sure what was used in the old west. I'd imagine #2 or #4 shot for 4 legged critters or winged fowl, 3 dram 1 1/4 minimum. Stage coach or messenger fodder, probably a 9 count of 00 buck, 3 dram. Buckshot and shooting steel, not a pretty picture, so let's not go there. Memories of about 1/3 of a SWC 38 Spl to my stomach would keep me from pulling the trigger. Bottom line, I'd like to see one of the major shotgun ammo manufacturers make some Cowboy ammo, smokeless. 2 dram, 3/4 oz. With a full choke, would still be a chicken killer out to 30 yards. Picture of my friend, after a decent hunt, 2 miles from home. Unfortunately I had to use steel shot, now that would send the CAS gallery ducking for cover. Shotguns have been part of my DNA for pretty much all of my life, they are part of the old west, and I'm all for eliminating splatter and ricochets.
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    It sure as hell doesn't help when shooter reload shotgun rounds with recycled shot without running a magnet through it first to pick out the steel.
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    btt with reduced price to $700 from $750
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    Just to put some math-physics into the reason. Each "crater" on a plate acts as an Parabolic reflector. Each crater has their own focal point. Given a shotgun target mage from softer steel, it could easily have thousands of parabolic reflectors. read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parabolic_reflector A shotgun target with many craters will reflect back many of the shot pellets, regardless of the angle of the plate or the carpet/hay bale/ground/height (math and physics). Given a target with many craters, some of them will reflect back the shot in many directions, meaning you cannot hide. The usage of carpet/hay bale/ground/height will benefit targets that are without "craters". Grind them smooth like new and splatter will be reduced.
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    I think most of us have already shot fixed plate shotgun targets with a proper forward tilt. My experience is there's no splatter at all unless it comes off the stand's feet or gravel on the ground. If you are talking about setting a S/G knock down stand with a tilted target plate hinged at the bottom of the plate, good luck getting a good enough hit on reasonably thick AR steel plate to knock it back when you have to fight gravity to get the plate to the upright position so it will then fall over. It's just that stationary S/G targets are not as satisfying, and create "golden bb" arguments. So, I'd rather live with some splatter than give up one of the most visually interesting part of the game. Good luck, GJ
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    There are first a couple of old wives tails to dispel. The size of shot does NOT affect the "back splatter." The velocity of the shot does NOT affect the back spatter. The density of the pattern does NOT affect back splatter. Distance to the targets doesn't matter. It's physics, tied to target design. If a club is using "Poppers" (knock downs) you're going to get splatter. That big flat plate at right angles to the firing line is going to splatter. The angle iron frame is going to cause back splatter. If the target is set on gravel, you're going to get splatter no matter what you do. If you're using square hung swingers on re-bar, you're going to get splatter. What is needed are flat plate targets, just like rifle and pistol targets, set with a negative toe angle, mounted on a stand that does not expose a right angle to the firing line. No cheap re-bar. If you targets are set over gravel, you must lay carpet remnants to prevent the shot from splattering back from the gravel.
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    Yeah, but everyone else is gonna feel really left out... Let's at least ask Flink Hills Dawg to posse marshal us. I think he's up for that challenge. Or, it'll make a whiskey drinker outta him...fer breakfast.
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    All these suggestions are good, and I believe ammunition is definitely part of the problem. Those 3 - 1/4 dram equiv. Walmart shells are pretty hot, but they're cheap and people aren't going to stop using them. If I'm running the timer and somebody is using them, I stand behind the shooter.
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    Well... he's still working on setting up shop in another facility at the boss's small ranch. The insurance person came out last week, took a quick look, then declared that due to the scope of the loss they'd have to have someone evidently higher on the insurance food chain come in from Los Angeles and do whatever they do. I suspect it's going to take a while. Personally, for the Kid's sake, I'm hopeful but not optimistic. Tools. Obviously the power tools, pneumatic tools, and precision measuring devices are history. Some of the pieces might make interesting shop "wall art." The Kid called Kobalt and asked if they would replace or consider the mechanics tools salvageable. They listened politely, and said they'd refer his query to the tech folks and they in turn would contact him. Nothing yet. He says he'll be surprised if he ever does hear from them. On the subject of warranty coverage, we looked up the terms of the Kobalt warranty... may not be covered, as there are some sort of "abuse" exclusions. Fires can be pretty abusive! So, he's set out to clean them up as much as possible. Most of the soot and black will scrub off; I took him the brass tumbler and a supply of walnut shell lizard litter last night. His current plan is to try to make 'em look decent, then use 'em 'til they break and at that point try to exchange 'em. Oh, and by the way... there's some discussion that Kobalt may be replaced by Craftsman. We'll see... On a small but brighter note, he said that he thinks he can salvage his Montezuma toolbox (pictured above) by media blasting and painting, and replacing the latch/lock and pneumatic struts. He called the Montezuma folks, told 'em what happened and asked if he could buy the parts; they said that if he sent them pictures they'd be happy to ship him the needed components free of charge. Downright decent of 'em!
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    I don't know, I am seeing a full rifle load and pistol load on the clock to see if I can load faster than Pretty Boy, I cant shoot faster so maybe that would give me an advantage. Of course I have nothing to do with writing the stages only setting them up so pretty sure we will never see something like that at KY State. Lets go to Manchester in May. Counting the days already.
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    Getting the targets off the ground has helped us reduce the amount of splatter tremendously.
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    While there is apparently no Team SASS in Virginia, we do have the Virginia Citizens Defense League and the VCDL has done more for our civil liberties here in Virginia that any other organization. Here is our website - please support us! https://vcdl.org/
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